Sunday, August 1, 2010

How To Slay The Dragon


In an ideal world, her own words would have been enough to send anyone with even a semi-functioning brain running far, far away from Sarah Palin. The Wild Ride with all it’s absurdities would have been enough.

But this world is far from ideal and it is dismissed with a “so what” by many people. I have discussed the unbelievable tale of Sarah’s journey to give birth with quite a few people and one thing I heard a lot is that she just wanted her own doctor to deliver her baby. Another is that Sarah knew her own body because she already had four children thus she knew she had time to make it home. When I point out to them that what she admits she did was extremely dangerous for not only her baby but herself they just shrug it off.

Why do they disregard it?

As I see it there are three sectors of the adult population that just don’t care what Sarah Palin did.

First, there are those who just aren’t interested in politics or much else other than what goes on in their own little world. They don’t vote and they don’t care. Some of them don’t even know who Sarah Palin is.

Next are those that don’t take her seriously. They think she is too stupid to be a threat in 2012. I fear they are underestimating her. Two years ago who would have thought she would have the following she has today.

That brings us to the final group. Her rabid fans. To them Sarah can do no wrong. She gets a pass because to them she is “regular folk”. A small-town gal who made it big but stayed humble. If it could happen to her it could happen to them. In other words, they have bought into the fairy tale.

The problem is they have mistakenly cast her as the heroine of the fairy tale when in reality she is the fire-breathing dragon. These are the ones we need to be concerned about because they are the ones who will vote for her if she were to run for POTUS. Worse still, they may convince some of the first group to venture out of their caves and vote for her as well. 

A little liquid persuasion or whatever their particular brand of poison is and abracadabra, they are a registered voter. A little more of the same on Election Day plus a ride to the polls and voila, another vote for Sarah.

So how do do we open the eyes of Sarah’s fanatic followers? Forget the tale of Trig’s birth. They have ignored it for two years and will continue to ignore it. I think the key is the ruffle-eared baby. 

If there is in fact only one Trig, then we know that surgery had to be performed on his right ear. Why would Sarah want to keep that a secret? Surely she could have used Trig’s surgery to garner lots of sympathy from.her fans and sympathy could equal more donations to her PAC and her defense fund. Would the Sarah we know pass up such an opportunity? I think not!

This is the story that could behead the fire-breathing dragon. Please feel free to share the message below by any means available.

To Sarah Palin fans and other concerned parties: Please read the following message.

Two babies have been presented as Trig Palin. One of them hasn’t been seen in over two years. Please ask Sarah this: Where is that ruffle-eared baby, Sarah? That question needs to be asked again and again until it is answered. An innocent child may be in danger.



The above graphic speaks for itself. If you doubt the validity of these pictures, research them for yourself. Clearly, unless surgery was performed, the baby depicted on May 4th, 2008 is not the same child as the one shown in October 2008. If Sarah claims surgery was performed, please ask her to have the surgeon make an announcement stating that Trig had surgery to correct the deformity of his right ear. Many people are concerned about this child.


Where’s that ruffle-eared baby?





Floyd M. Orr said...

Excellent post, Blade! I encourage everyone to go to Palin Babygate and vote in the new poll I set up earlier today. Coincidentally, the new poll asks, Where is Ruffles?

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would help this maniac with this con? It is very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Blade, here's another suggestion for your Missing Person "poster." Appreciate your efforts. -B

Heartbreaking: Trig Palin is Missing

The baby presented as Trig Palin in April 2008 has not been seen in over two years. His right ear had distinctive deformities. Yet, when Sarah began running for VP, she presented a 4 month old baby who did not have those deformities.

--picture of May 2008 baby (your second one)
next to picture of RNC baby showing right ear
next to more current picture of Trig's right ear

Doctors say they would not do surgery on a baby's ear for several years. So the baby at the RNC wouldn't be the same baby shown in April.

The original Trig Palin is missing, but no authorities or journalists are looking for him.

Ask Sarah: Where is that ruffle-eared baby?

--Link to Gryphen's Tale of Two Babies