Monday, December 9, 2013

Short Note


The weather has been warmer lately for the most part so we have been getting by but it’s supposed to turn colder again in a couple of days.

The skirting is all in place now and we are just waiting to save enough money to get the repairs to the heating system made. We are just $288.00 short now.

Hubby has been sick with a stomach bug for a few days. I hope he is better before the cold returns. Being sick is bad enough but being sick and cold is the pits.

Please consider a purchase from if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping. The shipping deadline is December 20th.

It’s going to be a lonely Christmas for us this year since our son and his family won’t be able to visit.Friday the 13th is the one year anniversary of hubby’s by-pass surgery. I am so grateful that this Christmas will be better than last because even though we will be cold and lonely, we will be together. If only our love could literally keep us warm, our house would be like an incinerator.

I have been working on an interesting (to me, anyways) new babygate post that I hope to have finished before Christmas but if I don’t get to it before then, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc and thank everyone for all of the support, advice and even the criticism.

Please wish us luck in getting the rest of the funds we need so that hopefully we can have a warm Christmas.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Dangerous Situation: UPDATE 2


Since my last update, the outdoor temperatures have been warmer for the most part. We only turn on the heat when the indoor temperature drops to 62 degrees or less.

We should be able to get by without heat for a couple of more days but Saturday night the temperature is supposed to drop to 32. Beginning Sunday, the forecast is for our temps to be near or below freezing for six out of seven nights, with daytime highs only in the 40's and 50's.

Sunday night the low is predicted to be 22 degrees. That really worries me.

So far we have $150.00. Getting a repair estimate will cost $190.00 but my husband's cousin, Jerry, who just retired from the HVAC business last year said the repairs would be at least $500.00. If we use the money towards getting an official estimate, then we will have to get the company that gives us the estimate to do the repairs or they keep the money paid for doing the estimate. No free estimates, anymore, at least in this area.

I think the best thing is to keep saving until we have $500.00. Opinions on that decision would be helpful.

On a brighter note, our neighbor and his son-in-law put skirting around the bottom of our house so once we get the HVAC repaired, the cats won't be able to tear the ductwork out again.

Switching gears, does anyone know any good recipes for diabetics that can be repaired cheaply? Like everyone else our SNAP benefits were cut this month. We weren't getting a large amount but it did help. Our food budget is only $43 weekly now which makes fixing nutritious meals which diabetics need difficult. All suggestions welcome.

In closing, please do consider our ink pens when doing your holiday shopping.

Please help if you can. The indoor temperatures we are dealing with can be dangerous. Check the link below for info about the dangers.

Thanks in advance for any help!







First, for those of you who this post angers my advice is for you to stop reading right now.

It is 6:32am as I write this and the temperature outside is 25 degrees. Inside, it is 55 degrees and we are only able to keep it at that with the thermostat set on 72. Our heat pump has been running constantly since 8pm last night which is likely to cause more problems for us on two fronts: Overworking the HVAC system could cause it to stop working completely and our electric bill is probably going to be outrageous.

We really need to raise money to get the heating system fixed. So far we have $50.00 towards getting an official estimate but hubby has a cousin who used to work in the HVAC business. He said the repairs will probably cost around $500.00. He lives in another area so he can’t actually go under our house and look and prices vary by region but he doesn’t think we can get the job done for less than that.

I know it sounds like begging and I apologize for that but I worry about hubby. I am terrified of him having another heart attack and we are approaching the one year anniversary. We both have health issues but I worry about him more. He tends to kick his covers off during the night and I am afraid he is going to get sick.

Please consider buying a pen if you are able. Suggesting our pens to others is also a great way to help.

Hubby said that he would sell all of his pens, including some that haven’t been added to the site yet for $1000.00. The value of the pens on the site plus the ones that haven’t been added yet is over $1400.00. That would be a good deal for someone who owns a gift shop.

I know the pictures on the pen site aren’t that great so if anyone would like to see a larger picture just email me from the link at the bottom of the post or email us from the link at and state which pen you would like to see. I will email pictures or post pictures here; just state your preference.

Selling pens really is our only option to raise the funds we need. I know some people have suggested that I monetize (show ads) on the blog and that I could earn $200.00 monthly but even though I write the content for this blog, the blogger account belongs to someone else and they don’t want to set up the ads.

Please help if you can. The indoor temperatures we are dealing with can be dangerous. Check the link below for info about the dangers.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hubby and I both suffer from multiple medical conditions and coupled with the coming cold, we are in a dangerous situation. According to this article, hypothermia is a very real possibility.

We have had a few nights recently with temperatures in the lower 30's. Our indoor temperature dropped into the 50's. One night next week, a low of 28 degrees is predicted.

Most regular readers here, know that we have had issues with our heating and air system for the past couple of years. Our ductwork needs to be replaced because feral cats ripped holes in it. The cats go under our house because we have no skirting around the bottom of it, tear holes in the ducts and crawl inside of them to get warm.

A neighbor has been patching the holes in the ductwork up for us as needed but it's to the point now that patching is not going to work because the holes are too large.

If we are able to get the ducting fixed we won't have to worry about the cats tearing it out again because our neighbor has some tin to skirt the bottom of the house but the repairs to the ducts need to be done first.

I have called all of the agencies in our area to see if we can get some assistance but haven't had any luck. We may be able to get a LIHEAP payment to the electric company to help with our electric bill but nothing is available to help with heating system repairs.

When we first had this problem, our son paid to have it fixed and the cost was $350. His family is having financial problems now and can't help this time. We can't even get a current estimate because the HVAC companies don't offer them for free and we can't pay for it. The cost of an estimate ranges from $150 to $225 which will be deducted from the repair bill.

I am asking anyone who can afford it to please consider making a purchase from and/or suggest our pens to anyone you know who might be interested. Hubby has made some really nice ones that are available now if you haven’t looked lately. He also may be able to customize a pen if you are interested in a particular color scheme or material,

Selling pens is really our only hope of raising the money to get the repairs done.

I am really worried that hubby will get sick due to the cold or have another heart attack.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

With truly heartfelt gratitude in advance,



Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Black List


No, I am not talking about the hit NBC drama although I do like the show. I am referring to the list of contributors to Sarah PAC.

I was really surprised by the identities of some of those who have made donations and I have chosen not to support the celebrities and businesses whose names appear on the list.

The list makes for rather interesting reading and can be found at the following link:


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Friday, September 27, 2013

Police Chief: “George Zimmerman May Be A Threat To Public Safety.”


George Zimmerman.

Just seeing or hearing his name, makes my blood boil. How much can one man get away with?

Now, it seems to me that a person with at least a tad bit of common sense would count himself lucky and strive to be a law abiding citizen after, in my opinion, getting away with murder.

Not George Zimmerman.

Since being acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin, he has been stopped for traffic offenses three times in barely more than two months.

                      (post continued below)

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sapphire pen

(post continued)

Zimmerman's in-laws have also reported a theft at a home which they own where he is the tenant. Police said the matter is a landlord - tenant dispute and that other people besides Zimmerman may have been staying at the residence.

But the most disturbing incident that Zimmerman has been involved in since his July acquittal is the domestic dispute between him and his estranged wife, Shellie. Allegations were made that George Zimmerman punched his father-in-law in the nose, was carrying a gun and smashed his wife's iPad which she had been using to record the dispute. While he was briefly handcuffed, no charges were filed due to a lack of evidence.

It seems that no matter what George Zimmerman does, he comes out smelling like a rose and it seems like the police are always on his side.

But that may finally be changing. Following the domestic dispute, Lake Mary police Chief Steve Bracknell revealed that in his opinion George Zimmerman may be a threat to public safety.

I just hope it doesn’t take more innocent people dead by the hand of George Zimmerman to prove that Chief Bracknell is right.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog Changes Are Coming Soon…


I have decided to change the format of this blog. There will be still be discussions about anything Palin related but I am going to write posts about other subjects, as well.

I will also be featuring items, such as our handcrafted pens that we have for sale.

Look for new content sometime within the next week.

See you soon!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Feel Like Schleprock…


Bad luck seems to follow me. I look up every once in awhile almost expecting to see that little dark cloud over my head. You know, the one that used to hang over Badluck Schleprock on the Pebbles and Bamm- Bamm Show.


I have received so much help in the past that I hate having to ask this but time is running out.

I am overdue for my five year check-up at UNC Cancer Hospital. I have postponed twice already due to all of the problems hubby was having this spring and summer. It's very important that I keep this appointment next week. Since this is my five year check-up, there are some tests that have to be done. After this appointment, if all my tests all come back normal I will only have to go every two years.

Hubby had managed to raise $150.00 to pay for gas, parking at the hospital and to get the oil changed in our car. It hasn't been changed in nearly a year and we can't afford to have it break down since it is our only vehicle. Unfortunately, our bad luck reared it's ugly head again. The car was due for the yearly safety inspection and our tires didn't pass. The cheapest set of tires we could find were $330.00 so we had to use that $150.00 plus some of the money that we were supposed to pay on our monthly bills and the little bit that is left from hubby's pension after household expenses, to get the tires. Now we are behind on our bills and have no money for the trip and the oil change.

My appointment is scheduled for September 11 so there isn't a lot of time.

We would really prefer to sell pens rather than have money donated but at this point any help would be so greatly appreciated.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Interesting “Conversation” With a Palin Acquaintance


A few weeks ago, I wrote the following in the comment thread of an online article regarding a possible Senate run by Sarah Palin. A rather interesting back and forth exchange began following my comment.

That exchange follows. Any typos inside the quotation marks were made in the original thread.

“By the way, Todd is a pimp. The woman he coerced into prostitution wrote a tell all book. He has never denied it and the Palins haven't sued the woman over the allegations. Their silence speaks volumes.”

A person using the Disqus identity “Kansan” responded.

i find your claim extremely difficult to believe, even though I know that Todd is a douchebag. He and Sarah hooked up in their early twenties. They were high school sweethearts.

Just because someone wrote something in a book, doesn't mean it's true.

I've never heard of it. Can you furnish a citation for a legitimate source?”

I replied.

“You can read a very good history of the story at Malia Litman's blog. The story first appeared in the National Enquirer (yeah, I know but they also broke the John Edwards scandal). The name of the book is Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin - Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal. The Boys Will Be Boys title came from a remark Sarah made when Herman Cain's dalliances became public. There is an interview in which Sarah admits that Shailey Tripp, who worked as a masseuse in Alaska, gave her a massage. I don't know if you are aware of the speculation that Sarah Palin faked the Trig pregnancy but if you are then you probably know that the speculation began as soon as she got the VP nod. The Shailey Tripp story didn't break until January 2011 yet Sarah claims that the rumors about Trig not being her biological child are Shailey Tripp's fault. Shailey said that the massage that Sarah doesn't deny having received from Shailey took place in March 2008 and that Sarah was not pregnant. Shailey has even shared paperwork that was filled out before the massage and Sarah denied pregnancy. I know the whole thing might seem far-fetched but if you examine the whole story of Trig's birth then it becomes evident that something very strange happened. There are verifiable pictures of Sarah during the period she would have been pregnant in which her belly goes from nearly flat to enormous in a short period of time. There are pictures of her looking huge 5 days before the supposed birth of Trig but she was on an Alaska Airlines flight while supposedly in labor but the flight attendants claim that the stage of her pregnancy was anot apparent. You can search Sarah Palin fake pregnancy and if you aren't aware of the whole story about Trig's birth prepare to be shocked.”

“Kansan” responded.

“I've unfortunately known the Palin family, all dirtbags except for Todd's stepmom, for 25 years.
The conspiratorial "fake pregnancy" story is effing ridiculous, on a par with "pulling Building 7" at the WTC and Kenyan-Muslim.
It obscured the real story.
First of all, Bristol's pregnancy was well known even to her peer group (Mat-Su Valley Girls) even those in Anchorage, long before Sarah's selection by McCain. It followed Trig's birth very, very closely. It would have been damn near impossible for her to get pregnant that quickly after delivering.

She delivered full term.
Palin knew early in her pregnancy that her fetus had Down syndrome. She was famously anti-abortion, though, picketing the Palmer hospital since back in the '80s, so she had a dilemma. She would have had to conceal the abortion.
She is also very self-delusional.
Because she was thin, was very conscious of her appearance and purposely wore loose fitting clothes at the time, her pregnancy was not obvious. Many of her staff were taken quite by surprise when she told them of it.
So she did conceal her condition. She had the poor sense, because she's such a narcissist and attention grabber, to schedule a speaking engagement in Dallas very late in her pregnancy.
Her water broke, just hours before her speech, but she went ahead with it anyway. My speculation is that she was unwilling to miss the opportunity to get into the limelight and consciously or unconsciously, she really didn't want to have to raise a developmentally disabled child. Parkside hospital was a short cab ride away.
She was at great risk of having such a child, given her age. She was in her early forties. The chances of a teenager delivering a child with such a condition are extremely low.
Please note that she already had four widely spaced children, the youngest of whom, Piper, must have been around seven around the time of Trig's birth. The extensive care the child required would have hugely distracted from her political ambitions.
I wonder if she wasn't drunk when she got pregnant, or was just suffering from magical thinking about its likelihood.
After the speech, she waited for a plane to Seattle, flew there, had a couple of hours layover, then proceeded on to Anchorage. I can't recall exactly, but the flight must have taken a good 18 hours.
She was met at the airport by her husband. They drove past three good hospitals (Providence-a Presbyterian facility, Alaska Regional though they might not have done non-emergency deliveries, and Alaska Native Medical Center-since her child would have been 1/16th Yup'ik) all the way for her to deliver in a clinic in Wasilla.
No sane mother who was concerned about her baby's health would have done any of that. It is quite extraordinary that he survived despite her intentional or unintentional efforts. Todd was aware of the situation, so he was in effect a conscious party to the process.
The subject of whether or not she was trying to avoid a miscarriage or a live birth was far too controversial even outside the mainstream media to ever receive publication.”

My reply.

“Kansan - Are you saying that you are personally acquainted with the Palin family? If so, then why would you have to guess at Piper's age when Trig was born? Also, though you seem to know the basic story of Sarah's wild ride, (as we who believe she did indeed fake the pregnancy), call her trip from Dallas back to Alaska, you have some of the facts wrong. Todd was with Sarah in Texas so how could he have met her when her plane landed? Speaking of hospitals, Mat-Su Regional was not even certified to handle the birth of twins, much less the premature birth of a Down Syndrome child. I am not saying that Bristol is definitely Trig's mother; just that Sarah isn't.”

“Kansan” answered.

“Yes, I've known them for 25 years. I've never hung out with them.

However I moved from Wasilla the month Bristol was born, four years before Willow and eleven years before Piper was born. Track was a toddler.

I haven't lived in South Central for 21 years.

I was quite familiar with Track and Willow's serious problems with the law, despite my absence.

I owned property in Wasilla and Big Lake until ten years ago and still visit with friends in Wasilla and hear from them every week or so, I'd guess. I intended to go there five weeks ago but had some health problems that kept me at home. I heard from four people in Anchorage yesterday and one today.

I didn't know that Todd was on the plane with Sarah as I'd never seen it mentioned in print. I did know that he drove her to Mat-Su, though.

I've never heard of a clinic that could deliver children that couldn't handle a Down syndrome child and am not aware, if it's true, that Trigg was premature. I don't know why a clinic couldn't handle a child that was at or was close to full term. I just tried to call my sister who is an expert but she's not home nor answering her cell.

What is your source for those assertions?

I've worked in clinics and hospitals. .

I asked you for your source on your claim that Todd was a "pimp." I've never heard of the book nor the author. I'm not going to spend time on research to determine whether or not her account can be trusted but I'm guessing it's probably hogwash.

I couldn't remember what month Trig was born, but guessed it was late March. It was mid-April.

I guessed that Piper was about seven when her little brother was born. I was right.

I knew that Sarah was doing coke probably years before Joe McGinness ever heard of her. My source was in Anchorage where she'd been working but there was a huge amount of coke snorting going on in Wasilla at the time. I knew she had been busted in Dillingham which has never been published.

Your notion that Trig is not Sarah's but may not be Bristol's is really incredibly far fetched. You think Sarah found him under a cabbage leaf?

Women are infertile for at bare minimum three weeks after childbirth though breast feeding can delay that much longer. Bristol delivered Tripp full term, 286 days after Trig was born, less than 41 weeks later. Please do the math and give up this silliness.”

After getting this reply, I did respond to Kansan but he or she offered no further comments. I have searched the thread, which can be found here:

but I have been unable to find my last comment to Kansan. I guess it may have been lost.

Thoughts on the remarks made by “Kansan”? Do they ring true?

I also want to apologize for my long absence. Hubby and I continue to struggle with medical and financial issues. It is almost time for my visit to the UNC Cancer Hospital and we have been trying to raise money for the trip. So far we have been unsuccessful and the appointment on 9-11 may have to be postponed. If anyone is interested, hubby’s pens are still available.

Thanks for any help and I am looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on “Kansan’s” insight regarding Sarah.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

If Not For The Wads…


This picture that was taken in the fall of 2008, (October, I believe) has always perplexed me.



Bristol should have been about 7 months pregnant at the time but if not for the wads of what look like rags or paper towels, sticking out of the pockets of her sweatshirt, how big would her belly really be? Her legs seem quite slender and her face hasn’t got the roundness common in pregnancy.

The garment appears to be quite loose and her bust seems smaller in comparison to what we saw in the picture below taken at the RNC in either late August or early September.


I have always suspected that Bristol was not pregnant in late 2008 and the pictures of her in the O.S.U. shirt look to me like someone half-heartedly attempting to appear pregnant.

My opinion is that Bristol was likely forced to fake the fall 2008 pregnancy and followed Sarah’s poor example from the previous spring.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts and if anyone comes across other pictures that don’t jive with Bristol’s being pregnant in the September to December 2008 time period, please email the links to me.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Good News and Bad News…


Thanks to our wonderful neighbor, our heat pump is working again. The problem was with a component called a capacitor. Jay, our neighbor came over on Tuesday to borrow an air tank and Tom, my husband told him that our heat/air system had died on us. Coincidentally, Jay's system had also gone on the fritz around the same time that ours stopped working. He had already had the HVAC repairman check his unit and the problem with his was the compressor. Jay said that the repairman checked the capacitor first as that is one of the most common causes of HVAC failure but his capacitor was good. Luckily, Jay observed the repairman while he was checking the capacitor and offered to check ours. He took the capacitor out of ours, replaced it with the good one from his system and our a/c started right up. Jay let us use his capacitor Tuesday night since he had to wait for the compressor for his system to be replaced, then he and hubby went to a HVAC supply store Wednesday and bought a new capacitor for our system. After getting used to indoor temps in the upper 90's, we have set our thermostat on 80, instead of the usual 72 and it feels damn good in here!

Now for the bad news. Last week, Tom had to get a CT scan to see if the abscess on his chest is coming from the open heart surgery he had last December. Everything was okay, in that regard. As we have been telling the wound specialist from the beginning, it was just a skin boil that was slow to heal due to hubby's diabetes and his being on blood thinners. However, the CT scan showed that Tom has a tumor measuring 30x35mm on his left adrenal gland. It is most likely a benign adenoma but Tom will need more testing before we will know for sure. Even if the tumor is benign, these tumors can still cause health problems. He is scared and depressed with this latest diagnosis and is very worried about how we are going to afford more trips to specialists.

If anyone could possibly buy an ink pen, (NO DONATIONS, PLEASE) it would help us with transportation costs and also help Tom, emotionally. He hasn't worked on a new pen for awhile but whenever one sells it always encourages him to make another one. He really needs a hobby to keep him in a positive state of mind. Usually, he has his garden to keep him busy in the summer but all of the rain we have had ruined his plants so he has just been sitting around the house which isn't good for his health.

Please pray or send positive thoughts that the tumor is benign and that it doesn't cause hubby any more health problems.

Thanks for all of the help. It really means a lot to us.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thanks For The Suggestions and Help…


I really appreciate all of the suggestions. I am going to contact the service organizations and see if there is any help available. The main problem is that the area we live in is so poor that the cost of helping the needy has drained the resources of most of the organizations that offer assistance.

I did receive some money and we are trying to decide between getting a window a/c for the bedroom or getting the estimate. I am also going to check and see if there are any other HVAC repair businesses that still do free estimates.

It’s hard to decide between the quick fix a window unit offers and finding out the cost of the repair because the unit also supplies our heat in the winter.

If anyone has other suggestions, any advice is appreciated.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Please Help…


For more details, please see previous post.

We need to raise at least $95 quickly so that we can get an estimate of the cost to repair our heat and air conditioning system. Once we know how much we need, we will try to get a title loan on our car to pay for the repairs.

We really hate to do that but the temperature in our house is unbearable. Our bedroom didn’t get under 90 degrees last night and we haven’t slept well for the past two nights. I am writing this at 6am and it is 87 degrees in our living room. We have three fans going and windows open but nothing cools it down in here.

I have had a headache for three days now and have broken out in an itchy heat rash. Hubby’s wound dressings will not stay in place. We have been eating nothing but sandwiches which isn’t good for hubby’s diabetes but it’s too hot to cook.

I am truly scared that one or both of us is going to get really sick, It’s supposed to get progressively hotter for the next three or four days. Our living room stayed at 96 degrees most of the day yesterday and with warmer outside temps today, I hate to see how high it will climb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Heat Goes On…


Please help.

Yes, this time I am begging.

A few days ago our heat/air system failed completely. Some of you may remember that we have had problems with it before due to cats pulling the ductwork down. A friend went under the house and patched things up and it had been working okay. Thursday morning, I turned the air on when I got up. We turn it off when we go to bed and use a fan at night to save on the electric bill. The digital thermostat read 80 degrees at the time I turned it on.

After a couple of hours, I noticed it didn’t feel like the air was getting any cooler. I looked at the thermostat again and it was 86. I told hubby that something was wrong and he changed the air filter. The temperature continued to climb so hubby went outside and the fan wasn’t turning. Sometimes, leaves or other debris can get in the housing and stop the fan so he checked but there wasn’t anything in there. He got a hoe from the shed and used the handle to turn the fan and it kept running but the air coming out of the floor registers wasn’t cool and the fan soon quit again.

We called the local heat/air company to see if they could come out and give us an estimate on repair cost but they no longer offer free estimates. They charge $95 per hour but they knock the cost of the estimate off the repair bill when you get it fixed.

Even with the windows raised and using fans, it has gotten up to 92 degrees or more in the house every day since the air quit working. The outside temperature has only been in the low 80’s but it’s supposed to get hotter this coming week. At night the inside temperature only drops to around 86.

We could get by with fans but hubby still has the open wound on his chest and him constantly sweating is causing more problems. The special dressings they are using to try to heal the wound keep coming loose and hubby’s insurance only covers a certain amount of dressings per month. We have tried taping them back on but the tape won’t hold either. The sweat is also irritating hubby’s skin and on Friday the doctor said it looked like another place was trying to form. He said that hubby needs to stay cool and dry to heal properly.

I am also concerned that being so hot might cause hubby to have another heart attack.

If anyone can help by purchasing pens we would be so grateful.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Bristol and Willow Palin–Celebrity Wife Swap


According to MSN, Bristol and Willow Palin will be appearing on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. They traded places with Joan and Melissa Rivers for the episode which is scheduled to air on June 23.

It seems like ABC is having to dig deep to find guest stars for the show. Shouldn’t a wife swap require an actual wife?

ABC seems to have a strange fascination with Bristol and don’t we just know that Sarah will get in front of the cameras somehow.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Can’t Take Much More…


As you may know, I had my gallbladder removed in February and I thought once things settled down I would be able to eat normally and live a more normal life. I had a hard time for a couple of weeks after the surgery, but I was feeling better than I had in many months up until this past Sunday.

Sunday morning when I woke up, I just felt off. I thought that I might have picked up a bug from a friend who visited us Saturday. His daughter works in a hospital and I thought she might have carried something home to him. After I was up awhile I felt a bit better and fixed sandwiches for hubby and I for lunch. After a couple of bites, I became so nauseated I had to stop eating. I had pains in my upper abdomen and upper back that felt just as bad if not worse than a gallbladder attack. I told hubby to take me to the ER.

We got to the hospital and they took me straight back to a room. They took some blood and urine to do tests, put an IV in and gave me Phenergan for the nausea .I went to sleep for awhile until the doctor came in with my test results. He said my liver enzymes were very high and I had to have an abdominal CT scan to see what was going on.I had to drink two bottles of contrast, not too bad but hard to drink 32 ounces at one time when you feel bloated. I drank it pretty fast since I just wanted them to find out what was wrong quickly. Once I finished the drinks, they took me to nuclear med. They put contrast in my vein, too, and sent me in and out of the machine a few times and kept telling me to hold my breath and then to breathe. Then I was taken back to the ER cubicle to wait for the results.

The doctor finally came back after an hour or so and said that I am most likely having spasms where the bile duct goes into my intestine. I will have to see a Gastroenterologist and may need a sphincterotomy to stop the bile from backing up. They gave me a paper explaining their findings and told me to give it to my doctor so she could refer me to the Gastroenterologist. I told them I had an appointment with her on Tuesday and they said I should be okay until then.

Monday morning I felt a little better. I went with hubby to his doctor appointments. He had one with his primary doctor at 9:45am and another at the wound care clinic at 1:30pm. While we were waiting in the lobby at his primary doctor, a woman came by with a hospitality cart and offered hubby and I drinks and cookies. I took a Sprite Zero and a pack of Lorna Doones which I didn’t eat. I drank some of the Sprite and started having those horrible pains in my abdomen again. Once hubby was seen by his doctor we left and went to pay some bills before going to his second appointment.

I usually go in with him but he knew I was feeling awful so I stayed in the car. Even though it was only noon and his appointment wasn’t until 1:30 he went in to the office to wait. I went to sleep almost as soon as he got out of the car. I woke up once and checked the time. It was 1:00pm. The next time I awoke was when hubby came out. It was almost 2pm. He asked if I saw the ambulance. I said no. I had slept nearly the whole time he was in the clinic. He told me that a woman had fallen and busted her head open in the hallway and the paramedics had to be called to take her to the hospital. I was so out of it, I didn’t hear anything.

I asked hubby what the doctor told him and he said the clinic had made him an appointment to see the surgeon who did his bypass surgery next Monday. The doctor at the wound clinic keeps insisting that the abscess is related to the heart surgery. Because the abscess is still bleeding, they want the surgeon to open the abscess more so a wound vacuum can be used. However, there is no way that is possible since the abscess is right over bone. Hubby was on the wound vac last year and the wound has to be a certain depth for the vac to be used. All of this is ridiculous crap!

Tuesday, I went for my doctor appointment. It was my first with my new provider. She isn’t a doctor but an FNP but she seems very capable. She advised me to eat a low-fat diet and did a lot of lab work to see how my liver enzymes are looking now. She will be setting up an appointment for me to see a Gastroenterologist. I told her that my throat was sore so she did a swab and it was strep. She gave me a script for a Z-pak and told me to take Miralax to help with constipation that I have had since my gallbladder was removed.

Sometimes, I wonder if we will ever have even one week without one or the other of us having a medical appointment. Wound care is three times a week. On Mondays, he sees the wound care doctor and on Wednesdays and Fridays, he has to go to have the packing changed. Tomorrow, he has an appointment with his diabetes counselor. Next week, he has the heart surgeon appointment and another appointment with a nutritionist. The following week both of us have pain management plus wound care until his abscess heals and we never know when another appointment will crop up.

As always we struggle financially to get to all of these appointments. Luckily, most of these upcoming appointments are local except the heart surgeon.

I am not begging for donations but if you are looking to buy a gift please consider hubby’s pens.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a great day!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Rest For The Weary…UPDATE


Hubby and I are about at our wits’ end.

Thursday, we got the results of the WBC scan. It was negative. Hubby and I were relieved, thankful and hopeful that things would finally settle down for us. Not.

Yesterday afternoon, we got a phone call from the technician in the medical imaging department at the hospital. Without even discussing it with us first, the doctor at the wound care clinic ordered the test to be repeated on Monday, this time doing side views. The technician said due to the seriousness of a bone infection, the doctor wants to be very sure that hubby doesn’t have one.

I can understand the doctor being cautious and wanting to take good care of hubby. However, hubby has no signs of an infection other than the abscess which continues to drain. Hubby’s blood tests all came back normal and he feels fine. I really think it’s all about money.

So, on Monday, we have to be at the hospital at 7am for the first part of the scan. Once that part is done, we have to return to the town where we live because I have to go to the lab at my doctor’s office to have my PT/INR checked. Mine, which was well-regulated has been staying at 1.5 for the past few weeks. I am sort of in between doctors right now because my primary took a job as the medical director at a hospital. The other doctors at the clinic where she worked have been monitoring me but they are reluctant to raise the amount of warfarin that I take by more than 1 milligram. When this problem occurred before, my previous doctor raised my dose from 5mg to 7.5mg and my number rose to a therapeutic 2.0 within a week. I told these doctors about that but both of the doctors that I have seen are worried about my level going too high. When I get through at the lab, we have to go back to the hospital, 17 miles away for the second and third phases of the WBC scan. After the scan is over, hubby has a meeting with a diabetes counselor who is helping him learn how to use mealtime insulin.

All of these appointments are draining us. Physically, emotionally and financially. I am not begging nor I am I trying to pull a fast one on anyone who reads this. All I ask is for readers to consider buying a pen or share the link to our pen site with people who might be interested in buying pens.

We try to keep enough money to cover our transportation costs for the month but when unexpected trips pop up our funds get depleted. We also had extra prescription costs this month because of the change in hubby’s insulin and the additional antibiotics they prescribed for him.

It’s almost two weeks before we get paid again and we have six scheduled appointments. I don’t know how we will get to all of them. I hope that hubby’s abscess heals soon. Things will improve then so please pray that he gets better soon. Positive thoughts, etc… please send them our direction.

Thanks for reading my rants.


P.S. I am working on some Palin posts so stay tuned.



It never ends.

Hubby had an appointment today at the wound care clinic. They usually just change the packing but today there was a doctor waiting to see him. This doctor is an infection specialist and he thinks that the abscess on hubby's chest might be related to the open heart surgery he had back in December. He said that his sternum might be infected because the abscess is very close to the incision. I think that the clinic is just trying to bilk hubby's insurance company.

It has been five months since hubby had the bypass. Wouldn't an infection related to that surgery have shown up before now? The abscess didn't arise until mid-March and hubby has already had oral antibiotics twice since then plus he received a bag of IV antibiotics when he was in the hospital the other week being treated for the high potassium level. He has had no fever, doesn't feel ill and up until today the nurse who changes the packing has said that the abscess is looking better every time he goes to the clinic. They measure the width and depth of the sore each time he goes to the clinic and it is shrinking.

So now hubby has to go to the hospital tomorrow for a WBC scan. This scan is done in three parts. He has to be there at 7am to have blood drawn. The white cells will be separated from the rest of the blood and mixed with a radioactive material. At 11am the blood will be injected into one of hubby's veins and then about 3 to 4 hours later a scan will be done. If there is an infection, the radioactive cells will gather in that area.

This is going to be an ordeal for us. After the blood is drawn, we will be free to leave the hospital until time for the blood to be injected. Then we will be free to leave again until time for the scan. We will need to eat lunch somewhere but we can't afford it and the extra trip is going to cause us to run short on gas money. Hubby has to go to the wound care clinic every other day until the abscess is healed. The nurse says it will probably be about 3 more weeks if there is no bone infection. Hubby may need another surgery if his breast bone is infected and I don't know how we would cope with that emotionally or financially.

Please pray for us, send good wishes, and positive thoughts, etc. as we really need them.

Thanks in advance.


Intriguing Comment…


I have been very busy accompanying hubby to medical appointments and dealing with my own medical issues so I haven’t been monitoring here as much as usual. Last night, I was looking through the remarks that have been left and found this one on the Shailey Tripp thread.

“Think of me as a friendly reporter who has come into some information. I hope that John Tiemessen is reading this. My first question is why does John Tiemessen's personal cell phone number appear in Shailey Tripp's cell phone records 6 times each call lasting more than 30 seconds as long as 7 minutes from 2008-2010? Why does Todd Palin's phone number appear in Shailey Tripp's phone records 12 times each call more than 2 minutes? What is the explanation Palin family or Tiemessen? Will you also make a comment on the book Boys Will Be Boys by Bottoms & Tripp? What do you say on the medical records from the All About You Spa that clearly shows that Shailey Tripp gave both Sarah Palin and Todd Palin massages in Feb and March of 2008? Why does the DMV show Tripp lic plat es origi nally issued to Todd Palin in March of 2008? Please Mr. Tiemessen answer these questions. Perhaps this should be printed and shown to Judge Burgess. If you need proof of any of this all Judge Birgess has to do is order a supenoas and look for himself.Final question why has Tiemessen, the Palins, or Officer Padgett not sued Shailey Tripp for defamation, slander, or lies in her book Boys Will Be Boys?”

To the guest who left the above comment, do you have any more information to share? Would you please contact me? My email address is below.

Readers: What do you make of the statements made by the visitor? Please share your thoughts.

Hubby and I are heading to the wound care clinic. I wish we could get off of this medical merry-go-round for awhile. Even a week would be nice. I will check in when we get home.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Overwhelmed… UPDATE…


Many thanks to those who have helped me out. I have tried to email everyone and thank them but I wanted to acknowledge their support here as well.

Hubby came home this morning but the ordeal isn’t over.

I really don’t understand what goes on in the minds of some doctors. Hubby was sent to the hospital so his high potassium level could be brought down. That was the only reason. Why do doctors who aren’t really familiar with a patient’s medical history try to change their treatment regiment pertaining to conditions not related to their hospitalization?

Hubby has a primary doctor who treats his diabetes. He just had an appointment with that doctor this past Monday and he increased his Lantus (long acting insulin) from 50 units at bedtime to 55 units. Hubby also injects 45 units of Novolog 70/30 before breakfast and 30 units before supper. His doctor didn’t want to make any changes in his Novolog dosage.

The floor doctor at the hospital lowered the Lantus to 20 units and switched the Novolog 70/30 to Humalog. Humalog is a mealtime insulin and the amount injected is determined by the patient’s blood sugar level which is measured just before eating. The doctor sent hubby home with a chart that tells him how many units to inject.

Hubby checked his blood sugar before lunch and it was 240. His blood sugars had been really good before going to the hospital. I  suspect that the high reading was due to the decrease in the Lantus dose. I told Hubby that if I were him, I would go back to the type of insulin and dosage that his primary doctor recommended until he can get an appointment with his doctor. He definitely doesn’t need his blood sugar going out of control. Hubby decided to just eat a very light lunch with few carbs and inject 30 units of Novolog before supper and 55 units of Lantus at bedtime like he was doing before he went to the hospital.

The doctors at the hospital also opened the skin abscess on his chest and now Hubby is going to have to go to the wound care clinic to have it packed. The nurse at the hospital said he would have to go at least every other day, possibly every day and it could take 4 to 6 weeks for him to heal due to the diabetes. They will be calling us on Monday to set that up. The would care clinic is about 20 miles from where we live so that is going to be expensive. Hopefully, we can schedule some of our other appointments on days when he has to go to wound care to save on gas.

Please continue praying and sending good thoughts our way. I truly believe that it helps.

Graduation time is coming soon. A handcrafted ink pen would be a nice gift for someone graduating from college or high school. Hubby is anxious to get back to making pens. Custom orders could possibly be arranged.

Thanks again for any help.



First, let me make this clear. I am not asking for donations. I am asking those who read this to please consider buying an ink pen from our website.

I wouldn’t be doing this but I have run out of options and I just don’t know where to turn. I do want to thank the commenter who directed me to the Give Forward site which I may sign up with but they are a for profit business that keeps a portion of your proceeds. It also would take time to receive any money donated as they collect the donations and mail a check out to you. Hubby and I need to raise some money quickly due to more medical problems.

They say when it rains, it pours and that has been our life for quite awhile and it seems like these medical issues always crop up at the worst possible times.

Last week, hubby started having bouts with his muscles being very weak to the point where his arms shook when he used them to push himself up and his legs were trembling when he stood. I wanted to call 911 but he said that he thought he would be okay until his regular check up which was this past Monday. These spells would come and go and since he has a lot of problems with his back we thought that was probably causing his symptoms.

He saw his primary doctor Monday. I finally got him to switch to someone closer to where we live so that our transportation costs aren’t as big a burden as they used to be. The doctor said that some of hubby’s medicines could cause muscle problems so he did some blood tests. Wednesday, the doctor called and said that hubby’s kidney function was low and referred him to a kidney specialist. He also wanted hubby to come back to his office and have the blood test repeated to make sure that there wasn’t a lab error. The appointment with the kidney specialist was Thursday afternoon. Hubby and I both had appointments with pain management Thursday, too and hubby also had to go by the lab to have the blood work repeated.

We got through our earlier appointments and made it to the kidney specialist with just a few minutes to spare. As soon as the doctor came in the examination room, she said that hubby had to go to the emergency room. His potassium level was too high and she said that it would have to be treated at the ER. His level was 6.4. She said that normal was 5.5 or less and that while the elevation didn’t sound like a lot, it really was and could cause heart problems. She said that hubby would get an injection and something to take by mouth and then could go home. It didn’t happen that way.

We got to the ER. The kidney doctor had called ahead and sent a letter with us to give to the charge nurse. Hubby was taken straight back to a room and a doctor saw him almost immediately. The doctor looked at the lab work from Monday and from Thursday morning and it was still high so he admitted hubby to the hospital. We found out that the problem was caused by medications. Hubby has a skin abscess that he went to the urgent care clinic about a couple of weeks ago. They put him on Bactrim DS 800 milligrams. The prescription said take two tablets twice daily for ten days but said dispense 20. The pharmacist said that would be 40 not 20 so he gave hubby 40 tablets. High potassium is a side effect of Bactrim DS and another of hubby’s medicines, Diovan can also raise potassium levels.

Hubby is doing good but I am a wreck from worrying about everything. I rarely drive because of my own medical problems. I have only been behind the wheel a few times in the past 5 years because I have a lot of pain in my arms and legs when I drive. I drove the 20 miles home, praying the whole way. I would have just stayed at the hospital with hubby but I didn’t have my medicines with me and I can’t do without them.

I received a donation of 50 dollars earlier this week that was greatly appreciated. That money was used for gas and to pay for our prescriptions. We are totally broke now and the car is nearly out of gas. Hubby told me not to come to visit because there is only enough gas for one trip to the hospital and back so I have to wait until he is discharged. It is a week until we get paid and hubby should be discharged before then so I can’t go visit him. I worry about him being in the hospital alone because so many mistakes are made. Hubby was given an injection meant for another patient once during a prior hospitalization. The patient who was supposed to receive the medicine had been moved to another room and even though we told the nurse that the doctor she said ordered the injection wasn’t hubby’s doctor, she would not listen.

I hate even sharing this here because I know the hateful posts will start. I am just at my wits end and don’t know where to turn. Our son was involved in an automobile accident last week and doesn’t have the money to come to visit our send us any help. He wasn’t seriously injured but his vehicle was totaled. We are still facing all of the problems we had before hubby’s latest illness. Any ink pen purchases made would be a huge help.

Please, also pray for us or send good thoughts our way. We really need them.

To those who will post rude remarks, please put yourselves in our shoes and think about how you would want to be treated if you were in the same situation.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Will Be Back…


I apologize for the prolonged absence and the lack of new posts. Hubby and I are still going through a rough patch financially and medically so I haven’t been physically up to the challenge of writing. The stress of trying to find ways to get to medical appointments, the pharmacy, etc. is overwhelming.

Our house, car and lawn mower need repairs. Hubby worked on the mower, thought it was fixed and began mowing the lawn only to have it mess up before he could finish the backyard.

It terrifies me having our grass get too high because rattlesnakes are bad where we live. A neighbor was bitten by one and nearly died a couple of years ago and one struck at hubby just last week. Luckily, hubby has to wear leg braces so he wasn’t bitten.

Until things settle down, this blog is on hiatus but it’s not going away permanently. Hopefully, in a week or two I will be able to do a new post.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shailey Tripp Addresses The License Plate Issue and Other Questions *UPDATE*


I have reported the threats made against Shailey to the FBI. I was uncomfortable ignoring the remarks so I sent an email to them with the comment that was made and the person’s IP address. Whether they will do anything, who knows?

I went through through the comments left in reply to Shailey’s most recent guest post and asked her to address some issues that were brought up.

The questions I asked and her replies follow.

Explain the contradiction about the license plate being given to you by Todd.
In reading through the comments,  in my opinion, some things have been taken out of context, over analyzed, and twisted into something else, making it seem like I am not credible. Up until the point of my book actually being published and available to the public, I was strictly counseled to only speak of things that I can concretely prove. I have lots of things to say, and account for, but I can't prove a lot of it with concrete, black and white evidence. Also, due to my problems with the National Enquirer and through gossip, speculation, and egos my credibility was in question for a long time. However, now that a year has passed, and no one mentioned in my book has challenged what I have said,  and due to Sarah Palin & Todd Palin's inactions, my credibility has been vetted. Also, due to the efforts of Malia Litman, my credibility has gain solidity. So when I wrote my post recently and included the thing about the license plates, I felt it was now in the realm of common knowledge that Todd, indeed had tried to give the plate to me as a present, which I had rejected. When I referred to a theory, what I meant is that Todd was the one who suggested to Bristol or to the family to use Tripp as the name for the child who was born. As for the dates, the reason I am reluctant at anytime to give an exact date is because I did not keep a diary and go home and write to myself "oooh Tod gave me lic. plates today", etc. I did however record dates I saw him in person. I now have those calendars and appointment books in my possession in a safe place. I am pretty sure he tried to give them to me in March. I see someone posted a link and Malia had actually got some kind of confirmation from Alaska's DMV about the date the license plates were issued. Even it the dates that she got are correct, they were still issued way before Tripp was born, way before anyone knew 100% that he was a boy, and I know and Todd Palin knows he originally tried to give them to me as a gift. As for any of the other details I can only make guesses and assumptions and have no way to know if they are correct.

Do you mention the fact that Todd Plain was your pimp when giving talks and does that shock the audience if you do mention Todd?
Yes, I do mention Todd Palin was my pimp when I give talks. The answer is no, no one is shocked when we discuss it. And in fact others share their stories of men in powerful positions who have abused them or taken advantage of them.

Would you be willing to post a complete list of the men Todd Palin asked you to perform services for and their employers if they are state or federal and give it to people researching influence pedaling by the Palins?

Yes, I would be wiling to do that. I have given a list to the FBI, the DA, and other branches of the government. Over 70% of the names on the lists are in fact government and state employees or mining/oil clients.

If you saw pictures of APD and FBI that Todd sent to you would you be able to ID them?

I would be able to ID them, in the sense of yes, I met that person and this was what our interaction was. Whether or not the names are real is questionable as some people did tell me their real names and some did not.

Why are there inconsistencies in your story?
In my opinion, I feel there are little to no inconsistencies in my story. There was a lot I could not share because I was under contract with the National Enquirer, I had legal actions pending, and I had a book coming out. Now that so much time has passed and I am suing the Enquirer, suing the Palins, and my book is has been on the market for over a year, I do not feel I have to hold back in the same way. Perhaps part of what is perceived as inconsistencies was my reluctance to share too much as the things mentioned above prevented me from doing so. Also, I remember some things now that I didn't remember back then. It was a confusing, stressful time and my work as a prostitute for Todd Palin was not the focus of my life. It was the background of my life and survival for me. My focus was my kids, and my daily needs, and I was so emotionally overwhelmed and sleep deprived from worrying about those issues that the details and importance of what was going on with Todd Palin didn't occur to me until the media started hounding me. Had the media never approached me, I would have never spoke up, and none of this would be public knowledge to this day.

Shailey Tripp

I want to thank Shailey for taking the time to respond to these questions and I hope that she will continue to contribute to this blog.

If anyone reading this hasn’t read Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal yet it is available at:

It is also available at other book retailers. The proceeds from sales benefit both Shailey and myself.

If you haven’t done so yet, please visit Blade’s Life, my personal blog by clicking the tab at the top of this page. Hubby’s ink pens can be accessed from a tab at the top, too. All proceeds from pen sales help hubby and I with medical and other expenses.

Until next time,


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Short, Important Note


First, I am asking everyone to please visit or click the Blade’s Life tab at the top of the page. It’s important.

I apologize for not replying to comments or posting sooner but a lot has been going on. Read more at

I also wanted to let everyone know that Shailey will be addressing the questions brought up in comments made after her last guest post. She has been very busy but she is working on them and I will post her reply as soon as I receive it.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Guest Post By Shailey Tripp


In honor of the anniversary of the publication of Boys Will Be Boys, Shailey consented to do another post.




March 4, 2013 marked the one year anniversary of the publication of Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal.

Considering the following events that also occurred on or around March 4, could that date have some significance to the Palin clan?

The week of March 4, 2008:  Sarah Palin had to tell her secret of “being pregnant”. Also, during that week Shailey Tripp gave Governor Palin a massage and Todd Palin gave Shailey the license plate personalized with her last name, "Tripp".

March 4, 2010  was the date that Shailey Tripp was arrested for allegedly running a house of prostitution.

March 4, 2012 the date Boys Will Be Boys was finally published and became available for sale to the public.

This past year has been very busy for me. In addition to trying to join the military and giving talks about the negative consequences of prostitution, I gave statements to the Secret Service about my encounter with David Chaney. Mr. Chaney was the agent assigned to protect Sarah Palin while she was running for Vice-President during the fall of 2008. While in Alaska that fall, Todd sent Agent Chaney to me for sexual services. P.I. Ed Opperman verified those facts and passed the information along to the correct authorities.

In the year that my book has been on the market, I have heard nothing from any person, business or organization to refute, dispute or denounce my book and the information contained within.  Even stranger is the total silence from the Palins.

Professor Brad Scharlott, who wrote an academic paper about the possibility that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig has been bullied and received letters from the Palin family attorney. The Christy family is currently dealing with court proceedings with the Palins related to stalking charges, yet I have heard nothing from them.

A copy of my book was mailed to all Alaska members of Congress, all the city officials of Wasilla, Alaska and Palmer,Alaska, the Anchorage, Alaska Police Department, the Alaska State Police, the White House and to each person mentioned by name in my book. Yet still utter silence.

I realize that many people probably think that I am being vengeful and wonder why I have not just moved on with my life. In answer to that I have moved on with my life. I now let this part of my life occupy only a very small part of my mind but I will not let it go completely. My story is important. Hopefully, knowing what happened to me will encourage others to change their lives or prevent them from entering a life of prostitution. What happened to me is important because it may help change laws and protect men, women and children from the awful realities of life in the sex industry. My story is also important because of the person responsible for introducing me to life in the sex trade.

Todd Palin, a man with power, seduced me. He made false promises to me, groomed me and put me into a life of prostitution. The man who showed me how to prostitute myself out was the husband of the Governor of Alaska and he, himself was a major player in Alaska politics. It has been shown through emails and other evidence that he was advising his wife about political matters and acting as a shadow governor. If the 2008 Presidential election had turned out differently, Sarah Palin would have been Vice-President and her husband would likely have been advising her on matters of national importance; issues important to all of us. The truth about Todd Palin's character is important because there is always the possibility that Sarah Palin might seek national political office again with Todd at her side, influencing her.

Powerful people such as the Palins coerce police and other officials to look away from their wrongdoings. That isn't right. The police and other agencies need to do their jobs; not succumb to bribery or coercion. it is important that people are protected; especially people who are victims in sexual crimes. Corrupt people such as the Palins need to be exposed which is another reason that my experiences are important. Now that I give talks, I see how crucial it is that the information in my book becomes public knowledge and resounds all over the world.

I know a lot of you are wondering what is going on now. Stay tuned and I will share a little bit more soon. Together we can begin to examine information never before shared and maybe we can solve these crimes, bring attention to these actions and in doing so finally find justice.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest Post by Shailey Tripp


The one year anniversary of the publication of Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, & The Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal is almost here. It is hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.
In the past year my life has experienced a series of ups and downs but they have brought me closer to my family.

There was a lot of speculation about the reason that I had to end my blog last year. The truth is a potential employer asked me to do so in order to be considered for an opportunity. That employer was the National Guard and the Army. However, I was not able to meet the physical requirements quickly enough and then when my birthday passed I became too old.  I am not sorry I tried, though. It gave me a reason to get in shape, lose weight and focus on something positive for myself as well as my family. I was also happy to take a break from the drama, the hustle and bustle of the Palin world and the carnage that comes as a result.
I am rested now and wanted to check in and reassure my supporters that I am still fighting the fight to expose the Palins and their involvement with prostitution. I am also helping by being an advocate, raising awareness of prostitution and what it means in terms of economics, family, self esteem, and it's impact on society. Between last summer and the end of January, 2013, I have been an invited guest at academic institutions to give talks about my book, Boys Will Be Boys, and about the impact of the events in that book on my own life. I also spoke about the subject at a church and a domestic violence seminar.
These speaking engagements encourage me and make me feel more grounded. They also give me hope that the existence of my book and it's contents are slowly getting out in the world in general. Perhaps coming into the broader world through academia is better than coming in through the media. There is talk locally (where I live), that my book may become a part of modern women's issues and studies by a local university. That would be a great accomplishment if it happens.
On a personal note, I am still struggling a great deal financially but we are all healthy and just keep moving forward day by day. I would like to take the next few days and invite all of you to ask any questions you may have in the comments section here. I will try to answer them as best I can. If Blade permits I may even start doing a post every two weeks, offering a little bit more information and talk about events that have been happening in the background.
Best Regards!

Shailey Tripp


I want to thank Shailey for her contribution. I know that many readers are still interested in Shailey’s story and I thought everyone would appreciate hearing from her.

If you have questions for Shailey, you may ask them in the comments. Depending on the number and the nature of the questions, Shailey will either answer them in the comments section or write another post addressing them.

I hope everyone enjoyed her post.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Book About Palin’s Governorship


There is a new book hitting the stands that delves into the specifics of Sarah Palin’s half-term as Alaska’s governor. Written by former Anchorage Daily News reporter, Matthew Zencey, Unlikely Liberal Sarah Palin's Curious Record as Alaska's Governor details the hypocrisy and lies of her administration.

While this book avoids mention of her personal life, it should still be an interesting read. I have always found her politics strange. I think she was in over her head, floundering her way through the job.

I shudder to think what could have happened had McCain won the election. Hopefully, a majority of voters will have the good sense not to vote for her should Sarah Palin ever decide to run for any political office again. Thanks to books like Unlikely Liberal, among others, the truth about her political ability is available for all to read.


Friday, February 22, 2013

They Will Never Learn (Hopefully)


The CPAC has announced it’s list of speakers for their March 2013 meeting. All of the usual suspects are there including Sarah Palin.

After the last election, it seems like the group would be taking stock and bringing in new blood but perhaps they can’t find anymore people with such narrow-minded views.

With that line-up of speakers, the gathering is sure to be a snooze fest. Perhaps Todd will bring some of his “lady friends” to liven things up.


Saturday, February 16, 2013



The surgery itself went okay. The surgeon told me that I would probably stay overnight due to my other medical problems. I had to stay two nights because I was running a fever but the CBC didn’t indicate a serious infection so I was sent home yesterday afternoon even though I still have a low grade fever.

I am in quite a bit of pain, have no appetite to speak of yet and just feel rundown in general. I have been on Opana ER for over a year so at the hospital they added Dilaudid. I was getting both injections and tablets. I was sent home with a Dilaudid prescription but because I am being treated by pain management, I was unable to get the prescription filled without it being okayed by my pain doctor. Unfortunately, it was so late in the day that the pain clinic was closed and they aren’t open on weekends. Needless to say, I had a rough night.

I still have a lot of gas which makes me very uncomfortable. I can burp but can’t pass gas rectally and my bowels aren’t working yet. Hopefully, these problems will resolve by Monday or I will have to call the surgeon’s office.

I hope to be able to resume regular posts next week.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow


I will be having my gall bladder removed tomorrow. I may have to be in the hospital for a few days depending on how things turn out.

I will resume posting when I am able.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Interesting Tidbit In This Exchange…


I was reading a lively exchange about Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy and thought others might enjoy it.

This comment is intriguing.

“There is something fishy about Trig's birth as there's no record that he was born anywhere to anyone. You'd think his birth record would be on file like the rest of Sarah's children's are.”

Now, we all know that birth records in Alaska are sealed for one hundred years so any ideas what this remark means?

Maybe the person who wrote this also visits anti-Palin blogs. If you happen to see this, could you please share what you know?


Saturday, February 2, 2013


This is a time of change in my life and changes  will be coming to this blog, too. There has been too much negativity in the comments recently and I freely admit that a lot of it has been my fault. I know that I have requested help frequently which angered some readers but I have never lied about the problems that we have and still are having.

I posted about the troubles we were and still are having here out of desperation. All I really wanted was for people to purhase pens. I didn't want donations but when they were sent I took them because they offered a quick solution.

I will no longer request help here but I do ask that readers keep in mind that my hubby and I do suffer from health problems that place a financial hardship on us and we will be dealing with them for the rest of our lives. The hubby's handcrafted ink pens tab at the top of the page links to our pen site. Hubby and I would be very grateful if visitors would consider purchasing pens occasionally. If anyone wants to know how hubby and I are doing, please email me. My email address is at the bottom of every post.

My son and his family left yesterday and got back to Texas this morning. Hubby and I miss them very much but I have more free time now so I will be focusing this blog on the Palins again. My gall bladder surgery has been scheduled for February 13th so there will be a break in new posts at that time.

Any questions, suggestions, etc., please email me.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank You!

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who sent items from my Amazon wish list. Getting those things has been a huge help to us and is truly appreciated.

I got the results of my stress test and it was normal. That was a big relief. I have an appointment with a surgeon on the 31st to discuss the gall bladder surgery.

Hubby is doing okay but he is still really tired and sleeps a lot. I guess what he has been through took a bigger toll on him than I realized. He is also on so much medicine now that our bedroom is starting to resemble a pharmacy. Ten pills first thing in the morning, pills through out the day and nine at bedtime plus three insulin shots daily.

We both have several doctors' appointments over the next couple of weeks.
Please keep our pens in mind if you or someone you know is looking for interesting handmade gifts. The proceeds go towards our medical expenses.

Thanks again for everything!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Wish List

Someone suggested that I do an Amazon wish list for the items that hubby needs so I made one. Here is the link:

If anyone decides to send anything, any brand or size of the items will be fine. For the vitamin D, it must be D2 but any brand or size will do.

If possible, we could also use gas cards. Email me for details if you would like to help with this. I tried to add the wish list button to my browser so I could add items from other online stores but I was unable to make it work.

Edit: I was finally able to add the button to add the gas card to my wish list. My address is now added to the wish list. I have never made a list before and didn't know all the steps. Thanks to the reader who alerted me.

Thanks for any help given.

Buying a pen would also be a great help.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Is The Deal With Selling Gold Rings?

Since we are so desperate to come up with some quick cash for hubby's medications and gas money to get to all of our upcoming doctor appointments, my son gave us a gold diamond cluster ring that we gave him as a graduation present years ago and told me to sell it. Hubby and I decided to sell our wedding bands, too. Son's ring is 10K gold with 19 diamonds. It is a large ring with a lot of filigree and while the diamonds aren't very big, I think the total carat weight would be at least one-third, perhaps more. Hubby's wedding band is 14K, but narrow and thin and mine is 10K but wider and thicker. Our bands don't match because hubby lost his original band years ago. We knew we weren't going to get a fortune but thought we should get at least $500.00 for the three rings with gold prices being so high.

We went to one jeweler and two pawn shops and the highest amount we were offered was $105.00. The other offers were $101.00 and $97.00. Needless to say, I refused the offers. As bad as we need the money, I couldn't see selling three rings for $105.00 which wouldn't have bought everything we need in any case.

Besides hubby's needs, I also have medical appointments and my son needs a bottle of Glucocil, a supplement that he uses to control his blood sugar. I was really surprised that his diabetes stays in control without any diabetes medications. He was taking metformin but he had a bad reaction to it and when he took glipzide (sp?), he was always cranky. His doctor recommended the Glucocil, which costs a little more ($34.99 per month when he orders a 3 month supply) than the glipzide but works better for him. He thought we would be able to get at least $300.00 for his ring and all he wanted was enough money to buy one bottle of Glucocil.

Here is a link to an ebay auction for a ring that is very similar to my son's. This ring and my son's both have 19 diamonds.

Thoughts? Should I have sold the rings for what I was offered? I am thinking of putting the jewelry on ebay but even if it sells, it may not be in time. Hubby's first appointment of three in the next two weeks is Monday and it is the one that is fartherest, over 100 miles each way. I have two appointments scheduled this month and maybe more as my doctor is planning to refer me to a surgeon to discuss gall bladder removal if my stress test was okay.

Hubby also still needs the OTC meds and vitamin supplements. I don't know why the doctor who wrote his discharge orders didn't write a prescription for omeprazole instead of telling him to buy Prilosec OTC. I have tried to contact him to ask for a prescription but have had no luck so far with getting a call back.

I don't like always writing about our problems and advertising our pens but pen sales are the only way we have to raise money other than selling those rings which was a big disappointment.

Many thanks to those who do buy pens and/or offer helpful suggestions regarding our circumstances. To those who feel the need to complain, I can only say that I hope you are never in a similar situation.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interesting Article

Here is an excellent opinion piece about Sarah Palin. It isn't new but it is one that I hadn't read and although babygate isn't mentioned, it merits reading.,627/912.html


Hubby is home and doing fairly well. I am so thankful that he seems to be getting back to his old self.
onean't understand is why the doctor who was treating him at rehab told him to buy so many over the counter drugs. He was told to get Prilosec OTC, a multi-vitamin, vitamin C 500 mg which he was told to take 4 times a day and vitamin D. His insurance will not cover any of these because they aren't prescriptions.
To be frank, we are unable to afford what he needs and he also has several follow-up appointments coming up that he has to keep but we don't have enough gas money.
If you can purchase a pen, it would be appreciated.