Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank You!

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who sent items from my Amazon wish list. Getting those things has been a huge help to us and is truly appreciated.

I got the results of my stress test and it was normal. That was a big relief. I have an appointment with a surgeon on the 31st to discuss the gall bladder surgery.

Hubby is doing okay but he is still really tired and sleeps a lot. I guess what he has been through took a bigger toll on him than I realized. He is also on so much medicine now that our bedroom is starting to resemble a pharmacy. Ten pills first thing in the morning, pills through out the day and nine at bedtime plus three insulin shots daily.

We both have several doctors' appointments over the next couple of weeks.
Please keep our pens in mind if you or someone you know is looking for interesting handmade gifts. The proceeds go towards our medical expenses.

Thanks again for everything!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Wish List

Someone suggested that I do an Amazon wish list for the items that hubby needs so I made one. Here is the link:

If anyone decides to send anything, any brand or size of the items will be fine. For the vitamin D, it must be D2 but any brand or size will do.

If possible, we could also use gas cards. Email me for details if you would like to help with this. I tried to add the wish list button to my browser so I could add items from other online stores but I was unable to make it work.

Edit: I was finally able to add the button to add the gas card to my wish list. My address is now added to the wish list. I have never made a list before and didn't know all the steps. Thanks to the reader who alerted me.

Thanks for any help given.

Buying a pen would also be a great help.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Is The Deal With Selling Gold Rings?

Since we are so desperate to come up with some quick cash for hubby's medications and gas money to get to all of our upcoming doctor appointments, my son gave us a gold diamond cluster ring that we gave him as a graduation present years ago and told me to sell it. Hubby and I decided to sell our wedding bands, too. Son's ring is 10K gold with 19 diamonds. It is a large ring with a lot of filigree and while the diamonds aren't very big, I think the total carat weight would be at least one-third, perhaps more. Hubby's wedding band is 14K, but narrow and thin and mine is 10K but wider and thicker. Our bands don't match because hubby lost his original band years ago. We knew we weren't going to get a fortune but thought we should get at least $500.00 for the three rings with gold prices being so high.

We went to one jeweler and two pawn shops and the highest amount we were offered was $105.00. The other offers were $101.00 and $97.00. Needless to say, I refused the offers. As bad as we need the money, I couldn't see selling three rings for $105.00 which wouldn't have bought everything we need in any case.

Besides hubby's needs, I also have medical appointments and my son needs a bottle of Glucocil, a supplement that he uses to control his blood sugar. I was really surprised that his diabetes stays in control without any diabetes medications. He was taking metformin but he had a bad reaction to it and when he took glipzide (sp?), he was always cranky. His doctor recommended the Glucocil, which costs a little more ($34.99 per month when he orders a 3 month supply) than the glipzide but works better for him. He thought we would be able to get at least $300.00 for his ring and all he wanted was enough money to buy one bottle of Glucocil.

Here is a link to an ebay auction for a ring that is very similar to my son's. This ring and my son's both have 19 diamonds.

Thoughts? Should I have sold the rings for what I was offered? I am thinking of putting the jewelry on ebay but even if it sells, it may not be in time. Hubby's first appointment of three in the next two weeks is Monday and it is the one that is fartherest, over 100 miles each way. I have two appointments scheduled this month and maybe more as my doctor is planning to refer me to a surgeon to discuss gall bladder removal if my stress test was okay.

Hubby also still needs the OTC meds and vitamin supplements. I don't know why the doctor who wrote his discharge orders didn't write a prescription for omeprazole instead of telling him to buy Prilosec OTC. I have tried to contact him to ask for a prescription but have had no luck so far with getting a call back.

I don't like always writing about our problems and advertising our pens but pen sales are the only way we have to raise money other than selling those rings which was a big disappointment.

Many thanks to those who do buy pens and/or offer helpful suggestions regarding our circumstances. To those who feel the need to complain, I can only say that I hope you are never in a similar situation.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interesting Article

Here is an excellent opinion piece about Sarah Palin. It isn't new but it is one that I hadn't read and although babygate isn't mentioned, it merits reading.,627/912.html


Hubby is home and doing fairly well. I am so thankful that he seems to be getting back to his old self.
onean't understand is why the doctor who was treating him at rehab told him to buy so many over the counter drugs. He was told to get Prilosec OTC, a multi-vitamin, vitamin C 500 mg which he was told to take 4 times a day and vitamin D. His insurance will not cover any of these because they aren't prescriptions.
To be frank, we are unable to afford what he needs and he also has several follow-up appointments coming up that he has to keep but we don't have enough gas money.
If you can purchase a pen, it would be appreciated.