Saturday, April 28, 2012

Important Announcement


I just wanted to notify those who purchased pens that shipment will be delayed as my husband was re-admitted to the hospital because his infection was getting worse. I sent emails to buyers but I wanted to make sure they weren’t overlooked. The orders will be mailed as soon as possible. Your support and patience is truly appreciated.

Please pray or send good thought for hubby to have a quick recovery. I am very worried and upset because I can’t be with him at the hospital. We have been married for 35 and a half years and have spent very few nights apart. It’s lonely here without him.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thanks Everyone…


Hubby has his meds and is home. He is sore but the doctor said very lucky because the infection was really deep. If he had waited another day or two, it would have been very serious.

A lesson learned. Skin infections are not a minor problem and should be taken care of at the first sign.

Hubby wants to thank everyone, too.

Pen orders will go out by Monday.


Help Needed Urgently…


I detest having to do this but I am at my wit’s end. I have asked for help from from social services but they don’t have funds for the type of assistance we need.

My husband had go to the hospital yesterday for what we were told would be a simple outpatient surgical procedure. He has had a large lipoma aka fatty tumor since he was a teenager. A few weeks ago it became red and swollen. We thought it was a carbuncle as he has had them on the tumor before. They usually come to a head and drain with no problems. This one did form several heads which released a lot of drainage but instead of draining completely after a few days, this one just continued to drain. It also stayed very red, sore and bumps came up on it. Monday night he took a hot shower, hoping that would relieve the pain and help it finish draining. Instead it began pouring bright red blood. Our bathtub looked like a scene from a slasher movie. He got out of the shower and I wanted to call an ambulance but he said to try putting pressure on it first. He hates ambulances! After about twenty minutes of applying pressure, the bleeding stopped so he said he would go to the urgent care clinic on Tuesday.

He thought the doctor at the clinic would give him some antibiotics like they had the last time he had a carbuncle but she took one look and sent him to a surgeon. The surgeon scheduled him for outpatient surgery Wednesday morning and said he should be home by the afternoon. Since I am in a wheelchair, he got a neighbor to take him to the hospital. He was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get to the restroom or that I would be uncomfortable sitting in my wheelchair for several hours so he told me to stay home. When his surgery was over, I got a call from a nurse at the hospital. She said they were going to have to keep him overnight because he was bleeding a lot, had a bad infection and needed IV antibiotics.

Hubby called this morning and said he is going to be discharged today. He will be on two oral antibiotics and a pain medicine. His insurance will cover the meds but we don’t have money for the co-pay, $20.00 each for the antibiotics and $5.00 for the pain medication. We also have to buy some gauze and tape to cover the wound plus gas to get to his follow-up appointment. If anyone could help by buying an ink pen or making us a loan, it would be truly appreciated. We would have to pay a loan back $10.00 or $15.00 a month until we get it paid because we don’t have much left over after paying bills, buying meds and gas but we will pay it back.

Here is the link to the website for the pens:

Many thanks for any help. Prayers and good thoughts are also greatly appreciated.

With gratitude,


Edit: If you are making us a loan using the paypal donation button, please put loan in the box where you can leave a message. Thanks again!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mama Grizzly’s Gruesome Façade


Today, I am pleased to present another guest post by Imogen.

Please check out Shailey Tripp’s redesigned website where Boys Can Be Boys is available for purchase as an e-book in formats compatible with most e-readers. You will also find links there to purchase the book in printed format.

Also, please keep in mind that graduation and wedding season are just around the corner. A handcrafted ink pen would make a great gift for a high school graduate leaving for college this fall or for a college graduate embarking on a career. Handmade ink pens would also make nice gifts for about to be married couples or as groomsmen or bridesmaids appreciation gifts. Customizing is available upon request. Hubby’s depends on word of mouth advertising and would like to thank everyone for their past support and would love the opportunity to be of service in the future.



Mama Grizzly’s Gruesome Façade

What exactly is Sarah Palin good at? Could someone tell me? She’s certainly a first class bully, but in terms of the skills she purports to have  - USA leading abilities, Vice Presidential potential, Super Mom, compassionate Christian, a backwoodsman – she fails dismally. And they’re quite important skills if you want to get to where Palin wants to get to. Leave aside the dismal interview technique, the woeful lack of foreign policy knowledge for a moment. Let’s look at those field craft skills. Because the Palin brand really is founded on the image of the Hockey Mom, and the Amazonian huntress.

Brand Palin

As the foundation of a branding exercise, these notions are not bad in fact. The US likes its politicians to be folksy but tough, and as a woman Palin chose well in focusing on her motherly/grizzly side. Unfortunately, for Palin, that façade is not credible on closer inspection. She’s not maternal, as most women understand the term. The Wild Ride horrified most decent minded women, whilst Palin saw it as a badge of honour and proof that she wasn’t giving in to her biological destiny. Her vulnerable pre-term baby could damn well wait until she was ready for it to be born. If indeed the story is true, which is much in doubt. The photo of this ‘pre-term’ baby at seven weeks is enough to perturb most observers. That baby is six months if he’s a day. It is surprising that Palin allowed photos of the baby to be taken at all, so much at odds his physical appearance is with the suggested facts. But back to the fieldcraft.

Palin the Huntress

The huntress. What a symbol. In Roman mythology we had Diana, the divine huntress, preserver of dynasties and protector of childbirth. Mistress of the woods she lived in mountainous realms and her aim was always true. So little of this applies to Palin. She is, we now know, a lousy shot. Far from being lithe limbed and ethereal like Diana, fleet of foot and yet strong and sure, Palin got her 72-year-old dad to carry her weapon into the wilderness, whilst she – the star, let’s face it – strode on, talking to camera. Her series showed up yet another level of fakery. Like the fake pregnancy, she showed us that she was not a ‘lifelong hunter’. She failed in the basics of shooting when put on the spot, like she failed in the basics of foreign policy when put on the spot, and the acts of a responsible mother when put on the spot. She fails, keeps on failing, and gets away with it. Over and over. Why?


When faced with the gentle Caribou, and a clear line of fire, Palin took five shots to kill it. She had failed to adjust her sights or take practice shots, as any lifelong hunter would have done without thinking. So she failed, and the creature suffered. She shot into the animal as it was still twitching, which is another no-no in the hunting world. She could not discharge the shells from her weapon and got her father to do it for her. She asked ‘Does it kick?’ of the gun she was using. A lifelong hunter would have known that this was a relatively small gun, and that regardless of whether it kicked back, you still shoot. That’s what hunters do. She betrayed herself with this comment as an amateur, and blogs all over the States were abuzz with comment after the episode was aired. Someone remarked that it appeared as if she was using a gun for the first time. So another scam perpetrated on the American people? Quite probably, yes. Palin would have been too busy pushing ahead with her own journey to greatness to bother much with huntin’ and fishin’ is my guess. Only when it became politically expedient to be proficient in these skills did they become of importance to her. And that is really too late if you want to fake it in front of a nation who are at ease with guns. They can spot a fake a mile off. She should have known this. She should have practiced ahead of her filming schedule. Fail.

The Lies Go On

She wasn’t much better with the fishin’ she showed off, failing to catch a single salmon from a river bursting with them. Palin cannot win at the lying game because she lacks attention to detail. She really should have done her homework here, as in other cases. She should have seen that her brand demanded proficiency in these skills long ago. Years ago. She should have become proficient. She should have known that running for VP would have required her to know some High School geography. A post-room junior in an international parcel service firm knows more geography than Mrs. Palin. She should have practiced. She didn’t.  She thought she could wing it, and get away with it. She couldn’t. And she should have known that some eagle-eyed mothers would have raised eyebrows at the Wild Ride story, been repelled by it, and started to question the veracity of her pregnancy claims. She should have known that these real Super Moms would study photos and join the dots and that the truth would begin to leak out. Or does she think we are all stupid? Probably.

Palin’s downfall will be her hubris. She has got away with so much, for so long, and responsible, patriotic Americans will not allow themselves to become twitching Caribou – suffering victims of Palin’s incompetence.

By Imogen

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amazing Generosity


Thanks to a couple of very generous donors we are now able to purchase enough insulin to last hubby until time for his refill. We are so grateful for the generosity shown.

We also had something else good come from this ordeal. We were referred to a diabetes counselor in the county next to ours and she is going to work with our pharmacy, insurance company and hubby’s doctor to make sure that nothing like this happens again. She said that most doctors will make sure that their insulin dependent patients have an extra supply of insulin for emergencies and is going to encourage hubby’s doctor to do this for him.

People are truly amazing and I am so relieved that this is behind us and steps are being taken to avoid problems such as this happening ever again.

Now, I can refocus on the purpose of this blog. Look for a new post soon.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Defense of Shailey Tripp…


In the comments to my last post someone asked me if I regretted writing Boys Will Be Boys with Shailey. The answer is no. It was a great experience for me. Shailey has been nothing but sincere and honest.

She did share with me what her plans are and I can tell everyone who thinks she has been paid off that nothing could be further from the truth. Her reason is very unselfish and Shailey is greatly upset and hurt by those allegations.

I am not at liberty to divulge the reason that Shailey has to delete her site but believe me, it is very important, not just for Shailey but for many others as well.

I hope everyone will wish her well and know that if she is able to achieve the goal she is striving for all of you will be very proud of her.

Shailey is definitely the un-Sarah!

Personal note: The battle with the insurance company will continue Monday. Hubby has had to get rides to the E.R. today to get his shot because our gas tank is now sitting nearly on E. I am thinking of calling a personal injury lawyer Monday and see if we have any kind of case against Lily or the the insurance company. I really only want hubby to be able to get his insulin. Thanks for all the advice.

Hubby still has pens for sale if anyone would like to purchase. Graduations and wedding season is just around the corner. If there is a color or color combo that isn’t available on hubby’s site, email him via the contact us link on the site and he may be able to make a custom one for you.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Insurance Company Is Driving Me Crazy! Any Suggestions? Help Needed! Update…


Hubby and I went to the E.R. this morning. We got there at 7am and it took over 2 hours for hubby to get his shot. The woman at the registration desk was very rude. She told us that hubby needing an insulin injection was not a medical emergency. She wouldn’t register him so I asked to speak with the Triage nurse. She was very nice, got him registered but then we had to wait until they spoke with hubby’s doctor before they would give him his injection. The doctor who saw hubby said “You would be surprised at how often people who aren’t diabetic come in asking for insulin injections.” They wouldn’t give us a vial of insulin to bring home but they did give him a card to show at the registration desk so he doesn’t have to see a doctor if he has to keep going there for his injections – just show the card and a nurse will inject his insulin.

I called the insurance company as soon as we got back from the hospital and they still refuse to cover more insulin. To make matters worse, they said he would not get his refill until April 23rd. I thought it was the 19th but I checked with the pharmacy and they said the 23rd was correct.

I have tried everything I can think of but at least hubby can get his injections at the E.R. for the next 10 days but it will be costly going back and forth to the hospital twice a day because it is 15 miles from our house.

I really appreciate all the suggestions about ways to get help. The area we live in just doesn’t have many of the services that urban areas offer. If any ideas come to mind, please post or email me. I am willing t try most anything.




As I touched on at the end of my previous post, my husband is having trouble getting his insulin. I hate to bore everyone with the details but we are desperate to find a solution to this problem.

My husband has been using insulin pens to inject his insulin. Last week we realized after his blood sugar levels were much higher than usual that the pens weren’t delivering the correct amount of insulin. I contacted the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the pens and they said to stop using the pens but keep them in case they decided to have us send them the pens to be examined. That caused us a big problem because hubby’s insurance company had just bought the 30 day supply of insulin pens plus pen needles that screw on the pens to inject the insulin and they refused to buy vials and syringes. We had to buy a vial of insulin and syringes while trying to get things sorted out.

Yesterday, Hubby’s doctor and our pharmacist both talked to the insurance company and the insurance company agreed to buy him some syringes but said he could withdraw the insulin from the pens with a syringe until time for his insulin to be refilled and then he could be switched to the vials. I wasn’t sure how to withdraw the insulin from the pens – I didn’t know whether to put air in like you do with a vial or not – so I called the manufacturer and asked them how to withdraw the insulin and they said do not withdraw the insulin from the pens because if they are defective, which we know they are, then the insulin might be contaminated. The manufacturer thinks there might be plastic particles in the insulin from the damaged part of the pens. They said they were overnighting a postage paid bubble mailer for us to use to send the pens to them. I called the insurance company and they said they will not pay for more insulin at this time and said the manufacturer is probably just worried that we might sue them over the defective pens. They said we should use syringes, draw hubby’s doses out of  all the pens, put the caps back on the syringes, store the syringes with the insulin in them in the refrigerator so hubby could use them as needed and then mail the empty insulin pens to the manufacturer.

UPS delivered the mailer this morning so now we are between a rock and a hard place. Hubby uses a vial of insulin every 4 days so he only has enough insulin in the vial we purchased for his injection this evening. If we mail the pens with the insulin in them as requested, he won’t have insulin for tomorrow but the pharmaceutical company says the insulin might have tiny plastic particles floating in it. I have looked and can’t see anything in the insulin but it is a cloudy type of insulin so it might be hard to see the particles or they could be too small to be visible. I called the pharmacist and she also advised us not to use the insulin. Hubby’s doctor said he could come to his office and he would give him some insulin but we live 120 miles from the doctor’s office and we used all our money to get his insulin and syringes so we can’t afford to make the trip. Crazy, I know but when we moved five years ago my husband did not want to find another doctor. He said it had taken him 20 years to break that one in and he wasn’t going through that again until his doctor retired. So every four months, we make the trip back to our hometown so he can see his doctor and if he gets sick in between he goes to the urgent care department at the clinic I go to.

Should we use the insulin in the pens or if not does anyone have any suggestions as to how my husband can get two vials of insulin to last until April 19th when his insurance will pay again? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Please email or post here with any ideas. Thanks!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sarah Palin’s Massage Forms: New Thoughts


In August 2011, I posted some massage forms that were filled out when Sarah Palin got a massage on Tuesday, March 4, 2008. Those forms confirmed that Sarah Palin denied being pregnant on that date. However, those forms and the information they revealed, were quickly discounted as being important because Sarah Palin was supposedly on a milk run airplane flight after missing her scheduled flight. She was sending messages from her Blackberry all day. Messages which coincided with the milk run stops. But what if someone else had her Blackberry and was sending those messages pretending to be Sarah because Sarah wanted to be somewhere else?

March 4, 2008 was a big day for Sarah Palin. It was the day when Sarah Palin would find out if the man who was considering her as a potential running mate would win the GOP Presidential nomination. Sarah was probably on pins and needles, wondering what the outcome of the primaries would be. The excitement she felt was overwhelming but Sarah had a press conference that afternoon. A press conference in Juneau and at the time when the election returns in the lower forty-eight would be starting to come in. How could she get out of attending that blasted press conference?

There was an email sent from her Blackberry at 4:55am March 4, 2008. Since she was in the Pacific time zone, that was probably the correct time for her location so we know she was awake early that day. Why would she miss her flight? I don’t think she did. I think this is what happened.

After passing off one of her Blackberries to a companion who she instructed to take the milk run and send out emails at each stop, she  caught a flight to Anchorage and went to the All About You spa for a massage to help ease the tension she was feeling. After the massage, she went home and pondered the future if McCain won. The rest is history. McCain clinched the nomination and the very next day Sarah announced her “pregnancy”.

The original post with the scanned forms follows below. The first part of the post is an update that I added after the post first went live.

For a detailed description of the massage and the true account of Shailey Tripp’s and Todd Palin’s relationship, please buy Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal


The Day Before Sarah Palin Announced Her Pregnancy She Stated The Opposite On These Forms *UPDATE*

Several people have pointed out that Palin was not in Alaska at the time indicated on the forms. Yes, I was aware that was supposedly the time period when she was returning from the conference in Los Angeles. However, we have to remember where the information about her schedule came from. There have been enough discrepancies in the past that I am not convinced that she wasn’t in Alaska in time to get that massage. If anyone has proof of Sarah Palin’s whereabouts on March 4, 2008 feel free to post or email me the information.

Observation: Think about this. Since this whole thing started nearly three years ago, one thing that never made sense were the pictures showing the ever-changing size of Sarah Palin’s supposedly pregnant belly.

We have collectively viewed thousands of pictures of her “gestation” that showed an unnatural pregnancy progression that appeared to go forward, reverse and forward again.

We all wondered why did this woman who was trying to fake a pregnancy not do a more convincing job. She was not a woman without the means to afford a decent empathy belly yet she was seen wearing long scarves over her clothes and heavy winter coats indoors at functions where they were inappropriate.

At first the coats and scarves were said to have been to disguise her pregnancy. Good excuse for that purpose but then why did they continue to show up after she announced her pregnancy.

I think the Lipodissolve injections mentioned on the forms below offer a plausible explanation. Sarah Palin was suffering from a sore abdomen due to the series of Lipodissolve injections she was receiving.

According to my source, who emailed me today, Sarah was scheduled for more injections. The clinician who administered the injections suggested she get the massage to help move things along as well as alleviate some of her pain before she received the next shot.

Sarah had a good quality empathy belly that she proudly showed off in the Gusty photos and a few other occasions when she wasn’t too sore to wear it. Other times she relied on flowing scarves and outer wear to appear pregnant but she failed miserably. Thank goodness for that failure that showed her fakery to those with their eyes open.


First, I apologize for my absence. It was not my intention to be away for so long but I have been ill with Strep Throat. I’m still not back to normal but I am feeling better.

So let’s get to it.

After retrieving the forms from my closet and finding that there wasn’t much redacting needed, I decided to go ahead and scan them.

I will be honest. I have only been online for a few minutes here and there over the past week. The information I am sharing could be old news by now or completely irrelevant due to other events re: the Palins. I haven’t had a chance to read the other blogs and knew if I started on them I would never get this post up today so I decided to write first and catch up on my reading later. I hope I am not singing an old song, so to speak.

Because I am not sure if the information on the scans of the forms will be easy to view, I will share what is written in on each form.

On the SOAP Notes, the client name is Sarah Palin. The date is not noted on this form but the time is 1:15 pm and the length of session is 50 minutes.

S Not able to relax, chronic pain in neck &abs,                                                   

O Pt is stiff, not able to touch toes, tender in abs, indicates not pregnant or urinary tract infection. Did receive stomach injections recently for weight loss.                  

A Firm & gentle pressures – scalenes (not legible to me) very sore.                      

P recommend see doc for ab pain & see Dr. M?????? for chiropractor eval.            

                                                                           Note: 10 min. heat treatment


PATIENT PROGRESS AND TREATMENT RECORDS has the name Palin, Sarah. The date column shows 3/4 with no year noted. Under the day column, the time is 1:16 pm. A “T” beneath the time indicates the day of the week. In 2008, March 4 fell on a Tuesday.

The notes are as follows:

Pt. complained of on going neck pain & ab pain. LPN Mercier recommended massage for stretching & relaxation. Pt very stiff, indicated received lipodissolve a few weeks ago – sore abs. Not relaxed during massage & not respond well to med or firm pressure. Liked heat therapy – 10 mins app. *Part of what follows is not entirely legible to me. I can make out Mercier and another name  followed by (Leeanne’s pt.)


Body Map lists the client as Sarah Palin. The date is blank.

Observations/Recommendations: Not able to relax, sore stomach, sore neck, can not touch toes – indicates not prg – no surgeries in last 3 yrs.

Range of Motion: 80%   Pain Threshold: Low is checked.

Client Preferences: lighter touch – kneading.          

Contraindications: on blood pressure meds – not sure for high/low* 

Indications: Neck shoulder stiff – feels like “whiplash” –

The rest of the line is a bit illegible again. I can read Dr. M????? & LPN Mercier  and under their names it says something that could be cautious w/pt, continue w/pt or something else. I can’t be sure. There are areas circled on the body map. Some areas of the shoulder and neck are noted *very sore. Rectus abdominis is noted tender & told pt to see Doctor. (Doctor underlined for emphasis). There is something written at the bottom. I think I make out FB* & ABS but I can’t make the last part out. If the scans are clear enough, please feel free to take a crack at deciphering anything that I couldn’t.


So there you have it. I have freely shared what I was sent. If Sarah Palin had lipodissolve injections that could explain the pictures with what looks like pads or bandages under her clothes.

Discuss freely and as always please email me if there’s anything you want to share but don’t feel comfortable posting.



Please consider buying a handcrafted ink pen from this site:

I won’t bore you with all the details but my husband and I are going through a difficult time financially and due to a problem with hubby’s insulin delivery pen, he had to purchase a vial and syringes which wiped out our budget for the month. His insurance wouldn’t pay because they had just bought the insulin pen device. Hubby was only able to buy enough insulin to last through tomorrow April 9. His insurance won’t cover a new supply of insulin until April 19. He needs two vials of insulin and syringes to last until his insurance will pay again. The costs is approximately $150.00. If you have need of a nice handmade gift, please consider buying a pen. They would make nice graduation or wedding gifts and the season for those is right around the corner. If you would like to help but don’t want to purchase a pen, there is a donation button at the top right of this page. Thanks for any help and if you are unable to help financially prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated, too.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Babygate – View From Across The Pond

Guest Post by Imogen
I can remember hearing that Sarah Palin had had her baby. US politics do not feature heavily in the UK, except at election time, and Palin had really made an impression over here – largely for her toe-curlingly awful interview with Katy Couric. The nation was frankly open mouthed in disbelief that this woman was running as the vice presidential candidate on the McCain ticket. What was he thinking? Whilst she can put on a polished and assured performance when scripted, this bared all before the watching world. She wasn’t really sure what she was talking about. ‘If he became President, and then died in a plane crash, she would be running the United States!’ someone gasped after ‘that’ interview. It was a truly chilling moment. It couldn’t be allowed to happen. America would not let it happen. Who was she anyway? Odd Behaviour We heard little more about Palin over here, until the affairs gossip and the rumours of the vendetta against the brother-in-law. Alarm bells started to go off, but we all thought she’d disappear into the world of showbiz, after hearing about the ‘reality show’. Probably more suited to that, we thought, charitably. There was the ‘Pray The Gay Away’ unpleasantness, and the shooting of animals for pleasure, which don’t go down well in the UK, so she was not of any particular interest, apart from when that hilarious video of her being interviewed on the turkey farm surfaced. But then, there was the story of the Wild Ride. That is when I started to think we had someone distinctly odd in power over in Alaska. Nick Broomfield It was only when I saw the recent Nick Broomfield documentary that Sarah Palin began to frighten me. What emerged was a portrait of a very disturbed woman, who was in fact quite dangerous. There was something that came across from those who knew her – a sort of shifting of gaze when they spoke about her. An anxiety. A sense that they were worried or troubled by her on some level. There was the Pastor who believed wholeheartedly that she would have absolutely no compunction about launching a nuke, as she believed she was sent by God. That was really chilling. The woman that we saw sketched out in the stories of those she had crossed – the neighbours, the employees, the former friends – was nothing like a warm and caring ‘Mom’, as I understand the word. What emerged was the feeling that she was ruthless, driven, disordered and capable of just about anything to get her own way. While the rest of the US are worrying about finding the best savings account, paying rent and holding onto our jobs, Sarah Palin is planning her next strategic move. She’s no normal Mom. She’s a machine. Baby gate When I began reading about Babygate I was astonished.  Would it really be possible for Palin to fake a pregnancy? How could she do that? What was the story with poor old Bristol, and her boyfriend? Were his stories about how she ignored the children true? I could believe it, yes. Could I really believe her story about the Wild Ride? Well, it came from her own mouth, and was utterly horrifying.  She waited to finish a speech after her waters broke? Didn’t she know that the moment a woman’s waters break there is no protection surrounding the baby any longer, and that she needs to remain in one place, just so that there is less danger of infection? I had been told this as a basic in antenatal class. Once your waters break, get to hospital. But she waited, then got on a plane? Then took an hour long car journey, whilst in labour? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What negligence. She wanted to come across as tough and hardy, but these actions were insanely dangerous to her unborn preterm child. She knew the child was a Downs Syndrome baby, and that it was going to be born prematurely, and yet she boarded a plane? She delayed getting to hospital to finish a speech? This is not normal behaviour, by any measure. After four previous children the likelihood is that her fifth would be born very quickly – almost certainly en route in this situation. Why would she risk that? The question must be asked. I believe she does not share the same maternal feelings as most women, and yet I find this ‘Wild Ride’ story really shocking. It’s almost as if she wanted harm to befall that baby. Welcome Trig! Poor little Trig. What a dear little soul he looks. Imagine being born with Sarah Palin as a Mom. If she is his Mom that is. Looking on this site and reading around the topic of Babygate, I am beginning to have serious doubts about Trig’s parentage. The photos of her non-existent bump are compelling. The timings, and the personal testimonies of Shailey Tripp and the air stewardesses on the plane, who said they saw no evidence of Palin being in labour whatsoever; the secrecy; the strange case of Bristol Palin, the anomalies mount up and up. Will we ever know the truth? I doubt it. The Nick Broomfield documentary left me in no doubt that this woman was a powerful enemy. Those who speak out against Palin tend to regret it. She will have covered her tracks well, like removing those photos from her website. Something is not right with Sarah Palin. And it’s more than her lack of knowledge of foreign affairs.