Sunday, January 30, 2011

Borrowed Babies?


Since the very beginning of Babygate there has always been the question: Did Sarah Palin borrow one or more babies and present them as Trig?

Some find it a very unlikely scenario. What woman would allow someone else to pretend to be the mother of her baby? Especially a tiny, rather fragile baby like the one referred to as Ruffles.

Others believe that a borrowed baby is definitely a possibility. A borrowed baby explains why the baby in the Triggybear pictures looks very different from the baby the Heaths are holding at the hospital.


I am with the latter group. I believe that Sarah did borrow Ruffles. But why would someone allow Sarah Palin to use their infant in such a way?


Possibly a mother strapped for cash would consider such a deal but I really don’t think that is the case.

I think a much more likely explanation is that Sarah’s good friend, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson helped her obtain an infant to play the part of Trig when the real Trig was too sick to be trotted out for photo ops.

Why wouldn’t Sarah just say that Trig was ill?

Because then her reported actions during The Wild Ride would have been called dangerous and stupid. Also, she really wanted to be seen with a precious bundle of joy during that time period to cement her reputation as a pro-life wonder woman in the minds of Christian Evangelicals. The VP nomination was at stake.

So CBJ was called on once again to help Sarah out.

The doctor, who works with sexually abused children, could easily have had access to babies born to her clients who were being put up for adoption. I believe that may be how Sarah obtained Ruffles and why that baby was only seen for a short while. His or her adoption went through.

I really hope Ruffles was adopted because the alternative sends cold chills up my spine.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Baby Shower: Was It Real?


Note: Lost comments have now been restored. I hope everyone enjoys the new comment system.




UPDATE: Identification of some of the people pictured at the shower.



Most readers probably know who Kristan Cole is and how she fits into Sarah’s world. For those unfamiliar, this article has a good overview.

Judy Patrick is a photographer and a good friend of Sarah’s.

Is it a coincidence that she uses crosshairs on the homepage of her website? As a photographer, surely she knows how to use photoshop. I think it’s likely that she was the one who edited the photo with Todd holding the cake.

Kris Perry is another name most readers probably recognize. Here is an article to read for those who want to know more about her.

Dawn Noble, the fourth person in this quartet, is evidently 40 something and lives in Wasilla. I was unable to determine how or if she has a connection to Sarah. Her Facebook reveals Sarah Palin as an interest but little else.

For those wondering about the girl pictured feeding Trig. She is Kristan Cole’s daughter. She was around 16 when the photo was taken.

If anyone has information to share about these people or other Palin related matters, you can email me from the link at the bottom of this post.





I hadn’t really given the baby shower much thought until one of my recent posts elicited several responses about the photo with Todd Palin holding a cake on his lap. The majority seem to agree that something is very wrong with that picture and that most likely it was photoshopped.

Even though I had seen that picture many times, I had never really noticed how odd it is. Why would Todd have the cake on his lap in the first place? That is a huge cake! Then it’s plain to see that Todd isn’t even holding the cake. Wouldn’t the weight of that cake make it slide right off of his lap?

Thanks to a donation from a generous reader, I was able to have photo analysis done on several pictures from my Palin collection. The analysis confirms that the photograph with the cake was indeed altered using photoshop. Unfortunately, the analysis can only confirm that edits were made to the picture but not exactly what those edits were.

However, knowing that picture was indeed altered brings up questions. What do we really know about the event pictured above?

Supposedly on Sunday, May 4, 2008 Sarah Palin was honored with a baby shower. This article makes it sound quite the homey affair.

Sarah Palin's baby shower included a surprise guest: her own baby. He had arrived in the world a month early, so on a sunny May day, Palin, the governor of Alaska, rocked her newborn as her closest friends, sisters, even her obstetrician presented her with a potluck meal, presents and blue-and-white cake.

No mention of Sarah’s daughters. It seems a little odd that neither Bristol, Willow nor Piper are in any of the shower pictures. One of the pictures shows a girl holding the baby being presented as Trig so it obviously wasn’t adults only. I would think that Sarah’s girls would attend but there’s no evidence that they did or didn’t.

Todd’s being there seems strange since most men avoid baby showers. His attire looks too casual for the occasion since the rest of the guests are dressed rather nicely. Could it be that Todd wasn’t really there? Was he photoshopped into the picture along with the cake and if so, why?

Where was the shower held? Was it at Kristan Cole’s home?

Where are the typical baby shower decorations? The streamers and balloons?

Where are the pictures of Sarah opening gifts? Or the gifts piled on a table?

Where are the pictures of the guests eating since there was supposedly a meal served? Or the pictures of the cake and other food on a table? Where are the shower favors?

Where are the pictures of the guests playing shower games and oohing and ahhing over the baby?

Where are the pictures of the guests fawning over Sarah?

Where are the pictures of Sarah and baby with her and Todd’s moms?

Here are some images from real baby showers. They depict warm, inviting gatherings.

At the top of this post are the pictures of Sarah’s baby shower from Kristan Cole’s blog that were supposedly posted on May 5, 2008. Look at them again and compare them to the pictures from real baby showers.

Doesn’t Sarah’s seem fake?  Cold and sterile with pictures that could have been taken at any type of event. Perhaps an open house since Kristan Cole is a real estate agent. Staged for the purpose of convincing people that Sarah and Todd Palin just had a baby with the only thing hinting at an actual baby shower being the photoshopped image with Todd holding a cake.


If anyone has more information about Sarah Palin’s baby shower or anything else related to babygate, please email me.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Oops! He Did It Again…


Read about Todd’s latest sex scandal.

Well, we knew it was coming. The Palins have been too quiet of late. I can already imagine the flood of sympathy and of course, donations, that will come pouring in for poor poor Saaaraaah.

She will be noble and handle Todd’s infidelity with dignity proving how truly worthy she is of being the first woman President. At least, that’s the front that will be presented.

Her fans will believe. The rest of us know better.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Puzzling Picture UPDATE


This update is to clear up a few things that seem to be confusing some readers and add information pertaining to some comments.

  • The picture of Sarah wearing the pink sweater wasn’t taken at Tripp’s 2nd birthday party. It’s just part of a slideshow featuring pictures of Tripp over the past two years. The caption says Sarah and Tripp.
  • The picture with the cake is one from the May 3rd, 2008 baby shower. My reason for putting it in the side by side is to show that it’s possibly the same baby in both pictures.

I also have a couple of more pictures I want to add.

The first addresses a comment by a reader suggesting that the baby in the picture where Sarah is wearing the pink sweater might be the daughter of Alaska State Senator Gretchen Guess. That baby was born in Feb. 2005 and doesn’t resemble the baby Sarah is holding to me.



The next picture is regarding dating the photo by comparing Sarah’s eyeglasses. The picture on the left is from March 8, 2008. The one on the right is from March 29, 2008. The eyeglasses Sarah is wearing in the picture on the right look to be the same as in the picture where she is holding the baby. I have seen pictures where she is wearing those eyeglasses in 2007. Search for Sarah Palin at and you will find several. Obviously, Sarah switches between the various pairs of eyeglasses she owns. Ironically, in the photo on the right Sarah is pictured with a pregnant Willow Olson, who gave birth to her second son on July 20th, 2008. The pictures below are located at which continues to be a valuable source of information.




Please keep the comments and suggestions about the baby pictured below coming. Email me if you would like to share something with me privately. In spite of what the commenter T said, I don’t believe it’s just some random baby. I think there is a good possibility that baby is Ruffles and that Ruffles is a girl.


Recently this picture was brought to my attention.




It is part of a slideshow celebrating Tripp’s 2nd birthday at this website. The caption on the photo says “Sarah and Tripp”.

This baby doesn’t look like Tripp to me. I have looked at many pictures of Tripp over the last few days and can’t find even one where he looks like this.

The person who sent me the link to the slideshow doesn’t think it’s Tripp, either. They also contacted Patrick at Palingates regarding the picture.

Patrick’s reply was that he’s 99% sure that the picture is of Sarah holding Alaska State Senator Donald “Donny” Olson’s daughter. Palingates almost always has the facts but the problem is that Olson has no daughter. He has three sons. Colby, Martin and Donald Jr.

While doing research in an attempt to identify the baby in the photo above, I clicked the photo gallery link on Notice that at one time there were several pictures of Sarah Palin on the page but all of them have been removed. I wonder what’s up with that?

However, upon further research, I found this .pdf. Scroll down a little and there is a picture of Sarah holding Martin Olson. Martin doesn’t look like the baby in the picture above.

Willow Olson’s Twitter  and Facebook accounts show pictures of her two sons.  Donald Jr. is the youngest. He doesn’t look like the baby in the photo, either.

Colby has a Facebook account that rules out any possibility of him being the baby held by Sarah. So who is the baby in Sarah’s arms?

The person who sent me the link suggested that the baby could be an older Ruffles.

Here is a side by side for comparison. I think it is definitely possible that both pictures are of the same baby.





One more thing about the picture on the right. Is the baby wearing a pink sweater? Perhaps Ruffles is or was a girl after all.

Please share your opinions about this picture and if anyone has information about it, please email me.





Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Sarah Palin Another Mommie Dearest?




Mommie Dearest is a well-known book which was also made into a movie about the actress Joan Crawford.

Christina Crawford, one of Joan’s children, claims that she was abused during Joan’s bout with alcoholism. She also claims her mother was more concerned about her motion picture career than the well-being of her four adopted children and that they may have been adopted for the publicity.

The above paragraph could be a description of Sarah Palin with just a few changes in the wording. It might read something like this.

Piper Palin, one of Sarah’s children, claims that she was abused during Sarah’s bout with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. She also claims her mother was more concerned about her political career than the well-being of her four natural children and that she faked a pregnancy and adopted her oldest daughter Bristol’s son Trig, who has Down Syndrome for the publicity.

It has been suggested that Joan Crawford suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder so I decided to do some research to determine if Sarah Palin might also have this disorder. The next paragraph is from a blog written by a child of a woman who has BPD.

My mother was always on a crusade. She will go after someone and keep on going until she has achieved her goal. Whether the crusade was having my 3rd grade teacher fired or the Dean of her university removed, my mother would spend countless hours scheming, planning, and going after their head. She will also occupy her time & thoughts with conspiracy theories: she believes my grandfather was murdered, and she thinks her mother-in-law was poisoned.

Sounds a lot like Sarah to me as does the following passage from another blog.

Christine Lawson in her book, Understanding The Borderline Mother, writes,

" Trust is a major issue between borderlines and their children. Children cannot trust the borderline mother for many reasons: (1) She is manipulative. (2) She distorts the truth and may even blatantly lie. (3) She may physically harm them. (4) She is unpredictable. (5) She overreacts. (6) She is impulsive. (7) She has poor judgment. (8) She has unreliable memory. (9) She is inconsistent. (10) She is intrusive. Like Alice who confided in the Cheshire Cat, children of borderlines may learn to trust a pet more than their own mother." p. 8

We have all seen evidence of Sarah exhibiting all of the above except for number 3. While I have never seen any evidence of Sarah physically abusing any of her children there are plenty of instances where she has been negligent such as endangering them by not making sure they wear seat belts while in moving vehicles.

There are distinct sub-types among people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I think Sarah Palin falls into two of the sub-types; the witch and the queen. You can read more here. The posts on the subject are in reverse order so you will need to go backwards through them to read about the witch and the queen. It’s very interesting and worth the time it takes.

I have said before that Sarah seems to have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Google the terms borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder and you will note there are many similarities between the two and Sarah seems to have characteristics of both.

For her children’s sake I hope she gets help before it’s too late but I have a feeling one day we’ll be reading the tell-all book by one of the Palin kids.



Friday, January 7, 2011

Stay Tuned


I am working on a new post but it is taking some time as it involves a good deal of research. I hope it will be ready by the first of the week if not before.

In the mean time, please contact me if you have info, suggestions or thoughts you would like to share.