Friday, August 30, 2013

Interesting “Conversation” With a Palin Acquaintance


A few weeks ago, I wrote the following in the comment thread of an online article regarding a possible Senate run by Sarah Palin. A rather interesting back and forth exchange began following my comment.

That exchange follows. Any typos inside the quotation marks were made in the original thread.

“By the way, Todd is a pimp. The woman he coerced into prostitution wrote a tell all book. He has never denied it and the Palins haven't sued the woman over the allegations. Their silence speaks volumes.”

A person using the Disqus identity “Kansan” responded.

i find your claim extremely difficult to believe, even though I know that Todd is a douchebag. He and Sarah hooked up in their early twenties. They were high school sweethearts.

Just because someone wrote something in a book, doesn't mean it's true.

I've never heard of it. Can you furnish a citation for a legitimate source?”

I replied.

“You can read a very good history of the story at Malia Litman's blog. The story first appeared in the National Enquirer (yeah, I know but they also broke the John Edwards scandal). The name of the book is Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin - Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal. The Boys Will Be Boys title came from a remark Sarah made when Herman Cain's dalliances became public. There is an interview in which Sarah admits that Shailey Tripp, who worked as a masseuse in Alaska, gave her a massage. I don't know if you are aware of the speculation that Sarah Palin faked the Trig pregnancy but if you are then you probably know that the speculation began as soon as she got the VP nod. The Shailey Tripp story didn't break until January 2011 yet Sarah claims that the rumors about Trig not being her biological child are Shailey Tripp's fault. Shailey said that the massage that Sarah doesn't deny having received from Shailey took place in March 2008 and that Sarah was not pregnant. Shailey has even shared paperwork that was filled out before the massage and Sarah denied pregnancy. I know the whole thing might seem far-fetched but if you examine the whole story of Trig's birth then it becomes evident that something very strange happened. There are verifiable pictures of Sarah during the period she would have been pregnant in which her belly goes from nearly flat to enormous in a short period of time. There are pictures of her looking huge 5 days before the supposed birth of Trig but she was on an Alaska Airlines flight while supposedly in labor but the flight attendants claim that the stage of her pregnancy was anot apparent. You can search Sarah Palin fake pregnancy and if you aren't aware of the whole story about Trig's birth prepare to be shocked.”

“Kansan” responded.

“I've unfortunately known the Palin family, all dirtbags except for Todd's stepmom, for 25 years.
The conspiratorial "fake pregnancy" story is effing ridiculous, on a par with "pulling Building 7" at the WTC and Kenyan-Muslim.
It obscured the real story.
First of all, Bristol's pregnancy was well known even to her peer group (Mat-Su Valley Girls) even those in Anchorage, long before Sarah's selection by McCain. It followed Trig's birth very, very closely. It would have been damn near impossible for her to get pregnant that quickly after delivering.

She delivered full term.
Palin knew early in her pregnancy that her fetus had Down syndrome. She was famously anti-abortion, though, picketing the Palmer hospital since back in the '80s, so she had a dilemma. She would have had to conceal the abortion.
She is also very self-delusional.
Because she was thin, was very conscious of her appearance and purposely wore loose fitting clothes at the time, her pregnancy was not obvious. Many of her staff were taken quite by surprise when she told them of it.
So she did conceal her condition. She had the poor sense, because she's such a narcissist and attention grabber, to schedule a speaking engagement in Dallas very late in her pregnancy.
Her water broke, just hours before her speech, but she went ahead with it anyway. My speculation is that she was unwilling to miss the opportunity to get into the limelight and consciously or unconsciously, she really didn't want to have to raise a developmentally disabled child. Parkside hospital was a short cab ride away.
She was at great risk of having such a child, given her age. She was in her early forties. The chances of a teenager delivering a child with such a condition are extremely low.
Please note that she already had four widely spaced children, the youngest of whom, Piper, must have been around seven around the time of Trig's birth. The extensive care the child required would have hugely distracted from her political ambitions.
I wonder if she wasn't drunk when she got pregnant, or was just suffering from magical thinking about its likelihood.
After the speech, she waited for a plane to Seattle, flew there, had a couple of hours layover, then proceeded on to Anchorage. I can't recall exactly, but the flight must have taken a good 18 hours.
She was met at the airport by her husband. They drove past three good hospitals (Providence-a Presbyterian facility, Alaska Regional though they might not have done non-emergency deliveries, and Alaska Native Medical Center-since her child would have been 1/16th Yup'ik) all the way for her to deliver in a clinic in Wasilla.
No sane mother who was concerned about her baby's health would have done any of that. It is quite extraordinary that he survived despite her intentional or unintentional efforts. Todd was aware of the situation, so he was in effect a conscious party to the process.
The subject of whether or not she was trying to avoid a miscarriage or a live birth was far too controversial even outside the mainstream media to ever receive publication.”

My reply.

“Kansan - Are you saying that you are personally acquainted with the Palin family? If so, then why would you have to guess at Piper's age when Trig was born? Also, though you seem to know the basic story of Sarah's wild ride, (as we who believe she did indeed fake the pregnancy), call her trip from Dallas back to Alaska, you have some of the facts wrong. Todd was with Sarah in Texas so how could he have met her when her plane landed? Speaking of hospitals, Mat-Su Regional was not even certified to handle the birth of twins, much less the premature birth of a Down Syndrome child. I am not saying that Bristol is definitely Trig's mother; just that Sarah isn't.”

“Kansan” answered.

“Yes, I've known them for 25 years. I've never hung out with them.

However I moved from Wasilla the month Bristol was born, four years before Willow and eleven years before Piper was born. Track was a toddler.

I haven't lived in South Central for 21 years.

I was quite familiar with Track and Willow's serious problems with the law, despite my absence.

I owned property in Wasilla and Big Lake until ten years ago and still visit with friends in Wasilla and hear from them every week or so, I'd guess. I intended to go there five weeks ago but had some health problems that kept me at home. I heard from four people in Anchorage yesterday and one today.

I didn't know that Todd was on the plane with Sarah as I'd never seen it mentioned in print. I did know that he drove her to Mat-Su, though.

I've never heard of a clinic that could deliver children that couldn't handle a Down syndrome child and am not aware, if it's true, that Trigg was premature. I don't know why a clinic couldn't handle a child that was at or was close to full term. I just tried to call my sister who is an expert but she's not home nor answering her cell.

What is your source for those assertions?

I've worked in clinics and hospitals. .

I asked you for your source on your claim that Todd was a "pimp." I've never heard of the book nor the author. I'm not going to spend time on research to determine whether or not her account can be trusted but I'm guessing it's probably hogwash.

I couldn't remember what month Trig was born, but guessed it was late March. It was mid-April.

I guessed that Piper was about seven when her little brother was born. I was right.

I knew that Sarah was doing coke probably years before Joe McGinness ever heard of her. My source was in Anchorage where she'd been working but there was a huge amount of coke snorting going on in Wasilla at the time. I knew she had been busted in Dillingham which has never been published.

Your notion that Trig is not Sarah's but may not be Bristol's is really incredibly far fetched. You think Sarah found him under a cabbage leaf?

Women are infertile for at bare minimum three weeks after childbirth though breast feeding can delay that much longer. Bristol delivered Tripp full term, 286 days after Trig was born, less than 41 weeks later. Please do the math and give up this silliness.”

After getting this reply, I did respond to Kansan but he or she offered no further comments. I have searched the thread, which can be found here:

but I have been unable to find my last comment to Kansan. I guess it may have been lost.

Thoughts on the remarks made by “Kansan”? Do they ring true?

I also want to apologize for my long absence. Hubby and I continue to struggle with medical and financial issues. It is almost time for my visit to the UNC Cancer Hospital and we have been trying to raise money for the trip. So far we have been unsuccessful and the appointment on 9-11 may have to be postponed. If anyone is interested, hubby’s pens are still available.

Thanks for any help and I am looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on “Kansan’s” insight regarding Sarah.