Sunday, June 12, 2011

Challenge! Spot All The Different Trigs


I have been looking at the photos of Trig available at Getty Images. I can’t post the pictures from there due to copyright laws but I saw several different babies being presented as Trig.

Here is the link:

The pictures I would like everyone to look at are the ones from the campaign dated from August 29 through October of 2008.

I saw size discrepancies and hair discrepancies on the same day. There are photos of a baby that doesn’t even look  to be a baby with Down Syndrome. There are photos of a baby that appears swollen like the baby in this picture. There is a picture of a baby that could be a doll.

01 Bailey - Trig right


Notice that Bristol is only seen holding the baby in the tan overalls and the baby wearing the dark brown shirt. At least those are all I can find. I believe them to be the same baby based on size. I can’t find a picture showing the face of the baby wearing the tan overalls.

So, I challenge everyone to study those pictures and post a comment stating how many different Trigs you can spot. Please describe the pictures and how the babies differ. If we get a lot of posters pointing out the same babies as being different, I am going to ask Laura Novak and Dr. Brad Scharlott to take a look and perhaps they will ask the opinions of one of their experts.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting your thoughts on the pictures, please email me.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angry Bristol? *Open Thread*


What a week! From the intriguing posts on Laura Novak’s blog to the much anticipated release of Sarah Palin’s emails, there is so much new and old material to review. I have literally spent the better part of the last two days engrossed in reading comments on Ms. Novak’s blog and perusing the emails available online.

This picture of Bristol and Trig, taken during McCain’s announcement of Sarah as his running mate on August 29, 2008, was linked to in the comments on Laura Novak’s blog. It was part of a composite comparison of Trig’s ear.


To me, Bristol seems angry. At who? Willow is seated on Bristol’s right, wearing red. Bristol’s anger appears to be directed at someone standing on the other side of Willow, judging by the angle of her gaze.

And who or what is she pointing at to her left. I don’t know the identity of the person sitting directly to her left but I don’t think she is pointing at that person. It looks like she might be pointing at someone or something to her left but also behind her.

Another thing that strikes me about this photo is her white-knuckled grasp of Trig. A mother’s protective hold?

The Bristol we see today seems far less mature than the Bristol we see in this picture.

Please share your thoughts on what is going on in this picture and if anyone has more info on what was going on when this picture was taken please email me or leave a comment.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is Sarah Palin Another Mommie Dearest? *REPOST*


I had planned another post re-examining some of the pictures of a supposedly pregnant Sarah but decided to repost this in light of this week’s bus tour and Sarah’s treatment of Piper.





Mommie Dearest is a well-known book which was also made into a movie about the actress Joan Crawford.

Christina Crawford, one of Joan’s children, claims that she was abused during Joan’s bout with alcoholism. She also claims her mother was more concerned about her motion picture career than the well-being of her four adopted children and that they may have been adopted for the publicity.

The above paragraph could be a description of Sarah Palin with just a few changes in the wording. It might read something like this.

Piper Palin, one of Sarah’s children, claims that she was abused during Sarah’s bout with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. She also claims her mother was more concerned about her political career than the well-being of her four natural children and that she faked a pregnancy and adopted her oldest daughter Bristol’s son Trig, who has Down Syndrome for the publicity.

It has been suggested that Joan Crawford suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder so I decided to do some research to determine if Sarah Palin might also have this disorder. The next paragraph is from a blog written by a child of a woman who has BPD.

My mother was always on a crusade. She will go after someone and keep on going until she has achieved her goal. Whether the crusade was having my 3rd grade teacher fired or the Dean of her university removed, my mother would spend countless hours scheming, planning, and going after their head. She will also occupy her time & thoughts with conspiracy theories: she believes my grandfather was murdered, and she thinks her mother-in-law was poisoned.

Sounds a lot like Sarah to me as does the following passage from another blog.

Christine Lawson in her book, Understanding The Borderline Mother, writes,

" Trust is a major issue between borderlines and their children. Children cannot trust the borderline mother for many reasons: (1) She is manipulative. (2) She distorts the truth and may even blatantly lie. (3) She may physically harm them. (4) She is unpredictable. (5) She overreacts. (6) She is impulsive. (7) She has poor judgment. (8) She has unreliable memory. (9) She is inconsistent. (10) She is intrusive. Like Alice who confided in the Cheshire Cat, children of borderlines may learn to trust a pet more than their own mother." p. 8

We have all seen evidence of Sarah exhibiting all of the above except for number 3. While I have never seen any evidence of Sarah physically abusing any of her children there are plenty of instances where she has been negligent such as endangering them by not making sure they wear seat belts while in moving vehicles.

There are distinct sub-types among people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I think Sarah Palin falls into two of the sub-types; the witch and the queen. You can read more here. The posts on the subject are in reverse order so you will need to go backwards through them to read about the witch and the queen. It’s very interesting and worth the time it takes.

I have said before that Sarah seems to have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Google the terms borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder and you will note there are many similarities between the two and Sarah seems to have characteristics of both.

For her children’s sake I hope she gets help before it’s too late but I have a feeling one day we’ll be reading the tell-all book by one of the Palin kids.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Re-examining Photos


Today, I begin a series of posts taking another look at some pictures of Sarah Palin while she was supposedly pregnant in 2008.

The first photo I want to look at is this one. You can click to enlarge.


This picture was taken mid-February per the information beneath the photo on Governor Palin’s official website.

Mid-February would put Sarah at 6 months pregnant since she said Trig was due on May 18.

Does the woman pictured show any signs of being 2/3rd’s of the way through a pregnancy?

Note her attire, paying particular attention to her mid-section. Her jacket is so loose that the extra fabric gathers on her lap.There is no evidence of a baby bump. If she were pregnant the roundness of her abdomen would smooth the material out. It would not cause it too hang loosely.

Sarah is wearing boots that obviously have high heels. Impractical for a pregnant woman at best and impossible at the worst. Most women who are six months pregnant would not wear high heel boots, even if they could.

Is this photograph proof that Sarah faked her pregnancy with Trig? No.

Does it raise a heap of suspicion? Yes.