Sunday, June 12, 2011

Challenge! Spot All The Different Trigs


I have been looking at the photos of Trig available at Getty Images. I can’t post the pictures from there due to copyright laws but I saw several different babies being presented as Trig.

Here is the link:

The pictures I would like everyone to look at are the ones from the campaign dated from August 29 through October of 2008.

I saw size discrepancies and hair discrepancies on the same day. There are photos of a baby that doesn’t even look  to be a baby with Down Syndrome. There are photos of a baby that appears swollen like the baby in this picture. There is a picture of a baby that could be a doll.

01 Bailey - Trig right


Notice that Bristol is only seen holding the baby in the tan overalls and the baby wearing the dark brown shirt. At least those are all I can find. I believe them to be the same baby based on size. I can’t find a picture showing the face of the baby wearing the tan overalls.

So, I challenge everyone to study those pictures and post a comment stating how many different Trigs you can spot. Please describe the pictures and how the babies differ. If we get a lot of posters pointing out the same babies as being different, I am going to ask Laura Novak and Dr. Brad Scharlott to take a look and perhaps they will ask the opinions of one of their experts.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting your thoughts on the pictures, please email me.


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