Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Re-examining Photos


Today, I begin a series of posts taking another look at some pictures of Sarah Palin while she was supposedly pregnant in 2008.

The first photo I want to look at is this one. You can click to enlarge.


This picture was taken mid-February per the information beneath the photo on Governor Palin’s official website.

Mid-February would put Sarah at 6 months pregnant since she said Trig was due on May 18.

Does the woman pictured show any signs of being 2/3rd’s of the way through a pregnancy?

Note her attire, paying particular attention to her mid-section. Her jacket is so loose that the extra fabric gathers on her lap.There is no evidence of a baby bump. If she were pregnant the roundness of her abdomen would smooth the material out. It would not cause it too hang loosely.

Sarah is wearing boots that obviously have high heels. Impractical for a pregnant woman at best and impossible at the worst. Most women who are six months pregnant would not wear high heel boots, even if they could.

Is this photograph proof that Sarah faked her pregnancy with Trig? No.

Does it raise a heap of suspicion? Yes.


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