Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture of Sarah Kissing Trig




I ran across this photo I had not seen before on a pro-Palin blog. The blog post itself doesn’t give any information about the picture but in the comments someone asks about it and the blogger answers that she believes it’s from Sarah’s 2009 calendar. US and OK magazines had access to the pics as the clothes match these covers. The picture obviously would have to be from sometime between April and September of ‘08 due to Trig’s size.



The reason that I am curious about this picture is because the right ear doesn’t appear to be ruffled from what I can see when I enlarge the image. If anyone is able to blow the picture up and retain clarity it would be interesting to see if the ear is indeed unruffled. If the photo hasn’t been flipped this might be one of the first pictures of round-eared Trig. If anyone can identify the original source for these photos it would be useful to verify the date which might give us a clue as to when the ruffle-eared baby was replaced.

If anyone has info please e-mail me or leave a comment.


Additional info: It has been brought to my attention that the picture is probably from the baby shower or taken at the same time as Sarah and Trig are wearing the same outfits. However, I am still curious as to whether or not the right ear is really unruffled. I enlarged the picture and I couldn’t see the ruffle. If someone has expertise with photos perhaps you could take a look. Maybe the picture is flipped and the left ear appears to be the right. Is there anyway to make that determination?


Oh, You Beautiful Doll?


I know this has been discussed a bit before but I would like to take another look at the possibility that a doll was used for the earliest pictures of Trig. Notice how similar these pictures seem? His mouth looks exactly the same except for the crease at the corner of his mouth being on the opposite side. I think it’s possible that one of these pictures may have been flipped and the soft material used to create these dolls caused the facial squishing in the first picture.

  trig  vxp5l3

Now take a look at a baby reborn also known as a “fake baby”.Notice the similarities? Clicking the picture of the reborn baby will take you to a website with more pictures of this doll as well as pictures of other reborns. They do look very real and they can be put in different poses and even “suck” pacifiers. Reborns can also have heartbeats, breathing simulators and warm skin with use of a heating device.


So why do I think the earliest version of Trig may have been one of these dolls? It’s just a hunch but it would explain why the first pictures we saw of Trig appear to be of a healthier, more robust baby than the baby in the pictures below and in the baby shower pictures.



But why would Sarah feel the need to use a “fake baby”? One reason might have been that the tiny, ruffle-eared baby was too sickly to present on April 18, 2008. My own personal feelings, though, are that Sarah was trying to keep that ruffled ear from being noticed. That would explain why Mercede’s computer was scrubbed. Does anyone know if the baby shower pictures on Kristan Cole’s website were quickly removed once Sarah was announced for VP?

I’m sure many reading this are wondering if she had a reborn why didn’t she take it to the baby shower? Too many people there to notice the baby wasn’t real. The earliest pictures involve only Sarah, Todd and Sarah’s parents who were all in on the deception. Why wasn’t Sarah concerned about the people at the shower noticing the ruffled ear? They were all friends and as it says in the book “Sarah” by Kaylene Johnson. valley people mind their own business and expect others to do the same.

Were there other times when a “fake baby” may have been substituted for Trig? Possibly. These pictures make me wonder.

palin2 wpalin3

A doll could explain why “Trig” didn’t suffocate in that sling. I guess we’ll never know for sure but it is one more thing to wonder about.






Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Would Trig’s Birth Certificate Be Proof Positive?


thumbnail Lately there have been renewed requests for Sarah Palin to show Trig’s birth certificate. What would that really prove? To me, nothing.

There has been speculation over the past 2 years that the reason Sarah won’t show the birth certificate is because the date of birth won’t be April 18. 2008. I believe that is true. The original birth certificate will show a birth date earlier than that. But does anyone really believe that Sarah doesn’t have another birth certificate with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed?

So why won’t she show the birth certificate? In a word. Ego.

How dare anyone question her word?!

So what would it really take to prove that Sarah Palin is the biological mother of Trig?

The only thing that would convince me would be if a trusted person obtained DNA from Sarah and Trig and had testing done without the parties involved being identified. That would be the only conclusive evidence for me.

So readers, tell me what would it take to convince you that Sarah gave birth to Trig?

Would a birth certificate be enough for you or would you need harder evidence?



Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarah Palin, Get Thee To A Psychiatrist…

 Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. My opinions are based entirely on observing her behavior and the statements she has made in interviews, speeches and books including Going Rogue since she emerged into the national spotlight.

While reading Going Rogue and other sources, several things about Sarah Palin became obvious.

  1. She lacks respect for authority.
  2. She has no qualms about lying.
  3. Nothing is ever her fault.

There are other things, of course, but those are the ones I want to focus on right now.




Sarah’s disrespect for authority began at an early age. While she and her brother were snow machining one Christmas Day they were pulled over by an Alaska State Trooper. She feels that the trooper should have had higher priorities like catching bad guys or carrying some old person’s firewood in for them. I’m sure the trooper was only concerned for her and her brother’s safety.

She also mentions that at the time when she was running for Wasilla City Council, Wasilla had no police department. Alaska State Troopers patrolled the area but said Wasilla had better grow up because they were big enough to support their own police department.

It seems to me that Sarah has a deep-seated dislike, if not hatred, for Alaska State Troopers.

Did this contribute to Troopergate? Maybe Sarah wanted to get back at one of “them”.

There is a very detailed report here about Troopergate. The references are quite interesting to read, especially number 21.





While she was in high school, Sarah played basketball and she was also in band. The band was required to play for the boys basketball games which were right after the girls games. Sarah disliked this, so her dad, Chuck Heath, who was one of the coaches would tape Sarah’s fingers up. Then she would tell the band conductor that she would need to be excused due to sprained fingers. This was not a one time thing. She made a habit of it.

Lying seems to be second nature to Sarah, perhaps even pathological. I found this little nugget on the blog Wasilla, Alaska, by 300… Sarah lies about crossing the street. Pathological liars often lie about inconsequential things. Listed in the traits of a pathological liar is exaggerating and stories always changing. Sounds like Sarah to a tee.

Sarah speaks of her father as being very strict and having high expectations of all his children. If this is true why would he aid Sarah in lying to get out of doing something she didn’t like?  Lying is not a character trait that a good father should encourage.

I wonder how many times he has helped her with her lies since high school?


Don’t Blame Me!



Going Rogue is so full of examples of things that were not Sarah’s fault that there is no way I can mention all of them here. Don’t Blame Me should have been the title.

Basically, everything that went wrong while she was running for VP was someone else’s fault.

She claims she was thoroughly vetted.

That neither she nor any of her family wanted the fancy clothes.

Bristol’s pregnancy, which she claims was known to the McCain staff even before they chose her, was announced without her knowledge. After the announcement was made she was shown a statement that would be released as coming from her. She edited the statement but they released the original version.

Katy Couric was suffering from low self-esteem and needed to interview Sarah to feel better. Sarah gave wonderful answers to the questions Katie asked but CBS edited all the good parts out. Katie was condescending and that’s why Sarah didn’t name the newspapers and magazines she reads. Not because she couldn’t name any but because she was annoyed at Katie.

I could go on and on but you get the picture.





In my opinion, Sarah suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder and is a pathological liar. She has many, if not all of the symptoms of both. It’s obvious that she fancies herself to be above others; a leader spewing her proclamations to her adoring fans through Facebook and Twitter.

Sarah, do yourself, your family and the whole country a favor. GET SOME HELP!!!



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Did Bristol Palin Fake The Tripp Pregnancy?


Doubts seem to linger that Bristol Palin was really pregnant in the fall of 2008. Palin Deception of which I was a regular reader and still use for reference did a very detailed post on this subject.

I must admit when I first heard the news that Bristol was pregnant, I thought no way. Much too convenient that she is 5 months pregnant thus proving she couldn’t have given birth on April 18, 2008. I kept expecting the announcement of a miscarriage but it never came.

The birth was announced in a strange way, though. The news came from a relative in another state who reportedly received word via an e-mail. Different dates for the birth were reported. Then there was the prolonged absence of any photographic evidence that the baby had actually been born when stated. Tripp Johnston wasn’t seen publicly until the February 18, 2009  interview with Greta Van Susteren.

So what do I think all this means? Bristol faked the pregnancy? No.

I do believe Bristol was indeed pregnant, just not 5 months pregnant, in September 2008.

Think about it. Rumors were swirling that Bristol was Trig’s mother, not Sarah. What better way to dispel that notion than to announce that Bristol was 5 months pregnant? Just pregnant enough that she couldn’t have given birth on April 18, 2008.

There has been a lot of speculation about these pictures from September 3, 2008.

bristolrnc1764649 lopsided

There is obvious padding of the chest region. Some think that Bristol was lactating and the pads were to prevent leakage. My thoughts are that the padding was to make her appear more pregnant than she was at that time. After all the talk about how Sarah didn’t appear pregnant earlier in the year, they wanted to emphasize Bristol’s condition.

So where is all this leading?

My thoughts are that Bristol gave birth to the first baby known as Trig probably in late February which corresponds with the missing pages of Sarah’s travel schedule. The first few days were touch and go plus Sarah was waiting to see if McCain got the nod before announcing her pregnancy. When McCain sealed the nomination the fake pregnancy was a go and the rest is history.

Bristol decided that she would try to get pregnant again after her ruffled ear baby was replaced. In Going Rogue, Sarah says that Bristol was a little mother. That she was always wanting to babysit, very nurturing and that she wanted Sarah to rent her a baby for her 8th birthday. Bristol was probably heartbroken when her first born was taken from her. I would bet that Bristol had planned to name that first baby Tripp but Sarah had a different name in mind.

She probably became pregnant again in late May. Although, I firmly believe that the ruffled ear baby was born much earlier than April 18, 2008, even if that birth date is correct, Bristol could still have gotten pregnant again in late May. Click here to visit a page where women are discussing how soon they got pregnant after giving birth. If she did get pregnant in late May, she would have been 3 months pregnant when it was announced on September 1, 2008.

Click here to see Halle Berry when she was 3 months pregnant.

Halle’s dress is loose but you can see her baby bump. The dress Bristol was wearing in the pictures above was plainly too tight. I think it was deliberately chosen to make Bristol look bigger than she really was.

Tripp could have born at the end of January 2009 or prematurely in late December 2008. Here is a link to some risk factors for preterm labor and birth.A previous pre-term delivery which I believe Bristol had is listed.

If Tripp was born prematurely that could explain why he wasn’t seen until February. A premature infant would not have helped quash the rumors that Bristol was the real mother of Trig. It would only have added fuel to the fire.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are There Really Two Trig Palins?


The short answer is no. A true legal identity belongs to only one human being. However, I have a more relevant question.

Does Trig Palin Really Exist?

Of course he does, some will say. But not so fast… Let’s look a little closer.

  • No birth certificate has been seen verifying the existence of Trig Palin
  • The source(s) that would have us believe there is a Trig Palin (The Palins, The Heaths, etc.) have been known to lie before.
  • Unusual circumstances surrounded the supposed birth of the child presented as Trig Palin.
  • At least two different children have been presented as Trig Palin as proven by this picture. Click on the picture for more information.

Thus we can not conclude that the child being called Trig Palin, is indeed, legally Trig Palin; only that he is known by that name.

Given the information above, what follows is my theory about the babies used by Sarah Palin.

Bristol’s Heartbreak


In the fall of 2007, Bristol Palin discovered she was pregnant. She tried to hide it for awhile but eventually had to tell her mother. Sarah was very angry at Bristol. This could potentially ruin Sarah’s political future. After debating all the options, it was decided that Bristol would go away for awhile while Sarah and Todd decided how to handle the situation.

Bristol was sent to live with her Aunt Heather in Anchorage after Christmas. She attended school there for a few weeks, hiding her condition under heavy winter clothing. Then suddenly Bristol went into premature labor and delivered a tiny,sickly baby boy who apparently had Down Syndrome.

Sarah and Todd had been making plans for the baby to be adopted out but the baby’s condition now made an adoption unlikely. Then a thought came to Sarah. She knew she was being considered as a possible running mate for John McCain. The fact that Bristol’s baby, had Down Syndrome was something she might be able to use. Since most Down Syndrome babies are aborted when the condition is revealed through pre-natal testing, Sarah would look like a saint for choosing life. She and Todd decided that if John McCain won the GOP nomination, Sarah would announce that she was pregnant and they would raise their daughter’s baby as their own.

McCain clinched the nomination on March 4, 2008. The next day Sarah Palin announced her pregnancy and that she was due in mid-May. Everyone was shocked since she didn’t look pregnant. She began stuffing pillows beneath her clothes. There, that’s better.

It was decided they would wait until after the pretend birth of the baby to announce that the boy had Down Syndrome. Sarah was scheduled  to give a speech at the RGA Oil and Gas Conference in Texas on April 17 and was worried her address might be cancelled if it were known her unborn baby had health issues. She needed to be at the conference to keep her name at the forefront of possible VP candidates.

In the meantime, Bristol’s son was growing stronger. He was nearly the size of a full term infant now and was ready to be released from the hospital where he had been since birth. Bristol was anxious to return home, as well. Sarah and Todd would be leaving for the conference soon so they met with Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson who had agreed to help them with the roll-out of the baby.

CBJ as the Palins called her made an excellent suggestion. Sarah should pretend to go into labor while in Texas. It would be a win-win situation all around. They would avoid the scrutiny of the Alaska media and that of relatives and friends. Sarah wouldn’t have to continue the farce of being pregnant and Bristol and the baby could come home.

Sarah delivered her speech just after 12pm on April 17, 2008. She rushed off stage as soon as she finished speaking. Her hurry to leave before the program was over sparked speculation that she was in labor which, of course, was the intent. She and Todd then made the long flight back to Alaska.

When Sarah and Todd landed in Anchorage they drove straight to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center and Sarah was admitted. Instructions were given to the staff to not enter Governor Palin’s room. Early the next morning Bristol’s son was spirited into the hospital and the birth of Trig Paxson Van Palin was announced. Sarah told reporters the remarkable tale that later came to be known as The Wild Ride. The Palins took their new addition home from the hospital the following day.

All was perfect in the Palin universe . Sarah took Trig to the office with her. Friends gave her baby showers where guests took turns holding Trig. Everyone loved the tiny baby. But then a problem arose. It was discovered that Trig had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome not Down Syndrome as the Palins had announced. The helix malformation of his right ear lead doctors to the correct diagnosis.

There was no way Sarah could continue to be the mother of that baby. She would be thought to be a drunk. Besides she really needed a Down Syndrome baby to make the statement, I chose life for this baby even though I knew through early testing that he would be born with Down Syndrome. There would be zero chance of her being chosen as McCain’s VP pick if word of the baby’s true affliction became public. Something had to be done to rectify the situation.

Sarah and Todd once again consulted with Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson to see if they could come up with a plan.CBJ told them they might be able to acquire a Down Syndrome infant and offered her help with finding one.

They were in luck. An infant was available. Photos were sent. The baby boy was chubby cheeked and had dark hair. He could definitely pass muster as a Palin so the arrangements were made to acquire the replacement Trig. They just had to figure out what to do with Bristol’s baby. Fortuitously, a bill that Sarah as Governor had earlier in the year signed into law provided the answer.

The baby formerly known as Trig was surrendered under The Safe Haven Law by a Palin acquaintance. The new Trig was accepted into the family and life continued as usual for all the Palin family except Bristol.


Bristol’s Revenge

Bristol had never been happy about letting her parents raise her son. She loved the baby that she hadn’t even been allowed to name. So Bristol set about getting pregnant again and she vowed this time no one would take her baby from her.

When she told Todd and Sarah that she was pregnant again they were livid. How could she make that mistake again? Bristol told them it was no mistake. Ironically, her decision to have another baby was used a few months later as proof that Sarah was Trig’s mother. Sarah always seems to luck out when she’s in sticky situations.

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born in late December of 2008. There remains some confusion as to the exact date as confusing information seems to be the norm regarding all things Palin.

After an engagement, messy break-up, custody battle and all around weird relationship, things seem to have come full circle for Bristol and her baby’s father, Levi Johnston. They recently announced they plan to wed. Sarah Palin has denied the rumors that she won’t attend the wedding.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of As The Palins World Turns.


The above is only my theory on the question of whether or not there is more than one Trig Palin. I do not represent this to be a true factual account of actual events.



Monday, July 19, 2010

Update: Does Sarah’s Story Hold Water?


Just one more thing, Sarah…

All through the pregnancy, you wanted to keep it private. From not wanting to purchase a pregnancy test in Alaska, to sneaking in by a back door and using your maiden name at the geneticist, to keeping the pregnancy secret even from your kids until you were 7 months along. Your actions were consistent in regards to keeping it quiet. So why on earth, Sarah, would you risk giving birth on an airplane loaded with strangers? Up there high in the sky, all eyes on you, no way to escape. You would be the center of attention. A very personal, private thing would become embarrassingly public. Yet you had no qualms with taking that chance. Doesn't add up, Sarah. Doesn't add up.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Does Sarah’s Story Hold Water?


  In this post, I retell in my own words, Sarah Palin’s account of  her pregnancy with and the birth of Trig Palin from the book Going Rogue. While the wording is changed the events remain the same. I will be examining and commenting on Sarah’s account to determine if her story holds water. Remarks in brown are my own thoughts and questions.


According To Sarah

  In the fall of 2007 Sarah Palin noticed some familiar symptoms like being more nauseated than usual by the smell of cigarette smoke. At first she ignored the symptoms but after a few weeks she had suspicions about their cause.

  Sarah couldn’t just go out and buy a home pregnancy test. She was too well known as the Governor of Alaska. Cashiers and other people in the store would know. The news would be all over the headlines and Sarah wanted to keep it private at least for awhile.

Okay, Sarah you didn’t want anyone to see you buying a pregnancy test. Why not schedule an appointment with a doctor? Doctors do still administer pregnancy tests even in this age of home testing. Duh!!!

   The opportunity she had been waiting for arose when she flew to New Orleans to deliver a speech at an oil and gas conference. She had her security personnel stop by a pharmacy. She went back to the hotel before her speech and used the pregnancy test. It was positive.She prayed as thoughts went through her mind about the ramifications of this pregnancy.  Her constituents might think she couldn’t handle running the state and a pregnancy. For a fleeting moment she thought I'm out of town. No one knows I'm pregnant. No one would ever have to know.

  Understanding of why some women choose to make the problem go away when faced with a difficult situation dawned on her. It was sad that education and career were valued more by society than bringing a new life into the world. Though the timing could have been better that wasn’t the baby’s fault. She was thankful for the right to life groups that advocate for the unborn.

  Sarah didn’t want to break the news to Todd over the telephone. However, when she returned home he was away. Due to both of their busy schedules, they kept missing each other, so it was a few weeks before they were in the same room and she told him she was pregnant. Todd was thrilled.

So Todd was away when you got home, Sarah,  but when he got back you kept missing each other. Couldn’t you have scheduled time with him to give him such important news or was there some reason you didn’t want him to know right away?

  They kept the news to themselves. They had always kept their pregnancies private since most all other aspects of their lives were constantly in the public eye. It was a special time. A joyous secret between husband and wife.

  When Sarah was 12 weeks along she paid a visit to her doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson who informed Sarah that due to her age, 43, there was about a 1 in 80 chance of the baby having Down Syndrome.

Shouldn’t you have seen a doctor before then, Sarah.  How did you know exactly how far along you were? For someone with a history of miscarriages, the first trimester can be a dangerous period. In any case it’s recommended to schedule an appointment with a doctor soon after getting a positive home pregnancy test result to make sure everything is okay, get prenatal vitamins, etc. Of course, you probably had some vitamins around the house from your last pregnancy and just took them. They were only about 7 years old. They were probably still safe to use.

  Sarah wasn’t worried. She was healthy, all of her children were healthy but CBJ  as the Palin’s called the doctor wanted Sarah to have an ultrasound.

  Across the hall, the technician, a jovial older lady prepped Sarah and performed the test. They joked with each other as the wand traveled across Sarah’s abdomen.

  When the technician grew a bit quieter, Sarah flashed back to an earlier ultrasound when she had learned she had suffered a miscarriage.

  Then the technician grinned and told Sarah that she saw boy parts and asked if that would be good.

  Sarah told the woman that would be perfect and thought how wonderful God is and how he knew best.

  Still the woman kept passing the transducer over Sarah’s belly. It seemed to be taking a long time. Finally the technician said she wasn’t sure the baby was a boy. It might be a girl.

  It was taking so long Sarah no longer cared if the baby was a boy or a girl. A healthy girl would be wonderful. She just wanted the technician to tell her everything was fine.

  Then the woman said the baby’s neck was a little thicker than normal.

  Sarah first thought about how amazing it was that they could measure the neck at only 12 weeks along. Then she remembered that she had heard somewhere that a thick neck was a sign of Down Syndrome. She knew a moment of fear but then was comforted by the thought that God wouldn’t give her anything she couldn’t  handle. And she didn’t think she could handle that.

  She was busy. Always on the go. She always talked about how lucky she was that all her kids were healthy, self-sufficient overachievers. She had a difficult job and other children who needed her. She couldn’t fathom how she could add a special- needs baby to the mix and make it all work.

Although, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the Internet about the behavior of your children, Sarah,  I have seen no evidence of overachieving at least not in the common definition of the term.  But I’m sure you’re proud of them, anyway.

  Unless God knows me better than I know myself she thought, He won’t send me a special-needs baby.

  The next day Sarah received a call from CBJ. The ultrasound pictures combined with her age meant there was a 1 in 12 chance the baby would be born with Down Syndrome. Well, she thought, that means there’s still a 90 percent chance everything will be okay.

  CBJ wanted Sarah to see a doctor in Anchorage. A geneticist. She also offered an amniocentesis

  Sarah had always refused amnios before since she was positive she would never have an abortion. This time she decided to have the test. She needed to know so she could prepare.

So you wanted the amnio for information.  That doesn’t explain why the test was performed at 12 weeks instead of the 15-20 weeks that is usual, Sarah. Having amniocentesis  earlier than 15 weeks carries a greater risk of miscarriage. Seems this would be contraindicated for someone with a prior history of miscarriage. Did CBJ really suggest it or did you request it?

  Sarah visited the geneticist alone since Todd was out of town the day of the appointment. She entered the office through the back door and used her maiden name. Sarah was very scared. Three days later CBJ  called Sarah at her office in Anchorage. It was 2:22pm. The time was still stuck in her head.

So Todd wouldn’t reschedule whatever else he had planned to be with you at such a time. Nothing should be more important than that, Sarah. Unless you didn’t tell Todd that the baby might have Down Syndrome. I guess you used your maiden name so some lab technician wouldn’t spill the beans about your pregnancy but why did you use the back door? That would look more suspicious if someone spotted you than entering the office the usual way. You could have been at the geneticist office on state business.

  The amnio results were in and CBJ wanted Sarah to come to her office.

   But Sarah wanted the results over the phone. Maybe if I am strong, she thought, God will reward me with good news.

  CBJ was reluctant and tried to convince Sarah to come to her office.

  Again Sarah refused. She was busy. Whatever the results were it would be okay. Just tell me, she told CBJ.

  The doctor then told Sarah the baby would be born with Down Syndrome. Sarah told CBJ she was coming to Wasilla and hung up the phone.

So, Sarah, you’re in your office in Anchorage and you get the call from CBJ. You want to hear the results over the phone. Most women wouldn’t want to be alone but okay. You’re hoping for good news but what if the news is bad? Aren’t you worried that someone might enter the office and see how upset you are. It would be hard to hide your feelings after getting such news. Wouldn’t leaving suddenly, seeming upset,  after receiving a phone call set tongues wagging more than leaving to get the results in person while you still had hopes that things were okay?

  Sarah was shocked. How could God do this. Her sister had a special-needs kid. Wasn’t one in the family enough. She gritted her teeth all the way to Wasilla refusing to cry.

  Her seeming lack of emotion at difficult times bewildered her family and friends. Bristol, her eldest daughter once asked her why she didn’t ever cry.

  Sarah didn’t tell Bristol but she did choke up over lots of things. She just kept it inside. Even when her heart was breaking she didn’t want to appear weak. Maybe it was the way she was brought up. Hunting and fishing with the boys and playing basketball. Her eyes stayed dry as she sped toward Wasilla with her mind racing.

Could it be that you’re trying to justify your lack of emotion at receiving bad news, Sarah?

  Maybe it’s a mistake. Maybe the results got switched with someone else’s. Maybe the test is wrong. Are you listening, God?

  But it wasn’t a mistake. When she got to the office, CBJ showed her the pictures. There was an extra copy of chromosome 21.

  CBJ told Sarah it was a boy. Sarah thanked God for that. It gave her a warm feeling. The doctor left the room and returned with a pamphlet for parents expecting a Down Syndrome child. Sarah didn’t open it.

  Sarah wasn’t ready. She wasn’t the one to handle this. Her sisters were. She didn’t know if she had the love and compassion needed to raise a child that society would view as less than perfect. She wondered if she should be ashamed for thinking such things.

Yes, you should, Sarah. But I suspect you have many more things of which to be ashamed.

  Sarah read that nearly 90 percent of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted. Didn’t that mean that this situation would be nearly impossible to deal with? That thought came to her mind again, not as something she would consider but she understood why people would take the easy way out and get rid of the problem. But again she had to hold on to her faith.

  Todd finally got home a few days later. He was on the bed still wearing his winter coat when Sarah handed him the pictures and she finally broke down.

Why didn’t you call Todd and ask him to please come home right away, Sarah. It must have been hard to keep up a brave front in the house alone with the kids and no one to confide in. What a difficult time that must have been for you.

Between sobs, she told him it was definitely a boy.

  He looked up at her with tears in his eyes and told her that was great and that God knew what he was doing.

  Sarah stood beside the bed and blurted out the news that the baby had Down Syndrome.

  Todd was quiet. He just flipped through the pictures over and over as if he were searching for answers.

  Finally, Sarah sat down beside him. He didn’t react so she asked him what he thought.

  He asked if they were sure and how they knew.

  She told him they were sure because there was an extra chromosome.

  Todd put the pictures aside. He looked at Sarah and told her he was happy and sad.

  Sarah thought it was perfect the way he put it because that’s the way it was and she felt the same way.

  Todd said it would be okay.

  Sarah asked him if he wondered why them like she did.

  Todd seemed surprised by the question and asked why not them.

  From then on Todd never seemed to worry about it. He often wondered aloud about what kind of things the coming child would be interested in.

  He would ask people with special-needs children what their kid liked to do and if they played sports.

  Todd was more optimistic and accepting of the situation than Sarah who was still struggling to come to terms with the reality. They didn’t share the pregnancy with anyone. Not even their children.

  Sarah wasn’t ready to deal with this yet or answer questions. She had always faced challenges head-on but this was different so she stayed silent.

  She began writing a letter to family and friends explaining not only the challenges but the joy this baby would bring to their lives.

  Sarah wrote the letter in the voice of the baby’s Creator. She thought the letter was the best way to share the news with family and friends not knowing it would be used by a hostile journalist during the Vice Presidential campaign to mock her family and Christianity by saying that she was so self-absorbed that she wrote a letter as if she were speaking for God.

Well, wasn’t that just a little egotistical. Sarah?

  Soon Sarah was 7 months along. She hadn’t gained much weight and by wearing winter clothes and cleverly draped scarves she was able to hide the pregnancy. No one saw how big she was or suspected she was expecting. But a blazer was getting tight and Willow, her 2nd oldest daughter remarked that she was porking up.

  Sarah shushed her and said pass the Häagen-Dazs. Chocolate, with peanut butter.

Weren’t you worried about not gaining enough weight, Sarah? Especially knowing you were carrying a special-needs baby. That would have sent most women running to the doctor. Were you trying to keep from gaining weight?

  She hadn’t finished the letter but she and Todd decided to share the news that she was pregnant with family and a few close friends. Their kids were ecstatic.

Strange that no one guessed you were pregnant, Sarah. Willow said you were porking up but why didn’t she notice the weight gain was only in a certain area? All those over-achieving kids never guessed their Mom was pregnant? You were small and pregnancy usually shows sooner and bigger on smaller women. I guess you’re just abnormal, Sarah.

  Soon after the Palin’s decided to make their news public. Sarah invited 3 reporters to come over. She could have just made a matter of fact announcement but decided to play a little game.

  First she told them the first family was expanding.

  No reaction.

  She decided to put it another way.

  She asked the reporters if they remembered her promise to deliver for Alaska.

  They still didn’t have a clue but they readied their pens and notebooks for the big scoop that was obviously coming.

  Finally, Sarah decided to can the jokes and just blurt out the news.

  She told them she was pregnant and due in two months.

  Three chins dropped and three pairs of astonished eyes gazed at Sarah’s mid-section. She laughed as the three reporters pulled out their phones. Sarah waved goodbye and left the room. Within ten minutes Sarah’s announcement was all over the news.

Of course they were surprised and shocked, Sarah, because you didn’t look pregnant. If your children, living in the same house with you didn’t guess why on earth would those reporters suspect anything.

  Todd and Sarah checked into a Dallas hotel the following month. Sarah was scheduled to speak at another oil and gas conference the next day. She was due in 5 weeks but the pregnancy was progressing well. However, the next morning a strange sensation in her lower stomach awoke Sarah at 4am. She sat straight up in the bed.

  No, she thought. It’s too soon. A few minutes later she shook Todd awake and told him something was happening.

  He sat up in bed, wide awake. He said he was calling CBJ.

  Sarah told him not to since it was 1am in Alaska.

Doctors get calls at all times of the day and night, Sarah. But you are admirable for not wanting to disturb CBJ over something so trivial as possibly going into premature labor while carrying a Down Syndrome baby.

  She didn’t want to call anyone right then. She wanted to wait a bit and see if the baby was really on the way. She also wanted to pray and asked God silently but with great emotion to please let it all be okay. Sarah was fraught with despair for the baby. Please keep this baby safe. She realized, despite all her doubts and fears during this pregnancy, how much she loved her baby. God, please protect the baby. It would be such a tragedy to lose the baby now. God knew what He was doing.

  Despite Sarah’s objections, Todd called CBJ. Sarah told the doctor that she felt fine. She absolutely didn’t want to cancel her speech and let people down. They agreed she would take it easy, make her speech and then catch an earlier flight back to Alaska. There was plenty of time. 

Oh, Sarah, poor Sarah. You’re so concerned about the safety of your baby. You don’t want to lose him. So what do you do? Go to one of the nearby state-of-the-art medical centers in Dallas with NICU facilities. Nope, you stay in your hotel room and rest up before your speech. Excellent decision! By the way, you left out the part about leaking amniotic fluid. You did say it was leaking, right? That was really dangerous for you and the baby. You are one remarkably brave woman!

  Later that afternoon Sarah delivered her speech and received a standing ovation. She handed the microphone to her co-host Governor Rick Perry of Texas and left the stage.

  Rick Perry chuckled over the sound system. “Hey, we're not finished with the program!”

  “I know you're pregnant,” Rick said, joking into the microphone. “But don't tell me you're going off to have the baby right now!”

  The audience laughed as Sarah smiled and waved goodbye. Little did they know, she thought.

  Sarah met Todd at the exit. He said that even though he loved the state they couldn’t have a fish picker born in Texas. They had a quite, relatively peaceful flight home.

It was wonderful of you to skip the rest of that conference, Sarah. That was really putting your unborn baby first. Your actions were extraordinary! Flying all the way back to Alaska. 8 hours in the air with a 2 hour layover and if that wasn’t enough after landing in Anchorage you traveled by car to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center bypassing Providence Hospital with a neonatal intensive care unit. Down Syndrome babies often need special care at birth but you knew that your baby was tough even though he was coming 5 weeks early. He didn’t need a hospital specially equipped to care for premature babies.

  Many hours and two flights later with Todd and their daughters nearby Sarah delivered Trig Paxson Van Palin. She was overwhelmed with love when the nurse placed the baby in her arms and she knew God had answered her prayers.

  Sarah was glad God had let Trig join them early. They were so anxious to see him. Sarah hadn’t known how Trig would look or how she would feel but when she saw the baby she felt true joy. God had made Trig perfect even though he was different.

What woman in her right mind is happy to have their baby early. Okay, Sarah. The jig is up. Time to tell the truth. Either you were never pregnant with Trig Paxson Van Palin or you tried everything in your power to kill that kid. Now which was it?


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Presenting Trig Paxson Van Palin


  By now most people who read blogs about Sarah Palin are well acquainted with what has come to be known as The Wild Ride. Her supporters are convinced it really did happen just the way she said. The problem with that is she is always changing the details of the events that supposedly occurred on April 17th, 2008. Once an event happens the details do not change later. A transcript can be read at and heard in Sarah's own words here.

  As a woman who experienced premature rupture of membranes or in layman’s terms  “water breaking”, Sarah Palin’s actions are incomprehensible to me. My OB/GYN told me in no uncertain terms about the high probability of infection which is dangerous not only for the baby but the mother as well when the amniotic sac ruptures. When it happened to me I knew I had to go to the hospital right away. Even though I followed my doctor’s instructions to the letter my baby was born with Pneumonia. I do not believe that Sarah Palin herself had not received the same instructions from her doctor(s) during her multiple pregnancies.

   So why didn’t Sarah do what pregnant women are supposed to do when their water breaks? I find it hard to believe that even Sarah would place more importance on giving a speech – even a speech that might seal her selection as running mate for the GOP Presidential nominee – above the health of her special needs unborn child and her own health. Why didn’t Todd insist Sarah go to the hospital to be on the safe side? I’m sure he must have been aware of the dangers of ruptured membranes after going through six previous pregnancies with Sarah. Sarah’s amniotic fluid began leaking hours before her speech was scheduled. There was plenty of time for a trip to one of the nearby hospitals and if all was well return to deliver her grand oration.

  Was the tale of the wild ride just a lie to make a truly pregnant Sarah seem like a tough cookie who can handle anything that comes her way? It’s possible but doesn’t explain the changes in the size of Sarah’s abdomen from day to day or why many people – even the stewardesses on the airplane that the wild ride supposedly occurred on – didn’t notice how very pregnant Sarah was. How could a pregnancy this advanced escape notice?


  Here’s one theory about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy or I should say non-pregnancy in 2008.

Note: This is ONLY a theory and in this theory there is only one baby. I will do a theory about the possibility of there being two babies at a later date.

  Bristol Palin, Sarah’s teenage daughter informed her mother that she was pregnant in the fall of 2007. Sarah knew that she was being considered as a possible running mate for John McCain so Bristol’s pregnancy presented a problem. Sarah’s main appeal was to Christian Evangelicals, the far right of the GOP,‘who might not think so highly of Sarah if they knew she was the mother of an unwed pregnant teen. Bristol couldn’t have an abortion because that would be even more damning than a pregnancy if it were discovered. It was quite a predicament in which Sarah found herself. Then a solution came to her. She would stage a deception similar to one used by Bree Hodge in a recent plotline on the popular ABC television series Desperate Housewives.

The Cunning Plan

  The first thing Sarah did was move Bristol out of Wasilla before her pregnancy became too noticeable. Bristol transferred from Wasilla High School after Christmas 2007 to West High School in Anchorage. Sarah thought Bristol wouldn’t be recognized as easily in the larger city. Bristol was soon out of school altogether because her baby boy was born prematurely with either Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Down Syndrome. Sarah waited before beginning her pregnancy charade to see if the baby survived and more importantly  to see if McCain sealed the GOP nomination.

  Then came March 4, 2008. On that day John McCain indeed clinched the GOP Presidential nomination and the very next day Governor Palin made a shocking announcement. She was seven months pregnant. Of course she really wasn’t. It was all part of her plan that was about to swing into high gear.

  Sarah wanted an empathy belly but while she waited to obtain one she improvised with what ever was handy such as a square pillow (top picture) or some kind of pad (bottom picture) and she planned the final steps of her charade.



  Bristol’s son was getting stronger every day. By early April the Palin family knew the new addition would soon be able to come home. Sarah wouldn’t need to play the part of pregnant woman much longer. She was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at an energy conference of the Republican Governors Association in Texas on April 17th. What better time for the baby to make his debut?

  While Sarah and Todd were far from home and the prying eyes of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, Bristol’s infant was readied for the move from his secret location to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer. Sarah gave her speech then left in a hurry generating speculation that she was in labor. She and Todd then flew back to Alaska. Sarah didn’t wear the empathy belly on board the airplane; just some padding as she didn’t want to appear hugely pregnant for fear the airline might question if it was safe for her to fly. Everything went well. They arrived back in Alaska very late and drove straight to the hospital where Sarah was placed in a room to wait for the baby’s arrival. Hospital staff were asked to respect the Palin’s privacy and not enter Governor Palin’s room. Early the next morning Bristol’s son was smuggled into Sarah’s room and the birth was announced. Sarah’s parents helped with the presentation of the baby holding him for a photo.

Three days later Sarah went back to her demanding job as Governor of Alaska looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. Soon this announcement would go out.

Presenting Trig Paxson Van Palin


  The above is a theory I wrote detailing one way that Sarah Palin and accomplices could have pulled off the hoax of the century. I invite readers to speculate and suggest other scenarios. I may write about them or ask someone to author a guest post if they are willing. Please feel free to e-mail me with ideas or questions. Any topic related to Sarah Palin is welcome here.