Monday, July 19, 2010

Update: Does Sarah’s Story Hold Water?


Just one more thing, Sarah…

All through the pregnancy, you wanted to keep it private. From not wanting to purchase a pregnancy test in Alaska, to sneaking in by a back door and using your maiden name at the geneticist, to keeping the pregnancy secret even from your kids until you were 7 months along. Your actions were consistent in regards to keeping it quiet. So why on earth, Sarah, would you risk giving birth on an airplane loaded with strangers? Up there high in the sky, all eyes on you, no way to escape. You would be the center of attention. A very personal, private thing would become embarrassingly public. Yet you had no qualms with taking that chance. Doesn't add up, Sarah. Doesn't add up.


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Sally said...

Excellent point !!! Yes, why would "Private" Palin risk such public exposure in the sky, with her Wild Ride.

Hope to read more of your blogs soon.

Note: Palingates' article on Palin, Morlocks and family secrets is highly recommended.