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Presenting Trig Paxson Van Palin


  By now most people who read blogs about Sarah Palin are well acquainted with what has come to be known as The Wild Ride. Her supporters are convinced it really did happen just the way she said. The problem with that is she is always changing the details of the events that supposedly occurred on April 17th, 2008. Once an event happens the details do not change later. A transcript can be read at and heard in Sarah's own words here.

  As a woman who experienced premature rupture of membranes or in layman’s terms  “water breaking”, Sarah Palin’s actions are incomprehensible to me. My OB/GYN told me in no uncertain terms about the high probability of infection which is dangerous not only for the baby but the mother as well when the amniotic sac ruptures. When it happened to me I knew I had to go to the hospital right away. Even though I followed my doctor’s instructions to the letter my baby was born with Pneumonia. I do not believe that Sarah Palin herself had not received the same instructions from her doctor(s) during her multiple pregnancies.

   So why didn’t Sarah do what pregnant women are supposed to do when their water breaks? I find it hard to believe that even Sarah would place more importance on giving a speech – even a speech that might seal her selection as running mate for the GOP Presidential nominee – above the health of her special needs unborn child and her own health. Why didn’t Todd insist Sarah go to the hospital to be on the safe side? I’m sure he must have been aware of the dangers of ruptured membranes after going through six previous pregnancies with Sarah. Sarah’s amniotic fluid began leaking hours before her speech was scheduled. There was plenty of time for a trip to one of the nearby hospitals and if all was well return to deliver her grand oration.

  Was the tale of the wild ride just a lie to make a truly pregnant Sarah seem like a tough cookie who can handle anything that comes her way? It’s possible but doesn’t explain the changes in the size of Sarah’s abdomen from day to day or why many people – even the stewardesses on the airplane that the wild ride supposedly occurred on – didn’t notice how very pregnant Sarah was. How could a pregnancy this advanced escape notice?


  Here’s one theory about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy or I should say non-pregnancy in 2008.

Note: This is ONLY a theory and in this theory there is only one baby. I will do a theory about the possibility of there being two babies at a later date.

  Bristol Palin, Sarah’s teenage daughter informed her mother that she was pregnant in the fall of 2007. Sarah knew that she was being considered as a possible running mate for John McCain so Bristol’s pregnancy presented a problem. Sarah’s main appeal was to Christian Evangelicals, the far right of the GOP,‘who might not think so highly of Sarah if they knew she was the mother of an unwed pregnant teen. Bristol couldn’t have an abortion because that would be even more damning than a pregnancy if it were discovered. It was quite a predicament in which Sarah found herself. Then a solution came to her. She would stage a deception similar to one used by Bree Hodge in a recent plotline on the popular ABC television series Desperate Housewives.

The Cunning Plan

  The first thing Sarah did was move Bristol out of Wasilla before her pregnancy became too noticeable. Bristol transferred from Wasilla High School after Christmas 2007 to West High School in Anchorage. Sarah thought Bristol wouldn’t be recognized as easily in the larger city. Bristol was soon out of school altogether because her baby boy was born prematurely with either Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Down Syndrome. Sarah waited before beginning her pregnancy charade to see if the baby survived and more importantly  to see if McCain sealed the GOP nomination.

  Then came March 4, 2008. On that day John McCain indeed clinched the GOP Presidential nomination and the very next day Governor Palin made a shocking announcement. She was seven months pregnant. Of course she really wasn’t. It was all part of her plan that was about to swing into high gear.

  Sarah wanted an empathy belly but while she waited to obtain one she improvised with what ever was handy such as a square pillow (top picture) or some kind of pad (bottom picture) and she planned the final steps of her charade.



  Bristol’s son was getting stronger every day. By early April the Palin family knew the new addition would soon be able to come home. Sarah wouldn’t need to play the part of pregnant woman much longer. She was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at an energy conference of the Republican Governors Association in Texas on April 17th. What better time for the baby to make his debut?

  While Sarah and Todd were far from home and the prying eyes of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, Bristol’s infant was readied for the move from his secret location to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer. Sarah gave her speech then left in a hurry generating speculation that she was in labor. She and Todd then flew back to Alaska. Sarah didn’t wear the empathy belly on board the airplane; just some padding as she didn’t want to appear hugely pregnant for fear the airline might question if it was safe for her to fly. Everything went well. They arrived back in Alaska very late and drove straight to the hospital where Sarah was placed in a room to wait for the baby’s arrival. Hospital staff were asked to respect the Palin’s privacy and not enter Governor Palin’s room. Early the next morning Bristol’s son was smuggled into Sarah’s room and the birth was announced. Sarah’s parents helped with the presentation of the baby holding him for a photo.

Three days later Sarah went back to her demanding job as Governor of Alaska looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. Soon this announcement would go out.

Presenting Trig Paxson Van Palin


  The above is a theory I wrote detailing one way that Sarah Palin and accomplices could have pulled off the hoax of the century. I invite readers to speculate and suggest other scenarios. I may write about them or ask someone to author a guest post if they are willing. Please feel free to e-mail me with ideas or questions. Any topic related to Sarah Palin is welcome here.



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