Friday, September 27, 2013

Police Chief: “George Zimmerman May Be A Threat To Public Safety.”


George Zimmerman.

Just seeing or hearing his name, makes my blood boil. How much can one man get away with?

Now, it seems to me that a person with at least a tad bit of common sense would count himself lucky and strive to be a law abiding citizen after, in my opinion, getting away with murder.

Not George Zimmerman.

Since being acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin, he has been stopped for traffic offenses three times in barely more than two months.

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Zimmerman's in-laws have also reported a theft at a home which they own where he is the tenant. Police said the matter is a landlord - tenant dispute and that other people besides Zimmerman may have been staying at the residence.

But the most disturbing incident that Zimmerman has been involved in since his July acquittal is the domestic dispute between him and his estranged wife, Shellie. Allegations were made that George Zimmerman punched his father-in-law in the nose, was carrying a gun and smashed his wife's iPad which she had been using to record the dispute. While he was briefly handcuffed, no charges were filed due to a lack of evidence.

It seems that no matter what George Zimmerman does, he comes out smelling like a rose and it seems like the police are always on his side.

But that may finally be changing. Following the domestic dispute, Lake Mary police Chief Steve Bracknell revealed that in his opinion George Zimmerman may be a threat to public safety.

I just hope it doesn’t take more innocent people dead by the hand of George Zimmerman to prove that Chief Bracknell is right.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog Changes Are Coming Soon…


I have decided to change the format of this blog. There will be still be discussions about anything Palin related but I am going to write posts about other subjects, as well.

I will also be featuring items, such as our handcrafted pens that we have for sale.

Look for new content sometime within the next week.

See you soon!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Feel Like Schleprock…


Bad luck seems to follow me. I look up every once in awhile almost expecting to see that little dark cloud over my head. You know, the one that used to hang over Badluck Schleprock on the Pebbles and Bamm- Bamm Show.


I have received so much help in the past that I hate having to ask this but time is running out.

I am overdue for my five year check-up at UNC Cancer Hospital. I have postponed twice already due to all of the problems hubby was having this spring and summer. It's very important that I keep this appointment next week. Since this is my five year check-up, there are some tests that have to be done. After this appointment, if all my tests all come back normal I will only have to go every two years.

Hubby had managed to raise $150.00 to pay for gas, parking at the hospital and to get the oil changed in our car. It hasn't been changed in nearly a year and we can't afford to have it break down since it is our only vehicle. Unfortunately, our bad luck reared it's ugly head again. The car was due for the yearly safety inspection and our tires didn't pass. The cheapest set of tires we could find were $330.00 so we had to use that $150.00 plus some of the money that we were supposed to pay on our monthly bills and the little bit that is left from hubby's pension after household expenses, to get the tires. Now we are behind on our bills and have no money for the trip and the oil change.

My appointment is scheduled for September 11 so there isn't a lot of time.

We would really prefer to sell pens rather than have money donated but at this point any help would be so greatly appreciated.