Thursday, May 31, 2012

Does Anyone With At Least Half of a Brain In Their Head Believe The Child Pictured is Only 3 & 1/2 Years Old?



My granddaughter is nearly two months older than Tripp and she is big for her age but nowhere near Tripp’s size. I will never be convinced that Tripp isn’t older than stated. In this picture he is HUGE for his reported age of three and a half. Bristol’s body is nearly hidden by Tripp’s and it looks as if she is having a hard time fitting him on to her lap. Bristol isn’t petite so I wonder exactly how big Tripp is to make her appear so small in proportion?



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey!!! Bristol’s Blog Readers …Newsflash!!!


Here is a newsflash for all of you who fawn over Bristol…uh, Nancy French’s every word on Bristol’s so-called blog.

Bristol Palin couldn’t care less about you. Your praise of her goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. She never responds to your gushing, glowing comments. She never thanks you for your kind words of support.

A friend of mine left a comment on Bristol’s blog pointing out that fact. Of course, her observation never made it through moderation. My friend shared the remark with me and it wasn’t rude. She just pondered why Bristol never replies to any of her readers. Plenty of negative remarks about the Palins do get posted there, though. Some of the remarks are quite rude.  The reason they are allowed to be displayed is obvious. It is so the few remaining dedicated followers of the Palins will feel sorry for the treatment of their heroes and jump to their defense.

The rudeness demonstrated by Bristol’s neglecting to reply to your kind words to her with even a simple thank you, says a great deal about the manner in which she and her siblings were and are being raised.

Don’t feel too bad though because most likely Bristol never reads your undeserved words of adoration. She probably doesn’t even have a clue about the topic of her posts from day to day since the articles aren’t written by her.

Note to Bristol: You might want to instruct Ms. French to show a little gratitude to your readers on your behalf. Sure, you might have to pay Ms. French a few extra dollars for the added work but isn’t it worth it? After all, you and your mom don’t want them catching on to the truth, do you? That with the exception of the innocent children you are a family of ingrates, posers, users and liars.

Think about what might happen if your family’s fans finally get a clue. They just might stop sending in those contributions. If that were to happen then your family would have to delve into their own coffers to pay off all the people keeping the Palin clan’s secrets.

A little extra loot for Nancy French just might be one of the best bargains your family will ever make, girlfriend!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nancy French’s…Uh…Bristol’s Latest…


Today’s topic on Bristol’s Blog is “Stand with the 8% – Down Syndrome Babies Who Weren’t Aborted”.

I can’t argue with that sentiment. One of the main reasons that this blog came to be and still exists is out of concern for a child with Down Syndrome. A child that deserves to be loved and cherished not used as a political prop. A child that should be a full-time member of his family instead of only being one when it benefits his “mother” in one way or another.

Of course, once you begin reading Nancy French’s…uh…Bristol’s latest blog post it becomes quickly obvious that the point of the post is to emphasize that Trig is Bristol’s little brother and Tripp is her son.

She writes about Trig being the best brother and how when Tripp is acting out, she jokes with Sarah about wanting to trade kids.

Bristol states that she would have a Down Syndrome baby in a heartbeat. For obvious reasons, I think that is probably one of the most honest statements that Bristol has ever made.

She also uses this post to call the “I am the 99%” slogan silly. Perhaps one day, if justice is ever served, her family will once again be part of the 99%. I wonder if she will find it silly then?

The comments on the post so far are mostly the Palinbot crew spewing the “Trig-truthers are crazy, of course Sarah is Trig’s bio-mom” crap. One commenter claims they worked for Sarah and watched her little bump grow. Funny then that her staff was surprised when she announced the pregnancy. Another points out that Tripp’s birth in December of 2008 proves that Bristol can’t be Trig’s mother not to mention women can’t get pregnant right after having a baby.

I’m sure a palinbot/troll invasion is imminent so here’s some education for those of them who are ignorant about fertility,



For those palinbot/trolls willing to educate themselves you can also use a search engine and enter the term “Irish twins”. You might be surprised at what is really possible regarding getting pregnant again right after giving birth.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Statements For Discussion


I received these two comments via email and thought they would make good fodder for discussion.

The first email from Darn Yankee <>with no subject states:

“Deputy Director of the Alaska Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles, has indicated that due to privacy issues the identity of the holder of vanity plates issued by the DMV would not be available to the general public. She was willing to confirm that the license plate “TRIPP” was requested on 5-11-10, and was issued on 5-17-10.”

Does anyone remember when the “Tripp” license plate was first spotted? It seems to me that it was before May of 2010.

The second email from Darn Yankee with the subject “dangerous” states:

“This is why it's dangerous to relate things that aren't connected and associating innocence (a baby) with something he or his parents know nothing about. think about who you'd be hurting. Blogs don't consider those who they could possible hurt. Why do you think so many people turned on palingates when they slandered Curtis Menard by publishing the paternity lie?”

Who is really hurting the baby, Darn Yankee? Bloggers who seek the truth or a woman who is exploiting the baby for political gain? A woman who couldn’t be bothered to properly clothe the baby on a chilly night because she might miss the opportunity to show off the child?



Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shailey Tripp’s Integrity…


About Shailey being on Dial – A – Star

Some people are stating that Shailey is doing a sex chat. Not true and no where on the website is there any mention of sex. I am not saying that some people on there aren’t providing such a service but that is not the purpose of the site and that isn’t why Shailey is on there. She is just exploring ways to publicize the book and bring more attention to the corruption in Alaska.

This WAS NOT the great opportunity she was offered. That is something that she is still working towards and is not a sure thing but it is definitely worthwhile, legal and something she will be very proud of is she is able to qualify.

One more thing about the Dial A Star. Did anyone notice that Wink Martindale, a pushing 80, former game show host is one of the celebrities? Does anyone think he is doing sex chats?????


From comments left here and elsewhere plus email messages I have received, I know that some people think that Shailey Tripp is being less than honest or that she is a con artist.

Some of these opinions are based on contradictory statements that Shailey has made. Specifically, statements that Shailey made about the massage she gave Sarah Palin. The details of the massage in the book, Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal, differ from those that she made in interviews with Gryphen and myself, among others.I have addressed the issue before but I will say again that during the process of writing the book, Shailey did look through journals and other records that she kept while in Alaska and in doing so recalled things that she had forgotten.

Shailey  was working several jobs, attending college and caring for special needs kids all at the same time. She had little or no support from family or friends during that time. While living such a hectic, stress-filled life, days are bound to run together. Details are blurry or forgotten completely. I’m sure most of you reading this have been in a similar situation at one time or another. Try to think back to two or three years ago, to a specific date and see how well you are able to recall the events of that day.

For those who think that Shailey is less than honest for reasons other than above, I would like to know what those reasons are. In my personal experience of working with her for over a year, she has always kept her word to me.

I want to share some information that I think says a lot about Shailey as a person. Some will say that I was a fool but I had no legal contract as her co-author. In fact, I had nothing in writing at all except for email discussions we had about the payment I would receive, which I doubt would hold up in a court of law. Until about two weeks ago, I had never even spoken to Shailey on the telephone. We worked strictly by email and instant messaging. She could have kept all the money made from the book and there would have been little if anything I could have done but she didn’t.

Shailey forwards me the monthly reports on book sales and has paid me as agreed each time she has received royalty payments or made sales of e-books (e-book available here). During the recent crisis with my husband being hospitalized twice, Shailey offered support both emotional and financial. She has called and talked to me several times now and my impression is that she is honest, genuine and sincere. When talking to her, I am completely comfortable. I feel like I am talking to someone who I have known for years.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for me actions speak louder than words and Shailey actions towards me and words as well, have been nothing but kind and honest.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Forensics Report…


New forensics report on Shailey Tripp's recovered credit card machine reveals some very interesting information. For more details please go to