Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nancy French’s…Uh…Bristol’s Latest…


Today’s topic on Bristol’s Blog is “Stand with the 8% – Down Syndrome Babies Who Weren’t Aborted”.

I can’t argue with that sentiment. One of the main reasons that this blog came to be and still exists is out of concern for a child with Down Syndrome. A child that deserves to be loved and cherished not used as a political prop. A child that should be a full-time member of his family instead of only being one when it benefits his “mother” in one way or another.

Of course, once you begin reading Nancy French’s…uh…Bristol’s latest blog post it becomes quickly obvious that the point of the post is to emphasize that Trig is Bristol’s little brother and Tripp is her son.

She writes about Trig being the best brother and how when Tripp is acting out, she jokes with Sarah about wanting to trade kids.

Bristol states that she would have a Down Syndrome baby in a heartbeat. For obvious reasons, I think that is probably one of the most honest statements that Bristol has ever made.

She also uses this post to call the “I am the 99%” slogan silly. Perhaps one day, if justice is ever served, her family will once again be part of the 99%. I wonder if she will find it silly then?

The comments on the post so far are mostly the Palinbot crew spewing the “Trig-truthers are crazy, of course Sarah is Trig’s bio-mom” crap. One commenter claims they worked for Sarah and watched her little bump grow. Funny then that her staff was surprised when she announced the pregnancy. Another points out that Tripp’s birth in December of 2008 proves that Bristol can’t be Trig’s mother not to mention women can’t get pregnant right after having a baby.

I’m sure a palinbot/troll invasion is imminent so here’s some education for those of them who are ignorant about fertility,







For those palinbot/trolls willing to educate themselves you can also use a search engine and enter the term “Irish twins”. You might be surprised at what is really possible regarding getting pregnant again right after giving birth.



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