Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey!!! Bristol’s Blog Readers …Newsflash!!!


Here is a newsflash for all of you who fawn over Bristol…uh, Nancy French’s every word on Bristol’s so-called blog.

Bristol Palin couldn’t care less about you. Your praise of her goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. She never responds to your gushing, glowing comments. She never thanks you for your kind words of support.

A friend of mine left a comment on Bristol’s blog pointing out that fact. Of course, her observation never made it through moderation. My friend shared the remark with me and it wasn’t rude. She just pondered why Bristol never replies to any of her readers. Plenty of negative remarks about the Palins do get posted there, though. Some of the remarks are quite rude.  The reason they are allowed to be displayed is obvious. It is so the few remaining dedicated followers of the Palins will feel sorry for the treatment of their heroes and jump to their defense.

The rudeness demonstrated by Bristol’s neglecting to reply to your kind words to her with even a simple thank you, says a great deal about the manner in which she and her siblings were and are being raised.

Don’t feel too bad though because most likely Bristol never reads your undeserved words of adoration. She probably doesn’t even have a clue about the topic of her posts from day to day since the articles aren’t written by her.

Note to Bristol: You might want to instruct Ms. French to show a little gratitude to your readers on your behalf. Sure, you might have to pay Ms. French a few extra dollars for the added work but isn’t it worth it? After all, you and your mom don’t want them catching on to the truth, do you? That with the exception of the innocent children you are a family of ingrates, posers, users and liars.

Think about what might happen if your family’s fans finally get a clue. They just might stop sending in those contributions. If that were to happen then your family would have to delve into their own coffers to pay off all the people keeping the Palin clan’s secrets.

A little extra loot for Nancy French just might be one of the best bargains your family will ever make, girlfriend!



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