Thursday, September 30, 2010

Palins-CBJ Signature Comparison


I made another signature composite. This one includes the CBJ signature from the letter along with signatures of Sarah and Todd from public records available from the Alaska DNR Office of the Recorder.

There are three sets of signatures of Sarah and Todd. The middle right center is from a document only signed by Todd.




Icbj-palins -comp

To me, it looks like there may be similarities between the “a”  in the  first “Sarah” and the “a” in Baldwin but I’m not sure. Then look at the “h” in Johnson and the “h” in the “Sarah” below Todd’s signature on the right. Both of those “h” ‘s look like a cursive “l” connected to a cursive “i”, in my opinion.

Another thing I noticed about the Palin’s signatures is the possibility that one of them signed the other’s name on the documents I obtained the signatures from. Each set looks like the signatures could have been done by the same person, to my eye. So considering all the Palins signatures, including the middle right signature of Todd alone, do you think one of them signed the CBJ letter and if so which one?

One more thing before I close. I received an email suggesting having a handwriting expert do an analysis. I am on a fixed income so it’s not within my budget. The reader who emailed me suggested maybe starting a fund to have the analysis done. If you reply to this post please indicate whether you think I should add a PayPal button for donations to a fund for that purpose. This expert charges $295 for a verbal opinion and $590 for an official written letter of opinion.

Please express your opinions freely and I look forward to your responses.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Real Reason For The CBJ Letter And Why It Didn’t Serve Its Purpose (UPDATE)


I have updated the signature composite to include another sample of CBJ’s handwriting also from the public records available from the Alaska DNR Office of the Recorder. 


The purpose of the letter purportedly from CBJ on November 3, 2008 was not to report on the health of Sarah Palin. It is blatantly obvious that the letter’s aim was to prove that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18, 2008. However, it failed miserably and only raised more questions.

The letter begins with CBJ blowing her own horn; that is if the good doctor is really the author. Including her credentials and awards is unnecessary. Stating that she is Governor Sarah Palin’s personal physician is sufficient. Giving too much information is a mistake often made when telling a lie.

The letter immediately focuses on the pregnancies of Sarah Palin. Since pregnancy is not an illness isn’t it odd for that to be the primary focus?

This sentence, “At the time of her most recent pregnancy, Governor Palin had no health risk factors other than her age,” could refer to her pregnancy with Piper. Sarah was 36 when Piper was conceived. Pregnancy after age 35 is considered higher risk.

Then there is this statement. "She followed the normal and recommended schedule for prenatal care, including follow-up perinatology evaluations to ensure there was no significant congenital heart disease or other condition of the baby that would preclude delivery at her home community hospital. This child, Trig, was born at 35 weeks in good health. He was able to go home at two days of age with his mother." Going Rogue, in addition to other sources, revealed that Trig had a hole in his heart. Going Rogue actually says holes, so maybe more than one. Since according to the letter the fetus was evaluated for congenital heart defects, then Sarah was aware of the baby’s condition. Wow! This pro-life saint of a mother who was so concerned about her baby’s well-being hopped on an airplane for the long journey back to Alaska without even being examined just to make sure the baby would be okay? Yes, because the baby was never in Texas.

The letter also reports that at the time of Trig’s last office visit he was growing and developing normally for a child with Trisomy 21. Good to know but what does Trig’s health have to do with the issue this letter is supposed to be addressing? Nothing. That information was included to reiterate that it was safe for Sarah to return to Alaska to deliver Trig since he didn’t suffer any adverse consequences and hopefully mitigate the absurdity of the wild ride.

Another questionable element is this statement.It is not routine to perform screening tests such as electrocardiograms or liver enzyme panels on young healthy women with no risk factors – and as such I have not performed those tests on Governor Palin.” Sarah Palin, age 44 years and eight months at the time the letter was written would be considered middle-aged. Cholesterol testing is recommended at age 20 or even earlier.

The only non-pregnancy related medical information CBJ gives about Sarah Palin:

  • Her blood pressure and pulse at the time of her last office visit with no mention of when that visit was.
  • She had a breast biopsy in 1992 for what turned out to be a benign lesion.
  • She takes no prescription medications regularly.
  • She has no known drug allergies.

The above is plainly just throwing in a few scraps of Sarah Palin’s medical history to try to legitimize the report.

There is certainly doubt that CBJ even wrote the letter. The inconsistencies were discussed in detail by Audrey. The Palin Deception website is no longer available but the blog is still up. Click here to read Audrey’s post about the letter. Click here for the analysis of the letter mentioned in The Purloined Letter.

Using the public records available from the Alaska DNR Office of the Recorder, I captured screenshots of CBJ’s signature from these records:

Quitclaim Deed 1992
Stat Warranty Deed 1998
Quitclaim Deed 1999

I then made the composite of signatures below with the topmost being the signature from the letter.




I’m sorry that the quality of this graphic isn’t better or if it distorts the page but it was the best I could do using windows paint program. I do believe it shows that the signature in the letter is questionable. I am not a handwriting expert by any means so feel free to express your thoughts as to whether or not the signature on the letter is legitimate. I look forward to everyone’s input.

As always, feel free to make any comments or suggestions about this post or anything related to babygate/ Sarah Palin. Email me with any information you think may be useful. Time is flying by and 2012 will be here before we know it. We have to step up our efforts to insure that Sarah Palin will never be elected POTUS. I may be posting less often as I am spending much of my time researching but I am not going anywhere.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Pictures To Discuss


I decided to search back further in the Mat-Su Regional Online Nursery pictures. Below is another that I found which reminds me of Trig. This picture is also one that doesn’t appear in the calendar style listings so it took me quite awhile to find this by changing ID numbers. By using the calendar which gives birth dates I was able to date this picture as likely being from late December of 2007 or early January 2008 which fits with the theory that Trig was born around that time.

66298 sarah-palin-note-front-and-back

Does anyone know where and when the picture of Trig on the new release note was taken?

More Evidence That Trig Is Older Than Stated

Here is a picture taken during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Trig couldn’t have been more than six and a half months old if the photo was taken prior to the election but he is waving. Most children don’t wave until around eight months or more. Pretty impressive for a Down Syndrome child to be reaching milestones earlier than non-special needs counterparts.


Another Picture of Sarah From Fur and Ice March 2008?

I believe this picture is another from Fur and Ice Expo on March 6, 2008. Once again no sign of pregnancy.



Please feel free to discuss these pictures and email me if you have any additional information.

I may be offline for a day or so as I am switching ISP’s. Don’t worry. I will be back soon.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food For Thought


I have spent quite a few hours the past couple of days looking through the pictures on the Mat-Su Regional Web Nursery. One thing that I noticed is that the cap Trig is wearing in the picture below is most likely provided by the hospital as there were several babies with the exact same cap.

1trig 68906 

Most of the babies pictured are wearing cute little outfits provided by their families so why was Trig, newborn son of the Governor, photographed in a hospital handout?

I have also often wondered why Trig was burrito wrapped in that striped baby blanket. Are they trying to hide something? I noticed that some babies are only wearing shirts like the ones shown below which are probably hospital issued.

80716  80720

Wanna bet on what Trig’s wearing beneath that blanket?

Moving on, I was looking through my collection of Trig pictures and noticed something that I hadn’t spotted before.


Looking at that halo or whatever that’s supposed to be over Trig’s head, you can plainly see VP. I know Sarah will try to say that it stands for Van Palin but I bet she really meant it to stand for Vice President.


More Information About Dr. Robert G. Thompson

I still haven’t been able to find a concrete link between Dr. Thompson and the Palins but I did come across a couple of things I find interesting. The Peninsula Clarion carried this article which I have dated as being from late December 2006, probably the 29th or 30th going by the world and national events reported on the right side of the page – Saddam Hussein’s execution and reference to Gerald Ford’s death.

Points I find interesting:

  • Son Nathan is a professional hockey player who is five years older than Track. They may have been acquainted through their mutual sport.
  • Wife Karen has been employed as a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines for over 7 years. It’s likely that she has worked on some of Sarah’s flights considering Sarah’s diverse destinations.
  • He and his wife have been immersed in music their whole lives. Karen is a former US Jazz champion singer and Robert is a concert violinist. They have both concentrated on gospel and praise and worship music. They could have met the Palins at religious gatherings.
  • I found the following in an obituary for Rebecca Atwater from 2005 proving that a Karen and a Robert Thompson lived in Wasilla at that time. I don’t know if they are the Dr. and his wife or totally different people with the same names.

None of this information proves anything but it is interesting and shows that it’s very possible that Dr. Thompson or other members of his family could be acquainted with the Palins.

If anyone knows anything regarding the new information I have discovered or has anything to share or discuss, please contact me.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Update Regarding Alaska Permanent Fund


A few commenters have posted that Trig and Tripp’s names aren’t on the list for the Alaska Permanent Fund checks. That information is false. The applicant list at which you have to download to your computer and open does list both Trig and Tripp Palin in 2009 and 2010.

I did find something that was interesting. In the 2010 list Tripp’s last name is Johnston-Palin. In 2009, it was just Johnston. So evidently Bristol must have had his name changed. Was that to get back at Levi or did Bristol want both of her sons to have the same last name?


Monday, September 13, 2010

Tripp Who?


I have always thought that Bristol and Levi’s son was named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. That was the name that was announced by People and other media outlets. Even the Palin-loving Faux News gives that as the baby’s name.

Excerpt from People article:

The baby's name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston and he was born at 5:30 a.m., according to Jones.
Baby Tripp takes his surname from his dad, Levi Johnston, an apprentice electrician and former Wasilla High School hockey player who has been dating Bristol for three years.

The surname would make sense as Bristol and Levi were supposedly engaged at the time the child was born and Levi openly acknowledged paternity.

But is that really his name? Not according to court records. Here are just a few where the child is referred to as Tripp Johnston-Palin.

So which name is correct?

I am no lawyer but I have to believe that Tripp Johnston-Palin is correct since the legal name is what would probably be required on court documents.

I can’t find any references to Tripp’s name being changed after Bristol and Levi’s first engagement ended.So why were we led to believe that Tripp’s surname was Johnston?

Was it to make us believe that Bristol and Levi’s relationship was more serious than it really was? Were they really engaged in 2008 or was that as fake as Sarah’s pregnancy? I vote for the latter.

Another interesting fact revealed in this court document is that Tripp receives health coverage from the IHS and Alaska Native Medical Center. Socialized medicine for a Palin? Is Granny freaking over that? Are Todd and all the Palin offspring getting the same coverage? Is it free?

The more I delve into the actions of the Palins the more I realize what hypocritical sleaze balls they really are.


Thanks to all who have emailed me with tips and suggestions. Keep them coming. We are uncovering the lies and half-truths slowly but surely.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Double, Double Toil And Trouble


I had never heard of Dr. Gina Loudon, her husband John, or their children until a few days ago when Dr. Gina began her defense of Sarah Palin. So I began to research the Loudon clan who as it turns out are a lot like the Palins who they seem to be trying to emulate.

Like the Palins they are a political family and have five children. One of the children, Samuel, who is adopted, has Down Syndrome.

In a recent Vanity Fair article, reporter Michael Gross mistakenly identified five year old Samuel Loudon as Trig Palin. The mistake is certainly understandable as seen in the photos below. Top, Trig, middle, Samuel, bottom, Trig. There is definitely a resemblance.


Samuel’s mother seems to have trouble accepting that a mistake was made. She has been trying to use that mistake to discredit the whole article. However, Gina Loudon has something besides politics and five kids including one with Down Syndrome in common with Sarah. Like Sarah, Gina Loudon lies.

Why is Gina Loudon defending Sarah Palin with such ferocity? Why is she telling lies in an effort to make Michael Gross look bad? Could it be that Michael Gross inadvertently revealed something that the Palins and the Loudons didn’t want revealed?

Here is a picture of Trig that has always bothered me because something about him doesn’t look right. He is slimmer than he appears in other pictures, his face is thinner and his neck seems a lot smaller.


At least two pro- Palin blogs, here and here present the photo above as Trig. I haven’t seen that identification disputed anywhere.

Now take a good luck at the following image.



The little boy is identified as Sam Loudon.

I think the child with the Palins is Sam Loudon. Notice Sam’s face is thin and his neck is small like the boy in the first picture.

Is it possible that the Palins borrow Sam on occasion as a Trig double. But for what reason? Why would Trig be unavailable to his parents?

Another oddity is that according to the Vanity Fair piece, Piper was pushing five year old Sam in a baby carriage. Why would a five year old be in a baby carriage or even a stroller? Sam can walk as seen in this video.

Gina Loudon talks about how close the Palins are to Sam and how Piper spends so much time with him. Sounds like they almost have a brother/sister relationship. Hmmm…Interesting.

If anyone has seen other pictures where Samuel might have been playing Trig or if you have any additional info on the Loudons, please email me.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Questions About Mercede’s Latest Post


I realize that I will probably get flamed for this since Mercede has a lot of fans but I have to say there are parts of Mercede’s latest post that just do not make sense to me. I have been reading her blog since it began and have found it touching at times, informative, interesting and most importantly, sincere. What I just finished reading causes me to question my previous opinion.

Text in blue italics is taken from Mercede’s blog. My thoughts and questions will follow in bold black.

Really the ONLY reason that Junior was able to manipulate her into selling her pills was because she was having a battle with her insurance company. They wanted her to come up with $800 more each time she got a new prescription filled. There was simply no way she could ever afford that, she could barely even afford to put gas in the car, and without her medications she would become so deathly ill she would have to go to the hospital. My mother’s pain was absolutely unbearable, so she was desperate to come up with the money somehow

My questions:

  1. How did she get her pills if she didn’t have the $800.00 the insurance company wanted each time she got a new prescription filled? According to Mercede, Sherry could barely afford gas for the car.
  2. Wouldn’t Sherry have to take all of her pills in order to function or was she prescribed more than she really needed? How did she have pills left to sell since as Mercede states “without her medications she would become so deathly ill she would have to go to the hospital.”?
  3. If she was prescribed more pills than she needed wouldn’t it have been sensible to tell the doctor to prescribe less as she was having problems paying for her prescription or keep the extra pills so she wouldn’t need refills as often?

It is still a mystery as to how Junior got my mother’s phone number because the phone she was using was originally Bristol’s phone. (My mom bought both Levi and Bristol new phones right after she found out that Bristol was pregnant because Sarah refused to pay for hers anymore. But after one of Levi and Bristol’s many fights she SHIPPED her phone back to my mom in the MAIL. Since my mom had been using an old brick phone she decided to upgrade to Bristol’s Blackberry and got rid of her old one). So I don’t know whether Bristol was in contact with Junior, or if he just did his research to find my mother’s number. We are still confused by the circumstances leading up his initial contact.

My questions:

  1. How was Sherry able to afford to buy these expensive cell phones if she was having financial problems? I can understand the Johnston’s wanting a pregnant Bristol to be able to contact them but wouldn’t an inexpensive prepaid phone have been a better choice?
  2. Why would Sherry have been using Bristol’s phone number? Wouldn’t she have transferred the number from her own phone to the Blackberry?
  3. Wouldn’t Bristol have transferred her number to her replacement phone or at least de-activated it before returning it to Sherry? I can’t believe that Bristol would want Sherry receiving calls meant for her.
  4. If Junior Latocha wanted to contact Sherry why would he call Bristol’s cell phone number? Mercede refers to him as a friend. Why wouldn’t he call Mercede or just pay a visit to the Johnston home?

He started out texting her everyday at first, often multiple times in the same day, trying to convince her to sell her prescription medication. Then later he started to call and talk to her on the phone.

He worked very hard at convincing my mother to sell her pills and used all of the things he knew about her and our family to wear her down. He said things like “I know you have kids, and I know you need the money. What are you going to let them starve? Your husband is leaving you, he is gone now! What other choices do you have? You’re disabled! This is the only way to feed and put your kids through school!”

After months of this kind of persistence unfortunately she gave in because she was desperate to find a way to pay for her medication and to buy food for the family. She is very ashamed of that decision and I know she regrets it every minute of every day.

My questions:

  1. Why didn’t Sherry just ignore or block Junior’s messages and phone calls?
  2. Why didn’t she call the police and report his harassment of her?
  3. If it took months for her to finally give in how was she able to pay for her medication and feed her family all that time?

What my mother could not have known was that Junior Latocha was working undercover for the police in an agreement that would significantly lessen his own sentence. (Word on the street is that the police wanted someone connected to the Palins in order to get back at Sarah. I don’t know if that is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it.) When my mother’s insurance company finally fixed the glitch in December, and started paying for ALL of her medications, she refused to sell anymore of her pills to Junior. He tried numerous times to convince her to give in and sell him a few, but she stood firm. Interestingly enough it was only after she STOPPED selling her medications that the police came to arrest her.

My questions:

  1. Which sentence would have been significantly reduced for Latocha? After reviewing Junior Latocha’s court records the only charges he was facing at the time of Sherry’s arrest were Driving While License Revoked and Reckless Driving. Those charges were filed only two days before the charges against Sherry were filed. Why would Latocha have been working undercover for months in exchange for sentence reduction?
  2. Why would the police want to get back at Sarah?
  3. Isn’t it more likely that Sarah was behind the charges against Sherry as a way to keep the Johnston’s in line?

The police officer in charge of my mother’s case acknowledged that she believed they had made a mistake in allowing Junior to set my mom up. She said that although what my mom did was wrong she understood the motivation to want to put food on the table, and to keep the heat and electricity turned on.

I heard one police officer say, even while they were going through our house looking for evidence of a drug operation, that “This lady is not a criminal she is just trying to survive, this is down right sad.”

My mom wasn’t a drug dealer like Junior Latocha. She was just trying to do all that she could to get by. I am not saying that what she did was okay, but I too understand why she did it.

My questions:

  1. Would police officers express regrets about setting someone up in front of the person who was set up or their family?
  2. Once again, how was Sherry Johnston keeping her bills paid before she started selling her medication?
  3. Considering the extremely expensive price Mercede states her mother was having to pay for her prescriptions and her inadequate income, wouldn’t she have been eligible for Medicaid and other assistance?

Junior on the other hand is an actual DRUG DEALER who is STILL actively selling drugs to people in not only Wasilla and Palmer, but also Anchorage! I have heard from various people I know that he is the biggest Oxycontin dealer in the Valley who receives packages through the mail with hundreds of Oxycontin pills to sell, and I know for a FACT he is still out there selling because I have seen him!! I have also heard that his relationship with the police has changed and that now he is avoiding them for fear of getting arrested again. Yet I still see him around town sometimes and I just saw him just the other day at the State Fair.

I swear it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see that scum!

My questions:

  1. If Junior Latocha is the biggest Oxycontin dealer in the Valley with hundreds of pills to sell, why when he was recently arrested was his bond only $5000.00?
  2. If it is common knowledge that he receives packages of pills in the mail, why wouldn’t he have been charged with trafficking instead of only possession?

I really wanted to put this information out for everybody to see even though this could be dangerous for me. You never know what these people are capable of, and I have seen this group do some pretty awful things to people.

But I will not stop until I see justice done for my family. I do not think the sentence my mother got was fair. How was it that Todd’s sister could rob multiple houses to feed her drug addiction, with her four year old daughter along for the ride, and receive such a light sentence? How did Junior get off just by agreeing to set up a poor lady desperate to reduce her pain and care for her family? How are THEY less deserving of a harsher sentence than my mother?

Today Junior Latocha continues his life of crime, and keeps spreading his poison throughout the Valley with no end in sight, while my mother is a virtual prisoner in her own home.

So you tell me, where is the justice?

My questions:

  1. Who are these people, this group that Mercede has seen do awful things to people?
  2. Has Mercede reported the awful things she saw this group do?
  3. Could these people Mercede is referring to really be the Palins?
  4. Is Mercede covering for the Palins or worse have we all been taken in by the Johnstons?
  5. Is the Palin - Johnston feud merely a ruse, a real-life soap opera designed to rake in money?
  6. Was Mercede asked to post this piece to allay public suspicions that Sarah Palin was responsible for Sherry Johnston’s arrest?
  7. Finally, as Mercede said, where is the justice? The justice for all who Sarah Palin has used and abused?

Please be honest in your comments about this post. Don’t be afraid to post what you really think. Are my questions about Mercede’s post valid?


Sunday, September 5, 2010



One day last week, I was a victim of a practical joke. My son and his family are visiting from out of state. My two year old granddaughter kept tugging on the cord to my mouse until it finally bit the dust. I replaced the mouse with a wireless model which was packaged with a wireless keyboard. I could have just used the touchpad on my laptop but I prefer a traditional mouse. I didn’t need the wireless keyboard so I put it aside. BIG MISTAKE!

My son is a Republican. My husband and I raised him better. Really. We did. But that’s how he turned out. We can’t even blame it on his wife because he was voting that way before he met her.

He often tells me how loony I am for believing that crazy Sarah Palin conspiracy theory. We have had many heated debates on the subject over the past two years. I didn’t even tell him when I started this blog but my husband let it slip.

So the other morning, while I am doing some research for a post,my computer starts acting crazy. The calculator program opens by itself and numbers start appearing. Then my computer reboots on its own. I am worried that my computer is being hacked.

My son is some what of a computer whiz, so he uses one of our other computers to log in to our router. He tells me our network is being accessed locally and disconnects our router and modem. I turn my computer off, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. Windows won’t start. I am convinced my hard drive has been scrubbed.

My son finally gets the computer back on and hooks the router and modem back up. It works normally for a few minutes then the problems start again. My pictures are accessed and a picture of my granddaughter pops up. Then the notepad program opens and a message appears: “Palin says BOOOO! Leave Trig alone.”

I am going crazy. I start wondering aloud if the hacker can see me through the built in webcam. Soon a message appears. I C U. I write a message on a piece of paper and hold it up in front of the webcam. It says “Who are you?” The hacker responds with, “I am the king.” Convinced I am being viewed, I wonder if the hacker can hear me too.So I say, “What do you want?” “I want to help you nail Palin,” comes the reply. “There are four babies involved. One is a Safe Haven baby.”

I finally begin to get suspicious of my son who kept leaving the room. He has a Blackberry and I wonder if he is in the other room doing the hacking. I send his wife to look and he is in there using my wireless keyboard to mess with me. I feel like an idiot and am pretty pissed that several hours of my time were wasted.

This morning I was thinking about how easily my son fooled me into believing my computer was under attack. It made me wonder have all of us who believe that Sarah wasn’t pregnant with Trig been deceived in an even more devious manner?

Here’s my theory as to how Sarah might have fooled us in a manner different than what we suspect.

Sarah really was pregnant with Trig but she never had testing that showed he had Down Syndrome. He was born very prematurely due to her hectic schedule before Sarah was even far enough along to show .

Trig’s existence had to be kept secret for a couple of reasons. First, so that Sarah wouldn’t look bad for not taking better care of herself while pregnant. Second, so she wouldn’t look bad for not staying with Trig while he struggled for life in an NICU in Anchorage. Bristol was sent to stay with Heather so a family member would be close to the baby since Sarah didn’t have time. Being Governor and hopefully getting the VP nomination was more important than bonding with the fragile infant who might not even live.

When it became clear that Trig would survive, a way to explain his existence had to be formulated so the fake pregnancy plan was invented. But Sarah hated wearing the empathy belly so she tried to fudge it at times by using pillows and pads which caused her size to vary. People in Wasilla began gossiping that it was Bristol who was really pregnant and Sarah was trying, not very well, to cover for her.

The Wild Ride was planned from the get-go so that Sarah could be done with the pregnancy and appear heroic at the same time.

That explains why Sarah won’t show the birth certificate. The birth date will be wrong.

Now consider this: Sarah will run for President and the fake pregnancy will be brought up to try to discredit her. She will agree to a DNA test that will prove she is indeed Trig’s mother making all of us who doubted her look like fools. She gets lots of sympathy votes for all the flack she received and wins the election.

Whether the above scenario is true or not, something about Trig Palin’s birth is suspicious.

Anyone who knows anything that could expose the truth needs to come forward now. Gryphen, Patrick, anyone with hard evidence of the truth, it’s time to share it now! While there’s still time to make sure everyone knows the depths that Sarah Palin will sink to for political and financial gain.

Or we all might find out too late that we’ve been Punk’d.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Observations


Highly Recommended - Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury

Vanity Fair deserves a big thanks for stating the truth about Sarah Palin. Of course, in the grand scheme of things it will change nothing. Those who hate her will still hate her; those who worship her will still grovel at her feet. It did, however, do me good to read the article full of details about her temper tantrums and diva like behavior. It’s one of the very few stories about her that tells it like it is.

I can picture very well Todd and Sarah tossing canned goods at one another after an early morning battle to see who can drop the F bomb the most times. Them “rill Ahlaskuns” is tough. But all kidding aside, the piece certainly confirmed that Sarah has more than one serious personality disorder. For her kids’ sake, I hope she gets some help soon.

A Super Sweet Fluff Piece - Sarah Palin welcomes you into her home for a family first

What a contrast between the Vanity Fair article referenced above and the one I am about to discuss.

This sticky sweet story appeared in the Mother’s Day issue of USA Weekend. I could almost smell the aroma of Piper’s birthday cupcakes emanating from my computer as I struggled to read this tale of Super-Mom Sarah and her splendiferous family. But there are a few interesting morsels in this otherwise bland, butt-kissing piece of purple prose; mostly observations from the accompanying pictures.

  • Why change clothes during a three hour interview? I can understand toddlers, Trig and Tripp, needing a change but Sarah, Bristol and Piper all changed tops. I guess the Palins really are clothes horses.
  • Sarah interacts with Tripp more than with Trig. Maybe Levi was telling the truth when he made that remark about Sarah not wanting the “retarded” baby.
  • Speaking of Tripp, the first picture states he is 16 months old. Not true. At the time the pictures were taken on Piper’s birthday in March, he would have been a few days shy of 15 months. In these pictures he still looks very much a baby with chubby face and short legs. In contrast, just 4 months later on the Us Weekly cover he appears much older.

1palins bristol_levi_usweekly

  • So Bristol is or was working for an Anchorage dermatologist. Dr. Robert G. Thompson is an OB-GYN but he also lists Dermatology/Cosmetic Dermatology in his list of specialties. Makes me wonder again if there is a connection between him and the Palins. Does anyone know the name of the doctor Bristol works or worked for?


Dancing With The Stars

I guess Bristol has the role of the young cutie for this fall’s edition of the aging ABC twirl fest. Personally, I think they are making a big mistake by choosing her but I don’t normally watch so what ever. I have only caught a few minutes of it here and there. Does anyone know if they usually show the contestants families? Maybe we can get a good gauge on Tripp’s real size if they do. Thank goodness for DVR’s. I’m sure my fast forward button will get a workout if I do watch.

If anyone has any info to share or would like to suggest a topic for a post, feel free to email me.