Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Switch?


I had come to the conclusion that the baby born on April 18, 2008 at Alaska Regional had nothing to do with Babygate but then I had one of those “what if” moments.

What if Bristol gave birth in early 2008 to a premature but otherwise normal child but a baby with Down Syndrome had been expected? Perhaps something like the following occurred.

Sarah said the technician told her the baby’s neck looked a little thick on the  ultrasound scan in Going Rogue. She also said that she remembered hearing that was a sign of Down Syndrome. That story could have been true except that it was Bristol having the ultrasound instead of Sarah and that might have been all Sarah needed to hear to convince her that Bristol’s baby had Down Syndrome. She might have considered it Bristol’s punishment for having pre-marital sex.

Sarah decided to send Bristol to live with Heather and fake a pregnancy so she and Todd could raise the special needs child as their own. This course of action would kill two birds with one stone. First, it would save Sarah from the political embarrassment of having it known that she had an unwed pregnant teenage daughter. Second, she could gain political clout by choosing life for a baby she knew would be born with Down Syndrome. She knew that she was under consideration for the VP nomination and keeping her family values image clean was very important; brownie points scored with Christian Evangelicals and right to life groups for not aborting were an added bonus.

But before the plan was even put in motion, Bristol delivered a normal though premature baby. Sarah was upset because she was counting on a baby with Down Syndrome to use as a political prop. Then Sarah had an idea that maybe Bristol’s baby could be swapped for a baby with Down Syndrome.

Sarah asked Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson for help in locating a newborn baby with Down Syndrome whose parents might agree to the swap. CBJ agreed to help her.

CBJ asked other doctors if any of their patients were expecting a baby with Down Syndrome. An OB-GYN who practices in Soldotna, a town over 180 miles from Wasilla, who had privileges at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, told CBJ he had such a patient who was due in May. Sarah announced her pregnancy stating she was due in May.

Below are a couple of online reviews of this so-called doctor. Click the dates to view these reviews on the websites where they were originally posted.

Dec 16, 2009

During a one-hour initial visit, he spent very little time on why I was there. Instead, he repeated himself multiple times about his book and why I needed it, and how much I would like it. And then proceeded to charge over $370 for the visit, during which I gained nothing. Now I have to start from scratch with a new doctor, hopefully a real one this time.

July 02, 2007

Very bad experience with this doctor. Very rude. Cold. Unfeeling. Had a procedure done that was the most painful thing I've ever gone through (including childbirth and passing a gallstone!). Dr. only used a local anesthetic for D&C procedure. Local did not work. Was told not to scream. Does not believe in using sedatives or pain killers.

I also found that this doctor has been sanctioned by the medical board for professional incompetence and recording keeping violations. Click the following link for more information.

Evidently this doctor delivered Amber’s baby, possibly by C-Section since the note below indicates she has a post op visit coming up. I came to this conclusion because of this entry in the baby’s online baby book.

Thursday, May 1, 2008
Dr.Thompson & Staff
Amber, we just viewed you beautiful baby on line. He is SO precious! Bring him to your post op visit so we can ooh and ahh over him. Thanks, The girls & Dr. T

My theory is that Dr. T contacted CBJ on April 17 and told her Amber, who’s baby had Down Syndrome, was in labor. By this time Bristol’s preemie was a couple of months old and weighed over 9lbs. Sarah and Todd hurried home from Texas so Sarah could fake giving birth the next morning. Sarah’s fake birth was staged in the early AM when few people were at the hospital. None of the hospital staff was allowed in Sarah’s room. Amber required a C-Section when her labor failed to progress. Amber’s baby was born in the afternoon and the switch was made. Amber’s baby was secretly smuggled into Mat-Su Regional in time for the picture with the Heath’s that afternoon.

Amber may or may not have been in on the switch. The prospect of raising a baby with Down Syndrome could have been too much for her. Money plus a normal baby could have been tempting enough to get her to agree to the swap.

It’s also entirely possible that the switch was made without her knowledge when Amber was sleeping after having a C-Section. Imagine her relief if she was told to expect a baby with Down Syndrome and then the baby turns out to be normal.

Either way Dr. T laughs all the way to the bank.

The above is just a theory but it would explain why Amber’s baby looks so much like Tripp if they are in fact, brothers.

Pictures on the left are Jeremiah. Tripp is on the right.


I have removed the other pictures of Amber’s baby out of respect for their privacy.

Email me if you would like the link to the pictures.

To summarize: I think Bristol gave birth prematurely to the baby now called Jeremiah. Amber gave birth to the baby now called Trig. Bristol, upset about having to part with her first baby,  got pregnant again and gave birth to Tripp who bears a remarkable resemblance to Jeremiah.

As always please be frank with your opinions about my latest theory. Arguments for and against this scenario being possible are welcome. If anyone has any info to share please email me, especially pictures of Tripp that I may have missed. Thanks!



Heidi1 said...

Blade, if I follow you, Amber's baby "Jeremiah" is the preemie baby we call "Ruffles"? The photos don't show his ears. The doctor angle is fascinating. But your theory also is that Bristol was, in fact, pg onstage at the RNC and gave birth to Tripp late Dec. '08-early Jan. '09.

As much as I love theories and work on them myself, I feel a strong note of caution is in order. We must think about Amber, her husband and their Jeremiah. We are invading their privacy, and making innuendoes about what they may or may not have done. This is very thin ice. Dr. Thompson - not so much, as his records and sanctions are public.

I grant you, you've done amazing research about the doctor, and the coincidences are startling. A C-section D.S. child could actually look like the beautiful baby the Heath's are holding in the Mat-Su hallway.

Heidi1 said...

More thoughts/questions: Using your theory, what would be your explanation for the medical invoices submitted to the AK benefits people for "Trig Palin", supposedly born 4-18-08, for whom they demanded a birth certificate?

Kind of unrelated, but we need a complete, date-verified timeline array of photos showing Bristol during her pregnancy with Tripp. Was she running into the church on an icy sidewalk during her 8th-9th month? Was her ultra-padded 'bosom' slipping during the RNC?

Most importantly (and possibly worse-case scenario), has anybody approached Amber with these questions - who would dare? That could be a lawsuit looking for a place to happen.

Anonymous said...

Blade, has anyone ever checked the birth records for the first three months of 2008? Bristol had to give birth somewhere. Maybe near Aunt Heather's?

Your latest theory makes sense. But proving it will be difficult. If you could prove Bristol gave birth to a baby earlier in "08, it would prove that Sarah faked her pregnancy.

sandra said...

How would you account for the baby at the shower in May?

Grouchodawg said...

Where are either of these kids now? I haven't seen Ms. Quittypants hauling around her(??) kid lately.

Anonymous said...

Blade, dear,

Personally, I think your latest theory is just way too convoluted, and I also think it's a mistake to keep harping on this Amber woman's progeny. This is an invasion of her children's privacy. She is only a public person in the sense that she has a myspace page and she let her baby be included in the online nursery.

I don't think you're being prudent about your speculations.

Sure, anything is possible--especially with Sarah Palin--but, as I say, I think this latest speculation of yours is just waaaay too convoluted.

Anonymous said...

You are assuming that the story of the ultrasound scan is true. I don't think so. Who would knowingly have a Downs Syndrome baby and not prepare their family for that? I think she just reacted to Bristol's having a baby that LOOKED like it might have Downs (didn't she say Piper said the baby has Downs?), when actually it was the recessive Yu'pik (Mongol) traits coming out due to inbreeding. That's why they had to replace Ruffles, not really Downs. And that's why the story of the ultrasound. You can't really sound all noble and chosing lifey if you didn't even know there was a problem prior to birth. It maybe be pro-lifey, but it is certainly not noble to force your child to carry an incest baby to term. BTW, CBJ specializes in dealing with child abuse and incest victims.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...knowing Scarah she would have been trumpeting her Downs baby much sooner had she known about it...big pro-life cred.

Agnes said...

I agree with those who think we should stop dragging Amber and her baby into this. There is not a shred of proof that they have anything to do with the story. If I were Amber, I would be enraged about this and might be looking for a lawyer. I had my part in starting this theory, because of the baby's strong resemblance to Tripp, but I think it's wrong to keep it up.

That being said, I appreciate the work you're doing here, Blade, the time and energy you're spending, and just providing a place for us all to air our ideas. I know you're only trying to find out the truth, and that sometimes means following twisty paths that might lead nowhere. The problem with following this particular path is that it could cause a lot of pain and heartbreak to people who are most likely only innocent bystanders. I think it should be left strictly alone unless and until some solid proof presents itself.

It seems to me that we were on the right track when we were trying to isolate the facts and cut away the trimming.

Anonymous said...

Was watching the segment on Fox where Bristol (& Sarah) introduce Tripp....
Greta was asking how Sarah felt when Bristol told her she was pregnant...was she shocked, surprised?
Sarah starts saying how surprised she was when Bristol chimes in with..."We were all surprised!"
Sarah says, "Yeah, we were all surprised and starts babbling on about how Bristol could handle it because she was so great snd stuff and Bristol is looking mad at her Mom.

Why would a kid announcing their pregnancy to their Mom be surprised by the pregnancy?

Because there WAS no pregnancy?
Because she didn't think she could get pregnant so soon after giving birth and while nursing?

Anonymous said...

If Tripp is adopted it would explain why there is no record of the birth, the delay in getting photos out of Tripp (when you know the Palins would naturally tend to jump on any money train) and why Levi doesn't bother asking for proof of his paternity (assuming he accepted responsibility as an adoptive parent)

conscious at last said...

I don't think the Amber connection is relevant here, nor do I think it is necessary to a re-evaluation of Bristol's "possible" pregnancy with Tripp in 2008-2009. There are many other leads here, starting with where Palin's Deceptions left off.

Secondly, re: Trig, I think if there was a baby switch or a substitute baby, the place to start looking is the "puppy delivery" discussed in the E-mails released recently.

Blade- your hypothetical story involves too many suppositions. Yes, that doctor sounds heartless and unprofessional, but the leap to baby switching is unfounded. We need to start with the things we know-- the hard facts and then work from there.

Anonymous said...

And what in the world would make Bristol agree to just giving away her child?

FEDUP!!! said...

As I have been harping for over a year by now: SOMEONE GET SOME DNA DONE!!! IF your hypothesis is correct, neither 'Jeremia' nor Trip would have their prospective 'parents' DNA...

fashionplate said...

I have read almost all published theories about Babygate. I respectfully disagree w/ some of the previous comments.
There is an uncanny resemblance between Jeremiah and Tripp in the pictures.
With the dysfunctional Palin family dynamics, this switch could have happened.
Also, this switch could easily have happened because of desperation and survival. (I know nothing of Amber's circumstances, including her insurance situation, and family means of employment). I could see how a young couple, faced w/ a lifetime of care and medical expenses of a special needs child, might go along w/ the deception.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that while I was very upset by the photos that you took off I did think at the time that there was some resembelence to Trigg.