Friday, August 27, 2010

Clarification On My Last Post


I think I confused some readers with my last post. It’s really quite simple.

Amber gave birth to a baby on April 18, 2008 at Alaska Regional Hospital. I think Amber’s baby had Down Syndrome. That baby was switched with a premature baby that Bristol gave birth to sometime earlier because Sarah wanted a baby with Down Syndrome to use as a political prop.

The baby Amber gave birth to is now known as Trig Palin. He is, and always has been, the only Trig. Even normal babies lose weight after birth and this baby being premature and having Down Syndrome most likely didn’t feed well which is why he was smaller in pictures taken after the picture with the Heaths at the hospital. The ruffled ear was either not as malformed as it appeared in pictures and needed only a minor procedure or if a more complicated surgery was needed, it was performed before the RNC. Dr. Thompson, the OB-GYN who delivered Amber’s baby, also does cosmetic procedures so Sarah could have paid him to repair the baby’s ear, even if Trig was too young.

The baby Bristol gave birth to is now known as Jeremiah and is being raised by Amber, who may or may not be aware of the baby switch. This baby was not Ruffles. He was never seen with the Palins publicly. He is a cute little guy who looks very similar to Tripp Johnston, the baby Bristol gave birth to in December 2008.

I know I have put forth a lot of theories since starting this blog but I think this one has the most chance of being true. We know for a fact that Amber did give birth on April 18, 2008. We know for a fact that a doctor with questionable ethics, who was recently sanctioned by the Alaska State Medical Board, delivered her baby. We know for a fact that Jeremiah’s online birth announcement picture looks so much like Tripp that some of the readers here are convinced he is Tripp.

I believe in this theory but as always I am open to all ideas. Feel free to post anything here or email me with information or questions.



Heidi1 said...

Blade, you say that this OB-GYN Dr. Thompson also does cosmetic procedures?? Holy cow, he's quite the 'doctor'. Do you have a link you could provide which would substantiate that? There are thousands of different types of 'cosmetic' procedures, not the least of which could be a standard circumcision! Cutting to the chase, would he 'do ears'?

I still disagree with the idea of bringing Amber into this, but now I'd like to learn more about this doctor... hence my continued questions and musings. Maybe he plays a role in the whole saga after all, particularly if we're looking for a doctor who might be 'ethically-challenged' and $$ 'flexible'.

Do we in fact know if Dr. CBJ knew/knows Dr. Thompson, or was that a hypothesis? Is there any way to learn more about Dr. Thompson's religious affiliation? There seems to be a very strong correlation between religion and medicine in that part of Alaska. From my point of view, the ties run deep and could be nefarious.

Every clue helps, so I appreciate what you're doing, Blade. You get into some mighty murky waters here. But personally, I'm finding that it almost takes a criminal mind to unravel the HOAX.

Suggestion: Do a future post about the "Chocolate Lab" puppy emails. There is a significant clue there IMO. Thanks

Agnes said...

Well, Blade, it's your blog, and you get to decide what's acceptable here and what's not. It's a good thing, to my mind, that you propose a few different theories. None of us knows the truth, and it's only through all of us exploring different ideas that we might come up with something plausible.

Frankly, this current theory of yours looks like a dud to me. It surprises me that you like it so much. Amber is not the only woman in Alaska to birth a child on April 18, 2008. There are babies born every day of the year. Yes, this baby resembles Tripp a lot more than Ruffles does, but that's probably pure coincidence.

To carry off a switch without the parents' knowledge, you would need more than one unscrupulous doctor. Surely, if a baby is expected to be born with Down Syndrome, a pediatrician is present at the birth to examine it, in case of breathing problems and heart defects and other complications? Wouldn't such a baby be in intensive care? The nurses who work obstetrics must be able to tell one baby from another better than most people. There might be other family members around, not to mention the father, to see the little one's first minutes. Those ruffled ears would be kind of noticeable for their absence.

The doctor would need to spirit one baby into the hospital and spirit another one out, switch their ID bracelets, and get it to Mat-Su Regional in time for the afternoon press release. Sure, a doctor who is familiar with the hospital routine might be able to swing it, but it's a long shot, and if he's caught he's in big, big trouble. This is baby-stealing. The fact that he's left another baby in its place is immaterial. What amount of money would make it worth his taking this kind of chance, even if he's a really bad doctor?

The biggest hitch, though, is that it's next to impossible that Bristol would just trade in her baby for a model that her mother finds more politically useful. I think that Bristol's stubbornness was a real headache for Sarah all through this pregnancy and birth. She refused to abort, or to put the baby up for adoption. My guess is that she also refused to allow Sarah to adopt the baby formally. Bristol was too young to be married, and she possibly saw it as okay to allow Sarah to claim the baby publicly as long as Bristol was not separated from him, and as long as she retained the actual legal custody of him. She may have imagined she would finish school and then marry Levi, and the baby could be quietly transferred to their household after the hubbub of the presidential campaign had died down. Maybe she wasn't thinking that far ahead. Still, there was no way that Bristol would send her infant away to an unknown family and take, in his place, a fragile newborn with deformed ears and Down Syndrome.

Agnes said...

Well, Blade, this is your blog, and you get to set the rules here. It's good to try lots of different theories. I think that's the way we'll crack this in the end. Still, I think this one's a dud.

Yes, Amber had a baby on April 18, 2008, along with dozens of other Alaska women. This baby does look a lot like Tripp. The resemblance is uncanny, and most likely pure coincidence.

When a baby is expected to be born with Down Syndrome, there must be a special medical team on hand, a pediatrician, for instance, and intensive care nurses. These people won't fail to notice the difference if the babies are switched, and they're not going to accept, "Oh, look, he doesn't have DS after all, and those ruffled ears fixed themselves". They're going to do tests, maybe a DNA test.

It's a frighteningly serious offense for a doctor to allow two families to exchange babies with no legal oversight. To do it without the parents' knowledge is monstrous, and could land the doctor behind bars if he was caught, which he easily could be. What amount of money could stingy old Sarah come up with that would compensate for this risk?

Bristol is no angel, but she's not going to trade her baby for someone else's just to satisfy he mother's political agenda. I think Bristol's stubbornness was a headache to Sarah from the start. She wouldn't abort or put the baby up for adoption, and I don't think she let Sarah adopt him, either. She was too young to be married, but she hoped to finish school and marry Levi, and quietly transfer the baby to their own household after the campaign publicity had died down. She wanted to keep custody and control. No way was she going to send her baby away to people she didn't know and receive in return a fragile newborn with Down Syndrome. Not happening.

Agnes said...

Whoops! Apologies for the double post. The first one disappeared on me and I thought it was gone. Is there any way to delete one?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that Bristol DID allow Sarah to adopt Ruffles...Don't think Ruffles had DS, just looked that way due to Inuit heritage (no intensvie care team for Sarah?). They felt they could get away with this scam about DS with no problem, until Sarah was chosen for the VP run...then they knew they would need an actual DS prop baby to cart around. So Sarah & Todd made the switch to Round Ear. Perhaps abandoning Ruffles under the Safe Haven law? Bristol was very angry and upset...and when the family was introduced with Bristol holding Round Ear it showed. It especially showed in the daggers her eyes were shooting at Todd.

Heidi1 said...

Hoo-boy, Anon @ 4:31. Inuit heritage? Eye-daggers shooting at Todd? In my deepest, darkest fears, I've often wondered about that.

Ruffles did look 'dark' in the kitchen & shower photos, but I chalked it up to the photography and lighting. Even though I watched every second of the RNC, I didn't catch that. I'll try to find a link to a replay of the Wasilla-hillbilly RNC onstage pageant.

HP said...

I am exercising my right to disagree with this theory. A doc who "does plastic surgery" but does things too, in a rural backwater hospital, under less than optimal conditions (baby too young), is unlikely to do such a fine job with the plastic surgery that it doesn't show at all. If this obgyn-plastic surgeon had operated on the little ruffled ears, you can bet that baby would have long hair over his ears and a baseball hat over that.

My daughter had plastic surgery at approx. 15 months of age and again at 3 years of age by two different world-class pediatric plastic surgeons in a major medical mecca. If you look closely, you can tell she had surgery, and hers was relatively minor compared to ear reconstruction.

As for Ruffles looking "dark", a premature child that small is fairly likely to have jaundice. That might account for the coloring.

Anonymous said...

Heidi-not the RNC, the Dayton Ohio rally where the VP pick was announced.

Look esp. starting around 13:24 where Todd is introduced...Bristol jokes with Willow, but when she looks at Todd her expression completely changes and she looks down....

I know there are better examples with better closeups of the family, but I just can't find them now. If anyone finds a better link and posts it would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Another non-pregnant Palin photo from March 9-10? 2008. The blogger claims Palin was pregnant, but she sure doesn't look it at all. And the blog entry was made in late April, after the "birth", so perhaps she is just sucking up a bit or something. Says she took several photos but only shows us one.

WakeUpAmerica said...

From what sources did you gather this info? It is interesting, but is it all speculation or do you have hard-core evidence that this is true?

Anonymous said...

I do think that this senerio is very plausable. I also am sometimes afraid when blogs seem to get close then the Palin clean up sqad goes to work.... Nothing stops them not morals, not the law, not innocents. Very scary

Heidi1 said...

Anon @ 7:02 - Thank you very much! I'll watch the video and look for what you mention.