Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clearing Up A Misconception




I will clear up some confusion for you and your readers as to the exact location the Heath/Newborn Trig photos. Go to: http://www.ktuu.com/community/ktuu-welcometoalaskatrigpaxso-8194634,0,5629481.story Look at the photo of Grandpa Heath standing by himself. Notice the "admittance window" to his left in the background & the artwork on the wall to his right. This is the main lobby of the Birthing Center. Now look at the photo of Grandma & Grandpa Heath holding Trig. See the ruffled curtains & the red furniture? That is one of six, Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum rooms. I have done extensive research regarding the exact location where these photos were taken. I can 100% guarantee they were taken at Mat-Su Regional Hospital both in the birthing center lobby & in a labor/delivery room.

Thanks for clearing this up for everyone.



Regarding this picture of Chuck and Sally Heath holding the supposedly newborn Trig, I have seen it stated many times that the picture was taken in the hallway at Mat-Su Regional. I have to disagree with that.

Look closely. In the background you can see a group of balloons at the window. For that reason, I believe the picture was taken in a hospital room. I have never seen balloons in a hospital corridor. Windows are pretty rare in corridors, too.



Some say that Sarah was not admitted to the hospital but I believe that she was admitted. They had to make the fake birth seem as real as possible. I think Sarah was sequestered in a very private room and only people in on the deception were allowed to enter. The baby was smuggled in at some point that day.

Some other thoughts about this picture.

Chuck Heath is staring into the camera looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. I firmly believe he was in on the scheme all the time and his statement about Sarah’s water breaking was intended to make it seem more real. Thank goodness it had the opposite effect or it may have been awhile before we recognized Sarah for what she really is.

Sally, on the other hand, is avoiding looking at the camera.She is focusing on her husband. I suspect she is not as good a liar as Chuck so is letting him do all the talking. While she is in on everything, I don’t think she necessarily approves of the plan but is simply going along with it.

Neither of the Heaths are even looking at the baby at all which leads me to think this child is unrelated to them. Yes, they have many grandchildren but they seem totally disinterested. Trig could be a sack of potatoes, for all they seem to care.

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about this photo. If anyone has any information that I may have missed supporting the allegation that the picture was taken in a hallway, please send it to me. Any information re: babygate no matter how old could prove useful so don’t hesitate to send me anything or ask me any questions. You never know what might tip the scales of justice in our favor.




FEDUP!!! said...

Look also at the stance of Chuck: His arms are crossed, as in closing himself off of the baby, protecting himself against the outside world.

Sally looks very disapproving to me.

No love/connection between them and the baby!

The picture was definitely taken inside a room.

Have you checked the baby's features against any of the newborn ones from that day?

Anonymous said...

Lots of pink in them thar ballons!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your observations are right on! Chuck and Sally always give it away all the time, each in their own way.

Anonymous said...

Blade, I agree with you observations about the Heaths. But if Sarah was indeed admitted in her own private room, and the baby was smuggled in, why are there no pictures of Sarah and Todd holding the baby?? Do you know ANYONE who does not have at least one "hospital picture" of mom proudly holding her bundle of joy? It just doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

Those baloons are mylar and they are generally allowed.

Agnes said...

I understood that there was an announcement to the press made in the hospital corridor, with tv cameras present, and that these pictures were part of that. I can't remember where I saw it. Maybe someone from Alaska can tell us if it's true or not. Some hospital corridors have windows and some don't. This certainly might be a room, and Sarah might have been booked into it, but it looks odd with only Chuck and Sally there.

Anonymous said...

check the pattern of the babbt blanket... does it match any used in the newborn ward of the hospital.... or from another 'location?

Merry said...

Do you have an image of Levi with the hospital bracelet? I can't find it around anymore.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely something wrong with that picture of Chuck and Sally. Chuck has that same look that Sarah sometimes gets that says "I got away with this one!" and Sally just looks ticked off about something.

Blade, I disagree that Sarah was admitted to the hospital. If they were trying to make things look as normal as possible, they would have let the hospital photograph the baby and put the pic online. They also would have taken pictures with Sarah, Todd and the kids, not just with the Heaths. Nothing about Sarah's supposed hospital stay looks normal.

I had also read somewhere that the "Heath Photo" was taken in the hospital corridor during some kind of press conference announcing the baby's birth. I don't remember where I read it now.

themom said...

Anonymous said...
Those baloons are mylar and they are generally allowed.

August 31, 2010 1:11 PM

Actually I was making the observation that there was a great deal of pink color in the balloons...not whether or not they were allowed to welcome the new baby BOY.

Blade said...

Re: the balloons - I didn't mean that they aren't allowed in hospital corridors - just that corridors aren't usually decorated with balloons. Sally and Chuck may have been interviewed in a hallway but IMO, that photo was taken in a room.

Cotton said...

I noticed the pink balloon too. Things that make you go hmmm...

Pat in Branson said...

I think the balloons themselves look strange. The heart shaped one looks as though there is a face(s) on it and the others seem strange shaped for a new baby. Can't exactly put it in words. Could this actually be at someones house. Can anyone blow this up more and really look at those balloons

London Bridges said...

If you recall there was a newspaper story where someone offered to interview Bristol, but she declined to be interviewed.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Trig was born prematurely, and with health problems. Did he need neo-natal care upon his birth? If he did, then why would Trig be allowed out of that care, for photographs?

Anonymous said...

I recognize the expression on Chuck Heath's face - it is the same one on his daughter's face in this picture (http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2008-09-01-KTVAs.jpg) - the one that is supposed to "prove" that Sarah was pregnant.

With regard to the balloons, I don't think the color is evidence of anything in particular. The design on the balloons isn't clear enough to draw a conclusion from one way or the other.

Check out the website for KTUU for the story of Trig's birth on April 18, 2008 (http://www.ktuu.com/community/ktuu-welcometoalaskatrigpaxso-8194634,0,5629481.story). This link has 3 or 4 pictures taken during the Heath interview. The byline for the story is by Lori Tipton.
There is also a credit to a "Phil Walczak/KTUU-TV." Here is the link to one of the pictures (http://www.ktuu.com/community/ktuu-chuckheathphilwalczakktuutv-8194634bg3,0,2796523.photo)

Do you know if anyone has ever interviewed either of these people for more information re the interview?

Anonymous said...

no way is that baby a preemie born a month early - I don't care where the pictures were taken, it's not Trig

TriG was born with a hole in his heart, jaundiced, hearing problems, and maybe more - that is someone else's baby. Did Molly or Heather have a another baby?

lexcade said...

it's just odd to me that chuck's not even touching the baby. when my mom brought home my older sister, she said that my grandma 'slammed the door' in her face after grabbing the baby. that just doesn't look like a pair of happy grandparents to me. not at all.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me that the pics from the hospital .. # xxxx51 (very cute baby) has a ruffly ear.

Anyone good at photoshop?

OH and Save that pic before itdisappears!