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I have spent the past couple of days going back to the earliest reports and comments regarding Babygate. It was interesting to re-read some of them and compare them to what we now know.

Many posters were wondering back then why Trig’s birth wasn’t included in the online birth announcements from Mat-Su Regional. One poster, mike, near the bottom of the page, brings up that there was however a baby delivered to parents “Amber” and “Levi” on April 18th, 2008 at Alaska Regional Hospital a mere 45 min. drive from Wasilla. I clicked on the first link which now just goes to the current online birth announcements so I decided to visit the wayback machine aka internet archive. There are only 4 archived pages for Alaska Regional Hospital from 2008. The dates are April 23, 2008, May 23, 2008, June 23, 2008 and July 16, 2008. For some reason all 4 archived pages go to the same page of announcements with the last birth listed as being on March 31, 2008. Luckily, the link to Amber and Levi’s baby was saved by the poster, mike. Poster mike sees a resemblance between Amber and Levi’s baby and Trig.


I see a resemblance to another baby, though. Here is a collage I made. The baby furthest left is the one born to Amber and Levi on April 18, 2008. The other pictures are all of Tripp. I see two babies who look to be closely related. The noses and chins seem so similar. Could they be brothers?


Click here to see mike’s original post from September 11, 2008. It is near the bottom and has the link to the picture of Amber and Levi’s baby.

I suppose Levi could have fathered a child with this Amber but what are the odds of the baby being born on April 18, 2008? Could this have anything to do with that picture of Levi wearing a hospital bracelet?

Does anyone else think that this baby is part of the puzzle or am I seeing something that’s not there?




DiAnne said...

Remarkable. I think you are on to something here.

Anonymous said...

look at the baby's fingers far left, their not normal looking

GinaM said...

Okay that first picture of the baby identified as born to Levi and Amber...that pic is on this photo link which I got from the comments from YOUR site by Doot...Here is the link again:

MooseMom said...

Good catch, GinaM. I hope there's a GOOD explanation!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and following the links, any birth announcements for April 18th are no longer there...

Heidi1 said...

Blade - I have to admit, I see amazing similarities! My list: The shape of the head (very square), the flaring of the nose at the nostrils, and the distance from the bottom of the nose to the top of the upper lip. The little chin shape is identical. But what was most telling to me is the distance between the eyebrows, and how in all the pictures, you can see the little almost-frown, or 'knitting of the brows' look.

I could almost swear that "Amber" is the name of Bristol's best friend. Some months back, I read a rumor on one of the blogs that the Amber friend could actually have been the one who *might have* turned "Ruffles" in under Alaska's "Safe Haven" law which $arah signed into law on 2-11-08. That's where you can turn in a child "X" number of hours old to a fire station, no questions asked.

Is there any way to see how many "Levi's" there might be in that area? I can't imagine it's a very common name, but I don't live there.

Perhaps I'm muddying the waters here. Are we going to guess that Levi Johnston might be the father of this "Amber & Levi baby"? That baby and Tripp as a newborn are nearly identical, and we're taking it as a given that Tripp is Levi's son with Bristol.

Do the records show the last name of the baby born to Amber and Levi? I didn't follow the link you provided. When was Levi Johnston seen wearing a hospital bracelet?

Going wild here: So, did Amber keep the beautiful baby born 4-18-08 at the hospital 45 minutes from Wasilla, who might as well be a brother to infant Tripp supposedly born late December, 2008? Meanwhile, Bristol gave birth to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) "Ruffles" in let's say late March or early April 2008? Photos were taken of preemie Ruffles, with Levi looking every bit the proud papa. Ruffles would have ruined $arah's political ambitions, so 'voila', Tri-G is 'obtained' after $arah's miraculous 2-month pregnancy. We all know how politically advantageous Tri-G has been to $arah, don't we?

It's late, and I'm tired, but I think the baby in the left photo is the brother to Tripp. And perhaps Amber has something to do with why we've never seen Ruffles again.

Seems that April 18, 2008 was quite a momentous day for someone named Levi and someone named $arah.

Heidi1 said...

So, is poster "mike" thinking that Amber & Levi's baby might have been quickly spirited over to Mat-Su hospital in time to become the Down Syndrome Tri-G? I don't see how that could happen. A child can't be born at 12:01AM (for example) on 4-18-08 and be 45-60 minutes away at a different hospital on the same morning/day. But, I have to agree with Mike - the similarities are definitely there.

brown_fox said...

Great find. If this couple (Levi/Amber) can be traced, we can probably solve this!

Great Job! Keep it up! And Kudos to GinaM for keeping a hawk's eye on the pics seen!

Heidi1 said...

Can someone please teach me how to open up GinaM's link? I tried copying it and pasting it into a Yahoo search field, but no luck. If it's not a "live link", I've never figured out how to open something. Thanks much

Anonymous said...

I still believe Bristol gave birth to a baby in early 2008. When it was discovered the baby had FAS or DS, Sarah came up with her plan to fake her pregnancy and raise the baby. The pictures taken in the Palin kitchen with Mercede and Levi were with this baby. probably shortly after his birth. Sarah, wearing shorts in the photos, does not look like she just gave birth, but Bristol does. Levi is also in the photos, looking quite paternal.

If so...what happened to that baby? Did Sarah plan to wait until her planned May due date to present Bristol's baby to the world, only to have something happen to the baby, say in early April? So now she needed a replacement? If Amber was a friend of Bristols, could a deal have been struck to adopt her baby? Is that the reason that Sarah rushed back to Alaska on April 18 because Amber had gone into labor? Could the baby born on April 18 be "Ruffles?" Is this the baby in the baby shower pics taken in May 2008?

If so...why was the switch made to the rounded-ear Trig during the convention? And what happened to the last Trig? Did Amber just borrow him to the Palins, and later turn him in under the Safe Haven law? Or decide to keep him?

Another thought: Maybe Bristol wasn't due until late spring. Could this be Bristol and Levi's child born on April 18? Could Bristol be Amber?

Anonymous said...

Levi is quite the cad. I have no doubts he *could* have fathered 2 children around the same time.

just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

This baby is Tripp, who looks both like Chuck, and Levi as a child. Was it Audrey who just wasn't convinced Bristol was pregnant in fall of 2008? And don't forget, things were mighty secretive around Tripp's birth and first month or so; typical Palin style would have been to shout it from the rooftops. Could Ruffles have been their first shot at getting a DS child (from another family member or Lord knows where else?), and then they replaced him once they saw the FAS?

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly the baby born to Amber and Levi was a girl, yet had on the blue baby clothes which I thought was really odd at the time. Do you remember what the name of the baby was???

Gles said...

Heidi 1, I had no trouble copying the link from Gina I am using Firefox browser with google as my choice for searching as opposed to Yahoo. I copied the link then pasted it in the address I am there. Notice pic 113, it looks like the sling in an older thread we spoke about.

Agnes said...

Well, am I the only one whose head is hurting? That's Tripp. Look at the wide-spaced eyes, the big nose, the space between the base of the nose and the top of the lip, the chubby cheeks. There is also the picture of the baby in a blue sweater taken on a plane sometime in August or September 2008, long before Tripp's supposed birth. That baby looked four or five months old, just what this baby would be by that time. He looks like Bristol and Chuck. If Levi fathered a baby with "Amber", assuming "Amber" is not "Bristol", it wouldn't look like the Heaths. Mind you, I haven't seen "Amber". Maybe she looks like Chuck. Why in the world would they have published this picture if they were trying to keep the birth secret? Do you think young Tripp is actually two years and three months old instead of one year and eight months? There's a huge difference in a baby's development in those months. Our original suspicion was that Sarah faked a pregnancy and substituted Bristol's baby, born April 18, 2008. This would fit perfectly into that scenario. But then, this is not the baby presented at Trig! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a photo of Tripp's ears? This little fellow of Amber and Levi has a unique top ear. It curves at the top. Wonder if Tripp's are similar?

Anonymous said...

The baby on the left looks EXACTLY like the one of Trig pictured, they must have "used" April's baby for the photo-op.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your recent post about the gender of the babies, & whether there was ever a grand "daughter", my opinion is that Ruffles has very delicate features. They could possibly indicate a female, but this is conjecture.

Agnes said...

Anonymous at 10:23 pm, I think the baby may be double jointed, and that's why the fingers look strange. As for ears, a standard ear lines up with the eyebrow and the base of the nose. This baby's ears line up pretty well at the top, but go lower than the nose. In other words, somewhat large ears, and I think they are similar to Tripp's. The Harper's Bazaar article had some pictures of Tripp. If you search for "Harper's Bazaar" at Palingates, you will find a link. Also,Immoral Minority had some last Christmas when Tripp was allowed to visit the Johnstons.

Anonymous said...

Amber let the Palins borrow her newborn for photos of the newborn Trig, because real Trig was either too big to show as a newborn or fragile like Ruffles.

Anonymous said...

So, NO QUESTION that first baby is Tripp, regardless of who they say the parents are, it is Tripp. So, Tripp was born on April 18th. Weird, but then a long time ago someone hinted that Trig was Tripp before he was Trig or the other way around, my head hurts!

Heidi1 said...

I'll bet this involves massive insurance fraud. Remember there was that Alaskan agency (can't remember the name now) asking for Tri-G's birth certificate? Todd 'took care of it' by "calling them". They had been paying medical bills all along for "Tri-G's" care, and now needed proof of his birth.

So, were they paying for the pre-natal care of Ruffles, or *wow* the care of the "Amber & Levi" baby? Is there any way to find out who the attending physician was for the birth of the Amber & Levi child?

I can't accuse, because I don't know, but it feels like Dr. CBJ is mixed up in this big-time.

Anonymous said...

How many Levi's live in AK ?

Heidi1 said...

I just read over on Palingates that Mercede Johnston has a friend named "Amber". Maybe I was wrong about Amber being Bristol's friend.

Anonymous said...

I found this Wonkette item: "Check Out Levi Johnston's Meth-
Trash Ring Finger Tattoo" ; "Sept. 4, 2008.. What Will Levi Johnston Use To Hide His Schl.... He has one on his wrist that says 'Amber' and another on his arm that says..."


The actual post does not mention the wrist and arm tattoos (perhaps a link missing?), but it does state that, during the 24 hours he had to prepare for the Republican Convention, Levi "rushed" to have a "Bristol" tattoo done on his ring finger.

Agnes said...

Heidi 1, I think Bristol's friend is named April. It confused me too.

Ginger said...

Just read the post from Guest, over at Palingates. If this poster is telling the truth, and there is photographic evidence of her pg in March, 2008, then she couldn't possibly have given birth to Tripp in Dec.

Maybe, just maybe, this could be the smoking gun. The Palins will ignore it and "keep on trecking."

But not us...

LisanTX said...

Does anyone have a link for the interview Palin gave a few days after Trig's birth, when she and Todd brought Trig to work? I have a link to the ADN story, which formerly had a video. I can no longer find the video.

I'd like to watch the video to see what Trig looks like. The picture above was taken at the time the video that I am looking for was shot.

Here is the link to the ADN article:

Anonymous said...

I still say something's wrong with that baby's fingers, he doesn't have limbs (fingers) he seems to have 2 normal fingers and 3 that are stubs and rounded at the end.

Heidi1 said...

Ginger: That post by "Guest" on Palingates is a monster revelation, IF it is verifiable. I have no idea why Patrick over there never appeared to acknowledge its significance.

The very pg Bristol at end of March 08 would be RUFFLES. Ruffles (kitchen and baby shower photos) appears to suffer from FAS, an intolerable political situation for $arah. (On top of the fact that Bristol was unwed pg in the first place prior to unwed pg with Tripp). $arah had to scramble, concocting her own miraculous 2-month fake-pg to hide all of those atrocities. "Obtaining" Down Syndrome Tri-G was the perfect political ploy which solved a multitude of problems in one fell swoop.

Anon @6:22: What's this? Levi has "Amber" tatooed on his wrist?? Do we have photos?

Ginger said...

To: Heidi1

Yes, the post by "Guest" over at Palingates is a monster revelation, if verifiable. I think I can tell you why Patrick has never acknowledged it.

He is probably checking it out to make sure it is authentic. Another reason? Palingates believes in the "two baby" theory. They would not listen to my plea that Bristol was not pg a second time. Patrick said, "there is no proof Bristol was not pg a second time."

He cited sources "high up in Alaska" that verified Bristol was pg and gave birth to Tripp on Dec. 27, 2008. He was emphatic about this.

You know, Heidi1, you have to get over this Ruffles illusion. Can't you see how the McCain Campaign came in and wiped out everything but left these crumbs to distract and cause confusion? This baby, being held by Mercede, probably belongs to a friend of hers. Ruffles has nothing to do with the Palin family. Other than being borrowed for the baby shower, because he/she was smaller, I don't see any connection.

You've read the e-mail. A baby was born on April 17/18, 2008, and his name was Trig...not Ruffles. You go to extremes to make it so complicated, when it is so easy.

In my research, I have only found Bristol has given birth to one baby, Trig. That was why Sarah faked a pg and took him as her own.

Forget about Ruffles and all this FAS nonsense. I hope this helps...

Heidi1 said...

Ginger, I completely respect your opinion, and you are not alone in your thoughts.

But I have to respectfully disagree. If you really study the timelines of when Bristol left her Wasilla area high school due to a 5-month bout with "mono" (how '50's-'60's is that?), staying with I believe it was Aunt Heather, who corroborated the pregnancy (!), perhaps you'll rethink your theory.

I am the furthest thing from a drama-queen you could ever find. Tabloids and soap operas make me sick. I'm a very analytical person, and believe no rumors or tripe. Yes, I believe that this saga is in fact, very complicated. It reeks of $arah's well-documented Wasilla hillbilly political scratching, clawing, and lying to reach an undeserved and unattainable goal.

I'll explain how I reached my conclusions. Our local electric company had a planned power outage of about 12 hours one night. I took that time, by candlelight, to study the published timelines, both Floyd's and Palingates. I took into account my many months of reading about the Palin mindset, the Wasilla mindset, intertwined personalities and local religion. All the documented sightings, statements, investigations, and possible crimes. I made my own charts of the events, photos, political announcements, etc.

I reached the conclusion, with the help of incredibly accurate bloggers' investigations, that (1) Trigg is at the very least, Bristol's second child born approx. late Dec '08, with FAS Ruffles being (hopefully) the first, born late March-early April '08. And (2) $arah Palin "took delivery" of Tri-G (Dr. CBJ's words)on 4-18-08.

All of these charts, timelines, and theories are important to pursue. BUT, the ultimate goal is to comprehend and air the monumental significance they hold: a potential presidential candidate, propelled by far right-wing forces, has deemed it okay to foist this unthinkable HOAX OF THE CENTURY on our country's citizens and 235 year old political system.

I really appreciate your input, Ginger. No matter what the details turn out to be, we're all working towards the same goal: expose the liar, and hopefully, her puppeteers.

P.S. Thanks to Gles for helping me pull up the link to the photos.

Anonymous said...

"In my research, I have only found Bristol has given birth to one baby, Trig. That was why Sarah faked a pg and took him as her own."

so she didn't birth Tripp at all? Who is he then? Your theory doesn't hold water.

Anonymous said...

Levi and Amber Atwell of Fairbanks, AK had a daughter on December 19, 2007

conscious at last said...

I don't think there is any conflict between, on the one hand suggesting that BP gave birth to a child(Trig) somewhere between Jan.-April '08 and on the other hand questioning whether BP gave birth to a second child in Dec.'08 (Tripp). In any case, we can all agree that SP faked a pregnancy. If you go back to the comments on the previous post here, you will see some of the discussion regarding Tripp's questionable birth story.

What exactly happened to Trig or T-1 is obviously an important question and one that Blade has been looking at.

I think another way to "shake this tree" is to try to find out how both of these young children are doing now. Where are Trig and Tripp now?? Where do they live? Who takes care of them? Which Pediatrician up in the Wasilla area do they go to? Hey Alaskans have you seen these little guys around town??

GinaM said...

Levi and Amber Atwell had a baby girl on December 8, 2007. Here is the picture:

Ummmm....looks like two different babies. I don't know where "mike" got his picture from.

Ginger said...

To: Heidi1...

Your opinion is also respected. The main goal here is to prove Sarah faked a pg. That, thank heavens, we all agree on.

Since this has been going on for a good 1-1/2 years, we all get a little frustrated. In time, we will all find out the truth. I hope, before it is too late.

It is so difficult for me to believe that a pretty, popular, 17 year-old girl like Bristol could have been pregnant for 17/18 months! You talk like it's a piece-of-cake to have a baby at that age. It's not!

Do you know who delivered these babies? Where were they born? At lease with Trig, we have the name of the hosital, the doctor and proof invoices were sent to Sarah's insurance co.

Tripp was "supposedly" born on Dec. 27, 2008. To this day, no one knows the name of the doctor who delivered him. Only recently, Mercede and her mother said he was born at Mat-Su hospital. Of course, there is no way to prove it.

Something tells me Sarah is going to run for President. She doesn't want "that" job. She wants on the ticket as VP with Mitt Romney. We all know he dislikes her. But, she has so much power behind her, who can stop the momentum?

I'm scared. We all should be. Alaska will never hold her accountable for anything. There is enough evidence over at Palingates to put her in jail for 99 years.

Let's all be aware and most importantly, talk to each other. I want to do a post to list all the reasons that have led me to believe as I do.

Thanks to all who help with this...

Anonymous said...

"Do you know who delivered these babies? Where were they born? At lease with Trig, we have the name of the hosital, the doctor and proof invoices were sent to Sarah's insurance co.

Tripp was "supposedly" born on Dec. 27, 2008. To this day, no one knows the name of the doctor who delivered him. Only recently, Mercede and her mother said he was born at Mat-Su hospital. Of course, there is no way to prove it."

Nobody knows when EITHER child was born. There is no evidence that TriG was actually born at Mat-Su nor is there any evidence that he was born on April 18, 2008.

Ginger said...

To: Anon 2:02 PM

The e-mail tells us Trig was born (just like Sarah said) on April 18, 2008. If so, and Bristol gave birth to him, it would be impossible for her to have delivered Tripp on Dec. 27, 2008.

Who is Tripp? I'd sure like to know!

Just keep your eye on him...

Anonymous said...

more info here:

Amber and Levi's baby was born late afternoon on April 18th.

However...really curious....Bristol used the name "Amber" whenever she wanted to go anonymous...

Blade said...

Anonymous at 6:05 - Can you tell me your source re: Bristol using the name Amber when she wanted to go anonymous?



Anonymous said...


"Levi and Amber Atwell had a baby girl on December 8, 2007. Here is the picture:

Ummmm....looks like two different babies. I don't know where "mike" got his picture from. "

As someone else pointed out, the birth announcement listings are voluntary, so I am guessing the listing for "Jeremiah" was voluntary and then later altered when people began poking around after the VP pick. What parts were altered I do not know. Amber and Levi had a daughter about 4 months earlier, perhaps the two postings were merged?

In regard to the way the baby's fingers look-to me it looks like they are pressing on glass. Could the baby be in an incubator or something?

Anyone familiar with the clothes the baby is wearing?

Ginger said...

If anyone is interested, I have a CD I purchased from KTUU. Their affiliate, Quality Services, blew it up for me.

It is the video of Bristol going into the church/school on Dec. 15, 2008. At that time, she would have been 8-1/2 months pregnant. When the video starts out, Bristol is behind Todd, her cousin, willow and piper. She sees the camera to her left and takes off.

Bristol has her hands in her jacket pockets pushing the front out. There is ice and snow on the gound. She is practically running (I think KTUU spliced the tape to slow down her gait), ahead of everybody to get into the church. No one is helping or aiding her.

You should watch this video on a 45" screen. When someone, 8-1/2 months along, can walk/run like this, thru ice and snow with her hands in her pockets that would hinder her balance, it is truly an amazing feat!

Anonymous said...

What I find most interesting is that if the picture Mike linked to in Sept 2008 is a picture that was at some point presented as Tripp, then it's over. Tripp was supposedly born in Dec 2008 so how could that picture have existed three months prior?

Ginger said...

To: conscious at last

The video I mentioned in my last comment was one of the reasons "Audrey" started examining Bristol's pg during the campaign and wrote her post..."The Cornerstone"

Heidi1 said...

Ginger - I would appreciate your help. Is "Audrey" one of the blogs that ended up getting shut down after threats were received? Where can I read the "Cornerstone" post?

Blade - This won't help you one bit, but I too have read that Bristol sometimes used the name "Amber". I'm nowhere near the situation, so I am not a 'source'; just saying that I have read that on other blogs in the past.

To me, this aligns with the same mindset as $arah sneaking in the back door for her supposed "amnio" under the name Sarah Heath. IMO, hillbilly crap from people with a whole lot to hide.

Heidi1 said...

Ginger said:
"The e-mail tells us Trig was born (just like Sarah said) on April 18, 2008. If so, and Bristol gave birth to him, it would be impossible for her to have delivered Tripp on Dec. 27, 2008."

Ginger, what email are you referring to? You've got to remember that ANY emails about this subject are highly suspect. There isn't one iota of hospital documentation that TriG was born at Mat-Su Medical OR that he was born on 4-18-08.

It takes a giant mind-stretching effort, but if you put yourself real high up in the sky, and look down on this whole sordid mess, these are the possibilities/probabilities: TriG Palin was 'obtained' as a political prop to further advance the political goals of the far right-wing evangelicals in our country. $arah's father recently blurted, "$arah doesn't make the decisions". Look how well it's worked!! She is a complete hollow-brained puppet. How else can you explain billionaire Rupert Murdoch's support (think Fox 'News' and the rest of his media empire)? He obviously knows she's a blithering idiot, so why is he advancing her?

Tripp was born in late December, 2008, and was Bristol's second pregnancy (some rumors even have it being her 3rd, but there is nothing to substantiate that.) Bristol's pregnancy prior to Tripp was a preemie born either late March or early April, 2008, whom a lot of people have called 'Ruffles', with possible FAS.

And yes, Bristol could have become pg right away - it's happened since the dawn of man - and birthed Tripp late 12-'08.

If you're interested, Floyd Orr over at Palin Babygates has done an excellent job of explaining exactly who and what is behind $arah's unconscionable rise.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this, so correct me if I'm way off base, but isn't it possible that Tripp was born, prematurely on April 18, 2008? And kept hidden while perhaps a doll or adopted or borrowed baby was used for Trig? Then later, back he comes...when you see photos of both of them together they look about the same age to be honest. And couldn't you get an older baby to adopt? And also, it always seemed to me like they seriously overfeed Trig.

Ginger said...

To: Heidi1

Here is the e-mail...I am typing it out. You can see the PDF form over at Palingates:


Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 6:05 AM
To: Mason, Janice L (GOV)
Subject: Re: Health Dependent Enrollment
Update - URGENT

I called, thanks

----Original Message---

From: "Mason, Janice L (GOV)"

Date: Thu, 22May 2008 12:32:48


Subject: FW: Health Dependent Enrollment update

Todd - Please see important email below!!!
Thanks, Janice


From: benefits, benefits (DOA sponsored)

Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 4:10 PM

To: Palin, Sarah H (GOV

Subject: Health Dependent Enrollment update

Governor Palin~

This is a reminder from the Benefits Section to let you know that, to date, we have not received the dependent verification documents for your new child.

To ensure continued coverage for your newborn, please submit a copy of the child's Birth Certificate to us within 60 days of the date of birth. Claims submitted for your dependent child after this time period will be pended until this documentation has been received by the Benefits Section.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact our office. We would be happy to help.

Thank you!

Benefits Section Division of Retirement and Benefits PO Box 110203 Juneau, AK 99811-0203 Toll Free: 800-821-2251 In Juneau: 907-465-8600 Fax: 907-465-4668

This is an e-mail, Heidi1, not a rumor...not a theory...a real e-mail.

Yes, the Audrey I mentioned is the Audrey from PalinsDeceptions. Her blog was..."brilliant!"

Let me know if I can be of further help.

Thanks for your interest...

Heidi1 said...

Ah, OK...I see what's happening here. Thank you for taking the time to type out the succession of emails.

Yes, I have seen those. They prove only one thing: medical invoices were being submitted to the Alaska benefits people, for a child which was supposedly born 4-18-08. When that dept. started breathing down the neck of then Gov. Palin for a birth certificate, Todd, the knight in shining armor, CALLED THEM. You can't solve the dilemma of a missing b.c. with a phone call! Study up on the management staff at Mat-Su at that time, and find the intertwined connections with $arah's church and CBJ. Any shady deals would have been possible.

Here's the point: The benefits dept. "heard" somehow about this supposed birth. They demanded proof of said event, and Todd "called". Nowhere in that series of emails is it stated that there was an actual birth. It was an 'assumed' birth.

I think you're taking these emails as some kind of PROOF that TriG was born at Mat-Su on 4-18. Exactly the opposite.

Which goes back to an earlier post of mine about insurance fraud. IMO, Dr. CBJ was submitting pre-natal care invoices which were not for TriG, because there's no proof he was born there! Notably, there's not an admissions clerk, nurse, janitor, nobody, nor a photo of $arah in a hospital bed, to corroborate a damned thing about this 'event' which took place during a shift change in the middle of the night.

Ginger, your heart is certainly in the right place, but I daresay you're a bit naive. Never underestimate the depth of duplicity and evil the Palins will try to pull off for political and financial gain.

Again, how can I find Audrey's "Cornerstone" article? Palinsdeceptions is no more, as far as I can tell. Many thanks.

Gles said...

So if no proof of birth was given to the insurance company, would they then demand a reimbursement for pre-natal care bills paid?

Anonymous said...

Can you please post again how you know that the first photo is of Amber and Levi's baby, born April 18, 2008?

Marta said...

It's still there.

Blade said...

To Anon 6:10 AM - I know the baby's birth announcement and picture on the Alaska Regional website state that the child is the daughter of Amber and Levi. The daughter part must have been a mistake. By reading the guest book I learned the name of the baby's grandfather. I searched facebook and found him. He listed his daughter Amber Felger on his profile. I then looked at Amber's facebook and she has stated she has 3 children including 2 year old Jeremiah Alan so the name matches the name given in the birth announcement.


Ginger said...

To: Heidi!

Well, I thought you had seen the e-mail. I had wondered why you questioned it.

It is common knowledge Bistol was pg starting as early as Dec., 2007. Granted, she was in an auto accident in Feb., 2008. It was minor and the young fellow that hit her, had no insurance. When questioned if he thought Bristol was pg, he said he couldn't tell. It was Feb., cold and she probably had a heavy jacket on.

After that, to my knowledge, she was not seen again until the latter part of April. Tie that in with Sarah and Todd going to Mat-Su Hospital on the evening of April 17, 2008. The announcement the next day about Trig's birth in the ADN. Then, there is a KTUU picture of Todd (holding Trig), Sarah, Bristol, Willow and piper leaving thru the back door of Mat-Su on Sat., April 19, 2008.

Lori Tipton and her crew from KTUU were camped across the street. In Sept., 2008, Andrew Sullivan talked to Lori and she told Andrew she had seen Bristol in the hospital and she did not look like she had given birth.

Later, Patrick published an e-mail that proved Lori was not in the hospital but camped outside.
We found out her boyfriend, a radio announcer, was a big fan of Palins. This is an example of how good people will lie for her.

Andrew Sullivan went after the RNC demanding some evidence that Bristol was, indeed, pg. His efforts were in vain. He got zero. We all know how everyone remained quiet after P.O.'s announcement that kids were off limits.

For some reason, I knew you would challenge the e-mail and question it. It is the only piece of real evidence in this saga. It slipped out because someone didn't know how to interpret the meaning.

If Sarah sent claims to her insurance co. for Trig's birth, that means her name was on the invoices. It had to be. And, if her name is on the invoices, there is a good possibility it is on the birth certificate. All I'm asking is for people to be aware that this could be a possibility.

Now, to move forward, lets not discuss Sarah and her fake pg anymore. We've proven she did. Let's focus on the two children we know "exist." I'm sure Trig is o.k and being taken care of. Conscious at last's comment on where these two children are, who is taking care of them, is the important thing.

We have to concentrate on the weak links. I think they are Levi, Mercede and, of course, Tripp.

Again, thanks for your interest...

Heidi1 said...

To Marta, Ginger, and everybody: Thank you very much. I'm glad to see that "" is still there.

FEDUP!!! said...

In pic # 164, that toddler (Trig?) looks like a younger Levi...

Anonymous said...

Well, this is really interesting, that's for sure! I am trying to figure out what it might mean. I agree with those of you who think that the photo of "Jeremiah" looks identical to Tripp. I don't feel that the resemblance to any of the babies presented as Trig is as clear (not to me, anyway). If Tripp were born in April 2008, that would explain a few things -- for example, why Tripp is so huge in the Matt Lauer interview in May 2009. But he is not huge (appears to be a newborn) in the Greta Van S interview in February (unless it's a different baby, of course -- but I hate to even go there). Anyway, thanks, Blade, for pointing out that the photo posted in September 2008 looks exactly like Tripp, even though he was reportedly not born until the end of December. This is indeed a tangled web!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to find the photo of Levi with a hospital bracelet?