Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tricked By Tripp?


Thanks to an email from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous I now can say with almost 100% certainty that Levi Johnston is not the father of the baby born to Amber and Levi.

The Levi who was most likely involved with Amber is Joshua Levi Fleming. He and Amber were in court for a custody case in April 2008. There was also a domestic violence complaint that was dropped.

Click here to view the court cases involving Amber.

Click here to view court cases involving Levi.

Click here to read an article that gives Joshua Fleming’s middle name as Levi.

So where does that leave us?

I can't ignore this baby's resemblance to Tripp but I can’t figure out how he fits into this jigsaw puzzle.

I do believe that Tripp is older than stated. After watching the video of the Today show interview I was surprised at how big a supposedly 4 month old Tripp looks. He could be 13 months, in my opinion. Below is a picture I found of a 4 month old baby for comparison. Click the picture to read an article about a 4 month old boy being turned down for health insurance because he was too big. Note that baby weighed about 17 lbs. and was about 25 inches long. I really think that Tripp was bigger than that by quite a bit in early May 2009.

chubby baby

Here is  a link to the CDC Growth Chart for reference, too.

I don’t know where this is leading us. We could be on the right track or heading down the garden path. I know that Audrey/Palin Deception dismissed the notion of a connection in this post but that was before Tripp’s supposed birth.

I invite all readers to share thoughts, information, etc. All comments whether agreeing or dissenting are welcome. The more ideas floated the better chance we have of getting at the truth.




Floyd M. Orr said...

You know what I think, Blade. I never did think that Amber's baby had any involvement in Babygate; however, your discussions did lead me to my latest theory, which is simply that Ruffles is Tripp. Yes, I know there is a lot of dissension over this theory, and there is always the other one I have supported for some time, that Ruffles had FAS and was dispensed from the public eye in some manner.

I discussed the toes of Trig at PB a while back. This may indicate a good research issue for you. I noticed that both Round Ear and Ruffles seem to have slightly unusual toes. On my own feet, the tips of the toes are in a slanted, but relatively straight, line. The toes on the Trigs seem to have extra-long first and second toes with three shorter toes in a second tier. I have not been able to find a good shot of Tripp's toes except in the one photo of Levi holding a naked baby. I think it was in one of the magazine shoots. From the tiny glimpse of Tripp's toes on one foot, he does seem to show this two-tiered toe pattern, but I have no other photos showing Tripp's toes. Maybe you could dig up something on this that I have missed? Is this a common or rare toe pattern? Does it run in families? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think you are way out in right field. Diversion. Leave this other young couple alone.
There is plenty to look at, what with toes, cowlicks, ears, growth and size, eyes, the calendar, how many people actually live in those houses, why Todd is such an insufferable snot, taxes dodged, babysitters quit.

AKRNC said...

Anon @ 5:06, I agree with you in regards to this other baby. I really think it is just a coincidence, nothing more. However, what you said raises a question for me with the "babysitters quit" and Todd being an insufferable snot. We've seen evidence of his ignorant behavior but first time I've heard of sitters. To hear $arah and Todd tell the story, their family members are the only ones who ever watch the kids unless it was an employee that filled in as a sitter. Do you have more info on the babysitters' quitting? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

From Anon again: Nope, just guessing that there is a revolving door of people working for the Palins. I personally cannot imagine doing even menial work for them.
I cannot imagine that any one of them, or all combined, has/have the time or inclination to take care of the two or three toddlers 24/7.
There were several female relatives along for most of the book tour, but they started disappearing toward the end.
Looking back at the photos of the last two years, there is at least one obvious caregiver getting off a plane.
Just call it intuition based on a lifetime of observation about life on the ground.

Anonymous said...

What about the babysitters? We all know they exist....I recall $carah acknowledging that a previous preacher's wife babysat her kids. How old were Willow and Piper when $carah quit hiring people to take care of her kids?

It would also be interesting to hear from the parents of children that went to school with the Palin kids and the teachers that had then in the class room. Several years ago I heard stories from the mother of a girl named Willow that was in the same class as Willow Palin....there are a lot of people out there that now things.

Anonymous said...

Blade-- Can you post a side by side of the "fat" 4 month old above and the 4 month old "Tripp" ? I'm not good w/ photo shop but might be interesting comparison. Maybe also some "normal" 4 month old babies?


Anonymous said...

(Just a note from the PD days of word verification fun-- the verification for that last post of mine was "fatie" ! Ha!

Yellowgirl again

Anonymous said...

He does look much too big to be a four month old. I noticed he's knocked out cold, like he and Trig usually were at that age in order to "manage" them while in public.

Anonymous said...

of course he's knocked out - if he woke up and started blathering away, people would have seen he's much older than a couple months - he was probably able to stand while holding on. He looks to me like he weighs around 19-20 lbs. I currently have a 1 year old boy in the house and when he lays across my lap he is about that size, maybe smaller.

Ginger said...

I'd like to share my thoughts of how all this baby controversy started. Bear with me...

When the RNC decided to announce Bristol was five months pg, they satisified a great number of voters. But, not the bloggers. The bloggers were trying to tell relatives/friends etc. that Sarah faked a pg. We got slapped in the face with..."Bristol is five months pg." Boy, did that shut us up.

Now the RNC knew, we knew, Sarah did fake a pregnancy. Audrey's blog had so much evidence it was very intimidating to them. The RNC put out these rumors just for the benefit of the bloggers. "Bristol gave birth to a premie in--late January--early February--and the last date I heard was...'early 2008.' Trig was kept in an NICU until he was ready to be presented which was presumably on April 18, 2000."

Add all this nonsense to the picture of Mercede holding the baby Ruffles whith the caption under the picture that said, "Triggybear." The McCain campaign left this picture and Bristol's face book comments on the net to confuse and obfuscate. To this day, the face book comment by Bristol, posted in May, 2007, where she is telling a friend her mother thinks she is pg, still has people thinking she was on that date and tie that in with a premie in early 2008.

Other rumors were added (adoptions, FAS, etc.) as the story went along. Everyone at PD was trying to fit in a timeline to make room for Bristol to have given birth to a premie in early 2008, so she could have given birth to Tripp in Dec. 2008. It was a crazy time. There was one other poster who agreed with me. His name was "Dangerous." He told us we were all down a "rabbit hole." He was smart enough to figure out it was not likely for a 17 year-old girl to give birth to two babies in one year.

I wholeheartedly agreed him but he was hellbent on it being Willow who gave birth to Trig. More confusion and it took months for Audrey to convince "Dangerous" she wasn't.

When the RNC spread these rumors, I'll bet they thought...what are the odds anyone, I repeat, anyone...would believe a mother faked a pg and the daughter did too. This is not a recent observation, you can go to Gryphen's blog in March, 2009, there you can find a post (it was with a picture of Bristol showing up at the 2009 Iron Dog with a pillow under her sweatshirt and her jacket wide-open for everyone to see). In the post, I asked Gryphen the same thing. If a mother can fake a pg...why can't the daughter? He never replied.

Stop and think of all the time and effort spent on all these phoney stories. One-and-a-half years and how many babies have we looked at?

So many people have said..."all Sarah had to do was show a birth certificate." When Sarah, with Dr. CBJ's help, faked the pg, I just can't help believe she didn't finalize it with a b/c.
If you understand Wasilla, the cult atmosphere, the connection between Sarah's church, Dr. CBJ and Mat-Su hospital and the mindset of these people, you can see how they pulled it off.

Sarah was all ready to run for VP and she didn't fake a pg for nothing. She wanted her family to look pristine and for people (outside of Alaska) to never know Bristol was even pg.

In another post, I will give you my reasons the RNC did't want to use Sarah's b/c.

I'll be back...

Gles said...

I have never seen this pic before.....look at the ear(left)...could Bristol be trying to cover the ruffle? I zoomed in on the pic.....

Blade said...

Hi Gles - I have seen that picture before. I don't think there's anything going on re: the ear but I also don't think that is really Tripp. New post on that subject coming soon.

Anonymous said...

It bothers me that when you used the Way Back Machine you could not get to the list of babies for April. It seems odd that a guy called Joshua and known as Josh in high school would suddenly go by Levi. If you go to archives and look up on May 12, 2008-type in Jeremiah Alan Amber Felger and the birth announcement story comes up. Add the word Levi you get nothing. Same with Joshua and Fleming. ADN gets verified lists of births from the hospital. It just seems odd.

conscious at last said...


Good Stuff- I am looking forward to your next installment. Along with Tripp's fudged birth story, the fires, Sherry Johnston's arrest, I have always wondered why the Johnston's computers were hacked/cleared and why the McCain campaign stationed their folks at the Johnston's home. The stakes had to be pretty high, something very big was being covered up or "reframed" for a "different story."

I think we reach a dead end if we are looking for local Alaskan babies to explain the Trig & Tripp stories. It seems that SP probably had a ready supply of infants through the F.Graham/Dominionst network. Remember the e-mail to SP that referenced the delivery of a "puppy?"

I'll repeat here another suggestion for Blade and others. If we want to keep the babygate process alive, I think we need to look at WHERE these children are NOW. The complex hoax may become more clear to some if we can show that the Palins are not the primary caretakers of these children. WHERE do theses little guys REALLY live? WHO really takes care of them every day?