Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clearing Up A Misconception




I will clear up some confusion for you and your readers as to the exact location the Heath/Newborn Trig photos. Go to: http://www.ktuu.com/community/ktuu-welcometoalaskatrigpaxso-8194634,0,5629481.story Look at the photo of Grandpa Heath standing by himself. Notice the "admittance window" to his left in the background & the artwork on the wall to his right. This is the main lobby of the Birthing Center. Now look at the photo of Grandma & Grandpa Heath holding Trig. See the ruffled curtains & the red furniture? That is one of six, Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum rooms. I have done extensive research regarding the exact location where these photos were taken. I can 100% guarantee they were taken at Mat-Su Regional Hospital both in the birthing center lobby & in a labor/delivery room.

Thanks for clearing this up for everyone.



Regarding this picture of Chuck and Sally Heath holding the supposedly newborn Trig, I have seen it stated many times that the picture was taken in the hallway at Mat-Su Regional. I have to disagree with that.

Look closely. In the background you can see a group of balloons at the window. For that reason, I believe the picture was taken in a hospital room. I have never seen balloons in a hospital corridor. Windows are pretty rare in corridors, too.



Some say that Sarah was not admitted to the hospital but I believe that she was admitted. They had to make the fake birth seem as real as possible. I think Sarah was sequestered in a very private room and only people in on the deception were allowed to enter. The baby was smuggled in at some point that day.

Some other thoughts about this picture.

Chuck Heath is staring into the camera looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. I firmly believe he was in on the scheme all the time and his statement about Sarah’s water breaking was intended to make it seem more real. Thank goodness it had the opposite effect or it may have been awhile before we recognized Sarah for what she really is.

Sally, on the other hand, is avoiding looking at the camera.She is focusing on her husband. I suspect she is not as good a liar as Chuck so is letting him do all the talking. While she is in on everything, I don’t think she necessarily approves of the plan but is simply going along with it.

Neither of the Heaths are even looking at the baby at all which leads me to think this child is unrelated to them. Yes, they have many grandchildren but they seem totally disinterested. Trig could be a sack of potatoes, for all they seem to care.

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about this photo. If anyone has any information that I may have missed supporting the allegation that the picture was taken in a hallway, please send it to me. Any information re: babygate no matter how old could prove useful so don’t hesitate to send me anything or ask me any questions. You never know what might tip the scales of justice in our favor.



Monday, August 30, 2010

If I Were A Gambler


I would be willing to bet that the picture I linked to in my last post IS Trig Palin. Why you may ask. Well, one reason is because I see a strong resemblance. But there are more important reasons that I will explain below.


69051 sarah-palin-and-trig-palin


Type www.matsuregional.com in your address bar. Then click Maternity Services on the right side of the page. On the next page, click the baby feet on the left for the online nursery. Click the search and you will see you need a password to view the babies.

But there’s a trick… Click the following link. http://valley.fasthealth.com/index_flash.php

Then on the services tab, choose Mother/Baby.

On the next page, from the links on the left choose Online Baby Nursery. Do not use the Mat-Su Regional 365 Tiny Toes Web Nursery link from the main part of the page because that will take you to the page where you need a password. The Baby Nursery Page comes up.

You can search by date, name or code. Choose name and a list comes up. You can keep going back through the list by choosing next 30 to reach April 18, 2008. There are two babies listed for that date. Baby 69049 born at 1:27 AM and baby 69052 born at 2:10 PM. So what happened to babies 69050 and 69051? Why aren’t they on the list?

Most likely because their parents requested they not be included in the online nursery.

But we can still view these babies. Right click on a picture of any of the babies and then click on properties. You can now see the URL for the picture. I will use http://valley.fasthealth.com/pictures/babies/source/69052.jpg 

Change the number at the end and you can view the missing babies.

We know Sarah and Todd didn’t list Trig or they had his name removed from the list. Still 69051 looks like Trig to me.

No, I don’t think Sarah birthed him. He was either smuggled into the hospital that day or born to Bristol but Sarah had pretended she gave birth.

So what excuse could she and Todd give to not let the hospital photographer take pictures of the most famous baby in Alaska?

There was no plausible excuse they could give. Thus there’s that pesky picture of a tiny baby in a sleeper that’s way too big.



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is It Just Me?


While I was looking at old online birth announcements from Mat-Su Regional, I came across a picture of a baby that was likely born on or shortly after April 18, 2008. I know this because someone shared a birth announcement with me for a baby born on April 18, 2008 at 1:27 am. By changing the number at the end of the URL, I was able to view the babies born before and after the one I had the link for. This baby was born after the one one in the link I was sent.

I am posting a link to the picture instead of putting it here because the picture distorts when I try to post it. Please take a look at the picture.


Is it just me or does that baby look a lot like Trig looks in this picture?


I remembered reading on Palin Deception that there was evidence that Trig was once included in the online nursery. Here’s what Audrey wrote:

Here's another piece of weirdness.  Much has been made of the fact that there was no announcement of Trig Palin's birth on the Mat-Su Hospital website.  But a clever search engine friend has led us to the following discoveries.  I am quoting from his email directly.

You should note that there apparently was a Trig Palin birth announcement up on the Matsu Hospital website, but it was taken down. Run this Google search, and see what you get:
trig palin site:www.matsuregional.com
How about that?! Then try: trig site:matsuregional.com
No mention of Trig on those pages, but there certainly appears to have been one at one time. I have tried all the search engine caches, however, and it's too late to see what it said. Apparently, it was put up and then taken down.

I tried it and it works.  Try it for yourself.  The explanation as I understand it is that Google "remembers" that those words were on that page even if the words are no longer there.  Here is a screen shot I took when I tried it.

Please give me your honest opinion whether you agree or disagree with me about the baby picture linked to above resembling Trig.




Saturday, August 28, 2010

Questions and Answers


I have been asked a number of questions recently by email as well as in the comments section here. I will try to address them in this post.

  1. Doesn't Todd’s best snow machining buddy, Scott Davis owner of Davis Block & Concrete Co.,live in Soldotna? Yes.
  2. Is there any connection between Scott Davis &/or Todd Palin & Amber? I haven’t found a connection but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
  3. Why wouldn't Amber give birth at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna? See birthing center @ http://www.cpgh.org/body.cfm?id=71 Do they perform C Sections? They do perform C-Sections. Amber likely had to go to Alaska Regional because Dr. Thompson didn’t have privileges at CPGH. The only hospital affiliation listed for him is Alaska Regional.
  4. This comment makes it sound as if Dr. Thompson had never seen Jeremiah: "Amber, we just viewed you beautiful baby on line. He is SO precious! Bring him to your post op visit so we can ooh and ahh over him. Thanks, The girls & Dr. T". Why would the staff & Dr. T be viewing Jeremiah's photo online on May 1 if he was born on April 18? I’m fairly certain that Dr. Robert G. Thompson must have delivered the baby since their remark refers to her post-op visit and from that I gather she must have had a C-Section. The office girls probably just signed the book that way.
  5. Why would Bristol agree to switch her normal healthy baby with a DS baby? I think Todd and Sarah are very controlling. I would bet that Bristol was told that she would ruin Sarah’s chances to get the VP nomination if she didn’t go along with their plans. Bristol may also have been promised rewards for her cooperation.
  6. Did you ever find out if the father of Amber's baby born on April 18, 2008 really exists or is he a "red herring"? Yes, he exists and his name is Joshua Levi Fleming.
  7. Doesn't Franklin Graham, Sarah's BFF, operate Alaska Christian College & Samaritan's Purse out of Soldotna? Yes.
  8. Why are they feeding Trig a bottle at the baby shower on May 4? Didn't Sarah say she breastfed Trig? Sarah claimed to breastfeed Trig but while not impossible if an adoptive mother prepares ahead of time, I don’t think Sarah ever really breastfed Trig. Babies with Down Syndrome have difficulty and the extra time it would have taken to get him to nurse properly would have required a level of dedication to the infant that I don’t believe Sarah had.
  9. Do you know if Amber ever lived in Wasilla. If so, do you have the approximate years? I have found indications that an Amber Gayle Felger did live in Wasilla on people search type websites. I can’t ascertain the time period.
  10. Blade, you say that this OB-GYN Dr. Thompson also does cosmetic procedures?? Holy cow, he's quite the 'doctor'. Do you have a link you could provide which would substantiate that? http://www.thompsonobgynanchorage.com/ and  http://www.calciumlie.net/about-the-calcium-lie-authors.html
  11. Do we in fact know if Dr. CBJ knew/knows Dr. Thompson, or was that a hypothesis? I can’t find an association between them.
  12. Is there any way to learn more about Dr. Thompson's religious affiliation? I have searched but haven’t found any clue as to his religious affiliation.
  13. Surely, if a baby is expected to be born with Down Syndrome, a pediatrician is present at the birth to examine it, in case of breathing problems and heart defects and other complications? Wouldn't such a baby be in intensive care? Dr. Thompson apparently has pediatric training, too. I have read a lot about the births of babies with Down Syndrome and many mothers state that their babies didn’t need special care. That fact is a reason why many believe Sarah’s tale of The Wild Ride.
  14. From what sources did you gather this info? It is interesting, but is it all speculation or do you have hard-core evidence that this is true? The baby switch is speculation. The resemblance between the baby Amber is raising and Tripp is very real. That Amber gave birth on April 18, 2008 is verified by the hospital birth announcement. Dr. Robert Thompson was sanctioned by the Alaska Medical Board for professional incompetence and recording keeping violations.
  15. Using your theory, what would be your explanation for the medical invoices submitted to the AK benefits people for "Trig Palin", supposedly born 4-18-08, for whom they demanded a birth certificate? Sarah was admitted to the hospital to fake the birth. We don’t know how many people at Mat-Su Regional were in on the deception. The insurance department would have been expecting to be billed and it would have looked strange if no bills were submitted.
  16. Blade, has anyone ever checked the birth records for the first three months of 2008? Bristol had to give birth somewhere. Maybe near Aunt Heather's? I have gone through some of the online birth announcements of Alaska Regional and Mat-Su Regional for that time period but not thoroughly as the method for doing it is time consuming. If anyone is interested in doing some checking on these announcements, please email me and I will send you the instructions. bladecatz@mail.com 
  17. How would you account for the baby at the shower in May? In my theory, that baby is Amber’s birth child being used as Trig. I don’t believe Ruffles is a separate baby, he and Trig are one in the same.
  18. You are assuming that the story of the ultrasound scan is true. I don't think so. Who would knowingly have a Downs Syndrome baby and not prepare their family for that? I think Bristol had the ultrasound to which Sarah refers. Sarah didn’t want a lot of attention while faking the pregnancy so the Down Syndrome was not to be mentioned until the baby was born.

If anyone has additional questions you can ask them here or by email. See question 16 for my email address. As always any info sent to me is appreciated and will be kept strictly private.

Thanks to those who have sent me links and other information.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Clarification On My Last Post


I think I confused some readers with my last post. It’s really quite simple.

Amber gave birth to a baby on April 18, 2008 at Alaska Regional Hospital. I think Amber’s baby had Down Syndrome. That baby was switched with a premature baby that Bristol gave birth to sometime earlier because Sarah wanted a baby with Down Syndrome to use as a political prop.

The baby Amber gave birth to is now known as Trig Palin. He is, and always has been, the only Trig. Even normal babies lose weight after birth and this baby being premature and having Down Syndrome most likely didn’t feed well which is why he was smaller in pictures taken after the picture with the Heaths at the hospital. The ruffled ear was either not as malformed as it appeared in pictures and needed only a minor procedure or if a more complicated surgery was needed, it was performed before the RNC. Dr. Thompson, the OB-GYN who delivered Amber’s baby, also does cosmetic procedures so Sarah could have paid him to repair the baby’s ear, even if Trig was too young.

The baby Bristol gave birth to is now known as Jeremiah and is being raised by Amber, who may or may not be aware of the baby switch. This baby was not Ruffles. He was never seen with the Palins publicly. He is a cute little guy who looks very similar to Tripp Johnston, the baby Bristol gave birth to in December 2008.

I know I have put forth a lot of theories since starting this blog but I think this one has the most chance of being true. We know for a fact that Amber did give birth on April 18, 2008. We know for a fact that a doctor with questionable ethics, who was recently sanctioned by the Alaska State Medical Board, delivered her baby. We know for a fact that Jeremiah’s online birth announcement picture looks so much like Tripp that some of the readers here are convinced he is Tripp.

I believe in this theory but as always I am open to all ideas. Feel free to post anything here or email me with information or questions.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Switch?


I had come to the conclusion that the baby born on April 18, 2008 at Alaska Regional had nothing to do with Babygate but then I had one of those “what if” moments.

What if Bristol gave birth in early 2008 to a premature but otherwise normal child but a baby with Down Syndrome had been expected? Perhaps something like the following occurred.

Sarah said the technician told her the baby’s neck looked a little thick on the  ultrasound scan in Going Rogue. She also said that she remembered hearing that was a sign of Down Syndrome. That story could have been true except that it was Bristol having the ultrasound instead of Sarah and that might have been all Sarah needed to hear to convince her that Bristol’s baby had Down Syndrome. She might have considered it Bristol’s punishment for having pre-marital sex.

Sarah decided to send Bristol to live with Heather and fake a pregnancy so she and Todd could raise the special needs child as their own. This course of action would kill two birds with one stone. First, it would save Sarah from the political embarrassment of having it known that she had an unwed pregnant teenage daughter. Second, she could gain political clout by choosing life for a baby she knew would be born with Down Syndrome. She knew that she was under consideration for the VP nomination and keeping her family values image clean was very important; brownie points scored with Christian Evangelicals and right to life groups for not aborting were an added bonus.

But before the plan was even put in motion, Bristol delivered a normal though premature baby. Sarah was upset because she was counting on a baby with Down Syndrome to use as a political prop. Then Sarah had an idea that maybe Bristol’s baby could be swapped for a baby with Down Syndrome.

Sarah asked Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson for help in locating a newborn baby with Down Syndrome whose parents might agree to the swap. CBJ agreed to help her.

CBJ asked other doctors if any of their patients were expecting a baby with Down Syndrome. An OB-GYN who practices in Soldotna, a town over 180 miles from Wasilla, who had privileges at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, told CBJ he had such a patient who was due in May. Sarah announced her pregnancy stating she was due in May.

Below are a couple of online reviews of this so-called doctor. Click the dates to view these reviews on the websites where they were originally posted.

Dec 16, 2009

During a one-hour initial visit, he spent very little time on why I was there. Instead, he repeated himself multiple times about his book and why I needed it, and how much I would like it. And then proceeded to charge over $370 for the visit, during which I gained nothing. Now I have to start from scratch with a new doctor, hopefully a real one this time.

July 02, 2007

Very bad experience with this doctor. Very rude. Cold. Unfeeling. Had a procedure done that was the most painful thing I've ever gone through (including childbirth and passing a gallstone!). Dr. only used a local anesthetic for D&C procedure. Local did not work. Was told not to scream. Does not believe in using sedatives or pain killers.

I also found that this doctor has been sanctioned by the medical board for professional incompetence and recording keeping violations. Click the following link for more information.


Evidently this doctor delivered Amber’s baby, possibly by C-Section since the note below indicates she has a post op visit coming up. I came to this conclusion because of this entry in the baby’s online baby book.

Thursday, May 1, 2008
Dr.Thompson & Staff
Amber, we just viewed you beautiful baby on line. He is SO precious! Bring him to your post op visit so we can ooh and ahh over him. Thanks, The girls & Dr. T

My theory is that Dr. T contacted CBJ on April 17 and told her Amber, who’s baby had Down Syndrome, was in labor. By this time Bristol’s preemie was a couple of months old and weighed over 9lbs. Sarah and Todd hurried home from Texas so Sarah could fake giving birth the next morning. Sarah’s fake birth was staged in the early AM when few people were at the hospital. None of the hospital staff was allowed in Sarah’s room. Amber required a C-Section when her labor failed to progress. Amber’s baby was born in the afternoon and the switch was made. Amber’s baby was secretly smuggled into Mat-Su Regional in time for the picture with the Heath’s that afternoon.

Amber may or may not have been in on the switch. The prospect of raising a baby with Down Syndrome could have been too much for her. Money plus a normal baby could have been tempting enough to get her to agree to the swap.

It’s also entirely possible that the switch was made without her knowledge when Amber was sleeping after having a C-Section. Imagine her relief if she was told to expect a baby with Down Syndrome and then the baby turns out to be normal.

Either way Dr. T laughs all the way to the bank.

The above is just a theory but it would explain why Amber’s baby looks so much like Tripp if they are in fact, brothers.

Pictures on the left are Jeremiah. Tripp is on the right.


I have removed the other pictures of Amber’s baby out of respect for their privacy.

Email me if you would like the link to the pictures.

To summarize: I think Bristol gave birth prematurely to the baby now called Jeremiah. Amber gave birth to the baby now called Trig. Bristol, upset about having to part with her first baby,  got pregnant again and gave birth to Tripp who bears a remarkable resemblance to Jeremiah.

As always please be frank with your opinions about my latest theory. Arguments for and against this scenario being possible are welcome. If anyone has any info to share please email me, especially pictures of Tripp that I may have missed. Thanks!



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Key


A very well-known blogger posted this awhile back. “I will give you this hint, which I have mentioned in the past, the key to this mystery is in the birth dates.”

That quotation is from this post This post also states that Trig is Sarah’s and that the blogger making these statements had known for about six months that Trig was not Bristol or Levi’s baby.

Here are my thoughts about what these statements might mean.

We know that Sarah did not give birth to a baby on April 18, 2008 or any other date in 2008. There is too much photographic evidence to believe otherwise.

We know that a baby was presented as Trig Palin in April of 2008. We know a different child was presented as Trig in the fall of 2008. Why the switch?

I think the child being held in the hospital by Chuck and Sally Heath grew into the round ear Trig we recognize from the RNC. The features of these babies match, in my opinion.



So where does the baby below, also presented as Trig until sometime in May, fit into this puzzle?



To make sense of this we need to go back to the time when Sarah decided to fake her pregnancy. Why would the Governor of Alaska pretend to be pregnant? I can think of only one reason. Her teenage daughter was pregnant and she didn’t want to deal with the political embarrassment and consequences. Sarah believed in abstinence only sex education. She couldn’t have her teenage daughter walking around pregnant; living proof that teaching only abstinence wasn’t working. She was being considered as a VP candidate. Her daughter’s pregnancy coming out would almost have certainly been the end of that.

So the teenage Bristol was sent to live with Sarah’s sister in Anchorage where she wouldn’t be as noticeable. Unfortunately, they waited a little too long to send Bristol away from Wasilla and a few rumors started. Sarah tried to quell them as best she could but they would later prove troublesome.

Sarah announced her own pregnancy about ten weeks before Bristol’s due date. She didn’t like having to appear pregnant so by waiting so long to announce she knew she wouldn’t have to wear the disguise for very long.

Unfortunately, Bristol gave birth early to a tiny preemie with an ear deformity. Possible Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was diagnosed. Sarah couldn’t present this baby as her own. She considered faking a miscarriage but she would be expected to be grieving. She needed to be seen as strong and capable to keep her VP dreams alive. Sarah asked her family doctor to assist her in finding a baby. CBJ owed Sarah a lot so even though it was unethical she agreed to try.

While Sarah was in Texas in April to make a speech she got a call from CBJ. A newborn had been turned in under the Safe Haven Law that Sarah, herself had signed just a couple of months earlier. Sarah gave her speech and then she and Todd embarked on The Wild Ride back to Alaska to claim the child.

Sarah was surprised that the baby had Down Syndrome but realized it would be a political plus. They released a statement saying only that they knew through early testing that the baby had special challenges. A few days later the Down Syndrome diagnosis was made public.

Soon after the baby’s picture appeared on television. and in the newspapers, the baby’s parent or parents came back claiming they had decided against giving the baby up. It’s possible they wanted money from Sarah and Todd to keep quiet. The Safe Haven Law does allow for a change of heart. So the adoption, whether formal or informal, was delayed.

In the meantime, Sarah needed a baby to play the part of Trig and since Bristol’s baby was tiny and Trig was supposed to be a preemie, Sarah substituted him. She tried to keep the malformed ear from being photographed but a few pictures made it onto the Internet without Sarah knowing it at the time.

Sometime in May, Sarah and Todd were finally able to gain custody of the newborn first presented as Trig. Bribery or threats may or may not have been used to persuade the baby’s birth parent or parents to let the Palin’s raise the child but I would be surprised if the cost of raising a child with Down Syndrome wasn’t spelled out for them. The first Trig rejoined the family and the ruffle-eared baby of Bristol’s disappeared from public view.

What happened to this child?

If the key is indeed the birthdates, the blogger had to be referring to more than one birth. One birth would be Safe Haven Trig on or before April 18, 2008. The other birth would be Bristol’s baby, Tripp,  who’s birth wouldn’t be announced until late December 2008.

So how could a ten month old child pass as a two and a half month old infant when the baby was finally presented in February?

First, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other conditions such as failure to thrive can slow a baby’s physical development. Second, when Tripp was introduced he seemed large for his supposed age. Each time he is seen he appears larger than he should be for his stated age. This size discrepancy is what aroused my suspicions.







Tripp’s age in the above picture is given as 4 months. So does this photo show a larger than normal 4 month old or a smaller than normal 1 year old? I vote for the latter.

Another thing to consider about size is that babies in the lowest percentiles may be the same size or even smaller than their much younger counterparts who are in the highest percentiles.


I think Ruffles was Tripp all the time. During the time he was out of sight, the ear was repaired. Yes, the surgery would have been before the recommended age but we all know there are unscrupulous surgeons who will do anything if the price is right. It’s also possible that the degree of ear malformation was not as bad as it seemed in the pictures and only a minor procedure was needed.

The existence of Tripp proved a plus after Sarah was selected as the VP candidate. The rumors that Sarah had faked her pregnancy earlier in the year to cover for Bristol were quieted to a great degree when it was announced that Bristol was 5 months pregnant.  Doubts about Bristol’s fall/early winter 2008 pregnancy were discussed on Palin’s Deceptions. There is excellent information on the subject there.

I think that the above theory fits with the facts that we know and also fits with the hint given that the birthdates are the key. However, thinking is far from proving and proof is what we need. If anyone has pieces of information about the points I have made, whether proving or disproving, please share them with me. Hopefully, if we all keep working together we can uncover something to show the world once and for all that even though Trig is Sarah’s child she didn’t give birth to him.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bit By Bit


My last post consisted of suspicions and speculations. Some points I feel are absolutely valid. Other points were included only to fit in with with the account of the Trig pregnancy as told by Sarah in Going Rogue.

I am not married to my latest theory but put it forth as a vehicle to foster discussion that might lead us to new avenues to explore. I am trying to look at Babygate from many angles while also trying to look at the whole picture. I’m sure everyone can agree that doing that is very difficult.

Sometimes going over the same thing over and over again gets so exasperating that when I discover something new I latch on to it tenaciously. Being far removed from Alaska, the internet is my only means to investigate Babygate but the articles and images available on the internet are very repetitive so I would like to ask a favor of all reading this. If you discover anything you find interesting, please email me links to the information. Some of you are already doing that and it is greatly appreciated but more eyes looking means a greater chance of catching something that might have been overlooked. I will check out anything sent to me to the best of my ability.

I have noticed in reading numerous articles about Sarah Palin plus three of the books written about her that Sarah’s stories are always changing. To me that is the hallmark of a lie but I believe there are elements of truth in those lies. By examining and re-examining her statements hopefully we can pick out those bits of truth and by joining those bits together we can arrive at the whole truth.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Speculations and Suspicions


Going back to the story told by Sarah in Going Rogue regarding the “Trig” pregnancy and also her account of The Wild Ride  I would like to put forth the following speculations.

  1. It was Bristol who suspected she was pregnant in the fall of 2007 not Sarah.
  2. The pregnancy test was not purchased in New Orleans while Sarah was there to speak at an oil and gas conference. It was purchased in New York City while Sarah and Bristol were there for Sarah to attend a five-hour women's leadership conference. The event's organizers said Palin asked if she could bring her daughter.
  3. Todd was not informed about Bristol’s pregnancy when Sarah and Bristol returned home.
  4. When Bristol was about 12 weeks along, Sarah took her to see Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. CBJ said she'd like Bristol to have an ultrasound scan. Sarah accompanied Bristol into the office across the hall.
  5. The technician prepped Bristol and pressed the wand across Bristol’s belly. Then the technician said. “I see boy parts ... would that be good?” She kept passing the transducer across Bristol’s abdomen. It seemed to be taking a long time. “Oops, sorry. Not sure on the boy parts after all. Your baby might be a girl.” Then the technician said: “The baby’s neck is a little bit thicker than what we would normally see . . .”
  6. CBJ called the next day. She said the ultrasound pictures meant there was a one in 12 chance the baby had Down syndrome. “There’s a doctor in Anchorage I want you to take Bristol to see, a geneticist,” she added. “I'm also offering her an amniocentesis” — the common prenatal test for genetic abnormalities.
  7. Sarah decided against taking Bristol to the geneticist and her having an amnio. Sarah was certain that Bristol was having a Down Syndrome baby boy based on the ultrasound.
  8. Todd was informed that Bristol was pregnant. Todd and Sarah agreed the Down Syndrome baby boy that Bristol was expecting would be a valuable political prop for Sarah and the plan for Sarah to fake a pregnancy and them to raise the baby as their own was conceived.
  9. When school resumed after Christmas break, Bristol was sent to Anchorage to live with Sarah’s sister, Heather. Bristol’s pregnancy was not a secret in the Heath/Palin clan. Everyone in the family inner circle knew the truth with the exception of the younger children.
  10. Sarah began writing a letter about the baby to extended family and close friends. She decided to write the letter as though it were from his Creator. She thought that writing that letter would seem sincere and it was easier than lying to family and friends in person.
  11. Before they knew it, Bristol was seven months along. Sarah hadn't quite finished writing her letter about Trig but they realized they had to announce Sarah’s pregnancy if they expected the plan to work so they shared the news with family that wasn’t in on the truth and a few close friends.
  12. Shortly after that, they decided to go public. Sarah invited over three reporters. She tried to get them to guess her news so she could avoid speaking the words “I’m pregnant.” “Hey, guys,” she said with a grin, “I wanted to let you know that the first family is expanding.” No reaction. “Remember when I promised to ‘deliver’ for Alaska?” Still nothing. But they took out their notepads and pens. Finally, she uttered the falsehood “Guys, I'm pregnant. I'm having a baby in two months!” Their mouths fell open and three pairs of eyes dropped straight to her stomach. The guys took out their phones. Within 10 minutes, the news was all over.
  13. The next month, Todd and Sarah checked into a hotel in Dallas. Sarah was scheduled to address another oil and gas conference the next day. Bristol’s pregnancy was going fine, and with five weeks to go they weren’t worried about being so far away. But at 4am the phone rang. It was Heather with the news that Bristol was having contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. Sarah called CBJ and asked her to go check on Bristol’s condition. CBJ called back after examining Bristol and told Sarah that Bristol was in early labor but it would be awhile before the baby was born. Sarah asked if she had time to give her politically important speech. CBJ assured her that it would be hours before the baby arrived. They agreed that Sarah and Todd would head home as soon as the speech was over.
  14. Sarah gave her speech then rushed off stage, sparking speculation that she was in labor. What better scenario could she have asked for? She ditched the empathy belly that she only wore when in situations where she needed to appear hugely pregnant. At times when she wasn’t under intense scrutiny she used pads, pillows, or whatever was handy. Sometimes she didn’t bother to use anything. Everyone knew she was in fantastic physical condition and her tight abs made her condition less noticeable.
  15. Upon arriving back in Alaska, Todd and Sarah headed to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. That was where Bristol delivered her infant son and where Sarah faked giving birth.
  16. Bristol’s baby was underweight and had a ruffled ear but they were all surprised that he didn’t have Down Syndrome. He suffered from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome instead.
  17. Sarah and Todd began looking for a baby boy with Down Syndrome but had no choice but to present Bristol’s FAS baby as their son, Trig until a replacement was found.
  18. By mid-May a replacement “Trig” was found and Bristol’s son who was small and weak was kept hidden.
  19. At the end of August, Sarah was announced as the GOP VP candidate. The relative unknown from Alaska was scrutinized like never before. The tale that she told about her trip from Texas to Alaska to give birth to Trig aroused suspicions that she had faked her pregnancy to cover for Bristol.
  20. Bristol was padded up and a statement was made that she was 5 months pregnant and due in late December to prove that she couldn’t have had a baby in April. That announcement quieted the suspicions of some but not all.
  21. During the fall, Bristol’s tiny baby’s health began to improve and he had surgery to repair his ear. Bristol wore an empathy belly on the rare occasions where she was seen. The birth of Bristol’s son was announced at the end of December but only after People magazine cold-called Sally Heath’s sister. No pictures or any evidence of the birth were presented even though that baby was the proof that Sarah was Trig’s mother.
  22. In February, Bristol’s ten month old son was presented as two month old Tripp.
    Photographic Evidence That Tripp Is Older Than Stated                                                                        
    4 months old                                      18 months old


I have read that Bristol is 5’5 inches tall. Judging by that I would guess that Tripp is about 3 feet tall on the Us cover. If anyone has other info about Bristol’s height or how to gauge Tripp’s height by it, please comment or email me.

All comments regarding the above speculations are welcome. If anyone would like to share information privately you can email me.





After several days of researching, I have come to the conclusion that unless there is some unknown connection, the resemblance between Tripp and the baby born on April 18, 2008 to Amber and Levi is simply a coincidence.

I don’t think this exercise has been entirely futile, though. I now have questions about Tripp that I never had before. Those little niggling doubts about Bristol’s late 2008 pregnancy have grown stronger. Something just doesn’t add up. I am going to be working that angle now. If anyone runs across information that may be useful in proving that there was something amiss with the Tripp pregnancy or that Tripp is older than his stated age, please comment or email me.



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tricked By Tripp?


Thanks to an email from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous I now can say with almost 100% certainty that Levi Johnston is not the father of the baby born to Amber and Levi.

The Levi who was most likely involved with Amber is Joshua Levi Fleming. He and Amber were in court for a custody case in April 2008. There was also a domestic violence complaint that was dropped.

Click here to view the court cases involving Amber.

Click here to view court cases involving Levi.

Click here to read an article that gives Joshua Fleming’s middle name as Levi.

So where does that leave us?

I can't ignore this baby's resemblance to Tripp but I can’t figure out how he fits into this jigsaw puzzle.

I do believe that Tripp is older than stated. After watching the video of the Today show interview I was surprised at how big a supposedly 4 month old Tripp looks. He could be 13 months, in my opinion. Below is a picture I found of a 4 month old baby for comparison. Click the picture to read an article about a 4 month old boy being turned down for health insurance because he was too big. Note that baby weighed about 17 lbs. and was about 25 inches long. I really think that Tripp was bigger than that by quite a bit in early May 2009.

chubby baby

Here is  a link to the CDC Growth Chart for reference, too.

I don’t know where this is leading us. We could be on the right track or heading down the garden path. I know that Audrey/Palin Deception dismissed the notion of a connection in this post but that was before Tripp’s supposed birth.

I invite all readers to share thoughts, information, etc. All comments whether agreeing or dissenting are welcome. The more ideas floated the better chance we have of getting at the truth.



Monday, August 16, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser


Following my previous post, I received email tips from a few people regarding the identity of the Amber who gave birth on April 18, 2008 at Alaska Regional. Although those leads didn’t pan out, I was able to identify the correct Amber. The last name of the father is still unknown. I was hoping to hear from an acquaintance of Amber just to verify that the picture is actually of her son but I am 99.9% sure that it is. What I can’t fathom is why that baby looks identical to Tripp.

I also discovered that Amber had a daughter who was killed in an automobile accident in 2003 at the age of 18 months. This child also bears a remarkable resemblance to Tripp, in my opinion. The shape of the faces, noses, mouths and ears are all so much alike. I can’t believe that the children pictured are unrelated.

babygirl  bristol_levi_usweekly

You can click the picture of the little girl to see her obituary.

Here is the picture of the baby born April 18, 2008 again with a different picture of Tripp for comparison. Click the picture on the left to see the birth announcement for Jeremiah Alan.

h22-3127-med   3tripp

Click here to go to Amber’s MySpace page.

Click here to go to Amber’s Facebook page.

What does all of this mean? I don’t know but I do believe something is fishy. What are the odds that by some coincidence two of Amber’s children would look so much like Tripp Johnston if they are unrelated? It would be interesting to see if her other two children also look like Tripp.

What are the odds that if Levi fathered a baby that was born on April 18, 2008 it has nothing to do with babygate?

My head is spinning, wondering how many more lookalike babies there are.



Saturday, August 14, 2010



I have spent the past couple of days going back to the earliest reports and comments regarding Babygate. It was interesting to re-read some of them and compare them to what we now know.

Many posters were wondering back then why Trig’s birth wasn’t included in the online birth announcements from Mat-Su Regional. One poster, mike, near the bottom of the page, brings up that there was however a baby delivered to parents “Amber” and “Levi” on April 18th, 2008 at Alaska Regional Hospital a mere 45 min. drive from Wasilla. I clicked on the first link which now just goes to the current online birth announcements so I decided to visit the wayback machine aka internet archive. There are only 4 archived pages for Alaska Regional Hospital from 2008. The dates are April 23, 2008, May 23, 2008, June 23, 2008 and July 16, 2008. For some reason all 4 archived pages go to the same page of announcements with the last birth listed as being on March 31, 2008. Luckily, the link to Amber and Levi’s baby was saved by the poster, mike. Poster mike sees a resemblance between Amber and Levi’s baby and Trig.


I see a resemblance to another baby, though. Here is a collage I made. The baby furthest left is the one born to Amber and Levi on April 18, 2008. The other pictures are all of Tripp. I see two babies who look to be closely related. The noses and chins seem so similar. Could they be brothers?


Click here to see mike’s original post from September 11, 2008. It is near the bottom and has the link to the picture of Amber and Levi’s baby.

I suppose Levi could have fathered a child with this Amber but what are the odds of the baby being born on April 18, 2008? Could this have anything to do with that picture of Levi wearing a hospital bracelet?

Does anyone else think that this baby is part of the puzzle or am I seeing something that’s not there?



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dolls, Twins, Borrowed Babies…Oh My!


Do I truly think that Sarah Palin presented any of the above as Trig? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question myself. At times I think Sarah wouldn’t have attempted anything as risky as presenting a doll, twins or a borrowed baby as her son but then I think but she risked pretending to be pregnant. Who knows what goes through the mind of that woman?


The Pros and Cons of Using A Reborn Doll


  • A reborn is no trouble to care for.
  • A reborn can be custom made with any features wanted.
  • A reborn can be made using a picture of a real baby as a guide so a family resemblance is possible.


  • Someone might discover the charade.


Do the pros outweigh the cons? I think in this case, yes. Using a reborn could be an easy option in certain situations where the baby would not be closely scrutinized such as in this video. Notice how she seems to squeeze the baby before she gives the audience a quick peek at Trig? He never makes a peep even though Sarah is bounding around. I don’t think a reborn was used all the time but I do believe it’s possible one was used at times.

(Thanks for the link GinaM.)


The Question of Twins

I don’t believe twins were presented as one baby known as Trig simply because I don’t think Sarah would pass on the extra attention and sympathy she would  receive as the mother of two special needs babies

I think she would milk that opportunity for all it is worth.


Borrowed Baby


I think a borrowed baby is possible but not likely. Someone may have been willing to rent Sarah a baby for the right amount of money but I think it would have cost more than a custom made reborn baby. The borrowed baby would require care and Sarah would have to worry about the baby not being available every time she needed it.


I still haven’t answered my own question but I just can’t totally dismiss the reborn possibility. There’s one picture that bothers me because something just looks odd. I think it was taken in June of 2008. Does anyone else find this picture weird? Sarah_Palin_--_Shopping



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little More Info About Reborn “Fake” Babies


I spoke with a reborn baby artist yesterday and I was told that for $5000.00 one can be custom made that will do most anything. Eyes can open and close, the facial expression can be manipulated and magnets will hold a pacifier or bottle in their mouths. Breathing, heartbeat and crying simulators make these dolls very lifelike. They can also make toddler versions and even some that are the size of a five or six year old child. It’s amazing what they can do.

I have no way of knowing for certain if Sarah used a reborn at any time but this new information does make me wonder. $5000.00 is a lot of money but it’s not so much that it would be out of Sarah’s reach. If she knew it would help her with her political ambitions, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she did.









Trig Palin




It’s enough to make me go hmmm.



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Questions, Questions…



First question, is the baby in the first picture who was presented as Trig Palin on April, 18, 2008, the baby wearing the puppy cap? In my opinion, yes. Weight loss is not uncommon in the first week or so after birth. In the first picture, Trig was swaddled so tightly that the blanket was cutting into his or her face. I think this may have made the baby look plumper than it really was.

In the third picture, we see him or her awake and without a head covering, revealing the ruffled ear also seen in the Triggy Bear photos. Is this the same baby seen in the first two pictures? I don’t think so.


I don’t think the ruffled ear was ever meant to be seen publicly. Even though ear deformity can occur in Down Syndrome infants, it is a hallmark of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which is what I believe that baby suffers from. If the baby were known to have FAS, then Sarah would have to admit to drinking while pregnant or faking a pregnancy. Admission of either would most likely have been the end of her political career.

Next question, why allow pictures with the ruffled ear showing to be taken in the first place?

I doubt Sarah ever thought Mercede would share the Triggy Bear pictures online. I also think those pictures were the reason that Mercede’s computer was later scrubbed.

As for the baby shower photos, I think Sarah was enjoying the attention so much that she didn’t realize at the time that photos with Trig’s ruffled ear showing had been taken. Notice that in the pictures where Sarah is holding Trig, she is careful to hide the right ear. Kristan Cole published the photos on her website but according to a post on PD,  Kristan tried to remove them, however they could still be viewed by using the search function and entering “Trig”. Later some of the photos appeared in several magazines but none of the shots used showed Trig’s right ear. Would so many shots of Trig have the right ear covered if it wasn’t being done on purpose?

Third question, are either of the babies shown above the baby Sarah presented as Trig in the fall of 2008? I think not. Sometime after the May pictures, Trig was replaced with the baby below who really does have Down Syndrome.


Final questions, first, why did the ruffle eared baby replace the one presented at the hospital? I think the first baby was a stand-in for Bristol’s baby who suddenly became ill. The Wild Ride had already taken place and a baby had to be presented so they simply borrowed one for some photos. Bristol’s baby was better in time for the Triggy Bear and baby showers so he or she was used until the Down Syndrome baby was obtained.

My last gut-wrenching question is this: Sarah, what happened to that ruffle eared baby???



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mrs. Contradictory


Sarah Heath was Miss Congeniality in the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant. Sarah Heath Palin currently holds the title of Mrs. Contradictory.

While Miss Congeniality is chosen by the contestants competing in a beauty contest and is usually selected due to their likeability, Sarah clinched the Mrs. Contradictory crown by changing details of her statements, distorting facts and other assorted acts of prevarication.

Here are just a few of her contradictions since I couldn’t even begin to list all of them.

  1. Surprised that the McCain staff already knew about Bristol being pregnant.
  2. Sarah liked the idea of being on Saturday Night Live. See this e-mail.
  3. Sarah misrepresents Steve Schmidt’s actions after the prank call when the DJ pretended to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
  4. The family vote regarding accepting the VP nomination.

There are many more examples but I will save those for another post.

Now for a little fun. I hope you enjoy this.

To the tune of There She Is, Miss America


There She Is, Mrs. Contradictory by Blade

There she is, Mrs. Contradictory
There she is, so unreal
The dreams of one gal
Who thought she'd be VP
Didn't come true in good old DC
So she turned out to be
The queen of our hilarity
There she is, Mrs. Contradictory
There she is, so unreal
With so many duties
She bailed out of Juneau
She told Alaska that she had to go
And there she is
Full of hot air she is
Eating mooseburgers rare she is
Mrs. Contradictory





Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gender Bender?




I have pondered this question for sometime now. Why did quite a few people refer to Trig as possibly being Sarah’s granddaughter back in 2008? There were references to it on reddit and here and even in the now infamous journolist emails.

I suppose it was just a mistake but a little voice in my head keeps saying “What if it’s not a mistake. What if the first baby referred to as Ruffles since the discovery of the ear deformity is really a girl?”

We all know Sarah’s penchant for lying. We know she lied about being pregnant. We know she most likely lied about Trig’s birth date. Why wouldn’t she lie about the sex of the baby, too?

But what reason would she have to lie about the child’s sex? Sarah doesn’t really need a reason to lie but if she knew beforehand that Ruffles would only be with them a short time and she knew the replacement was a boy, then she had to present Trig as a boy.

Also, if someone noticed that Ruffles was missing then everyone would be looking for a boy. And this horrifies me to even think about, but if a tiny baby girl’s body were found, then no one would connect it with the missing baby boy Ruffles. At least that’s probably the way Sarah would think.

This is one hunch I truly hope I am wrong about.



Monday, August 2, 2010

New Missing Child Poster


A reader, B, suggested that I do a new missing poster with more detail than the one  in my previous post. Thanks for the suggestion, B!

Here is the new poster. Please feel free to repost this anywhere possible. We need to keep the pressure on Sarah to explain what happened to this baby.





I have corrected the date on the poster after receiving new information from a reader. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!



Sunday, August 1, 2010

How To Slay The Dragon


In an ideal world, her own words would have been enough to send anyone with even a semi-functioning brain running far, far away from Sarah Palin. The Wild Ride with all it’s absurdities would have been enough.

But this world is far from ideal and it is dismissed with a “so what” by many people. I have discussed the unbelievable tale of Sarah’s journey to give birth with quite a few people and one thing I heard a lot is that she just wanted her own doctor to deliver her baby. Another is that Sarah knew her own body because she already had four children thus she knew she had time to make it home. When I point out to them that what she admits she did was extremely dangerous for not only her baby but herself they just shrug it off.

Why do they disregard it?

As I see it there are three sectors of the adult population that just don’t care what Sarah Palin did.

First, there are those who just aren’t interested in politics or much else other than what goes on in their own little world. They don’t vote and they don’t care. Some of them don’t even know who Sarah Palin is.

Next are those that don’t take her seriously. They think she is too stupid to be a threat in 2012. I fear they are underestimating her. Two years ago who would have thought she would have the following she has today.

That brings us to the final group. Her rabid fans. To them Sarah can do no wrong. She gets a pass because to them she is “regular folk”. A small-town gal who made it big but stayed humble. If it could happen to her it could happen to them. In other words, they have bought into the fairy tale.

The problem is they have mistakenly cast her as the heroine of the fairy tale when in reality she is the fire-breathing dragon. These are the ones we need to be concerned about because they are the ones who will vote for her if she were to run for POTUS. Worse still, they may convince some of the first group to venture out of their caves and vote for her as well. 

A little liquid persuasion or whatever their particular brand of poison is and abracadabra, they are a registered voter. A little more of the same on Election Day plus a ride to the polls and voila, another vote for Sarah.

So how do do we open the eyes of Sarah’s fanatic followers? Forget the tale of Trig’s birth. They have ignored it for two years and will continue to ignore it. I think the key is the ruffle-eared baby. 

If there is in fact only one Trig, then we know that surgery had to be performed on his right ear. Why would Sarah want to keep that a secret? Surely she could have used Trig’s surgery to garner lots of sympathy from.her fans and sympathy could equal more donations to her PAC and her defense fund. Would the Sarah we know pass up such an opportunity? I think not!

This is the story that could behead the fire-breathing dragon. Please feel free to share the message below by any means available.

To Sarah Palin fans and other concerned parties: Please read the following message.

Two babies have been presented as Trig Palin. One of them hasn’t been seen in over two years. Please ask Sarah this: Where is that ruffle-eared baby, Sarah? That question needs to be asked again and again until it is answered. An innocent child may be in danger.



The above graphic speaks for itself. If you doubt the validity of these pictures, research them for yourself. Clearly, unless surgery was performed, the baby depicted on May 4th, 2008 is not the same child as the one shown in October 2008. If Sarah claims surgery was performed, please ask her to have the surgeon make an announcement stating that Trig had surgery to correct the deformity of his right ear. Many people are concerned about this child.


Where’s that ruffle-eared baby?