Saturday, August 21, 2010

Speculations and Suspicions


Going back to the story told by Sarah in Going Rogue regarding the “Trig” pregnancy and also her account of The Wild Ride  I would like to put forth the following speculations.

  1. It was Bristol who suspected she was pregnant in the fall of 2007 not Sarah.
  2. The pregnancy test was not purchased in New Orleans while Sarah was there to speak at an oil and gas conference. It was purchased in New York City while Sarah and Bristol were there for Sarah to attend a five-hour women's leadership conference. The event's organizers said Palin asked if she could bring her daughter.
  3. Todd was not informed about Bristol’s pregnancy when Sarah and Bristol returned home.
  4. When Bristol was about 12 weeks along, Sarah took her to see Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. CBJ said she'd like Bristol to have an ultrasound scan. Sarah accompanied Bristol into the office across the hall.
  5. The technician prepped Bristol and pressed the wand across Bristol’s belly. Then the technician said. “I see boy parts ... would that be good?” She kept passing the transducer across Bristol’s abdomen. It seemed to be taking a long time. “Oops, sorry. Not sure on the boy parts after all. Your baby might be a girl.” Then the technician said: “The baby’s neck is a little bit thicker than what we would normally see . . .”
  6. CBJ called the next day. She said the ultrasound pictures meant there was a one in 12 chance the baby had Down syndrome. “There’s a doctor in Anchorage I want you to take Bristol to see, a geneticist,” she added. “I'm also offering her an amniocentesis” — the common prenatal test for genetic abnormalities.
  7. Sarah decided against taking Bristol to the geneticist and her having an amnio. Sarah was certain that Bristol was having a Down Syndrome baby boy based on the ultrasound.
  8. Todd was informed that Bristol was pregnant. Todd and Sarah agreed the Down Syndrome baby boy that Bristol was expecting would be a valuable political prop for Sarah and the plan for Sarah to fake a pregnancy and them to raise the baby as their own was conceived.
  9. When school resumed after Christmas break, Bristol was sent to Anchorage to live with Sarah’s sister, Heather. Bristol’s pregnancy was not a secret in the Heath/Palin clan. Everyone in the family inner circle knew the truth with the exception of the younger children.
  10. Sarah began writing a letter about the baby to extended family and close friends. She decided to write the letter as though it were from his Creator. She thought that writing that letter would seem sincere and it was easier than lying to family and friends in person.
  11. Before they knew it, Bristol was seven months along. Sarah hadn't quite finished writing her letter about Trig but they realized they had to announce Sarah’s pregnancy if they expected the plan to work so they shared the news with family that wasn’t in on the truth and a few close friends.
  12. Shortly after that, they decided to go public. Sarah invited over three reporters. She tried to get them to guess her news so she could avoid speaking the words “I’m pregnant.” “Hey, guys,” she said with a grin, “I wanted to let you know that the first family is expanding.” No reaction. “Remember when I promised to ‘deliver’ for Alaska?” Still nothing. But they took out their notepads and pens. Finally, she uttered the falsehood “Guys, I'm pregnant. I'm having a baby in two months!” Their mouths fell open and three pairs of eyes dropped straight to her stomach. The guys took out their phones. Within 10 minutes, the news was all over.
  13. The next month, Todd and Sarah checked into a hotel in Dallas. Sarah was scheduled to address another oil and gas conference the next day. Bristol’s pregnancy was going fine, and with five weeks to go they weren’t worried about being so far away. But at 4am the phone rang. It was Heather with the news that Bristol was having contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. Sarah called CBJ and asked her to go check on Bristol’s condition. CBJ called back after examining Bristol and told Sarah that Bristol was in early labor but it would be awhile before the baby was born. Sarah asked if she had time to give her politically important speech. CBJ assured her that it would be hours before the baby arrived. They agreed that Sarah and Todd would head home as soon as the speech was over.
  14. Sarah gave her speech then rushed off stage, sparking speculation that she was in labor. What better scenario could she have asked for? She ditched the empathy belly that she only wore when in situations where she needed to appear hugely pregnant. At times when she wasn’t under intense scrutiny she used pads, pillows, or whatever was handy. Sometimes she didn’t bother to use anything. Everyone knew she was in fantastic physical condition and her tight abs made her condition less noticeable.
  15. Upon arriving back in Alaska, Todd and Sarah headed to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. That was where Bristol delivered her infant son and where Sarah faked giving birth.
  16. Bristol’s baby was underweight and had a ruffled ear but they were all surprised that he didn’t have Down Syndrome. He suffered from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome instead.
  17. Sarah and Todd began looking for a baby boy with Down Syndrome but had no choice but to present Bristol’s FAS baby as their son, Trig until a replacement was found.
  18. By mid-May a replacement “Trig” was found and Bristol’s son who was small and weak was kept hidden.
  19. At the end of August, Sarah was announced as the GOP VP candidate. The relative unknown from Alaska was scrutinized like never before. The tale that she told about her trip from Texas to Alaska to give birth to Trig aroused suspicions that she had faked her pregnancy to cover for Bristol.
  20. Bristol was padded up and a statement was made that she was 5 months pregnant and due in late December to prove that she couldn’t have had a baby in April. That announcement quieted the suspicions of some but not all.
  21. During the fall, Bristol’s tiny baby’s health began to improve and he had surgery to repair his ear. Bristol wore an empathy belly on the rare occasions where she was seen. The birth of Bristol’s son was announced at the end of December but only after People magazine cold-called Sally Heath’s sister. No pictures or any evidence of the birth were presented even though that baby was the proof that Sarah was Trig’s mother.
  22. In February, Bristol’s ten month old son was presented as two month old Tripp.
    Photographic Evidence That Tripp Is Older Than Stated                                                                        
    4 months old                                      18 months old


I have read that Bristol is 5’5 inches tall. Judging by that I would guess that Tripp is about 3 feet tall on the Us cover. If anyone has other info about Bristol’s height or how to gauge Tripp’s height by it, please comment or email me.

All comments regarding the above speculations are welcome. If anyone would like to share information privately you can email me.



Anonymous said...

The baby on Bristol's lap is huge for 4 months old.

Agnes said...

It's a pretty good scenario, Blade. I'm attracted to it for its simplicity; I'm exhausted from following twisty trails and red herrings.

The ruffled ears are the biggest stumbling block, with some people saying they could be fixed, at least cosmetically, and others saying there's no way for that to happen. If the ruffled ears can't be fixed or disguised until a child is four years old, then Trip can't be Ruffles. If they can be fixed, then he could well be Ruffles. It would be a relief to me to see that little baby accounted for.

I don't see a facial resemblance, but that's not so important. I wish we could get a good look at his toes. I trolled through pictures for hours today and couldn't find one clear picture of his bare feet.

One other problem I see with your story is that Bristol had no more business having a baby at Mat-Su than Sarah did. This was still a high risk birth. If Bristol was still staying with Aunt Heather in Anchorage, it would make sense to go to an Anchorage hospital. HIPPA would ensure that it was kept secret. That's just patient confidentiality, not helping with a hoax. Sarah needed to make the false birth announcement at Mat-Su because she probably didn't wield enough influence in Anchorage to pull it off there, but that doesn't mean Bristol had the baby at Mat-Su. That might account for their using a rent-a-baby for that announcement. It's the one time we see that particular baby before the RNC. (I call him Chubby, and I suspect he's the baby currently known as Trig.)

After long consideration, I'm starting to think Tripp does look too old in his pictures. Based on some pictures of my own child at that exact age, he could be 13 months on the Matt Lauer show. He could be 2 in the US magazine spread, a smallish two but he was a premature birth. I notice that they often dress him in clothes that are two or three sizes too large. Could that be an effort to make him look smaller?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever figure out why the babies never, ever, ever moved when on TV? They had to be dugged.

Heidi1 said...

Blade - Referring to your Point #18:
You're thinking that the ideal Down Syndrome Trig was located (obtained) mid-May '08. So the Mat-Su hallway photo where the Heaths are holding an infant is 100% staged with a prop baby? All designed to coincide with Bristol's delivery of Ruffles (who was Trig#1 until he had to be renamed Tripp) on 4-18-08.

Your Point #21:
Bristol's empathy belly (and laughable boobs) were on dreadful display at the RNC, and you're speculating that in the photos we saw after that, such as Walmart and the convenience store, that was an empathy belly too? All to keep up the late December due date charade? Hmmm.

Have the bloggers exhausted all avenues in trying to find a birth certificate for Tripp's supposed birth on 12-27-08? Again, I dislike mentioning another blog, but you say it's ok. It's my understanding that Patrick on Palingates has from a 'credible source' that the 12-27-08 birthdate is verifiable, or words to that effect.

I'm totally uncomfortable with the idea of ear surgery; I just don't think it happened at that age. The one idea I will go along with is 'molding', but I won't pretend to be a doctor.

And please forgive me, but I can't seem to get off my soapbox about the deceased neo-natal nurse Dar Miller having something to do with the care of Ruffles after we last saw him early May '08. I realize that's an entirely different subject.

Has the 'ear subject' driven us all batty? Maybe too much has been made of it. About the only thing I'll say here at this point: I begrudgingly have to agree that Tripp seems WAY too big for his purported age in the early TV appearances. He was probably drugged into oblivion on the Lauer show just so he wouldn't start speaking words!

To summarize what I think you're saying...

The child we now know as Tripp was born 4-18-08, FAS, shown in the kitchen & shower photos, and hidden until Feb. 09. But he was the original Trig when born, because Mercede called him Triggybear.

Sarah obtained D.S. Trig, possibly so named because of his status as a Tri-G extra chromosone child, which is what they thought he'd be in the first place. (I know you didn't say that - just a theory I've heard.)

And Bristol had to rename her FAS Ruffles/Trig baby "Tripp", because $arah took over the Trig name.

Thank you for all of this puzzle-solving - my poor brain can't take much more! :)

Anonymous said...

Was thinking this morning about the "Wild Ride", I don't know enough of the details of her schedule etc. to be able to narrow this down, but perhaps others here do. Possible scenarios-

1. She was pregnant with a known Down's Syndrome baby but could not get an abortion due to her pro-life stance; nonetheless she was hoping for the worst, starving the baby, squeezing it with girdles and hoping on a miscarriage-even on the plane ride.

2. She rushed back because her daughter was in labor...perhaps early and perhaps there were complications.

3. A Down's Syndrome infant had arrived for her and she needed to get back to claim it. (Wouldn't the Sarah we all know and love simply have made the baby wait while she schmoozed it up at the reception?)

4. There was no change in plans, she was scheduled to come back when she did and simply made up the wild ride story, she loves to embellish.

5. She simply left in a snit about something, perhaps someone questioning her pregnancy and decided it was time to produce a child.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Somewhere or other, you are darn close to the truth, Blade. One thing I want to add is that we do not have enough early baby photos with the babies' eyes open. If we did, some of this back and forth disagreement over hospital baby and Ruffles could have been quickly resolved. As it is, I am not sure if I disagree with any particular part of your scenario or not. As you may have read, I stirred up a lot of opinions at PB yesterday, and I feel the same way about those, too. We are moving closer and closer to the truth. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You had me until #20. I believe Bristle's baby was a FAS baby and passed away. $carah got a DS baby as a replacement and Bristle got pregnant with Tripp as her replacement baby. I think Tri-g's b-day is changed to try and prove that he couldn't have been Bristle's.

These people are not that smart. Keep it simple and the answer will jump out at you.

NakedTruth said...
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Anonymous said...

I think we need to know more about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Aside from the ear deformations, are there other common symptoms? How does FAS affect a child?

NakedTruth said...

Hi Blade,

First time posting here. I think your timeline is pretty accurate. The only thought that is different from mine is the birthdate of 'Ruffles'. I think that Ruffles was born premature in late January of February. Sarah decided to fake the pregnancy in March the day after McCain was nominated. Something happened to Ruffles after Sarah decided to fake the pregnancy. But since she had already told everyone that she was pregnant she had to produce a baby. This is when she adopted the baby known as "Trig" today. She rushed back to Alaska from Texas to claim her newly adopted baby.

The Trig we see today is actually Sarah's adopted baby and does not belong to Levi and Bristol but 'Ruffles' did. The bond that keeps the Palins and the Johnstons together is knowing the truth about what happened to 'Ruffles'. I seem to think that there is a very dark secret about 'Ruffles'. I would not be at all surprised if the Palins thought that the Johnstons had something to do with his death thus their (the Palins) resistance to want Tripp to interact with the Johnstons. Remember Sherry Johnston’s comment - “They (the Palins) know how much that baby mean to me.” When talking about Tripp.

Also let's not forget how happy the Johnstons were that Bristol was pregnant with Tripp. Remember both Levi and Bristol said that they told Sherry first. Why would you be so happy about teenagers having babies? Well you would be if the first one they had -that you loved so much- died unexpectedly and you are now getting a 2nd chance.

When people say that Bristol is not the mother of Trig, they are right but she was the mother of 'Ruffles'.

What happened to Ruffles? That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Another of the strange Wasilla fires-

The Children's Academy-a day care-largely burned down in 2006. What was left burned in March 2009...

Concerning the first fire the article states-

"An inspector made an unscheduled visit in October, the day before the fire, according to the report. He was told owner Flores had suffered a stroke and was airlifted to her home in Nova Scotia. When the inspector reached Squire in Halifax, he said his wife was fine and out shopping, the report stated.

The day care was largely destroyed by fire the next day.

The state has not heard from the owners since, officials said."

However, in December 2007 Martha Flores and Brian Squire sued three hospitals for medical malpractice, including Mat-Su. Probably problems with the stroke I am guessing.
This was later dismissed for failure to serve defendents.

However, they have also been actively involved in a foreclosure action regarding the property, that finally ended this February.

Bit of a lie to say the state had not heard from the owners since 2006.

Molly said...

Well, a big problem I see with this scenario is that you're saying that current Tripp was born with FAS. I don't think so.

Ruffles baby pic looks completely different than Tripp's baby pic.

I will concede, however, that the infant Tripp photos I have seen look like a very teeny-tiny baby, and four-month-old Tripp at the interview in early May looks big. But Mercede says she saw newborn Tripp at the hospital in December, and I find her to be credible. I'd have to believe Mercede was lying about this, and I don't. Therefore, I have to say that Tripp just grew really well.

See also the GVS interview in February, where he is not quite two months old. He looks like a two month old to me.

NakedTruth said...

Oh yes, I believe that Tripp was born in December 2008 - I just don't believe that Bristol gave birth on April 18, 2007. I believe Bristol gave birth to 'Ruffles' in JAN or FEB 2007 and got pregnant again in MAR/APR 2007 giving birth to Tripp in DEC 2008.

Trig is adopted and is not the biological child of Bristol's or Sarah's. But Sarah always made Bristol the primary care giver of Trig because what else could Bristol do anyway? She wasn't in school and knocked up for a second time within a year so in Sarah's mind why not have Bristol take care of Trig.

Anonymous said...

Molly-perhaps Mercede was seeing a newborn that was being used as Tripp for a time....

AKRNC said...

Having been a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and the mother of 3 babies all over 10 lbs., I can say that picture of Tripp at 4 months looks more like 8 months or so in size. I just pulled out a pic of my oldest son who was over the 100% growth mark in height and weight throughout his childhood. Anyone who didn't know him thought he was much older from the time he was a month old. In this pic, he's 6 mos. old and he appears to be smaller than Tripp in the 4 mos. pic. Tripp was an average size baby from all accounts with parents of average or less than average height, as long as Levi is the father, so for him to appear so much larger doesn't correlate with growth shown.

I also thought he looked big in the 18 mos. photo, as if he's at least two years old or so. When you've been around hundreds of babies over the years and watched them grow, you become very adept at guessing age and weight.

I've given up on the Trig was Tripp stuff because none of that makes sense to me. Babies don't appear from nowhere and although you may be able to adopt one baby on the quiet, two is really pushing it. I also believe that the only reason that CBJ would have helped $arah and Bristol is because they lied to her from day one. By the time she realized they were lying, she was too deep in it to get out and knew she could possibly lose her license.

Naked Truth, I don't think for a moment that the Johnston family had anything to do with all the deceit from the initial stages. In fact, I don't think Levi is Tripp's father but until there is a DNA test, we won't know. I certainly don't believe the Palin family kept Tripp from seeing any of the Johnston family because of concern for the child, they were just being nasty and vindictve, traits $arah is known for and footsteps that Bristol has followed. Mercede and Sherry Johnston, from all accounts, are devastated because they cannot spend more time with their nephew/grandson. In fact, what you wrote implies that you think they could have harmed the child which is disgusting, to say the least. Friend of the Palin family, maybe??

NakedTruth said...
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NakedTruth said...


LOL! You are definitely funny! No, I am not a friend of the Palin family. As a matter of fact, the Palins wouldn't like me because I am not a 'Real American' - you know, I am a Christian but just not a white Christian. You know Sarah is not comfortable around people that aren't just like her. LMAO! Yes, you are funny!

I don't trust the Johnstons nor the Palins. I dislike the Palins the most but the Johnstons (especially Levi) have something to hide and I think it has everything to do with 'Ruffles'. What happened to Ruffles?

I don't know how closely you have followed babygate but I have been a follower from the beginning and I am just not feeling that the Johnstons are being truthful about all that transpired with Levi and Bristol. They are in on something with the Palins and whatever it is the truth will hurt everyone involved - and that everyone includes the Johnstons. I am not implying that they harmed "Ruffles" intentionally but I do think something happened. Whatever it was, it definitely keeps the Johnston's quiet about Sarah's non-pregnancy. Have you ever noticed that the Johnstons really don’t comment on Sarah’s pregnancy or non-pregnancy with Trig? Do you think that this is a coincidence?

Everything about the Palins and the Johnstons are disgusting in my opinion so if what I am (not) implying is disgusting as well then it just fits in well with all of the other disgusting drama these two families bring with them.

I could go on and on and give you more reasons as to why I think the Johnstons have something to hide but I will ask that you do your own research and come to your own conclusion. My thoughts are just that MY thoughts.

NakedTruth said...

And also AKRNC,

Could it be possible that maybe I am too close to the truth and that you may just be a 'friend' of the Palins trying to discourage people from believing me?

Hey, remember it can go both ways!!!

Mooly said...

FWIW--Levi as a toddler was a pretty chunky little boy, and he had blonde hair back then too.

I saw pics of he and Mercede as toddlers posted online somewhere.

NakedTruth said...

I believe that Tripp is Levi's son but Trig is Sarah's adopted/or borrowed Son and does not belong to Bristol and Levi. 'Ruffles' belonged to Bristol and Levi. What happened to Ruffles? That's my question and I want an answer.

Anonymous said...

The 'Tripp' with Toad and Bristol is HUGE for a four month old baby. I bet it is a doll and not a drugged baby.

I really doubt that Ruffles is actually Tripp. Tripp lacks the physcial features...including the ruffled ear...commonly associated with FAS babies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with NT not to trust anyone in the scenario. Personally, I think Levi is very likeable, but he has family and friends that he loves very much in Alaska, even if he is free to leave they may not be. Sarah has shown how vindictive she can be to those who cross her and I'm sure the message has gotten through. She may not have the power she once did, but Wasilla is still her turf.
Like NT, I still am concerned with Ruffles, I think that he/she looks nothing like Tripp in the baby shower photos...and possibly even looks like he/she has Downs. My guess is they got a better looking Downs baby-no defects, lighter skin, perhaps Ruffles was a female. I would like to know what happened to him/her also.
But I try to be open to all theories as all we really have are theories.

Would love to see some photos of Trig and Tripp together for comparison...that may be another reason for replacing Ruffles-needed an older baby to compare to Tripp. Did it seem to anyone else during the campaign that Trig was getting huge quite dramatically?

AKRNC said...

Naked Truth, you implied that the reason the Palin family didn't feel comfortable leaving Tripp with them is because somethng might have happened with another baby. If You've been following this as closely as you say, I don't know how you could come up with that considering $arah and Bristol's reputation, the things they have said about the Johnston's, etc.

As for the Johnston family keeping quiet, I also think there is something they are not saying but I think it is out of fear for their safety, $arah making more trouble for Sherry, or the concern that they will manufacture a ludicrous story about them and get away with it. These concerns are valid considering their behavior towards Sherry, Mercede & Levi. The entire family got caught up in something that they could not have seen coming. Hell, nobody would have seen this coming considering the crap they have pulled during the last year has been so incredibly vindictive, even for the Palins'.

As to my being a Palin fan?? You'd only have to take a look at a few websites where I always use the same name as here and you'd see that I am anything but and have been around for over a year or so, reading and posting.

conscious at last said...

Naked Truth and AKRNC - just for the record, I have seen you both post plenty of times on many of the sites which raise valid questions about Sarah Palin. I take you both seriously.

Naked Truth @8:50 - I think, perhaps you've got an error with your numbers. (I think you meant to say that BP got pregnant in early 2008-- otherwise she'd have a gestation period as long as a whale or something like that !) Yes, it is also possible that she got pregnant in 2007, but that would be a different pregnancy.

conscious at last said...

Some Thoughts:

I do not take any of the Palins or the Johnstons at their word- for many reasons. So any theory which is based on what these players state or claim is flawed(for me.)

I think that SP would use people and lie about almost anything, however, I do not think she would allow the GOP campaign to state that her teenage daughter was pregnant if it was NEVER true. In other words, I believe it is possible that BP's '08 pregnancy (W/ TRIPP) was faked. BUT, this story line was adopted because it was only A TEMPORAL LIE-- SHE HAD BEEN PREGNANT, ONLY EARLIER in 2007-08(W/TRIG).

I think we do not have to show that "Ruffles" is Tripp to prove that BP faked the Tripp pregnancy. They are separate issues. There are PLENTY of reasons to question BP's campaign pregnancy without making this tenuous connection.

I do think that there is something about the December 27th date that is signigicant for the Palins. I am wondering IF, PERHAPS, Bristol gave birth to a premie on Dec. 27, 2007 (and I DO mean 2007) and this child died or was institutionalized. There would be a birth certificate for this child with BP listed as the mother. Now, moving forward to the Tripp story. The Palins claimed that Tripp was born on Dec. 27th 2008, but we didn't see a child until much later. Moreover, this child, called TRIPP looks older than his stated age. So, is it possible that the plan is to use the deceased/institutionalized baby's Birth Certificate for Tripp??

It does seem clear that there were at least two children presented to the world as TRIG as well as a life-like doll at one point. I think these casting changes were necessary because the baby that Bristol gave birth to(SP's faked pregnancy) could not be presented since it was either deceased or was too fragile. So they needed to obtain an appropriate Trig and they used whatever they could until that point.

conscious at last said...

(sorry-.. 4th paragraph "significant" for the Palins.)

Anonymous said...

This whole baby switch, did one die, who's is who's -- is mighty dizzying.

Bottom line: Sarah Palin was never pregnant and never gave birth to a baby 041808.

NakedTruth said...

conscious at last,

Thank you, yes I meant to say Bristol gave birth to 'Ruffles in JAN/FEB 2008 (or possibly DEC 2007) and became pregnant again in MAR/APR 2008.


You said: "Naked Truth, you implied that the reason the Palin family didn't feel comfortable leaving Tripp with them is because somethng might have happened with another baby. If You've been following this as closely as you say, I don't know how you could come up with that considering $arah and Bristol's reputation, the things they have said about the Johnston's, etc."

You really lost me here. There are many indications that the Palins do not trust the Johnstons with Tripp and yes, I do agree it could be for various reasons but there is still something about 'Ruffles' that makes me think that he/she plays some role with the Palins attitude toward the Johnstons.

The Johnstons silence or lack of discussion about Sarah's pregnancy has got to be more than just being fearful of Sarah. There are so many people out there that would protect the Johnstons with cash donations and or relocation to bring this *itch down so you can't tell me that being fearful of the Palins is the only thing that's keeping the Johnstons quiet. I don't buy it - It's got to be more. Something very personal and possibly criminal is keeping the Johnstons mouths closed. You betcha....

NakedTruth said...

Right on, Soapydog!

I really know two things about Sarah Palin.

1. She is a racist and I pointed this out from day one. President Obama bothers her. Not because she lost to a Democrat but mostly because she lost to a man that identifies himself as African American. Sarah didn't think that 'Real Americans' would vote for a black man. She was really, really hurt and surprised. It still shows today.

2. Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of the child known today as Trig Palin.

ww said...

The baby on Bristol's lap that is said to be 4 months old is large. Did the poor thing ever move? I can understand why people are saying they used dolls after seeing that video.

I left this on another thread.

The article: Posted: Sep 02, 2008 1:55 PM PDT Updated: Sep 11, 2008 10:48 AM PDT
Republican V.P. candidate's family touches down in Spokane

Here is a full body photo of Bristol Palin Sep 11, 2008, Spokane International Airport.
Palin's family at the Spokane International Airport, Bristol's boyfriend Levi in black tee.
Todd and Piper

Mark Billings verified the date, place, people

I think there is also a video. There may be a larger copy available.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe anyone in the Palin family had any idea that Bristol's first baby was going to be born with problems. If Sarah had known in advance about the DS, she would have talked about it before April 18. Sarah is never one to miss an opportunity to burnish her halo ("I know this baby is going to have Downs but I'm prolife and that means I have to walk the walk. See my halo?")

If Bristol's first child were very premature, it is possible that it had problems--either FAS or DS-- that weren't immediately diagnosed. It happens, especially when the hospital staff is concentrating on other things and/or not very good. It's possible the diagnosis wasn't made until Sarah was in Texas.

The photos we've been shown of Bristol and Levi in the hospital with a newborn identified as Tripp show a VERY premature infant. it's difficult to believe he exploded into the big baby we were shown four months later, but possible. I think the December due date given to the press was not intended to real; Bristol simply seems to have a hard time carrying babies to term. STD, perhaps.

If they are fiddling Tripp's birth date they will be found out when he starts school and has to show his birth certificate. WIth Trig's developmental problems, it's doubtful he'll ever go to school, so that probably won't be an issue.

If Tripp were Ruffles and had FAS, it wouldn't just magically disappear. You'd be talking about more than an ear. I keep remembering the Greta interview and Bristol saying, "He's so perfect." She sounded as if she were still relieved/in awe. She's a terrible actress; if he wasn't perfect, she wouldn't have been able to pull that off.

That baby's strange ear tells us something. I'm just not convinced we've hit on what it is, yet.

NakedTruth said...

Anonymous @ 2:47 PM

You hit the nail on the head with "If Tripp were Ruffles and had FAS, it wouldn't just magically disappear. You'd be talking about more than an ear. I keep remembering the Greta interview and Bristol saying, "He's so perfect." She sounded as if she were still relieved/in awe. She's a terrible actress; if he wasn't perfect, she wouldn't have been able to pull that off."

I totally agree. It was something about how Bristol kept focusing on Tripp being perfect. Just not something in my opinion that a teenage mother would put much focus on or at least not the word that a teenage mother would use to describe her baby. Maybe cute or precious but not perfect. What does she consider perfect? Well using a word like perfect would probably make sense if you had given birth to a baby that you thought wasn't perfect and had DS or FAS or something.

Sometimes you have to just listen to what people say and then sometimes you have to take notice to those things that they don't say.

NakedTruth said...

In that same interview Greta asked Bristol what was said about her that hurt her the most. You would think that it would have been Sarah faking a pregnancy for her and the Trig was her baby but she made up something about people saying that having Tripp was not her idea. And she really thought that we would believe that this had to be more hurtful than people saying that your mother faked a pregnancy for you - yea right!

Like I say you must take notice to what people don't say as well. Bristol just like Sarah is full of shit.

NakedTruth said...

Remember Sadie "my triggybear pictures" on MySpace - They were taken in the Palins kitchen and all looked like a very happy family holding baby 'Ruffles'. So at some point the Palins and the Johnstons were close friends or at least close enough for Sadie to call Sarah 'mother in-law'. What happened to the happy family? Did 'Ruffles' create a wedge between them? Where is 'Ruffles'?

Anonymous said...

Is even thinkable that BP was a victim of LJ's dad....hence Sade's "my Triggybear/brother" comment?

Ginger said...


Are you affiliated in any way with Floyd M. Orr's Blog? You seem to talk back-and-forth a lot.

Also, I'm just wondering if Floyd also posts under the name..."Heidi1?" Their writing is so similar!

Just curious...

Blade said...

Hi Ginger - No, we are not affiliated in anyway. Our back and forth is just bouncing ideas around. I don't think Floyd posts under Heidi1.