Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rogue TV


Well, it looks like that television studio will be used to spew even more filthy lies, venom and stupidity.

I can picture the Palinbots now with their bowls of popcorn in hand, drooling over the image of their queen. I bet some of them will even invest in new big screens with 3D capability just to be prepared for the possibility of her channel being available in that format.

Sarah is probably already working on her speeches for all of the Emmy awards she thinks she is going to win.

Just for fun, here’s a list of some possible programming:

  • “Toddie’s Hotties” featuring Todd’s selection of prostitutes. A phone number and website address will scroll across the bottom of the screen so viewers can call or go online to buy time with their favorites. All major credit cards will be accepted.
  • “Shake It Up, Baby” Dancing lessons with Bristol, everyone’s favorite DWTS alumnus. Bristol’s tummy grows bigger in each new show. She tries to use props to hide her bulging belly with hilarious results.
  • Willow’s Wild Hair and Wigs. Willow shows viewers how to style their hair in the latest fashions. Wigs to hide the resulting mess will be featured, too.
  • “Piper’s Period”. Piper demonstrates that in spite of being kept out of school to accompany her mom everywhere, she knows where to place a period in a sentence. This show will also serve to prove that Sarah’s youngest daughter isn’t knocked up…yet.
  • “Toy Time with Trig and Tripp”. The boys will be featured playing with their favorite toys and games. Tripp will throw temper tantrums when Trig wins a game. Granny Sarah will read them Green Eggs and Ham, the Obamacare version and warped fairy tales to prove that she spends time with Trig. The part of Trig will be played by which ever boy or possibly girl, with Down Syndrome is available at taping time.
  • “The Wild Ride” The story of Trig’s birth narrated by Chuck Heath. Illustrated with that one picture of a suddenly huge Governor Palin following weeks of images of a flat-bellied Sarah.
  • “Cooking with Sarah and Sally” Sarah and her mom will make their famous moose chili and other nausea inducing family recipes. Guest stars who will taste the concoctions will be required to sign a release stating they won’t sue if the food makes them sick.
  • “Staying Sexy after 50” Sarah gives advice to women about sex, relationships, fitness and other topics such as how to use a push-up bra. Commercials will feature her newly launched line of cosmetics, clothing and shoes for sexy seniors. Toddie’s Hotties will drop in occasionally to remind viewers to keep their hubbies happy or they will go looking for sex elsewhere.
  • “Shooting with Sarah and Ted” Sarah and Ted Nugent go hunting but spend most of the show shooting off their mouths about President Obama.
  • “The Invisible Soldier” Once a month, static will be aired while patriotic music plays for an hour to remind viewers that Sarah is a military mom since Track refuses to appear on any of the shows.

What are some shows that you think might be part of the schedule? Share them in the comments.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exciting News…


From the FB page of the Boys Will Be Boys movie:

LISTEN TO producer of the upcoming movie "Boys Will Be Boys", Stephen James, interviewed LIVE on the Brian Hammer Show out of Los Angeles! TOMORROW (Wednesday February 12th) at 12.30pm Central Time (10.30am Pacific) at:


With an audience of over 2.5 million worldwide, this is one of the leading radio shows of its kind, so TUNE IN before 12.30am WEDNESDAY February 12th to be sure not to miss this momentous interview! 

Based on the autobiographical book "Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal" by Shailey M. Tripp, the movie is a fictional account of a vulnerable and destitute single mother of two disabled children who is coerced into prostitution by the husband of a high-profile politician.

Find out more about the movie at

P.S. For those of us in the Eastern Time Zone, the program will be at 1:30 PM.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys Becomes A Movie…UPDATE!


Interest is building for this project so the first chapter of the book Boys Will Be Boys is now available on the movie web-site and can be read FREE by all who sign up as a Fan/Member (it's also free to sign up).


In order to attract more attention, please share and tweet information about this project using  #palinmovie as the hashtag.

No reaction from the Palin camp as of yet but I bet their ears are burning.

Finally, I have been informed that something exciting is taking place to do with the movie over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Here are some links in case you missed any of them and please share.

FB page:

Twitter: @BoysBoysMovie


My internet access is improving but I am still experiencing occasional outages so please post or email me with any interesting Palin related material you come across.



Sorry to be late to the game but I have had internet access only sporadically of late.

I am thrilled that the book  "Boys Will Be Boys" will be the basis for Boys Will Be Boys - The Movie.

Please spread the word and share the link below with anyone interested in the topic.

Hopefully, I will be able to post more regularly in the near future.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Short Note


The weather has been warmer lately for the most part so we have been getting by but it’s supposed to turn colder again in a couple of days.

The skirting is all in place now and we are just waiting to save enough money to get the repairs to the heating system made. We are just $288.00 short now.

Hubby has been sick with a stomach bug for a few days. I hope he is better before the cold returns. Being sick is bad enough but being sick and cold is the pits.

Please consider a purchase from if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping. The shipping deadline is December 20th.

It’s going to be a lonely Christmas for us this year since our son and his family won’t be able to visit.Friday the 13th is the one year anniversary of hubby’s by-pass surgery. I am so grateful that this Christmas will be better than last because even though we will be cold and lonely, we will be together. If only our love could literally keep us warm, our house would be like an incinerator.

I have been working on an interesting (to me, anyways) new babygate post that I hope to have finished before Christmas but if I don’t get to it before then, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc and thank everyone for all of the support, advice and even the criticism.

Please wish us luck in getting the rest of the funds we need so that hopefully we can have a warm Christmas.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Dangerous Situation: UPDATE 2


Since my last update, the outdoor temperatures have been warmer for the most part. We only turn on the heat when the indoor temperature drops to 62 degrees or less.

We should be able to get by without heat for a couple of more days but Saturday night the temperature is supposed to drop to 32. Beginning Sunday, the forecast is for our temps to be near or below freezing for six out of seven nights, with daytime highs only in the 40's and 50's.

Sunday night the low is predicted to be 22 degrees. That really worries me.

So far we have $150.00. Getting a repair estimate will cost $190.00 but my husband's cousin, Jerry, who just retired from the HVAC business last year said the repairs would be at least $500.00. If we use the money towards getting an official estimate, then we will have to get the company that gives us the estimate to do the repairs or they keep the money paid for doing the estimate. No free estimates, anymore, at least in this area.

I think the best thing is to keep saving until we have $500.00. Opinions on that decision would be helpful.

On a brighter note, our neighbor and his son-in-law put skirting around the bottom of our house so once we get the HVAC repaired, the cats won't be able to tear the ductwork out again.

Switching gears, does anyone know any good recipes for diabetics that can be repaired cheaply? Like everyone else our SNAP benefits were cut this month. We weren't getting a large amount but it did help. Our food budget is only $43 weekly now which makes fixing nutritious meals which diabetics need difficult. All suggestions welcome.

In closing, please do consider our ink pens when doing your holiday shopping.

Please help if you can. The indoor temperatures we are dealing with can be dangerous. Check the link below for info about the dangers.

Thanks in advance for any help!







First, for those of you who this post angers my advice is for you to stop reading right now.

It is 6:32am as I write this and the temperature outside is 25 degrees. Inside, it is 55 degrees and we are only able to keep it at that with the thermostat set on 72. Our heat pump has been running constantly since 8pm last night which is likely to cause more problems for us on two fronts: Overworking the HVAC system could cause it to stop working completely and our electric bill is probably going to be outrageous.

We really need to raise money to get the heating system fixed. So far we have $50.00 towards getting an official estimate but hubby has a cousin who used to work in the HVAC business. He said the repairs will probably cost around $500.00. He lives in another area so he can’t actually go under our house and look and prices vary by region but he doesn’t think we can get the job done for less than that.

I know it sounds like begging and I apologize for that but I worry about hubby. I am terrified of him having another heart attack and we are approaching the one year anniversary. We both have health issues but I worry about him more. He tends to kick his covers off during the night and I am afraid he is going to get sick.

Please consider buying a pen if you are able. Suggesting our pens to others is also a great way to help.

Hubby said that he would sell all of his pens, including some that haven’t been added to the site yet for $1000.00. The value of the pens on the site plus the ones that haven’t been added yet is over $1400.00. That would be a good deal for someone who owns a gift shop.

I know the pictures on the pen site aren’t that great so if anyone would like to see a larger picture just email me from the link at the bottom of the post or email us from the link at and state which pen you would like to see. I will email pictures or post pictures here; just state your preference.

Selling pens really is our only option to raise the funds we need. I know some people have suggested that I monetize (show ads) on the blog and that I could earn $200.00 monthly but even though I write the content for this blog, the blogger account belongs to someone else and they don’t want to set up the ads.

Please help if you can. The indoor temperatures we are dealing with can be dangerous. Check the link below for info about the dangers.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hubby and I both suffer from multiple medical conditions and coupled with the coming cold, we are in a dangerous situation. According to this article, hypothermia is a very real possibility.

We have had a few nights recently with temperatures in the lower 30's. Our indoor temperature dropped into the 50's. One night next week, a low of 28 degrees is predicted.

Most regular readers here, know that we have had issues with our heating and air system for the past couple of years. Our ductwork needs to be replaced because feral cats ripped holes in it. The cats go under our house because we have no skirting around the bottom of it, tear holes in the ducts and crawl inside of them to get warm.

A neighbor has been patching the holes in the ductwork up for us as needed but it's to the point now that patching is not going to work because the holes are too large.

If we are able to get the ducting fixed we won't have to worry about the cats tearing it out again because our neighbor has some tin to skirt the bottom of the house but the repairs to the ducts need to be done first.

I have called all of the agencies in our area to see if we can get some assistance but haven't had any luck. We may be able to get a LIHEAP payment to the electric company to help with our electric bill but nothing is available to help with heating system repairs.

When we first had this problem, our son paid to have it fixed and the cost was $350. His family is having financial problems now and can't help this time. We can't even get a current estimate because the HVAC companies don't offer them for free and we can't pay for it. The cost of an estimate ranges from $150 to $225 which will be deducted from the repair bill.

I am asking anyone who can afford it to please consider making a purchase from and/or suggest our pens to anyone you know who might be interested. Hubby has made some really nice ones that are available now if you haven’t looked lately. He also may be able to customize a pen if you are interested in a particular color scheme or material,

Selling pens is really our only hope of raising the money to get the repairs done.

I am really worried that hubby will get sick due to the cold or have another heart attack.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

With truly heartfelt gratitude in advance,



Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Black List


No, I am not talking about the hit NBC drama although I do like the show. I am referring to the list of contributors to Sarah PAC.

I was really surprised by the identities of some of those who have made donations and I have chosen not to support the celebrities and businesses whose names appear on the list.

The list makes for rather interesting reading and can be found at the following link:


The Holiday Season is fast approaching and Hubby's Handcrafted Ink Pens has added a variety of beautiful and unique pens like the one below. Hubby’s pens make wonderful gifts and you would be helping my husband and I, a disabled couple with multiple medical problems.

Hubby can also possibly do custom pens if there is a particular color scheme, style or material that interests you. If you would like to discuss a custom pen, you can email me at the link below or directly from the pen website.

Please click the hyperlink above or this link to visit our pen website:




Thanks for your consideration and if you would, please share the link to our pens.