Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exciting News…


From the FB page of the Boys Will Be Boys movie:

LISTEN TO producer of the upcoming movie "Boys Will Be Boys", Stephen James, interviewed LIVE on the Brian Hammer Show out of Los Angeles! TOMORROW (Wednesday February 12th) at 12.30pm Central Time (10.30am Pacific) at:


With an audience of over 2.5 million worldwide, this is one of the leading radio shows of its kind, so TUNE IN before 12.30am WEDNESDAY February 12th to be sure not to miss this momentous interview! 

Based on the autobiographical book "Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal" by Shailey M. Tripp, the movie is a fictional account of a vulnerable and destitute single mother of two disabled children who is coerced into prostitution by the husband of a high-profile politician.

Find out more about the movie at

P.S. For those of us in the Eastern Time Zone, the program will be at 1:30 PM.


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