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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Update: I just want to clarify that the email exchange in my post “View From The Other Side” was not with Alex Fuller. I received the picture from an anonymous source unrelated to the Palins or Fullers. The email exchange was unrelated to the picture.

As for Alex’s age, I came across some information that indicated he was 20 years old, hence my comment that he was around Bristol’s age.  A comment to this post pointed out links to stories of an Alex Fuller who is competing in various sports for Wasilla High this year. I don’t know if there are two Alex Fuller’s in Wasilla or my info about his age was wrong. His name is Alex N. Fuller if anyone has any additional info about his true age.


Lately I have been reviewing my collection of Palin related pictures. There are a couple that I want to share with my readers.

The first is an old picture from 2008 of Sarah taking Trig from Bristol’s arms. Notice the pained expression on Bristol’s face. She doesn’t appear at all happy to be handing the baby over to her mother. It looks like Bristol is thinking, “Please be careful with my baby.”



The second picture is one I was sent by a reader who wanted to show me that Trig is happy and well cared for. I don’t know when it was taken but it seems fairly recent judging by Trig’s size. I was reluctant to share it but after learning the identity of the young man pictured with Trig, I decided to go ahead. The guy cuddling with Trig is Alex Fuller of Wasilla. He is the son of Juanita Fuller, Palin family friend who also has been identified as Sarah’s manager.

From what I have been able to learn about Alex he is around Bristol’s age and a good friend of all the Palins. I know a fair amount about young men of this age. Most aren’t much interested in snuggling up with toddlers unless they are related and a lot of times not even then. Now, I’m not saying that Alex is Trig’s daddy but this picture certainly makes me wonder.




Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping that 2011 brings the truth about babygate to light and rids U.S. politics of Sarah Palin forever.

If anyone has information to share about this picture or about Alex, please email me. Your privacy will be maintained.


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

View From The Other Side


Recently, I engaged in a series of emails with a man who believes Sarah Palin is fit to be President. I thought everyone might like to read his perspective. It is a classic example of why we can’t give up trying to expose the skeletons in Sarah’s closet.

His identity has been removed from the correspondence. No other parts of his emails were modified.

The emails I received from this man are in bold red.

My replies are in bold blue.

Also please be sure to look at the bottom of this post. I have posted a picture of a guy I am trying to identify. I know I have seen this person before and he definitely is a friend or relative of the Palins. Please email me if you know anything about this person.

Dear Blade,

In you blog you wonder if Sarah Palin is fit to hold public office. We now have a man-child as POTUS whose background was teaching, Illinois state representative who voted present most of the time, was a community organizer, was in the US Senate for 18-months and ran for President. If such a person is fit for public office, Palin should also be. At least she was a governor.

Thank you,


Hi  - No politician is perfect. They are fallible human beings like anyone else. The problem with Sarah Palin is that she demonstrates traits that indicate she may be mentally ill. My blog focuses mainly on the possibility that she faked a pregnancy and is using a child for political gain. Can I prove it? No. Does available information, much of it straight from Sarah Palin's own mouth, point to it being true? Yes. However, even if Sarah is Trig's biological mother her actions during her pregnancy and delivery of Trig show she has poor judgment and little if any common sense. A woman who has any degree of concern for an unborn child she is carrying would put that child's well being before anything. She supposedly awoke at 4am CST on April 17, 2008 with contractions and leaking fluid. She claims that she talked to her Dr. and they agreed it would be okay for her to rest till around noon, give a speech and then board a flight back to Alaska. The prudent course of action would have been to go to one of the nearby hospitals in Dallas to be examined. There was plenty of time for her to do just that and still make that speech if everything was okay. Any unborn child deserved that much concern. Now add in the fact that the child Sarah Palin was supposedly carrying had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Do you see my point? If she would take such risks with her own child's health not to mention her own, she is not fit to make decisions that affect our whole nation. Just think about her actions and ask yourself if they were sensible. If you're married and your pregnant wife wanted to do as Sarah Palin did would you go along with it?




Hey Blade,


Never investigated.

It is purely speculation, but some think also that Obama was born outside the United States. It cannot be proven but one must wonder. Like John Kerry's military records, if Barack would just settle the question and release his birth certificate, the matter would be closed.

I do not know why you are worried about what Sarah Palin does in the future.If she decides that a run for President is in her future, that will be a tough road as there are many other choices for the Republicans to make.

Hillary Clinton could have also been elected in 2008. She had a good point- what would the man-child do at 300AM to hear that a US ship had been hit by an Iranian missile. Call Bill Clinton like he did on Friday because "Michelle my bell" was calling him to come to her aid at XMas party.
Get over your Sarah Palin derangement syndrome.

At least she can hunt and clean fish.

Hi - First, I do not have any syndrome. The questions surrounding Trig Palin's birth are valid and relevant to Sarah Palin's fitness to hold office. Whether or not she gave birth to the child, her actions demonstrate that she lacks judgment at best and is an attempted murderer at the worst. How could a pro-life woman take the chances she took with her unborn child's life? If she was pregnant with Trig it seems she would have been extremely cautious since by her own admission in Going Rogue she had suffered two previous miscarriages. Any way you look at her actions, something is just wrong. Faking a pregnancy is less evil than attempting to miscarry by taking all kinds of foolish risks while pregnant but doing either one makes her unfit to lead this country.

Do some research on Sarah Palin for yourself. You might be surprised at what you find.out.




Will do.


At this point, I expected no further emails from this person but they continued.


Dear Blade,

From what I can determine, there was no public criticism against Palin until John McCain made her his VP candidate. When it was found that she was a conservative and even a NRA member, the left wing press and others seem to go crazy. It is hard for me to understand why there is so much hate and possibly fear against this woman. With her run with John McCain, her book and the TV reality show on Alaska, she seems to have become very successful. Look at Hillary Clinton-"Slick Willy" made it possible for her to be financially successful. I do not think Hillary has as much fun in life as Palin but she does have some financial assets. I cannot imagine Hillary on a hike, in a boat, shooting a 12-gauge shotgun, camping with children and cleaning salmon.

It seems that most want to criticize her for traveling by commercial air from Dallas to Alaska on April 17, 2008. She and her husband made a trip to Dallas for her to give keynote address for an Republican Governors energy conference. The baby was due in mid-May, 2008 and airlines do allow women to fly before the 36th week. Alaska Air leaves the decision to the woman and her doctor. Early on April 17, Palin had some contraction and fluid discharge. She called Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson at Mat-Su Medical Center in Alaska. Since Palin had four previous children, she was aware of an actual contraction. Maybe this was a false

contraction and Palin was not too concerned and wanted to stay to give the noon keynote address. Her husband Todd was with her also and must have concurred.

She gave the speech and boarded Alaska Air in the afternoon for the 8-hour trip back home. The Alaska Air associate,Claren Boren, who checked her in did not notice any signs of distress. Palin was also in contact with her doctor at the start and the changeover in Seattle. She arrived back in Alaska at 1030 and when to Mat-Su with arrival at 1130PM. Dr. Baldwin-Johnson stated that she had to "induce" labor at that time. If she was indeed having real contractions in Dallas, why did the doctor have to induce labor?The baby was not born until 630AM on April 18.

It seems to me that to base all criticism on Palin using this situation is a weak opinion especially to state that she would be unfit to hold high office because she chose to fly home instead of having the child in Texas. Maybe she and Todd wanted to have all their children born in Alaska. Who knows for sure but it is pushing the envelope too soon to say that she is unfit for office because of this decision. She traveled to Texas one month before the baby was due. She was governor of Alaska and was invited by Rick Perry,Texas governor, to give a speech on energy to others. I think she is qualified to talk about energy as Alaska is full of it and she has managed it as well as the previous governors of Alaska.

I do not know what her future plans are for public office. As far as I am concerned, she has more experience than the current man-child and he was elected with no experience except in speech making with a teleprompter and a couple of book memories. I still do not understand all the hate out there on the left. Is it insecurity or the fact that Palin does not represent the feminists policies? She certainly has better looks than the ones on the other side!

Your friend,


Hi - I want to make my position plain. For many reasons, I don't believe Sarah Palin was pregnant in 2008. People in Alaska had doubts about Sarah Palin's pregnancy long before she was nominated for VP. At the same time there were also rumors that Bristol was pregnant and that pregnancy couldn't have been with Tripp because it was too early. Here is a link where you can read the discussions and see the date for yourself. The discussion was started on  08 Apr 2008 although some of the replies were obviously posted after her nomination.


But despite the evidence to the contrary, for argument's sake, let's say she was pregnant in April 2008. One would think that a pro-life woman who had a history of 4 previous term pregnancies, 2 miscarriages and carrying a baby which she knew had Down Syndrome, would be extremely cautious. I suppose blind ambition could account for her putting her political aspirations above the well being of her unborn child but when she awoke with contractions and leaking fluid there was no reason for her not to go to a nearby emergency room to be examined. Talking to a doctor on the phone is no substitute for a physical exam and she had plenty of time to be examined before her speech. If everything was okay then she would have been given the okay to deliver her address. If she or the baby were in distress wouldn't a pro-life woman who loved the child she was carrying value the baby's life above her political ambition?

You mention Ms. Boren's remark that Palin showed no sign of distress. Ms. Boren also said that the stage of Gov. Palin's pregnancy was not apparent. I find that odd since this picture has been touted as proof positive that Sarah was indeed pregnant. If I saw a woman with a belly like that I would know right away that the woman was very pregnant. Two links follow. The first contains Ms. Boren's statement. The second is a link to the picture of Sarah where she appears very pregnant.

.(I removed the links mentioned above from this post because they don’t fit the blog page correctly. The email continues below.)

Sarah took a very real risk of delivering on board the airplane since her membranes had ruptured even in the absence of contractions. Labor can progress rapidly, especially when a woman is in her 7th pregnancy and what woman, not to mention one supposedly quite religious, would want to risk having to expose themselves to strangers on a plane?

Another strange thing is that Sarah Palin chose to deliver at Mat-Su Regional Hospital which has no NICU and doesn't even allow twins to be born there except in an emergency. The Palins had to pass by or close to Providence Hospital in Anchorage to get to Mat-Su Regional. Providence has an NICU and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson had privileges there. Considering Trig's Down Syndrome and the fact that he was premature opting to deliver at a hospital which discourages high-risk deliveries is odd, to say the least. Wouldn't it have made more sense for Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to meet the Palins at the hospital in Anchorage?

Also, I can tell you from personal experience why labor was induced. Once the amniotic sac ruptures infection becomes a very real possibility for mother and baby. I experienced PROM (premature rupture of membranes) and even though I followed my Dr.'s instructions and went straight to the hospital my preemie son was born with Pneumonia. So while Sarah may not have been in active labor her water definitely broke. Had her amniotic sac not ruptured labor wouldn't have been induced because of the baby's prematurity. The Dr. would have tried to have the pregnancy continue for as long as possible since every day a fetus is in utero the better the outcome for the baby.

As I said in our previous correspondence, I feel faking a pregnancy is less evil than attempting to lose a baby by taking foolish risks while pregnant but her doing either makes her a non-viable political candidate, in my opinion. If she faked the pregnancy then she is capable of lying and acting out a charade of grand proportion. Yes, most politicians are liars to some degree but the level of deception needed to carry this through is exceptional. Would you want a President capable of that degree of deception? If she was indeed pregnant and took those foolish risks with her own life and the life of her unborn baby would you want someone that cold and calculating as President? I would be concerned that she wouldn't protect our country if she wouldn't protect herself and her unborn baby.

There are many things that point to her pregnancy being fake and the information is easily found doing Google searches on the subject. I guess we will have to agree to disagree about Sarah Palin.





Thanks for your reply. This woman seems to have hit a raw nerve with you. I still wonder why Sarah Palin causes so much concern on the left.

I am assuming that you are a liberal, left-leaning woman who votes for Democrats when there is a choice. Please correct me if this  assumption is not the case.

The rumors in August, 2008 about whether Trig was the child from Bristol were negated when Bristol had Tripp in December, 2008. Sarah Palin is the mother of Trig. I have watched some of the program, "Sarah Palin's Alaska". Trig seems to be doing very well despite the Down's Syndrome he was born with. There is much support from the family. Unlike a lot of "liberated feminists" who are strong believers in the "Rowe vs Wade" decision, at least Palin did not abort when it was determined that the fetus could have a birth defect.

I do not plan to support Sarah Palin for 2012 as I would prefer Romney, Gingrich Huckabee or Pawlenty. The current president is trying to radically change our republic to the worst where our freedoms will be hurt and the government becomes more involved in our lives. The present administration will try to bankrupt our economy unless a change is made in 2012.

If you are a supporter of Obama, I would like to hear why since you have such strong feelings about why Sarah Palin is unfit to hold that office. Let me hear why the man-child is so fit to run our country.

Merry Christmas,


Hi - I would say that I am a moderate. I do vote Democrat. I did back Obama only after the primary and like many have not been pleased with some of what he has done. However, I do think he was and is in an almost impossible situation. Things got bad before he was elected and it will take a long time for things to get better. I think this would be the case no matter who is in the White House.

Back to Palin. Actually, it is still possible that Bristol could be Trig's mother. Trig's birth certificate has never been seen so there is no proof that he wasn't born earlier. Even the April 18 birthdate doesn't preclude Bristol giving birth in December. Tripp could have been born prematurely. There was confusion when his birth was first announced. Different dates were given at the time and the announcement came via Sally Heath's sister who lives in Washington. Her name is Colleen Jones, if memory serves and she cold called People magazine and told them Tripp had arrived. It was a few days later before the Palins made any announcement and it was nearly two months before Tripp was seen. Seems strange that the proof that Bristol couldn't have birthed Trig in April was kept under wraps so long. Perhaps he was premature which would have made him proof of nothing so they had to wait to show him until he was bigger. There is also speculation that Bristol may not have been pregnant in fall 2008. It did seem a very convenient pregnancy.

There is also the possibility that someone other than Bristol but not Sarah is Trig's mother. I do think he is related to the Palins. I have to disagree about Sarah's mothering of Trig. I have watched her show on TLC each week it has aired. Sarah Palin has complete control over what is and isn't shown so naturally what you see will be favorable. Sarah has stated that Trig needs glasses and hearing aids and there is at least one photo where he's wearing them but in most pictures he is not. What is even more disturbing are photos from the Going Rogue book tour last year. There are several pictures of Trig inappropriately dressed. One is at night and most people are wearing coats, Sarah included. She is holding a barefoot Trig wearing a sweatshirt that is only partially covering his abdomen. There are other pictures of him outside not dressed for the weather. I do think that someone in the Palin household loves and cares for Trig when they can but I don't think that person is Sarah. I can send you links to those pictures if you're interested but really that is neither here nor there.

I am glad that you don't support Sarah but will you vote for her should she be the GOP candidate? I would hope before making a decision on that one you would dig a little deeper. Sarah has other skeletons in her closet, too.

Merry Christmas to you, too!




You certainly are persistent in your dislike of Sarah. I do not believe any of the conspiracy theories about the birth of Trig and Tripp. I do not think the Palin's are smart enough to cover up that for this long. They had some man living next to them last summer trying to uncover more on them. Kind of sickening that someone from outside Alaska to move next door so that he could get more information. We shall wait on his report.

I do not think that Miss Sarah will be the GOP nominee in 2012. Too many others with more experience. They  also do not get so much attention in the press.

But if she does get the nod and runs against the man child, I will have to vote for her and her party. His kind of change is one that I do not believe in.

If you want to make a bet and set odds on the chances of Palin getting the nomination in 2012, let me know. She is 46-years old and has time to wait as she is making more money now than she would as president. The man child may not even run again if he gets the nutroots too upset. Then "Mr." Hillary Rodham comes into play. As James Carville said recently, Obama can give her one of his gonads and she will then have two.


Hi - This will be my final reply to you as I can see that you, as I, will not be swayed.

The Palins intelligence has very little to do with pulling off this grand charade. Bullying and intimidation is more their style. The man who moved in next door is writing a book about Sarah Palin. It would be hard to research her life from thousands of miles away. The man is author Joe McGinniss who at least does his own writing. Sarah's books were written by a ghostwriter and even her facebook and twitter decrees are written by someone else.

By the way, the Palins owed the owners of the house next door for renovations they asked for when they rented the house themselves. The owner exacted a bit of revenge by seeking McGinniss out and offering him the house.

I am not a betting person but I sincerely hope that you are right about her not getting the GOP nomination in 2012 or ever, as far as that goes. I am very afraid that if she were to become President today's problems will seem miniscule compared to the mess she would make.

I still think she is backed by big money. People with nefarious purposes for wanting her in office. I don't know if you have read my post on that subject but here is the link if you're interested.

By the way, I may use portions of our discussion in a future post on my blog to show my readers the view from the other side. If I do decide to use any portion of our correspondence I will remove any
information identifying you.

Thanks for the lively debate and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!



OK Blade,

We will end discussion of Miss Sarah. If I send anything to you in future, it will only be the 12 Cheesey Days of Christmas.

Good night and good luck.

So there you have it. Straight from a Republican voter. Even though this man doesn’t think Sarah will get the nomination and isn’t a big supporter of hers, he would still vote for her if she gets the nomination. I fear this might be the case with many other Republicans as well, which is why my mission to expose Sarah will continue.

Here is the picture I referred to above. Please help me identify him if you can.





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More On Alaska’s Birth Certificate Requirements

UPDATE: A reader comes through again. The PFD computer crash did in fact happen before Sarah took office. Apparently Sarah tried to keep the matter quiet, though.

I still think it’s likely that favors were done for Sarah by the questionably qualified people she appointed to positions in the government. We all know Sarah is not going to do something nice for someone without expecting something in return. So even though Trig and Tripp did get PFD checks that doesn’t necessarily mean that their birth certificates were supplied to the agency that administers the fund.

Here are the links to news reports regarding the computer crash and how the Palin administration was reluctant to release details about the incident.


Thanks to the readers who supplied me with the following information.

There has been a lot of debate in the comments on my previous post as to whether or not Trig’s birth certificate would have been requested if he was a natural child of Sarah’s.

This link clears up that question.

Here is a screenshot of the page listing the required documentation. You can view this document on page 20 of the PDF linked to above.


For a natural child it clearly states a birth certificate is required.

I know that seems obtuse after the insurance company has been paying claims all through a woman’s pregnancy but evidently the state of Alaska is a stickler for details.

A birth certificate is also required to apply for an Alaska PFD check. Here is the link to the applicant database.

Trig and Tripp have both received these payments so that means they must both have birth certificates in their names, right?

Maybe they do but when a Governor appoints a friend to a high paying job might that friend be persuaded to do the Governor a favor such as approving PFD checks even without the necessary documents?

The following screenshot is from this website. They have some good information about the Quitter Queen although they believe that Sarah is Trig’s real mother.


“and no one really can be sure how accurate these massive payments were.”

So couldn’t a little payola for a favor have easily gone into Deborah Richter Bitney’s pocket?

Try googling the term Alaska PFD computer crash. I can’t find anything of real relevance. There is a Microsoft case study from 2006 but that was before Sarah was Governor and doesn’t mention an actual crash just continual problems that they solved by updating. So is the above information phony or was the incident mentioned above swept under the rug to hide the possibility that PFD funds were misappropriated?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Email Revisited: UPDATE


UPDATE: In the comments, some readers have conveyed that many insurance companies automatically add a newborn to an employee’s health care coverage. Evidently that is not the case with the plan covering Alaska state employees. The following paragraph is from the Select Benefits Health Dependent Enrollment Form. This plan covers most employees of the state of Alaska. I believe this plan most likely covered the Palins.

When you begin work in a health-eligible position, you must list any dependents to be covered on a “Health Dependent
Enrollment form.” Please complete this form and return it to the Division of Retirement and Benefits. If your dependents
later change due to marriage, meeting or ceasing to meet the eligibility requirements for same-sex partner status, divorce,
birth, or adoption, you must complete a “Health Dependent Change form” to add or delete dependents. Failure to complete
these forms when required may delay payment of claims for your dependents.

Visit the following link to view the entire form.

Since Sarah was sent the email below obviously the required form was not filed.

If the Palins had a birth certificate for Trig listing them as the parents and dated April 18, 2008 there would have been no reason for them not to send it to the Benefits Section as requested. Therefore, it’s my opinion that the Palins did not have a birth certificate containing the information that matched what had been publicly announced regarding the birth of Trig Palin. Furthermore, I think it’s highly likely that they still don’t have such a document because the real parent(s) have not allowed Sarah and Todd to adopt the child being presented to the world as Trig Palin.

While I am on the subject of birth certificates, I have a question for any readers who have been involved in a child custody case. Did you have to show your child’s birth certificate when filing for custody during a separation or divorce? This information could be relevant to whether or not the truth has been told about Tripp’s birth.

You can email me from the link at the bottom of this post.





Back in 2008, then Governor Sarah Palin received the email shown below.



The first email was forwarded to Todd who sent the following reply.


So what do these emails tell us? They tell us that over a month after Trig Palin was supposedly born to Sarah and Todd Palin they still hadn’t added him to their state sponsored health insurance plan and Todd’s reaction was to call the benefits department. Or so he claims.

It seems strange that a newborn with Down Syndrome wouldn’t have been added right away since health problems are common in children with Down Syndrome.

Let’s take a look at the policy for maternity and newborn coverage.  I have also included the policy on covering dependents. While I can’t be certain that this is the policy which Sarah would have been covered by I think it’s reasonable to believe the coverage would have been similar to this.

Pregnancy and childbirth are covered like any other medical
condition as long as you are covered under the medical plan.
No pre-existing conditions limitations are applied.
Coverage is provided for a hospital stay for childbirth for at
least 48 hours following a normal delivery or 96 hours following
a cesarean delivery.
Pregnant women may get screening for high-risk pregnancy
factors and receive special counseling about those risks. If you
are pregnant, call the claims administrator as soon as possible
for advice and counseling on having a healthy pregnancy. A
nurse consultant will assess the risk factors in your pregnancy
and discuss ways to reduce them with you, as well as provide
ongoing monitoring and evaluation. The nurse can also provide
educational materials, nutritional analysis and ongoing
If you are totally disabled as a result of a pregnancy problem
and your coverage ends, you may be eligible for extended
benefits. See Continued Health Coverage on page 95. Totally
disabled means the complete inability of an individual to
perform everyday duties appropriate for your employment, age
or sex. The inability may be due to disease, illness, injury, or
pregnancy. The plan reserves the right of determination of
total disability based upon the report of a duly qualified physician or physicians chosen by the plan.
Newborn Care
Newborn care provided within the first 72 hours after birth is
covered. This includes nursery charges, physician’s services
and other routine care for a newborn child and is limited to 72
hours following the birth. Newborn services provided after 72
hours are not covered.
Charges for a newborn who has suffered an accidental injury,
illness, premature birth or other abnormal condition are covered like any other medically necessary services.

Addendum to page 47—Newborn Care
Effective 7/01/2008
Well Baby Care
Effective July 1, 2008, the Select Benefits active employee AlaskaCare health plan will cover outpatient routine examinations and screenings, including immunizations, for dependents from birth through 24 months of age according to the current American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) published guidelines in effect on the date of service. Coverage
is 100% of the recognized charge, without deductible being assessed for these services.

Your eligible dependents for health insurance benefits
• Your spouse. You may be legally separated but not
• Your children from birth up to 23 years of age only if they
— your natural children, stepchildren, foster children
placed through a State foster child program, legally
adopted children, children in your physical custody and
for whom bona fide adoption proceedings are underway,
or children for whom you are the legal, courtappointed
— unmarried and chiefly dependent upon you for support;
— living with you in a normal parent-child relationship;
➣ This provision is waived for natural/adopted children
of the employee who are living with a divorced
spouse, assuming all other criteria is met.
➣ Only stepchildren living with the employee more
than 50% of the time are covered under this plan.
— in addition, if they are between the ages of 19 and 23,
they must be attending school regularly on a full-time
or half-time basis.
Children incapable of employment because of a mental or
physical incapacity are covered even if they are past the
maximum age. However, the incapacity must have existed
before age 19 and the children must continue to rely chiefly
on you for support and meet the definition of children,
except for age. You must furnish the claims administrator
evidence of the incapacity, proof that the incapacity existed
before age 19 and proof of financial dependency. Children
are covered as long as the incapacity exists and they meet
the definition of children, except for age. Periodic proof of
the continued incapacity may be required.
When you are hired, you must list any eligible dependents to
be covered on a Group Health Plan Enrollment Form. If your dependents change due to marriage, divorce or other family
status changes or when your children are no longer eligible,
you must complete a Group Health Plan Change Form to add or
delete dependents. These forms are available from your human
resources office, the division or its web site. Failure to
complete these forms when required may delay payment of
health claims for your dependents.
If more than one family member is covered under a State of
Alaska health plan, each eligible family member may be covered
by this program both as an employee and as a dependent,
or as the dependent of more than one employee.

Addendum to page 4—Dependents
Effective 01/01/2007
Dependents eligible for health insurance benefi ts is amended to include:
• Same-sex partner as defi ned and documented by 2 AAC 38.010 - 2 AAC 38.100.
• Eligible child of same-sex partner as defi ned and documented by 2 AAC
38.010-2 AAC 38.100.
Effective 01/01/2010
Dependents eligible for health insurance benefi ts is revised as follows:
• Your spouse. You may be legally separated but not divorced.
• Your children from birth up to 23 years of age only if they are:
− your natural children, stepchildren, foster children placed through a State foster child program, legally adopted children, children in your physical custody and for whom bona fi de adoption proceedings are underway, orchildren for whom you are the legal, court-appointed guardian;
− unmarried and chiefly dependent upon you for support;
− living with you in a normal parent-child relationship;
» this provision is waived for natural/adopted children of the employee who are living with a divorced spouse, assuming all other criteria is met.
» Only stepchildren living with the employee more than 50% of the time are covered under this plan.
− Attending school regularly on a full-time or half-time basis if they are between the ages of 19 and 23. If a physician certifies they are unable to attend school due to a serious medical condition, coverage may be continued for up to one year from the date they left school, or until they fail to meet the
criteria of a dependent child.

The above information is from the Select Benefits book for the State of Alaska. It is dated 2000 and has updates to the policy up to 2010. The entire booklet can be viewed at this link.

So if this plan is indeed the one covering the Palins at the time Trig was supposedly born then he would have been covered automatically for seventy-two hours. The coverage Trig received to begin with didn’t require the birth certificate so the Palins didn’t have to worry about that at the time. For subsequent medical treatment Trig may have been taken to Alaska Native Medical Center which only requires a Certificate of Indian Blood which Todd was probably able to obtain with no problem.

That call he supposedly made to the benefits department might have went like this.

“Alaska State Benefits Department. How may I help you?”

“This is Todd Palin. You know the Governor’s husband. About that birth certificate for Trig…uhhh Sarah and I have decided to use the Native Medical Center for his medical care so we won’t be sending that.”


I don’t think that Sarah and Todd have a birth certificate for Trig because they aren’t his parents. Trig may not even be the real name of the child being called Trig. That would explain why they refuse to show that document. That boy’s birth certificate has his real name, his parents real names and his real date of birth.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Clue To Trig’s Parentage?



Recently I received an email from a reader suggesting that I compare Sarah’s and Trig’s ears for similarities. I looked at several pictures but their ears appear quite different to me. I decided to examine pictures of other members of the Palin family to see if any of their ears resembled Trig’s.

Trig’s ear has a distinctive triangular formation which some refer to as a batwing. I call it a boomerang shape. Out of all the pictures I looked at I could find only one other Palin with the batwing or boomerang shape and that is Bristol. Finding a picture of Bristol with one of her ears showing clearly was difficult but I finally found a couple on this page.

Below are pictures of Sarah, Bristol and Trig. The triangular formation is evident on Bristol’s and Trig’s ears but I don’t see it on Sarah’s.






The fact that Bristol and Trig share this triangular formation of the ear also makes it very improbable that the baby with the ruffled ear pictured below had surgery on his ears and is the child we know as Trig today. What are the chances that after surgery the baby’s ear would have the same batwing or boomerang shape as Bristol’s?


Please share your thoughts on this subject with me and if anyone can find pictures of any of the Palins, Heaths or other people related to them with a similar ear formation please send me a link to the picture.


In the comments some of you have expressed that you don’t get what I mean by batwing. I am referring to the triangular shape just above the earlobe. I have now added close ups of Bristol’s and Trig’s ears with the areas I am referring to circled in red. I hope this clears up any confusion.





Friday, December 3, 2010

Margaret Cho Says That Sarah Forced Bristol To Be On Dancing With The Stars


E! Online is reporting that comedian Margaret Cho, one of Bristol's 'DWTS' competitors, thinks Sarah Palin "forced" Bristol to take part in the reality show to make amends for her pregnancy during the 2008 election.

More details can be read on Margaret’s blog.

I think that Margaret speaks the truth because it was pretty obvious most of the time that Bristol was not happy.

What really intrigues me is that Margaret says the reason for Bristol’s forced tenure on DWTS was to make amends for her pregnancy during the 2008 election and that Bristol’s pregnancy was the reason the McCain/Palin ticket didn’t win. That is just absurd!


There was no reason for Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp (which I am not even convinced was a real pregnancy) to become common knowledge. Bristol could have stayed in Alaska. She didn’t have to appear at the RNC or on the campaign trail. There are so many ways her absence could have been explained. School, illness, broken bone…



You wanted her there, Sarah. You paraded her in all her pregnant splendor to prove that she couldn’t possibly be Trig’s mother because she was five months pregnant. You wanted her there as proof that you were Trig’s real mother. But your plan didn’t work. People still had doubts, Sarah. The majority of voters didn’t want YOU to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Don’t blame Bristol for your mistakes, Sarah.

So the pregnancy that Bristol had to make amends for wasn’t the Tripp pregnancy. was it, Sarah? It was her pregnancy with Trig that you hold against her, isn’t it? Just let it go, Sarah! Bristol’s pregnancy didn’t cost you the election. You cost yourself the election when you decided to fake a pregnancy and did such a poor job of it that no one with half a brain believed you were really pregnant. You couldn’t even pretend to be pregnant for more than six weeks because you are. always have been and always will be, A QUITTER!