Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Email Revisited: UPDATE


UPDATE: In the comments, some readers have conveyed that many insurance companies automatically add a newborn to an employee’s health care coverage. Evidently that is not the case with the plan covering Alaska state employees. The following paragraph is from the Select Benefits Health Dependent Enrollment Form. This plan covers most employees of the state of Alaska. I believe this plan most likely covered the Palins.

When you begin work in a health-eligible position, you must list any dependents to be covered on a “Health Dependent
Enrollment form.” Please complete this form and return it to the Division of Retirement and Benefits. If your dependents
later change due to marriage, meeting or ceasing to meet the eligibility requirements for same-sex partner status, divorce,
birth, or adoption, you must complete a “Health Dependent Change form” to add or delete dependents. Failure to complete
these forms when required may delay payment of claims for your dependents.

Visit the following link to view the entire form.


Since Sarah was sent the email below obviously the required form was not filed.

If the Palins had a birth certificate for Trig listing them as the parents and dated April 18, 2008 there would have been no reason for them not to send it to the Benefits Section as requested. Therefore, it’s my opinion that the Palins did not have a birth certificate containing the information that matched what had been publicly announced regarding the birth of Trig Palin. Furthermore, I think it’s highly likely that they still don’t have such a document because the real parent(s) have not allowed Sarah and Todd to adopt the child being presented to the world as Trig Palin.

While I am on the subject of birth certificates, I have a question for any readers who have been involved in a child custody case. Did you have to show your child’s birth certificate when filing for custody during a separation or divorce? This information could be relevant to whether or not the truth has been told about Tripp’s birth.

You can email me from the link at the bottom of this post.





Back in 2008, then Governor Sarah Palin received the email shown below.



The first email was forwarded to Todd who sent the following reply.


So what do these emails tell us? They tell us that over a month after Trig Palin was supposedly born to Sarah and Todd Palin they still hadn’t added him to their state sponsored health insurance plan and Todd’s reaction was to call the benefits department. Or so he claims.

It seems strange that a newborn with Down Syndrome wouldn’t have been added right away since health problems are common in children with Down Syndrome.

Let’s take a look at the policy for maternity and newborn coverage.  I have also included the policy on covering dependents. While I can’t be certain that this is the policy which Sarah would have been covered by I think it’s reasonable to believe the coverage would have been similar to this.

Pregnancy and childbirth are covered like any other medical
condition as long as you are covered under the medical plan.
No pre-existing conditions limitations are applied.
Coverage is provided for a hospital stay for childbirth for at
least 48 hours following a normal delivery or 96 hours following
a cesarean delivery.
Pregnant women may get screening for high-risk pregnancy
factors and receive special counseling about those risks. If you
are pregnant, call the claims administrator as soon as possible
for advice and counseling on having a healthy pregnancy. A
nurse consultant will assess the risk factors in your pregnancy
and discuss ways to reduce them with you, as well as provide
ongoing monitoring and evaluation. The nurse can also provide
educational materials, nutritional analysis and ongoing
If you are totally disabled as a result of a pregnancy problem
and your coverage ends, you may be eligible for extended
benefits. See Continued Health Coverage on page 95. Totally
disabled means the complete inability of an individual to
perform everyday duties appropriate for your employment, age
or sex. The inability may be due to disease, illness, injury, or
pregnancy. The plan reserves the right of determination of
total disability based upon the report of a duly qualified physician or physicians chosen by the plan.
Newborn Care
Newborn care provided within the first 72 hours after birth is
covered. This includes nursery charges, physician’s services
and other routine care for a newborn child and is limited to 72
hours following the birth. Newborn services provided after 72
hours are not covered.
Charges for a newborn who has suffered an accidental injury,
illness, premature birth or other abnormal condition are covered like any other medically necessary services.

Addendum to page 47—Newborn Care
Effective 7/01/2008
Well Baby Care
Effective July 1, 2008, the Select Benefits active employee AlaskaCare health plan will cover outpatient routine examinations and screenings, including immunizations, for dependents from birth through 24 months of age according to the current American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) published guidelines in effect on the date of service. Coverage
is 100% of the recognized charge, without deductible being assessed for these services.

Your eligible dependents for health insurance benefits
• Your spouse. You may be legally separated but not
• Your children from birth up to 23 years of age only if they
— your natural children, stepchildren, foster children
placed through a State foster child program, legally
adopted children, children in your physical custody and
for whom bona fide adoption proceedings are underway,
or children for whom you are the legal, courtappointed
— unmarried and chiefly dependent upon you for support;
— living with you in a normal parent-child relationship;
➣ This provision is waived for natural/adopted children
of the employee who are living with a divorced
spouse, assuming all other criteria is met.
➣ Only stepchildren living with the employee more
than 50% of the time are covered under this plan.
— in addition, if they are between the ages of 19 and 23,
they must be attending school regularly on a full-time
or half-time basis.
Children incapable of employment because of a mental or
physical incapacity are covered even if they are past the
maximum age. However, the incapacity must have existed
before age 19 and the children must continue to rely chiefly
on you for support and meet the definition of children,
except for age. You must furnish the claims administrator
evidence of the incapacity, proof that the incapacity existed
before age 19 and proof of financial dependency. Children
are covered as long as the incapacity exists and they meet
the definition of children, except for age. Periodic proof of
the continued incapacity may be required.
When you are hired, you must list any eligible dependents to
be covered on a Group Health Plan Enrollment Form. If your dependents change due to marriage, divorce or other family
status changes or when your children are no longer eligible,
you must complete a Group Health Plan Change Form to add or
delete dependents. These forms are available from your human
resources office, the division or its web site. Failure to
complete these forms when required may delay payment of
health claims for your dependents.
If more than one family member is covered under a State of
Alaska health plan, each eligible family member may be covered
by this program both as an employee and as a dependent,
or as the dependent of more than one employee.

Addendum to page 4—Dependents
Effective 01/01/2007
Dependents eligible for health insurance benefi ts is amended to include:
• Same-sex partner as defi ned and documented by 2 AAC 38.010 - 2 AAC 38.100.
• Eligible child of same-sex partner as defi ned and documented by 2 AAC
38.010-2 AAC 38.100.
Effective 01/01/2010
Dependents eligible for health insurance benefi ts is revised as follows:
• Your spouse. You may be legally separated but not divorced.
• Your children from birth up to 23 years of age only if they are:
− your natural children, stepchildren, foster children placed through a State foster child program, legally adopted children, children in your physical custody and for whom bona fi de adoption proceedings are underway, orchildren for whom you are the legal, court-appointed guardian;
− unmarried and chiefly dependent upon you for support;
− living with you in a normal parent-child relationship;
» this provision is waived for natural/adopted children of the employee who are living with a divorced spouse, assuming all other criteria is met.
» Only stepchildren living with the employee more than 50% of the time are covered under this plan.
− Attending school regularly on a full-time or half-time basis if they are between the ages of 19 and 23. If a physician certifies they are unable to attend school due to a serious medical condition, coverage may be continued for up to one year from the date they left school, or until they fail to meet the
criteria of a dependent child.

The above information is from the Select Benefits book for the State of Alaska. It is dated 2000 and has updates to the policy up to 2010. The entire booklet can be viewed at this link.


So if this plan is indeed the one covering the Palins at the time Trig was supposedly born then he would have been covered automatically for seventy-two hours. The coverage Trig received to begin with didn’t require the birth certificate so the Palins didn’t have to worry about that at the time. For subsequent medical treatment Trig may have been taken to Alaska Native Medical Center which only requires a Certificate of Indian Blood which Todd was probably able to obtain with no problem.

That call he supposedly made to the benefits department might have went like this.

“Alaska State Benefits Department. How may I help you?”

“This is Todd Palin. You know the Governor’s husband. About that birth certificate for Trig…uhhh Sarah and I have decided to use the Native Medical Center for his medical care so we won’t be sending that.”


I don’t think that Sarah and Todd have a birth certificate for Trig because they aren’t his parents. Trig may not even be the real name of the child being called Trig. That would explain why they refuse to show that document. That boy’s birth certificate has his real name, his parents real names and his real date of birth.




AKRNC said...

I checked with a couple different insurance companies that I work with and asked them their policies about adding infants to the parent's policy after birth. All of them said that they are automatically added to the policy when the mother gives birth to a live child. This is done at birth and there is no need for further verification. It makes perfect sense since they have been receiving bills and paying for the mother's pre-natal care for the months prior to birth, they've paid for the OB and delivery, for mother/baby care after delivery, so why would they need a birth certificate? They would need a birth certificate in a case of adoption, of course. But for what other reason if it was a natural delivery covered by insurance, unless the baby was born to a different mother at a different hospital and not to Sarah Palin?

Anonymous said...

The Palins are too greedy. I would bet that they received a Alaskan Permanent Fund check in Trigs name. Can someone file a Freedom of Information Act request for APF disbursement for the years since Trigs birth, and also file a complain with the Native Group who allowed Trig to be added to Native care questioning his right to have it since he is not the offspring of Todd or Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

"That boy’s birth certificate has his real name, his parents real names and his real date of birth."

In the case of adoption, in some states a new birth certificate is issued with the names of the adoptive parents, though the birth date couldn't be legally changed. And keep in mind that it probably would not be that hard to fake a document, perhaps even with help from someone inside.

Blade, maybe you could follow up on AKRNC's comment, and find out what specific insurer covered the governor in 2008, and what their policy stated? There could be proof there that coverage for a baby is automatic when a covered individual gives birth.

Anonymous said...

Our oldest son is adopted. His birth certificate states OUR names as his parents along with his real date of birth and the location of the birth.

When a child is born, this info is provided automatically to the insurance company. Trig's insurance company obviously did not get notified as to his birth because it did not happen to the Palins.

Anonymous said...

AKRNC and others are correct. I never had to produce a birth certificate for my children to be covered. The insurance company had all the documentation from the birth itself. The only time they require this is when the child is adopted, to verify that the adoptive parents are legally on the child's birth certificate. Obviously Todd and Sarah were not going to submit that, since the dates would not match up and it may not have been a legal adoption at that time.

Anonymous said...

It's often been noted that Sarah has gone out of her way to avoid taking Trig across any borders, and it's assumed that she doesn't want to show his birth certificate to officials. Border guards and passport office employees must be bound by confidentiality laws and can't disclose what they see. That's if they even know enough about the Palins to be curious about the child's birth date. I would expect them to just glance to make sure it's a legal birth certificate, and wave the family through. If they applied for a passport for him, the employee who processed it probably didn't know what Trig's birth date is supposed to be. I did that type of work years ago, and I would have spent maybe ten seconds going, "Ooh, look, it's the Palin baby", and then it would have been on to the next file. We know that Sarah is a bold liar who enjoys pulling off a scam and relies on things like confidentiality laws to protect her. Therefore, her unwillingness to take Trig across a border tells me that he either has no birth certificate at all (horrors), or it's in the possession of his real mother, or Sarah has it but it names different parents. My guess is that Sarah has not legally adopted him or been appointed his legal guardian.

Anonymous said...

I found the email request for the birth certificate unusual. I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone in HR trying to get their hands on it. It's not required to add a child to your insurance policy.

What will be telling is if Trig ever enrolls in public school. They will have to provide a birth certificate for that one. Due to the spate of parent kidnappings, most districts require a birth certificate to register a child for school.

Five will get you ten Trig never goes to school.

FEDUP!!! said...

I agree with all the other posters that say that you don't need to show the birth certificate for your natural-born child, because the insurance has all the pre-natal information, as well as the fact that you gave birth (i.e. the hospital bills).
Thus, it proves that $arah is NOT the natural birth mother of Trig.

Anonymous said...

Anon said, "Therefore, her unwillingness to take Trig across a border tells me that he either has no birth certificate at all (horrors), or it's in the possession of his real mother, or Sarah has it but it names different parents. My guess is that Sarah has not legally adopted him or been appointed his legal guardian."

I agree. But there is one other possibility. Bristol gave birth to Trig. CBJ agreed to help Sarah stage the fake birth in April, but refused to go as far as falsifying a legal document such as a birth certificate.

The main reason I don't believe Sarah has a birth certificate that lists her and Todd as Trig's parents is that Sarah ALWAYS has to prove people wrong. She goes out of her way to show that she is right. If she had a valid bc for Trig, she would have showed it by now, if for no other reason than to say, "I told ya so!"

Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed how many "intellegent" people don't believe that Pres. Obama is a citizen, despite the birth certificate that has been shown often...yet those same people believe the Trig story without a birth certificate of any kind.

I agree with the last post...if she had one, Sarah would have flaunted it a long time ago. That to me is the damning part of this whole story, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Yes, I agree with Blade, Anon @2:55, and others, if SP had a real birth certificate for Trig, she would have shown it to the "Lame Stream Media" and had her very own 'gotcha' moment. But she doesn't, so she didn't!

When I clicked on the link to see the entire Health Enrollment/Adjustment form, I noticed something else. On the bottom, near the signature area, we are reminded of the penalties involved if any of the information given is false. So I wonder how much the Paleones were willing to risk there.

So, where to go with this? One question is where does Trig go for pediatric care? Are there witnesses, boots on the ground, who have seen him at any particular medical facility?
I would ask the same question about Tripp.

I believe that this ridiculous issue about Obama's birth certificate is being funded and kept alive by certain interests who wish to make VALID questions about babygate and Trig's birth certificate seem foolish.

Conscious at last

Anonymous said...

Why, Blade, would the Palins adopt a baby when Bristol was pregnant. Trig looks too much like a Palin to be adopted. JMO

Just because Todd said..."he would call," doesn't mean the Palins didn't send in a birth certificate. Maybe they did. How would we ever know? Isn't that confidential?

The e-mail was sent to Sarah and that tells me the medical bills were in her name. If so, why wouldn't the b/c be too? Granted, there isn't any proof they have one nor is there any proof they don't. Let's just be aware of the possibility.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:23:

There's no risk in signing the affidavit. It only asks you to check off a box for "child." No where do it ask you to certify that you gave birth.

Regardless of the circumstances of the birth, there's no question that Sarah Palin is Trig's mother for legal purposes.

Also, Sarah is an attention-monger. Releasing the birth certificate (assuming she has one) would only make people STOP discussing it.

If there's one thing Sarah hates more than being talked about, it's NOT being talked about.

Gles said...

Could CBJ have done any medical procedures/tests that are parallel to pregnancy testing? I'm not a medical person but I do remember the initial test to verify pregnancy followed then by monthly visits to doctor. Since Sarah supposedly did not go to full term and enter into the see the doc every week phase..... The documentation might not be there for the insurance company. Also usually a benefit review form(insurance) is given to employees once a year to update/make changes or not..that is my experience here in TX.

The poster who mentioned birth certificate via Obama and then Trig... I am wondering how far back in time the birth certificate discussion began on McCain, Obama as candidates....to even give Sarah the idea.

Sarah Palin has a serpent's heart said...

Is Dr. CBJ still practicing medicine. Where is she now? Can't someone file a complaint against her?


Anonymous said...

To Gles @ 7:29 --to clarify my point above: I don't think that SP, herself, is necessarily involved in the Orly Taitz(sp?) Obama birther issue. I do think that individuals/interests who support Palin politically and/or are making $$$ from Palin's media-whoring ARE behind this effort.(See the latest post at IM.) If a half crazed woman and a bunch of looney tea-bagger types look foolish asking questions about Obama's birth place and birth certificate, it has the potential to tarnish serious efforts regarding babygate. Those who are profiting from Palin now want to extend her run in the spotlight--

To anon @ 4:23-- You raise an interesting point - would SP prefer to remain "talked about" even if the issue is scandalous? Generally, I would agree, she wants to be in every news cycle, for any reason. But I wonder if she understands that babygate and related matters are her Achille's Heel. I read somewhere recently that she truly expected to win the 2008 election and was shocked when the GOP lost. This indicates massive delusion on her part... so you may be right! We'll see!

Still, since she spends so much time trying to cover her lies in her first book(white-outs) and on her TLC show, I tend to think that if she had a birth certificate for Trig with the "correct" birthdate and other info, she'd show it.

Conscious at last

Anonymous said...

If Palin had been pregnant the insurance company would've gotten claims for OB care, for ultrasounds, amniocentisis, prenatal vitamins, and blood tests. If Trig was indeed premature with a heart defect he would've been in the hospital for several days and the billing department would've known about it. Didn't Trig also have heart surgery as an infant? That would have led to a major insurance trail and he would've likely spent time in ICU, all adding to thousands in claims.

I know privacy laws prevent this information from being public knowledge but there has to be a way to verify some of this. Maybe someone could call the hospital billing department, posing as a claims adjuster, saying there are discrepancies with the billing and they need info on the records.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:34, I am pretty sure that Trig did NOT have heart surgery. He had a minor heart defect that did not require surgery, from what I recall reading. This is entirely possible, as my daughter (who also has DS and was almost 6wks premature) has a heart defect and didn't require surgery, either.
I agree with everyone who says that if she had proof she would have gloated in showing it, thus giving the big middle finger to all her haters - instead, she just tries to damage the credibiity of anyone who doubts her story.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah showed a birth certificate verifying all the information she has told us, how many here would believe it? How many would scream..."DNA."

What kind of jeopardy would showing the b/c put Dr. Cathy Balwin-Johnson in? Every b/c has to be signed by an MD. It would tell us all a baby was born and would be evidence, to me, Bristol was the one who gave birth even though Sarah's name would be listed.

Can any of you imagine, after all this time, the frenzy it would cause? No, I think Sarah is saving this for the opportune time, if and when she decides to show it. Look how far she has gotten without doing so.

Thanks for this post, Blade, and to the commenters here taking the time to add their thoughts.


curiouser said...

"Since Sarah was sent the email below obviously the required form was not filed."

The email actually indicates that the form WAS filed. Had the Benefits Dept. not received it, they surely would have asked for it in the email since it's the basis for covering a newborn. Instead, they only asked for a birth certificate which isn't required for a 'natural child'.

Gles said...

So curiouser...... rather than be denied adding a grandchild to Sarah's insurance policy as a dependent, she simply adopted the grandchild to obtain coverage.

I would think an insurance company would be onto this type of ploy...or is this a dirty little secret used by many people to get insurance coverage for their underage childrens' off-spring?

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! A disappeared document found! Re: the request for birth certificate. I originally looked at all the benefits etc back in early 2009, and at that time I found the dependent eligibility documents on the State of Alaska website. It clearly stated that birth certificates were required for children (natural, adopted, etc). I found this document stand alone (it was not embedded to anything else) and over time/revamping of the State's benefits website, this document disappeared. I just found it again, this time it was also used as part of the same sex / domestic partner special enrollment period Alaska had at the end of 2006. Please see page 20 of this pdf. This is the exact document that was in place as dependent verification at the time Trig was born.....

I know it is relatively uncommon for insurance to require a birth certificate for newborn natural children, however, this is the State of Alaska who is self insured, and at the time Trig was born, had Premera Blue Cross as the administrator of their plan. The State of Alaska can determine whatever they want for eligibility and at the time, required birth certificates as being required for dependent proof of eligibility.

I hope this explains WHY the birth certificate email was sent to the Palins by the benefits dept at the State of Alaska.

See page 20 of this document:


Anonymous said...

I should clarify - this Dependent Eligibility Documentation list disappeared from the State of Alaska website when the SOA switched from Premera to Wells Fargo for claims administration, and also created their online enrollment system. At the time Trig was born, they did not have an online enrollment system, so all the dependent add/change forms were posted online, including the Documentation requirement list (page 20 of the document I linked to above).