Monday, April 25, 2011

Square Pad Mystery Solved?


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This picture of Sarah Palin, often referred to as “The Nail In The Coffin” photo because it shows Sarah with a flat belly on March 26, 2008 has been the subject of much speculation. Her flat stomach is one reason this photo is an important piece of evidence in proving that she was not pregnant with Trig. Another aspect of the picture that is often discussed is that there appears to be a square pad under her shirt.


To my eye, the pad looks like it might be a 4x4 gauze pad. What would necessitate Sarah needing such a pad?

I have heard that Sarah had LipoDissolve injections in early 2008..You can read more about the procedure here and here. The second link shows a video of a woman getting the injections.

I don’t know if a dressing is used after the procedure but considering the multiple injections given, it’s a possibility.

One thing is for sure, though. These injections are not given to pregnant women.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Lady In Black


I wonder why Sarah is wearing the same couple of black suits in every picture in which she appears pregnant?

Has anyone seen pictures of her looking pregnant in 2008 while wearing any color other than black? If so please post the links in the comments section.





Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Must Be Stopped


Read the article at this link.

I think the points made that she is going to run for President are valid. I know there are many who think she won’t run because she isn’t a viable candidate.

Since when did not being a viable candidate stop Sarah from running for anything?

One could argue that she wasn’t a viable candidate for Governor of Alaska. She was young. She was female. She had young children.

We all know what happened when she ran for that office.

We can’t be sure that she won’t win the GOP nomination and we can’t be sure that she won’t win the Presidential election.

Elections have been bought before and who’s to say that will not happen again.

This was brought home to me the other day.

My husband was talking on the phone with one of his uncles. This uncle is in his early sixties and has never voted. Nor has his wife or their three children who all are of voting age.

This uncle, who is very poor, said that his sister who is a well-to-do Republican told him that if he, his wife and their three children will register and vote Republican in the elections next year she will give them $500.00 each.

Now imagine the same thing happening all over the country. Republicans offering money or other bribes to friends, relatives, even strangers to coerce them to vote GOP.

We must take action NOW!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarah Palin - Daddy’s Little Girl


It seems to me that Sarah Palin holds her father, Chuck Heath in great esteem. He is her advisor, her protector and all-around pal. To Sarah, her daddy is “Superman”.

So how does this affect her marriage?

I think she puts Todd down and tells him that he’ll never be the man her father is. So Todd tries to prove himself to Sarah by defending her overzealously in confrontations like this one.

After the news of Todd Palin’s involvement with Shailey Tripp broke, I read comments that were questioning why Todd would become involved with someone like Shailey when he had Sarah at home. There were rude remarks about Shailey’s weight.

I think Todd was looking for someone who he thought would be flattered by his attention. He wanted reassurance that he was good looking and a good lover. He wanted to be someone’s “Superman”.

I think he picked the wrong woman.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pondering Sarah Palin’s Pregnancies: UPDATE


After reading comments, I realized that I might not have made my point clear. I am not doubting that Sarah conceived three times in a relatively short period of time.

My thought is that being very fertile might run in the family and that Bristol could have easily had two babies in 2008.

Even if Trig was born on April 18, a very fertile Bristol could have conceived again quickly. If she conceived TrIpp toward the end of May, she could have delivered him prematurely at 7 months gestation near the end of December.

I’ve always thought it strange that Tripp, the proof that Bristol wasn’t Trig’s mother, wasn’t seen publicly until February 2009. Maybe he was too tiny or maybe he wasn’t born when they said.



Recently, I have been thinking a lot about Sarah Palin’s earlier pregnancies. Sarah gave birth for the first time (as far as we know) on April 20, 1989 to Track.

He was conceived around July 22-29,1988.

From Sarah’s own words we know that Track was full term.

But none of my babies had been early and being my fifth child I know what labor feels like (laughing) and if I had felt at all that I was really engaged in uh, labor activities I would not have desired to fly and, um, get back uh, to deliver in Alaska. 

We also know from Sarah’s own words that she and Todd wanted another baby right away.

In her book Going Rogue, Sarah Palin wrote:

Just before Track was born, Todd and I moved to a small apartment in Wasilla, next door to our good friend Curtis Menard, Jr., who by now was a dentist like his dad. Curtis was like a brother to me. We asked him to be Track's godfather. Todd and I shared one car, and we loved our little life together, though with the Slope and fishing schedule we still didn't see each other very much. We desperately wanted another baby right away, so I was excited when I learned I was pregnant again. We were sure it was another boy, and we decided to call him Tad, a combination of Todd and Track.

I loved the fact we had planned so well and that events were falling neatly into place in our well-ordered lives. Our babies would be a year apart, right on schedule. At the beginning of my second trimester, I went in for my monthly exam. Todd was on the Slope. He had always been good about leaving me short love notes before he left, but as I drove to the doctor's office, his latest played in my head because it had a special addendum: "I love you, Tad!"

At my exam, the doctor listened for the baby's heartbeat. When she didn't smile, I didn't worry; she was known for her mellow demeanor. But I noticed that she kept moving the stethoscope around. And she didn't hand it to me as doctors usually do, so the expectant mother can listen to the sound of life.

Let's do a quick sonogram," she said.

I agreed, eager to confirm that Tad was a boy - or to be surprised.

We moved to another room, and I lay down on a sheet-covered table. The doctor spread gel on my belly and began sliding the transducer back and forth. I waited for the familiar Shoosh-shoosh-shoosh sound of the baby's beating heart.

But it didn't come. And the sonogram picture looked empty.

The doctor said coldly, "There's nothing alive in there.”

Her bluntness shocked me. I felt sick and hollow, and burst into tears.

"You have a couple of choices about getting rid of it," she said. "It." That's what she called our baby, whom we'd been calling Tad for three months.

She went on to explain that I could go home and let "it" pass naturally. Or I could have a D&C.


Todd flew home to be with me when I had the D&C. When the doctor's bill arrived in our mailbox, it came with a typo. In the box describing the procedure, someone had typed, "Abortion." Instead of starting off with a fresh form, they painted it over with a thin layer of Wite-Out and retyped, "Miscarriage." For some reason it just felt like salt in the wound.

Sarah’s words. Our babies would be a year apart, right on schedule.

So the baby Sarah and Todd were calling Tad would have been conceived about the same time of the year as Track to be born one year later. That would have been between July 21 and July 28, 1989.

Sarah had an ultrasound that revealed that the baby wasn’t alive at the beginning of her second trimester. According to Sarah’s words, and the information available at this site: I think Sarah was probably 16 weeks pregnant when she had that ultrasound.

16 weeks from July 21-28, 1989 was November 10-17. So Sarah most likely had the D&C sometime after November 17, 1989.

Sex is not generally recommended for two weeks after the D&C procedure which Sarah had.

But Sarah evidently got pregnant very quickly because on October 18, 1990 Bristol was born. She would have been conceived around January 18-25, 1990. Just a little less than 18 months after the birth of big brother Track and a bit less than 6 months after “Tad” would have been due.

Perhaps getting pregnant quickly runs in the family so it’s not really far-fetched that Bristol could have given birth to Trig and Tripp both in 2008. If Trig was born even a little before the stated date of April 18, a second birth later in the year becomes even more plausible.

One other weird little thing. Trig’s given birthdate with the exception of the year is a combination of Track and Bristol’s birthdates. April for Track and 18 for Bristol.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can Sarah Palin Be Controlled?


Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura thinks Sarah Palin will win the GOP nomination in 2012.

In the article above he states that she will maintain the status quo. In other words, he thinks she will make a good figurehead President like George W.Bush.

I think not. Her ego and greed would send her on a mega power trip if she somehow managed to get elected.

I think this article says all anyone needs to know about Sarah’s willingness to do as she’s told.

"She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone," said this McCain adviser. "She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else.”




This woman has no relationships of trust with anyone. How would she ever build a trusting relationship with the American people and the leaders of other countries?