Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Must Be Stopped


Read the article at this link.

I think the points made that she is going to run for President are valid. I know there are many who think she won’t run because she isn’t a viable candidate.

Since when did not being a viable candidate stop Sarah from running for anything?

One could argue that she wasn’t a viable candidate for Governor of Alaska. She was young. She was female. She had young children.

We all know what happened when she ran for that office.

We can’t be sure that she won’t win the GOP nomination and we can’t be sure that she won’t win the Presidential election.

Elections have been bought before and who’s to say that will not happen again.

This was brought home to me the other day.

My husband was talking on the phone with one of his uncles. This uncle is in his early sixties and has never voted. Nor has his wife or their three children who all are of voting age.

This uncle, who is very poor, said that his sister who is a well-to-do Republican told him that if he, his wife and their three children will register and vote Republican in the elections next year she will give them $500.00 each.

Now imagine the same thing happening all over the country. Republicans offering money or other bribes to friends, relatives, even strangers to coerce them to vote GOP.

We must take action NOW!


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