Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarah Palin - Daddy’s Little Girl


It seems to me that Sarah Palin holds her father, Chuck Heath in great esteem. He is her advisor, her protector and all-around pal. To Sarah, her daddy is “Superman”.

So how does this affect her marriage?

I think she puts Todd down and tells him that he’ll never be the man her father is. So Todd tries to prove himself to Sarah by defending her overzealously in confrontations like this one.


After the news of Todd Palin’s involvement with Shailey Tripp broke, I read comments that were questioning why Todd would become involved with someone like Shailey when he had Sarah at home. There were rude remarks about Shailey’s weight.

I think Todd was looking for someone who he thought would be flattered by his attention. He wanted reassurance that he was good looking and a good lover. He wanted to be someone’s “Superman”.

I think he picked the wrong woman.




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