Monday, April 25, 2011

Square Pad Mystery Solved?


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This picture of Sarah Palin, often referred to as “The Nail In The Coffin” photo because it shows Sarah with a flat belly on March 26, 2008 has been the subject of much speculation. Her flat stomach is one reason this photo is an important piece of evidence in proving that she was not pregnant with Trig. Another aspect of the picture that is often discussed is that there appears to be a square pad under her shirt.


To my eye, the pad looks like it might be a 4x4 gauze pad. What would necessitate Sarah needing such a pad?

I have heard that Sarah had LipoDissolve injections in early 2008..You can read more about the procedure here and here. The second link shows a video of a woman getting the injections.

I don’t know if a dressing is used after the procedure but considering the multiple injections given, it’s a possibility.

One thing is for sure, though. These injections are not given to pregnant women.


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