Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Just Griped My Grits!


I hadn’t planned on posting on my blog this soon as I haven’t felt well and have little energy but Nancy French’s blog post, which I found a link to on Shailey Tripp’s facebook page, irked me so much, I couldn’t resist.

French goes on and on about people who pretend to know the Palins but yet she made this glaring mistake in her blog post.

“I watched in amusement as Gov. Palin – the most controversial and famous politician in the nation – pumped her own gas, greeted the cashier cheerfully, and fussed over Trigg.”

This woman, who claims to have spent a month with the Palins can’t spell one of the children’s names right. I say one of the children because her post leaves me unclear which child she is making reference to, Trig or Tripp.

Considering the fact that the woman was the ghostwriter of a book in which she must have written the name of either child at least once, probably a lot more, one would think she would be aware of the correct spelling.

 I wonder how much the Palins paid her for this sugar-coated fairy tale? In fact, I asked her that very question in the comments section of her blog. My remarks are still awaiting moderation, so we shall see if she allows it through or not but below is the comment I left, word for word.

“Kudos to you for getting to know the Palins so well. So well you can't spell the name of the child that Sarah fussed over. Would that child be Trig, note the one g, who has been presented as Sarah's son since 4-18-08 OR would that be Tripp, the supposed son of the woman you were ghostwriting the book for. If this is any example of the accuracy of the information that you were provided there's little wonder at the reason that Bristol's book is filled with hogwash and vitriol aimed at Levi Johnston.

By the way, just how much did the Palins pay you for witing this fairy tale piece about living with them?”

I decided to check before publishing this post to see if my comment had been allowed through. It’s still awaiting moderation but I read the blog post aloud to my husband who was wondering what had inspired me to do a blog post tonight. In the middle of reading it, I caught another big goof. Nancy French wrote that Joe McGinniss bought the house next door to the Palins. I couldn’t resist leaving this comment.

“Oh, also, too, Joe McGinniss didn’t buy the house next door he only rented it. Did that information about him buying it come from the Palins?”