Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Isn’t It Funny?


Isn’t it funny how people with connections to Sarah Palin receive high accolades?

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson Named The 2002 Family Physician of The Year By The American Academy of Family Physicians.

This after being recommended by Sarah Palin.

I’ve always wondered why a physician worthy of such a high honor wouldn’t insist that her pregnant patient who just happened to be expecting a baby with known Down Syndrome go to the nearest hospital for a check-up when that patient was thousands of miles from home and called the doctor to report premature contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. Doing anything except recommending said patient make a visit to the emergency department makes no sense. Never mind that the patient also happens to be the Governor of the state where the doctor lives and practices. It just makes no sense. Unless the call never happened because the patient wasn’t really pregnant.

Another person in Sarah’s life who has received a high honor is Ina Bouker.

Alaska’s 2007 Teacher of the Year is Ina Bouker, a first grade teacher at Dillingham Elementary School.

This is the cousin Ina who viewers met on the latest episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. 

Ina Bouker’s husband, John Paul, also seen on the show is the owner of Bristol Bay Air Service.

Sarah Palin meets relatives in Dillingham, Alaska.


This is the cousin Ina who has a child, Matthew, with Down Syndrome. One would think that Sarah would seek advice from Ina about raising a child with Down Syndrome but I haven’t seen any evidence of her seeking the wisdom of Todd’s cousin. Then again Sarah thinks she knows everything so why would she ask for help?

I have a question for anyone who watched the last episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska closely. (Her screeching gets to me so I fast forward most of it.)

Did Sarah or someone else say that Ina has seven children? I have read that she has six so if Sarah said seven might that have been a Freudian slip that explains where Trig came from and why he bears a resemblance to the Palins?

I can be reached by email at bladecatz@mail.com.



Monday, November 22, 2010

Mercede’s Latest Series Of Posts


The long awaited post by Mercede Johnston regarding the birth of Trig Palin went live a few days ago. Not surprisingly there was very little new information in the post. In fact, the post only raised more questions which prompted her to post again supposedly to answer those questions.

So what do these latest posts tell us? How do Mercede’s observations compare with what we’ve heard before?

The First Post

Mercede said Bristol was talking about the family being suspicious that Sarah was pregnant. Other than in Going Rogue where Sarah said that Willow noticed she was gaining weight, I don’t recall that being mentioned before.

Mercede writes that Bristol was acting hostile around that time. That we have heard before. Bristol was most likely hostile due to Sarah’s decision to fake a pregnancy and raise Bristol’s baby as her own. She could hardly divulge that to Mercede so Mercede was told or assumed that Bristol’s hostility was due to Sarah having kept her pregnancy a secret from the family.

Next, she discusses the pictures of her holding Trig on May 3, 2008 which was Levi’s birthday. She claims to be excited about Bristol being pregnant with her niece or her nephew and in awe of baby Trig. Wasn’t that before Bristol and Levi supposedly told anyone?

She brushes off all the cute nicknames for everyone as just her being a teenager and something she has always done. Okay.

Then she brings up Sarah’s physical appearance in the photo. Mercede admits she looks lean but insists that is the way Sarah always looked to her. She goes on to remark in a way that I can only call defensive, that people pick every detail about her (Sarah) apart. She points out that Sarah is wearing basically the same outfit on the first episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska and that maybe those are Sarah’s comfortable clothes. Yes, Sarah looks comfortable but definitely not two weeks post-partum. I also have to wonder how Mercede will explain Sarah wearing this coat while filming her show and it fitting just like it did when she was pregnant on March 1, 2008.

The top picture was taken March 1, 2008. The bottom picture was taken during the filming of the second episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

1irondogSarah Palin's Alaska Episode 02

I think Mercede realizes at this point that it sounds like she is defending Sarah so she states she isn’t sticking up for her or saying that Sarah isn’t hiding something. She is just giving her opinion and that after all the Palins have done to her family if she knew something she wouldn’t keep it secret.

Next, Mercede touches on the subject of Trig’s ears. She says that she never noticed anything being wrong with them. If she was as in awe of Trig as she states how could she not have noticed?

In the rest of the post, she questions why Sarah doesn’t just provide proof that she is Trig’s mother and shut everyone up and laments that she didn’t pay much attention to what was going on back then and wishes she had. She says that Bristol and Levi brought Trig to the Johnston home to visit several times and that her mother never snoticed any differences in Trig’s appearance. Perhaps those visits were after the new Trig was obtained.

Mercede ends the first post with an emphatic statement that Bristol isn’t Trig’s mother. Bristol was with Levi all the time and that Levi wouldn’t hide something like that from her. She says she saw Bristol once in awhile and Bristol had no baby belly. Well, neither did Sarah so where did Trig come from?

Her final remark is that “There is NO WAY that Trig is Bristol’s son. To my knowledge she has had one beautiful son, and that is my precious nephew Tripp Johnston.”

So maybe Bristol had a daughter…

The Second Post: Mercede Answers Some Questions

In this first sequel, Mercede addresses some of the questions which were posted in the comments.

She begins by stating that she is telling all she knows and wishing that she had paid more attention to the events that occurred in 2008 so she could clear up any confusion once and for all.

The first question she chooses to answer is about the picture of Levi holding a baby with another baby’s arm cut out of the photo.

Mercede’s reply is “That photo is a picture I took of my brother holding his son with our young cousin on his lap. I cropped out our cousin because I did not have permission to post a picture of her online.”  I guess she learned her lesson after posting all those pictures of Trig without permission.

The next question is along the lines of don’t all these well documented events make you think twice about Trig being Sarah’s biological son. Mercede says “I’ll admit that there have been many times when I have had my doubts. It is simply a fact that I just cannot fathom someone being evil and narcissistic enough to fake a pregnancy. Plus I was around during that time, and heard first hand Bristol saying that they thought their mom was pregnant, which she at first denied, and then admitted. And after seeing Bristol so furious with her mom for hiding it, well that led me to believe that it was legit. But yes I still do have my doubts, and if I were Sarah I would just release some proof to end all of this speculation. If it were me that would seem like a no-brainer.”

But in her first post in this series Mercede said “ I did not even ever consider she would fake her pregnancy until I started reading reports and blogs. Even then I didn’t believe it.

I’ve seen and read it all. The ear theory, fake pregnancy suit, adoption, switching out babies, and all I can say is that I never saw any evidence that supports any of that. I also never noticed anything wrong, different, or odd about Trigs ears when I saw him.

If indeed they did fake the pregnancy, adopt, or switch a baby, well then that makes her the most evil and manipulative women I have ever come across. But right now I still have no good reason to doubt that Sarah is the biological mother of Trig.

However, I do question why she has NEVER provided any proof to put the rumors to rest. I realize she is not obligated to do so, but why not shut everybody up? And then recently I heard that she gave the wrong location for his birth. How could she forget that he was born in Wasilla?”

Mercede is contradicting herself but still manages to straddle both sides of the issue.

Then she shifts to questions that have nothing to do with the birth of Trig Palin. These questions are about remarks Bristol made about Levi on Dancing With The Stars and the infamous Facebook flame war. I don’t disagree with what Mercede says in her replies but I do think she is playing for sympathy. She says she would like recent photos of Tripp so she can she how he is changing and show the pictures to Tripp’s great-grandmother. She can certainly print some from the internet because they aren’t scarce. I know it’s not the same but they would be better than nothing.

The last few questions she answered aren’t really noteworthy. 

Mercede doesn’t think Bristol is pregnant but does believe she is sexually active despite advocating for abstinence. Time will tell whether Bristol is pregnant or not.

She blasts Sarah’s claim that she barely knew Levi and the Johnstons when Bristol announced she was pregnant with his child. I believe Mercede is very truthful in relating experiences she had with the Palins.

The final question is about the scrubbing of her computer and Mercede again says that she and her family believe it was done by the Secret Service. I find that absurd but I can see where a teenager might believe it.

The Third Post: Mercede Answers More Questions

First, Mercede replies to a question about why Bristol lived with her aunt. She says Bristol didn’t want to move to Juneau because she wanted to be able to see Levi. But the Palins were living in Wasilla at that time and Sarah was charging the state a per diem for expenses so Mercede’s answer makes no sense. Bristol moved to Anchorage to be closer to Levi who lived in Wasilla instead of staying with her family in their home in Wasilla. I think Mercede is sidestepping that question because Bristol has stated that she was living with her aunt while pregnant and the timing is wrong for that to have been the pregnancy with Tripp.

The second question asks if Levi knows he is the father and is there any chance he isn’t and is being paid to pretend. Mercede states that Levi would have asked for a paternity test if he had doubts and would never take money to pretend to be the daddy. She says that Tripp looks identical to Levi as a tot. I wish Mercede would post a picture of little Levi so we can see if that’s true.

The next question is one I have often wondered about. Why does Levi have a hospital bracelet on in a picture where he is holding Trig? Mercede posted a picture of Levi and Tripp and stated she hadn’t seen it before but said she talked to Levi and he identified it as him and Tripp. The picture shown is of Levi and Tripp but where did Mercede find it if she hadn’t seen it before? I also remember another picture of Levi wearing a hospital bracelet and I’m sure that the baby in that picture is NOT Tripp. I am almost positive I saw it before Tripp was even born but I have never been able to find that picture again and can’t remember where I saw it.

Another question is about Bristol not letting Levi speak to Mercede  for a whole summer and when did Levi live with the Palins. Mercede states that it was the sumer of 2008 when that happened and also 2008 when Levi lived with the Palins. Contradictory again because the summer of 2008 would have been when Bristol and Levi were taking baby Trig to visit at the Johnston home according to the first post Mercede made in this series.

“After the infamous TriggyBear photos were taken Bristol and Levi had taken Trig to my mother’s home a few times and my mom never noticed anything different or odd about Trig. He was just a joyful baby boy who looked exactly the same everytime she saw him. She never noticed a difference in his appearance whatsoever.”

So we are to believe that Bristol was taking Trig to the Johnston home where Mercede lived but Levi was not to speak to his sister? Levi’s mother put up with her daughter being shunned in her own home?

The final two questions are: 

Why is Trig smaller in the Triggybear pictures than in the hospital pictures with the Heaths. Mercede has no explanation for the difference but says maybe it’s camera angles or maybe something really is going on. Yep. Something is going on, alright…

Why is Levi not seeing Tripp and that Bristol might move to Arizona. Doesn’t Levi care?

Mercede says “As you know”Team Levi” does not talk to me about the legal side of things. (Even going so far as to announce in the paper that I “won’t be privy to information from anyone with Team Levi.” And Levi is not allowed to fill me in either, so all that I know about the legal agreement is what I read on the internet. Obviously Levi does not have much control over what happens with Tripp as everybody can determine by how rarely he sees his son these days.”

So Mercede is not privy to the legalities of the custody agreement yet in her second post of this series she said “Bristol saw me cry my eyes out during the deposition (all while she was laughing and rolling her eyes) because I was missing my nephew so very much. And yet she remained unmoved.”

Again, another contradictory statement. Isn’t a deposition part of the legal proceedings?

I am not trying to be harsh but many of Mercede’s comments puzzle me. They make me wonder if she can be trusted. In fact, I wonder if Mercede is even really the author of those posts or if they are being written by someone under Sarah’s control showing just enough disdain for the Palins to make them appear real. At least to Sarah.

Some of the commenters on Mercede’s blog suggested that she should sell any information she has about the Palins and make some money for herself. I think it’s possible, even probable that the Johnstons and the Palins are not the enemies they appear to be but are working together and they are all riding the gravy train straight to the bank.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are Fraternal Twins Being Used To Play The Part Of Tripp?


The picture of Tripp with the long hair pulled back with a clip of some sort makes me wonder if a set of male/female fraternal twins are being presented as Tripp.

The picture from TLC was taken July 3, 2010 at Todd’s parents house in Dillingham.

Remember what else happened around that time?


The cover shot for the above article from the July 14, 2010 issue of Us Weekly would have been taken around the same time as the photo of Tripp with hair pulled back.

Here’s a side by side of Tripp cropped from the two pictures for comparison.

1DILLINGHAM, ALASKA -JULY 03 2010:  Sarah Palin interacts with son Trig (dark hair) and grandson Tripp Johnston after a morning fishing trip at Todd's parents house in Dillingham, where Todd, a professional fisherman, fishes every year in July during salmon season, and where the Palin family usually spend 4th of July.

To me, Tripp’s face looks softer, rounder and feminine in the picture with the hair pulled back. The cheeks seem fuller. The difference is hard to explain unless fraternal twins are being used.

If twins are being used then I think it’s very doubtful that Bristol gave birth to them.




Monday, November 15, 2010

Strange Picture Of Tripp


I DVR’d Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night so I could FF through the boring parts. Actually the whole show was dull as dishwater and obviously as fake as Sarah’s pregnancy with Trig. No surprise there.

A noteworthy quote from the show; Sarah says she loves Alaska as much as she loves her family. Well, that is actually a good comparison since she quit on the state as Governor and is a part-time mother at best.

After I finished watching, which only took me about ten minutes, I went to the TLC website. They have a photo gallery of Palin pictures there. Take a look at picture number 8. Does it look like Tripp has a ponytail or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Is it possible the role of Tripp is being played by a girl?

Everyone please post your opinion in the comments on whether or not you think Tripp’s hair is in a ponytail and if so could Tripp really be female.



Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin: Political Patsy


It’s time for some hard truths. Big money is behind Sarah Palin and they will succeed in getting her elected as the next POTUS unless the dirt on her, which we know exists, is exposed soon. Waiting is no longer an option or come January 2013 she will be inaugurated.

Many people think she won’t be the GOP nominee or that it would be great if she were because that would insure a second term for Obama. I have to disagree. We need look no further back than the 2000 election of G.W. Bush. Does anyone really believe that he was anything more than a figurehead? A puppet whose strings were being pulled by big oil. They wanted him in office and by golly they made it happen. When the American people failed to elect him, they made sure their patsy was ensconced in the White House. Big money will do it again unless Sarah Palin becomes a non-viable candidate which will only happen if people who know the truth will talk.

Why is Sarah the dream candidate of big money? There are several reasons. First, is her over-inflated ego. She is so full of herself that she honestly believes that she is qualified to be POTUS. Next, is the fact that she isn’t qualified to be President. She will be overwhelmed and willing to have someone else do the actual job while she takes the credit. Finally, there is her inexplicable appeal to some people. The rabid adoration she garners from her fans is sickening but that is what the big money behind her wants to see.

Big money is using every avenue available to make the Palin family appear likeable and down to earth. From Bristol’s tenure on Dancing With The Stars to TLC’S Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the Palin clan is being portrayed as the ideal American family that we know they are not.

Some possible scenarios if Sarah Palin becomes President.

Sarah Palin has known ties to big oil. Look for the costs of a gallon of gas to skyrocket. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $6.00 a gallon or higher. Depending on which other big money entities are backing her the costs of other necessities could become out of reach for most Americans. Big pharma is a likely suspect so drug costs, already ridiculous, would likely increase further. Big insurance would raise premiums while cutting benefits. Day to day life would become a struggle for most.

Another possible scenario with Sarah Palin at the helm is she goes rogue. If her handlers can’t control her then who knows what havoc she will wreak. Her mental instability makes her unpredictable. World War III, anyone?

There are other bloggers that claim to have direct knowledge of Sarah’s faked pregnancy. There are people in Alaska who know the truth. I beg, implore and beseech them to please reveal what they know. The time for protecting sources is over. The time for cowering because Sarah has made threats against you is over. Reveal the truth or prepare yourself to hear Hail To The Chief played as Sarah Palin enters a room. Prepare for life as you know it to end.

Readers: I am asking for your help. Searching through the same information over and over is tedious. I know I am probably missing some things worth looking into. If you will, do some internet searches, and if you find anything that might be even a little different than what we have already established, please email me. I will do my best to dig deeper into anything sent to me.

You will notice I have added a PayPal button. I thought long and hard before doing so but I have used my own funds to pay for information such as background searches on people when I needed to verify information and I really can’t afford to keep doing so. Any contributions will be used for  purposes related to exposing Sarah's misdeeds.

Thanks for any and all contributions whether it be information or funds.



Monday, November 8, 2010

Scary Thoughts (UPDATE) DWTS Info


CAUTION: The following links may induce nausea.

Thanks to a reader for providing the following link.


Here’s a voting prediction site.


Then we have this sugary praise piece. The writer is obviously besotted with the Palins.


It really is scary that so many of our fellow Americans are falling for the Alaska Snow Job.



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scary Thoughts


I don’t like Dancing With The Stars. I like reality shows but not ones featuring celebrities so until the current season I had never watched even a minute of an episode.

Curiosity got the better of me when Bristol was chosen to be on the show this year so I have watched snippets; mostly of the results show. I thought Bristol would be gone quickly because she isn’t a very good dancer. Boy. was I wrong.



The judges, week after week, rank her at or near the bottom. So why is she still there?

Because week after week the voters keep her safe. Where do all the votes come from? In my opinion, Sarah’s rabid fans because I don’t think Bristol garners that kind of devotion.

The scary thought is that there must be more of them than we think. I know that each person can cast as many votes as there are competitors but that still equals a lot of people.

The fact that Sarah’s bots are willing to expend that energy every week shows how deluded and devoted they are to their queen. If they will do that just to keep Bristol on DWTS what will they do to get Sarah elected when she runs for POTUS?

2012 is going to be the nastiest election year ever unless Sarah is exposed beforehand. So I keep plugging away, looking for anything that might lead us to the truth. The problem is what’s available on the internet is so repetitive that it’s getting hard to find anything new. I hope everyone will keep looking as I am and if you find something that you think might be worth looking into, please email me. I will do my best to check it out.