Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin: Political Patsy


It’s time for some hard truths. Big money is behind Sarah Palin and they will succeed in getting her elected as the next POTUS unless the dirt on her, which we know exists, is exposed soon. Waiting is no longer an option or come January 2013 she will be inaugurated.

Many people think she won’t be the GOP nominee or that it would be great if she were because that would insure a second term for Obama. I have to disagree. We need look no further back than the 2000 election of G.W. Bush. Does anyone really believe that he was anything more than a figurehead? A puppet whose strings were being pulled by big oil. They wanted him in office and by golly they made it happen. When the American people failed to elect him, they made sure their patsy was ensconced in the White House. Big money will do it again unless Sarah Palin becomes a non-viable candidate which will only happen if people who know the truth will talk.

Why is Sarah the dream candidate of big money? There are several reasons. First, is her over-inflated ego. She is so full of herself that she honestly believes that she is qualified to be POTUS. Next, is the fact that she isn’t qualified to be President. She will be overwhelmed and willing to have someone else do the actual job while she takes the credit. Finally, there is her inexplicable appeal to some people. The rabid adoration she garners from her fans is sickening but that is what the big money behind her wants to see.

Big money is using every avenue available to make the Palin family appear likeable and down to earth. From Bristol’s tenure on Dancing With The Stars to TLC’S Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the Palin clan is being portrayed as the ideal American family that we know they are not.

Some possible scenarios if Sarah Palin becomes President.

Sarah Palin has known ties to big oil. Look for the costs of a gallon of gas to skyrocket. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $6.00 a gallon or higher. Depending on which other big money entities are backing her the costs of other necessities could become out of reach for most Americans. Big pharma is a likely suspect so drug costs, already ridiculous, would likely increase further. Big insurance would raise premiums while cutting benefits. Day to day life would become a struggle for most.

Another possible scenario with Sarah Palin at the helm is she goes rogue. If her handlers can’t control her then who knows what havoc she will wreak. Her mental instability makes her unpredictable. World War III, anyone?

There are other bloggers that claim to have direct knowledge of Sarah’s faked pregnancy. There are people in Alaska who know the truth. I beg, implore and beseech them to please reveal what they know. The time for protecting sources is over. The time for cowering because Sarah has made threats against you is over. Reveal the truth or prepare yourself to hear Hail To The Chief played as Sarah Palin enters a room. Prepare for life as you know it to end.

Readers: I am asking for your help. Searching through the same information over and over is tedious. I know I am probably missing some things worth looking into. If you will, do some internet searches, and if you find anything that might be even a little different than what we have already established, please email me. I will do my best to dig deeper into anything sent to me.

You will notice I have added a PayPal button. I thought long and hard before doing so but I have used my own funds to pay for information such as background searches on people when I needed to verify information and I really can’t afford to keep doing so. Any contributions will be used for  purposes related to exposing Sarah's misdeeds.

Thanks for any and all contributions whether it be information or funds.



Anonymous said...

Valerie Plame and her husband fought against the Bush administation, surely the Palin's are not more powerful than that. If I knew the dirt on Palin I would not hold it back, no matter what they threatened. Let's all use Valerie as a role model.

FEDUP!!! said...

Anon @ 9:14am: GOOD POINT! I hope that will make some of the knowledgeable people more likely to come out... (on the other hand, we also know how they treated Valerie Plame and her husband...:/ )

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin tried to kill Trig. Her wild ride is a confession. She used time & distance to birth a stillborn. If Trig were born dead, she would be free to do whatever without posing as a good mom plus she'd get credit for walking the talk & most important -- SYMPATHY, the perpetual victim & this is big sympathy. If Trig were born live, well, no sympathy but credit for the talk/walk & a living cute prop. She is criticized for his lack of care but he's got babysitters galore; no need for Sara to have to mother him but he's always available for photo ops. It's a win win for Sarah but did she really try yo kill him. You betcha. Proof ---- ask anyone, anyone in a step by step scenario what they would do -- over 40, 2 miscarriages, Downssyndrome with heart problems, premature, Wasilla Hospital not equipped for premies. So, if indeed Trig is Sarah's child, her confession is signed, sealed & delivered to your nearest bookstore. Why has this not become an issue yet? Easy. How could any mother try to kill their child! It's unthinkable. And for someone that's just like you & famous & wholesome ---unthinkable. But there are mothers who kill, Sarah is not a good mother & for her, the end justifies the means. Being a psychopath helps & following god's order excuses it, if she really needed to. People say she was lacking common sense. No, this was as orchestrated as everything else. Palin did everything she possibly could using time, distance & an inadequate hospital to ensure the baby was born dead. So, if a DNA test says Trig is hers, someone should charge her with attempted murder & she should be publically challenged with the facts. She must be exposed. She is NOT like regular people & attempts must be made to expose her.

Anonymous said...

The above posting is just, what Iv'e been thinking since the begining. Sarah was trying to have a natural abortion. what sympathy she would have recieved, such a brave women,what a good Mother and SO ON....NOTHING BUT HOT AIR. all for show. no substance. no truth,no charachter.

Heidi1 said...

(Sigh....) To Anonymous 2:23 & 6:53 - Sarah Palin was NEVER PREGNANT with Trig! There is such a preponderance of hard evidence found on this blog, Immoral Minority, Palingates, and many others that you should study. THAT is the hoax; the hoax which has "earned" Palin millions of dollars from sympathetic stooges who actually bought into her "birth" story.

But it is very good that you are looking at it your way, too. Even the "Wild Ride" should convince people that Palin is evil, even though there was never anything amiss when she returned to Alaska from Texas on 4-17-08. Her fake pregnancy belly was stashed securely in her luggage, or left behind in TX.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Sarah has never said she has an"ideal American family". She has only said she has an average family with the same problems everyone faces, which no one can really disagree with. Even the best of kids make big mistakes and hide stuff from their parents. You'd be shocked at what your kid as hidden. They are a loving, close family who supports each other 100%.

Blade said...

Anonymous@7:40 - You obviously don't have a clue. The Palins are millionaires, now. They don't face the same problems that the average American family faces. Even before 2008 they weren't facing the financial challenges that most Americans face. Of course, life isn't all about money and all familes have problems but it sickens me to read about people who barely make ends meet rolling coins so they can contribute to Sarah's PAC. She's like a politician and a televangelist all rolled into one. Big money is what Sarah wants and if she is elected she will be controlled by the people with big money who are backing her. She is no modern day female Abe Lincoln. The USA needs a president who can truly lead, not someone who will only follow the edicts she receives. Worse yet is that Sarah has mental problems. If she decides to try to handle the POTUS job herself expect disaster. I'm sorry if you are a fan of hers and think I am a harsh person because I'm not but Sarah's actions regarding the birth of Trig show her true character. No loving mother would act as she did if she was pregnant. Faking a pregnancy isn't as bad as trying to murder an innocent baby.


Anonymous said...

They are not a 'loving family'.
A loving family has rules boundaries and
consequences, for actions and behaviors.
NONE of the paylins possess these qualities.
Its one big free-for-all, literally and
figuratively. Theyre always trying to hide something which equals:
1.the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another

'Family secrets' are all shame based.
That is not love.

Amy said...

What are you talking about anon 10:13? You've never even met one of the Palins. Sarah's a strict mother. But as all parents know, you cannot control everything your children do. The more you control, the more they rebell. Bristol fervently regrets her choices despite the love she has for Tripp. THIS I know. She sincerely speak against teen pregnancy.

Let us not judge that which we do not know. Do you really think the whole family would gleefully follow Sarah to Arizona for a week if they hated her? If I lived in Wasilla, I'd beg to be homeschooled (as many kids are). for obvious reasons. It's a breeding ground for lowlifes. The Palin kids are good, loving, protective kids. Bristol sticks up for Willow when she doesn't approve of how her bf treats her. Sarah and Todd did their best to warn Bristol about the likes of Levi.

People who criticize obviously have never raised teenagers. Sarah has NEVER proclaimed to be the MODEL parent. But you cannot deny she loves her kids. I've met them. I've seen it

Becca said...

They don't face the same problems that the average American family faces.

Yet liberals continue to preach Obama knows who average Americans are faring? Hypocrits.

You do realize Obama's a quitter too?

Blade said...

Amy and Becca - Both of you are obviously devoted Sarah fans. That is fine and is your right. I, the writer of this blog, and others here have a different opinion of Sarah. I don't believe she was ever pregnant and I formed that opinion after reading about Trig's birth in Sarah's own words in a magazine at a Dr.'s office. Before reading that article, which was in no way critical of Sarah, I had never heard of her except that she was the GOP VP nominee and I had no opinion of her, good or bad. Once I read that article, which only recounted what Sarah said happened on April 17, 2008 re: waking up with amniotic fluid leaking, having contractions, making a speech anyway and then flying back to Alaska all without even going to a hospital to be checked out, two things came to my mind. Either, she was trying to get rid of a child that she knew had Down Syndrome or she was never pregnant. Faking the pregnancy seems less hideous but neither of the above are traits that a President should possess. Have either of you ever really thought about why Sarah would do either of those things? I think that I recognize your names from C4P. I visit there but don't post as I have seen how posters who don't like Sarah are treated there. I want you to know that everyone is welcome here but expect to read the truth about the Palins and the dirty things they have done to get where they are today on this blog.


Anonymous said...

You are right big money is behind $arah, she first and foremost works for big oil (drill here, drill now), I would say insurance companies (death panels), GOP, Seven Mountains Mandate (Cindy Jacobs), NRA, and it should be repeated often AIP. AIP, AIP, AIP people. She has been treated with kid gloves, she has never been asked any hard questions about being Mayor, Governor, tax evasion several times, abuse of power, not just Troopergate, and so much more.

Why has the media acted like she is/was a viable candidate? She should have been laughed into hiding in 2008. So we have to ask who is behind trying to put her in the White House and why. Every thing that could be wrong with a person she has it covered. Most everything she says and does is a lie, she is a hater, grifter, vindictive, petty, phony everything from Mayor to Christian she is a fake, inflated sense of worth, and to top it all off she has mental health issues and is stupid. I'll bet she passed on a D average.

It's amazing there is even one person who supports her. It shows how bad we need to educate America. This would all be funny, but it's real and it makes me cry that America is run by the greedy rich and there are enough people that are to dumb, selfish, or racist they are letting it happen.