Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Isn’t It Funny?


Isn’t it funny how people with connections to Sarah Palin receive high accolades?

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson Named The 2002 Family Physician of The Year By The American Academy of Family Physicians.

This after being recommended by Sarah Palin.

I’ve always wondered why a physician worthy of such a high honor wouldn’t insist that her pregnant patient who just happened to be expecting a baby with known Down Syndrome go to the nearest hospital for a check-up when that patient was thousands of miles from home and called the doctor to report premature contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. Doing anything except recommending said patient make a visit to the emergency department makes no sense. Never mind that the patient also happens to be the Governor of the state where the doctor lives and practices. It just makes no sense. Unless the call never happened because the patient wasn’t really pregnant.

Another person in Sarah’s life who has received a high honor is Ina Bouker.

Alaska’s 2007 Teacher of the Year is Ina Bouker, a first grade teacher at Dillingham Elementary School.

This is the cousin Ina who viewers met on the latest episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. 

Ina Bouker’s husband, John Paul, also seen on the show is the owner of Bristol Bay Air Service.

Sarah Palin meets relatives in Dillingham, Alaska.


This is the cousin Ina who has a child, Matthew, with Down Syndrome. One would think that Sarah would seek advice from Ina about raising a child with Down Syndrome but I haven’t seen any evidence of her seeking the wisdom of Todd’s cousin. Then again Sarah thinks she knows everything so why would she ask for help?

I have a question for anyone who watched the last episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska closely. (Her screeching gets to me so I fast forward most of it.)

Did Sarah or someone else say that Ina has seven children? I have read that she has six so if Sarah said seven might that have been a Freudian slip that explains where Trig came from and why he bears a resemblance to the Palins?

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Anonymous said...

The questions that beg to be answered are: Why is she meeting this 10-12 year-old relative for the first time? Why is Piper meeting him for the first time?
Would they even have bothered to visit if there hadn't been a reality show to film?
This is supposed to be part of their family and they are supposed to be close. Why on earth would it be this earth-moving experience to see this child if she had ever met him before?
A decade+ is a long time to get around to visiting a relative who lives near by and had a special-needs child.

Jean said...

This is amazing! You're brilliant Blade!

Thanks for posting and working to have the truth finally be told.


Anonymous said...

So Ina got an award, too. Thanks, Blade!

I think she said she wanted six children but then she had a surprise, twins. Not sure if they went on to say that made seven, but I think the count was OK. -B

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The first thing Todd said to her was "he's gonna come flyin' with me..."

As usual, Sarah picks up whatever she's around to use. In this case, the airplane.

I thought Todd said he couldn't wait to take him out on the snowmachine?

Anonymous said...

I'm so over it. The whole Matthew show was a completely staged gimmicky set-up.
Story line: flying out to a Native village to meet Todd's beloved cousin who also has a Down Syndrome child.
Reality: the Boukers live in Dillingham, where John is owner/pilot of an air service and Ina is a highly-valued teacher with an excellent resume.
They flew down to a cannery. To John Bouker's family's fish camp, not Ina's. Ina IS from a village, but not Ekuk.
Ekuk is a historical cannery site from the turn of the century. It's got an awesome history and certainly was indigenous homeland before a Seattle fish company built a cannery there. Since then, it's seasonal fish camps - nobody lives there. Except the winter watchman.
Ina's personal story and is equally as fascinating. They should have loaded Todd's grandmother in the plane and flown her out to the real village to visit relatives.
But they didn't present any of that, which you would imagine to be part of a show about Alaska, and they fabricated this whole thing in a misleading presentation that toes the line of an outright lie.
But it IS 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', after all, isn't it?
God, her Idaho carpetbagger father must be pleased as punch.

They've never before seen Matthew.
Sarah hasn't seen the older daughter "since she was a baby." [I doubt she has EVER seen her; Ina didn't live there. Sarah was just another white chick in Dillingham for the summer, shacking up with the fishing boyfriend.]
Sarah doesn't fish. And why would she? Mayors and governors don't take summer vacation. Todd has always had grown men for crew.
Track hasn't fished in 5 years.
Willow has never seen a load of fish, nor split salmon in collaborative labor with the family.
A "birthday party" on the wrong day, celebrated with the fishing hands. We can all guess that she had a real party back in Wasilla. With her real people. And momma's friends. On the 7th. Undoubtedly, I'm sure she did get a car.
Elusive filming of relationships unnamed, like "Alex" and "Kistene".
No footage of Todd's mom running her own boat? (A real boat down at the dock, not a skiff on a trailer.)
Todd's family didn't want to be in this, did they? They were noticeably absent as a group, in the Dancing With The Stars Palin entourage.

Isn't this funny: I think Sarah is an Ina-wannabe.
Ina earned a real degree from a university in Hawaii. She has a wonderful home on a beautiful property - much nicer than Sarah's. Her husband is a real pilot with a real plane. He has both a drift and a setnet permit. She vacations in Hawaii regularly. Her children are ALL nice - NONE of them have been in trouble. She has a full-time nanny and big huge involved families on both sides.
Ina actually does all those things that Sarah pretends to do - subsistence hunting and fishing, boating, clam-digging, putting away fish for the winter.
Run, Ina! Sarah's trying to poach you!

I know all said...

Todd's family didn't want to be in this, did they?
Todds parents were present for the finale and were in an interview with Bristol. his mom was present for the week prior. Alex was there a couple weeks back with April M, Kandice and a two male cousins.

For thanksgiving, the Palin family, Chuck, Sally, Jim, and Faye were in Arizona. The rest of the heaths had dinner at mollys house

Anonymous said...

Oh, Blanche and Bob were there? Terrific! Good for them! I saw an interview with Jim, but I didn't see Blanche. I stand corrected, my bad. That's so great that she was there for the last two shows. Huh. I did not see her at all in the audience shots. I saw a field of Sarah's family and servants, but none of Todd's family.
I didn't see Kandace or Alex or their brother. April is not a Palin; her people are Athabascan from up the highway.

Couldn't care less about the Heaths.

Merry said...

With very little research, I learn that Ina Bouker is a brilliant teacher living in Dillingham, and she was Alaska's Teacher of the Year in 2007. She is also an expert fisherwoman.

Any similarity with SP would be entirely accidental. I cannot imagine that they would have a lot to say to one another. Ina has substance; SP does not. Ina is bright and motivated; SP is not, at least in ways that add to the growth of self, family and community. Ina is real; SP is fake, an imaginary tough-gal, town-sheriff, swearing poser. Ina is healthy; SP is unbalanced and likely could be diagnosed with several fairly severe mental disorders that make her life an unmanageable and desperate series of crises, leaving many dead bodies in its wake.
Here is an article about the Pebble Mine. There is a quote from and info about Ina Bouker and her family including the fact that she and her husband have 6 children. It is an interesting article:


I believe John Bouker, Ina's husband, was the first pilot to locate the downed plane in which Ted Stevens perished.

I think the idea that Trig came from the Bouker family is unlikely. I cannot imagine Ina and John Bouker giving up a child for anything in the world.

But maybe another family with many fewer resources? Certainly plausible.

conscious at last said...

There are obviously some "people in the know" commenting here regarding Sarah Palin & Co..
I STRONGLY suggest that if you have important information you should contact PALINGATES via their secure wiki-leaks type e-mail system. They are right up here to the left on Blade's blog list. The tide is turning, people are finally beginning to speak up.

Ginger said...

To: conscious at last

Sorry, I disagree with your effort to encourage "people in the know" to send information to Palingates. These people know all about the Palin blogs and were just responding to Blade's post about Palin giving accolades to certain people.

It was "her" post that inspired them to open up and enlighten us with some inside information. I certainly enjoyed reading them. If they are more comfortable posting here, so be it.


conscious at last said...


My point was simply that they(PG) have a "secure line." That is all - of course I, personally, am delighted that these folks post here. I wasn't suggesting that they post anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I looked at Ina's facebook & she is not "friends" with
Sarah, Todd, or any of their children. How odd...