Monday, November 8, 2010

Scary Thoughts (UPDATE) DWTS Info


CAUTION: The following links may induce nausea.

Thanks to a reader for providing the following link.

Here’s a voting prediction site.

Then we have this sugary praise piece. The writer is obviously besotted with the Palins.

It really is scary that so many of our fellow Americans are falling for the Alaska Snow Job.



Anonymous said...

Glad you saw that.

Really, Im all for their over-display, keep them on every channel all the time.
Theyll make kate/jon seem like tenderfeet.
I want BP on singing with the stars.
birthing with the stars.
hiding with the Quaids.
paranormal events.
unwed of the crazy tundra.
leave it to bristol.
lost in the chilean mountains.
bristol tequila.
celebrity boxing.

Anonymous said...

Boycott DWTS!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Did you read the tight-assed republican comments on some of those threads? They're all worried about "trolls" invading their website. They don't have enough traffic for trolls! I thought about teaching them a lesson, but then I the freak for. The funny thing is, they really do believe Sarah Palin will be president and that Bristol is part of the first family. These Wasilla hillybillies are like the Kennedys for them! LOL.

Anyway, I hope they do keep voting for Bristol. Because when Jennifer and Brandy get voted off, things are going to become very uncomfortable for the producers of DWTS. And they deserve it, frankly, for kissing the bipolar grizzled mama's ass all this time. Hah!