Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scary Thoughts


I don’t like Dancing With The Stars. I like reality shows but not ones featuring celebrities so until the current season I had never watched even a minute of an episode.

Curiosity got the better of me when Bristol was chosen to be on the show this year so I have watched snippets; mostly of the results show. I thought Bristol would be gone quickly because she isn’t a very good dancer. Boy. was I wrong.



The judges, week after week, rank her at or near the bottom. So why is she still there?

Because week after week the voters keep her safe. Where do all the votes come from? In my opinion, Sarah’s rabid fans because I don’t think Bristol garners that kind of devotion.

The scary thought is that there must be more of them than we think. I know that each person can cast as many votes as there are competitors but that still equals a lot of people.

The fact that Sarah’s bots are willing to expend that energy every week shows how deluded and devoted they are to their queen. If they will do that just to keep Bristol on DWTS what will they do to get Sarah elected when she runs for POTUS?

2012 is going to be the nastiest election year ever unless Sarah is exposed beforehand. So I keep plugging away, looking for anything that might lead us to the truth. The problem is what’s available on the internet is so repetitive that it’s getting hard to find anything new. I hope everyone will keep looking as I am and if you find something that you think might be worth looking into, please email me. I will do my best to check it out.



Anonymous said...

Yes it is a scary thought, but who said we have to take it lying down?

Fight back.

Vote Brisket off DWTS by voting for all the other contestants.

Or beg the Palinbots to keep voting to keep Brisket on Belly Watch.

DiAnne said...

That scarey thought is what has kept me following Sarah's every move for more than two years. Some days I think that the American public can see what a fraud she is and some days I am shocked that they take her seriously. I am vigilant, but also waiting for her to take herself out of the running with her vengeance and mean girl behavior. We live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Her growing belly is becoming too obvious...expect her to fake-sprain an ankle/pull a ligament or something, to opt out. She's had her moment, collected some good bucks, but soon will either have to go all-out maternity wear, (she's been wearing cleverly designed almost-maternity costumes, or leave. Then she will mysteriously disappear for a few months, with whatever lie SP comes up with next to cover. If there is a baby, what lie to cover then????

snowlady said...

There are also a number of people voting to keep her on because they want to keep the baby bump in the spotlight until it can't be disguised any longer. Expose the hypocrites!

FEDUP!!! said...

How much longer is the season? Aren't there only a couple of couples left? If so, the season only lasts maybe 3 more weeks, and she possibly can pull it off with good disguises.
Her mothers minions have admitted to voting more than 60 times each week for her. 60x2000=120,000. (Don't know how many votes she actually gets, so the example is just for making my point)

Anonymous said...

It says alot about their mentality and intellectual level that they can watch that show week after week.
Rather spend my energy supporting a great candidate

ella said...

Phone banks. SP robo-called all 50 States, hundreds of thousands of peeps in mere hours.
With those kind of phone banks at one's disposal, it is not hard to imagine the same computerized system auto-dialing to DWTS.

Merry said...

I think this is more about ratings. People are watching who never watched before because of the Palin effect. The show isn't going to dump her until they must. I can't see her winning, but I can see her being among the last three. It is all about the money. Isn't everything on TV?

Anonymous said...

Rump Roast is only there becuase Toad rejected the offer, from what I have read. If so, then her story about how she was so shocked when she "got the call" to do the show is complete bullshit. If Toad truly was asked, then the ONLY way Rump Roast was given the gig has to be because Sarah asked/pushed the producers to take her instead. How timely in so many ways, no?

Anonymous said...

Once Bristol's pregnancy scandal is revealed she and her mom will be condemned for the abstinence speeches she gave while pregnant (for the 2nd or 3rd time, out of wedlock). That will further erode Palin's Christian Conservative base who will be more receptive to believe Palin's true nature when her other scandals come to light.

We must stop this vicious snake from impacting our political process. Don't forget how she whipped McCain's base into a frenzy as she smiled while they screamed "Muslim, Terroist, and Kill Him" about Obama, a stellar man with an impecable reputation! That memory alone should make people come forward and bring her to justice.

themom said...

To preserve the chasity of BP...the pregnancy will be declared the result of a "rape" which was not fully investigates because being a single mom and all it is hard to pay the bills much less pay for any evidence kits.

Anonymous said...

Its all bullshit.
WARNING, you will gag.
This is one site: Hillbuzz
We don’t see how the Mittens Romneys, Tim Pawlentys, Mitche Danielses, and others can combat this.
It’s all genius, really.
And the longer Bristol stays on the show, the better the plan works.
UPDATE: Here’s an essay K. did on Bristol’s Dancing with the Stars performance, written for the C4P audience.

(they use ALL of Newts 'good' buzzwords and memes. Murdoch is behind this shoving the family in the dining room for xmas, hooha. it will get worse.)