Friday, December 3, 2010

Margaret Cho Says That Sarah Forced Bristol To Be On Dancing With The Stars


E! Online is reporting that comedian Margaret Cho, one of Bristol's 'DWTS' competitors, thinks Sarah Palin "forced" Bristol to take part in the reality show to make amends for her pregnancy during the 2008 election.

More details can be read on Margaret’s blog.

I think that Margaret speaks the truth because it was pretty obvious most of the time that Bristol was not happy.

What really intrigues me is that Margaret says the reason for Bristol’s forced tenure on DWTS was to make amends for her pregnancy during the 2008 election and that Bristol’s pregnancy was the reason the McCain/Palin ticket didn’t win. That is just absurd!


There was no reason for Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp (which I am not even convinced was a real pregnancy) to become common knowledge. Bristol could have stayed in Alaska. She didn’t have to appear at the RNC or on the campaign trail. There are so many ways her absence could have been explained. School, illness, broken bone…



You wanted her there, Sarah. You paraded her in all her pregnant splendor to prove that she couldn’t possibly be Trig’s mother because she was five months pregnant. You wanted her there as proof that you were Trig’s real mother. But your plan didn’t work. People still had doubts, Sarah. The majority of voters didn’t want YOU to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Don’t blame Bristol for your mistakes, Sarah.

So the pregnancy that Bristol had to make amends for wasn’t the Tripp pregnancy. was it, Sarah? It was her pregnancy with Trig that you hold against her, isn’t it? Just let it go, Sarah! Bristol’s pregnancy didn’t cost you the election. You cost yourself the election when you decided to fake a pregnancy and did such a poor job of it that no one with half a brain believed you were really pregnant. You couldn’t even pretend to be pregnant for more than six weeks because you are. always have been and always will be, A QUITTER!




Anonymous said...

Good grief, could she have paid a bit more attention to Bristol's attire? This is a photo that will be around for a long time and yet she let her daughter appear as if she had a towel in her shirt. How screwed up is this? Yes, she owes a young scared teenage girl a great deal. But this is not the way to atone.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY!!!!! Bravo!!

Conscious at last

Ginger said...

You just knocked my socks off, Blade! What a post!

One other thing. That picture of Bristol, I think, is the result of putting a pregnancy suit on her to make her look five months pregnant. They should have cut out the breast cups and adjusted it around her natural breasts. She was probably nursing Trig and that alone would increase her size.

We also have to take into consideration the possibility she ran for VP with a birth certificate in hand (compliments of Dr. CBJ), but the RNC didn't want to deal with it.

I just can't imagine any mother--even Sarah--parading her daughter around on stage like that. Also, the biggest reason she hates the RNC.

Someone should send this to Andrew Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

With your post in mind, this seems to be
SPs way of 'makin BP earn her way'.

A way of course which wouldnt be there if not for SP doin' the bargainin' and the PR'n.

Like in Jonestown.

Anonymous said...

Its no wonder, BP 'didnt know what was going on' as Sadie wrote, during that time.
Once BP did realize what was 'going on' of course she had to pull back, away, from all other people. There is no way to explain what was coming, looming.

Anonymous said...

It is such a sad, sick twisted situation, it's amazing SP has 1 fan left after this revelation! She is such a narrissict and she was getting so much luv from her adoring fans during the campaign that she really lost it when she didn't win and has been lashing out ever since.

In her rage and fury she must've targeted Bristol as the scapegoat. And for her to still openly criticize her 2 years later is beyond bizarre. Remember the video of them in LA together and they weren't even talking? God knows what other family members she's blamed, probably all of them, and she sure doesn't seem to be the loving grandmother!

Then for SP to put BP on this show under the plan she crafted to benefit herself and then to encourage her fans to vote for Bristol to make herself look good...Holy crap that is one messed up, scandalous bitch!

Looks like all SP's plans to make us luv her family are failing miserably, and she's quickly becoming the joke of reality TV!

nancydrew said...

After being thoroughly disgusted and incredulous when the news of the Palin pick was announced, I recall clearly going on-line, mere days later, to see the headlines on front pages of London and European newspapers--"Bristol Palin is Pregnant". It was a sickening moment that completely confirmed for me what many already sensed about Sarah Palin--she's a vicious opportunist and was entirely willing to throw even her daughter overboard if need be. And a father who would go along with this? Revolting and cold-blooded. This was pathological behavior between the two of them.

McCain's amorality had found a perfect match. Watching him now, I'm not sure he could even see it. He's every bit as histrionic and unhinged with a slightly better vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

"This is a photo that will be around for a long time and yet she let her daughter appear as if she had a towel in her shirt. How screwed up is this?"

Even more screwed up: this was one of the photos shown by DWTS when giving background on contestants. I wondered how they could do that to her, to show again the sitting-gray-dress fiasco. Maybe it was to show what Bristol looked like when she really was pregnant, in order to deny allegations she was pregnant on DWTS. -B

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Bristol was pregnant at all at the RNC. It was all FAKED. She was skinny two weeks earlier, but those pictures were removed from the internet immediately. Bristol gave birth to Tripp in December 2007 and PRETENDED he was born Dec. 2008.

Trig is a borrowed special needs child. SP didn't even have the decency to adopt him. It's for the best. SP couldn't take care of a dog, never mind a special needs child.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:47, I'm inclined to agree with you that Bristol was not pregnant in 2008. I thought so at the time, but seemed to be proven wrong when Tripp was presented in February 2009. Now I think I was right after all, mainly because of the way Bristol's face swelled up on DWTS. Notice how thin her face is in this RNC picture. Some women do get a fat face during pregnancy. There was a local tv personality who had two pregnancies over a period of about 5 years, and both times her face swelled to twice its size. She was a petite woman with a pretty, fine-featured face, and she became round as a beach ball and somewhat homely while pregnant. It just happens that way with some women. Bristol was not only exposed as a teen mother, but was required to pretend to be pregnant when she wasn't.

Anonymous said...

I have a vague memory that one of Mercede's explanations for why Bristol was AWOL in the late 2007- early 2008 period was that Bristol was having "breast reduction surgery......" Considering the display in the photo above, I guess the surgery didn't work out too well.

I'm kidding of course. I know that Mercede's comment was not honest and that Bristol's bosom was supplemented for the convention photos.
But I, too, have always had doubts about the Tripp story. I am glad that this is being discussed here again. It's part of the whole babygate deception. I can't say that I know what DID happen, but I am comfortable stating that I don't believe anything that the Palins or the Johnstons say about Tripp's birth or his parentage.

Conscious at last

Ginger said...

To: Conscious at last

Thank you for supporting Blade. What courage she has to make a post like this. Tripp is the cornerstone that holds Sarah's lies together.

As a lot of people have stated, babygate is what I think will help with her demise. Everyone agrees Sarah faked a pregnancy but so many believe the rumor that Bristol had a premie in Jan(?), Feb(?), Mar(?) and then gave birth to Tripp in Dec., 2008.

To these people I say read the e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., to "Gov. Sarah Palin" dated May 21, 2008, asking for her newborn's birth certificate. Why would her insurance co. ask for a b/c unless they had been sent medical invoices for Trig's care/birth?

Please, whatever you think, let's work together to put a stop to this grifting family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger, Blade (and anyone else who'd like to chime in..)
I just want to make sure that I understand your point about the e-mail dated 5/21/08. Are you thinking that Bristol gave birth to a baby some time in the Spring of '08 and that Sarah and Todd's insurance was paying for the delivery and the infant's care..but to continue paying, they needed a birth certificate?? So what exactly does that tell us?

When do you think Bristol gave birth? What do you think about the issue of the ears? Finally, what do you think or suppose is the real truth about Tripp? I find it hard to believe how
"convenient" Bristol's pregnancy was for the convention and the '08 campaign.

Conscious at last

Ginger said...

To: Conscious at last

Why, you ask, did her state insurance company ask for a b/c? That's the big question. All the medical documents had to be in her name if she sent the bills/invoices in for payment. This e-mail is the only piece of evidence I have seen in almost two years of research.

Over at Palin's Deceptions, we all knew Sarah would figure out some way to get out of paying for any medical bills. Never, in a million years, did it occur to any of us that a doctor would be complicit in a deception. How else can anyone explain the medical documents in her name?

You ask when I think Bristol gave birth. The phone call at 4:00AM on Thursday, April 17, 2008, wasn't from Todd/Sarah to Dr. CBJ. Speculation at PD was that the doctor called Sarah to tell her Bristol went into labor. If so, I think Bristol gave birth sometime that day. Sarah wanted to stay and give her speech. I don't think Todd was happy about that and was anxious to get back to Alaska and support Bristol.

This is all speculation on my part but the e-mail is an e-mail. If Sarah ever does show a b/c, I think it will show her and Todd as the parents of Trig and it will be in line with her announcement to the ADN. All proof of everything she has told us.

How many people in the state legislature of Alaska have said..."Gov. Palin was not pregnant." But, not one person has come forward. Why? Surely, people high-up in Alaska have access to records at the "Bureau of Vital Statistics" in Juneau. Maybe someone "peeked" and found out about the b/c. Could that be why no one has come forward?

About the ears. I saw a picture of Johnny Chandler at Palingates and his ears looked just like Ruffles. Then, in a comment at IM, someone linked a picture of JC's very pregnant sister at a baby shower. I don't know if the shower was for her but she looked like she was ready to deliver.

I've tried to find out when she had her baby but no luck. Mercede knows who the baby she was holding in the Palin's kitchen belongs to but she'll never tell. And, I tried to find that picture of Johnny Chandler again but I couldn't. Again, this is speculation on my part in trying to identify that baby but I'm sure it is not a Palin.

Lately, I have been speculating about how Sarah's handlers are going to get her out of this mess without throwing Dr. CBJ under the bus. When they cooked up this crazy story, there was only suppose to be..."one baby." That, of course, was Trig. Sarah would run for VP with a b/c in hand and all would be fine.

Now, this is where Tripp comes in. Sarah nor Dr. CBJ had any idea the RNC would balk and refuse to use or show her b/c. There just wasn't time! So, much to Sarah's chagrin, they made Bristol five months pg. Personally, I think the RNC wanted to get rid of her but she wouldn't go. So, Blade made a good point in saying she went along with their story of making Bristol pg. She could have dropped out citing personal family reasons but there was no way she'd do that.

The real truth about Tripp? Who knows? He looks happy and well taken care of. If I were investigating this story, I'd be watching him.

It's been two years. Will we ever know the truth?