Friday, December 17, 2010

More On Alaska’s Birth Certificate Requirements

UPDATE: A reader comes through again. The PFD computer crash did in fact happen before Sarah took office. Apparently Sarah tried to keep the matter quiet, though.

I still think it’s likely that favors were done for Sarah by the questionably qualified people she appointed to positions in the government. We all know Sarah is not going to do something nice for someone without expecting something in return. So even though Trig and Tripp did get PFD checks that doesn’t necessarily mean that their birth certificates were supplied to the agency that administers the fund.

Here are the links to news reports regarding the computer crash and how the Palin administration was reluctant to release details about the incident.


Thanks to the readers who supplied me with the following information.

There has been a lot of debate in the comments on my previous post as to whether or not Trig’s birth certificate would have been requested if he was a natural child of Sarah’s.

This link clears up that question.

Here is a screenshot of the page listing the required documentation. You can view this document on page 20 of the PDF linked to above.


For a natural child it clearly states a birth certificate is required.

I know that seems obtuse after the insurance company has been paying claims all through a woman’s pregnancy but evidently the state of Alaska is a stickler for details.

A birth certificate is also required to apply for an Alaska PFD check. Here is the link to the applicant database.

Trig and Tripp have both received these payments so that means they must both have birth certificates in their names, right?

Maybe they do but when a Governor appoints a friend to a high paying job might that friend be persuaded to do the Governor a favor such as approving PFD checks even without the necessary documents?

The following screenshot is from this website. They have some good information about the Quitter Queen although they believe that Sarah is Trig’s real mother.


“and no one really can be sure how accurate these massive payments were.”

So couldn’t a little payola for a favor have easily gone into Deborah Richter Bitney’s pocket?

Try googling the term Alaska PFD computer crash. I can’t find anything of real relevance. There is a Microsoft case study from 2006 but that was before Sarah was Governor and doesn’t mention an actual crash just continual problems that they solved by updating. So is the above information phony or was the incident mentioned above swept under the rug to hide the possibility that PFD funds were misappropriated?



AKRNC said...

This doesn't clear up the question of someone who is currently enrolled and pregnant who later gives birth. This is a guideline for an open enrollment period. If you were hired and didn't have the need to enroll all of your family members on your state's insurance plan, this is the guideline for the time period that will allow you to enroll them. It does not say anything about existing employees.

As far as the PFD funds, I'm sure Palin wouldn't have hesitated to fudge a BC at the time if needed. After all, who was going to check her records??

Anonymous said...

AKRNC, this form used to be on the website, not in relationship to the annual "open enrollment" period. It was on the website with the add/change dependent form that would be required to add a dependent to existing coverage. It is shown here embedded to the special open enrollment period Alaska had for same sex/domestic partners.

The original location I found it in early 2009, it was a stand alone document (not embedded) and it was easily accessed on the SOA website - but the stand alone form disappeared when they went to online enrollment.

Also, if you note, in order to add a same sex or domestic partner, there HAS to be an existing employee :), so in short, this absolutely proves that they required birth certificates, because you can't force same sex couples to have a different documentation standard than anyone else, under open enrollment or otherwise, or the SOA would have been opened up to even more litigation.

GoAwayGrifterGrannie said...

Hate to see someone having trouble documenting such a well known Palin Maladministration SNAFU.

The basics about the PFD FUCKUP were about like that IIRC. Here are two links.

New administration balances embarrassment with openness

Oops! Techie wipes out $38 billion fund-
Keystroke mistake deletes data for Alaska’s oil-funded account

GoAwayGrifterGrannie said...


The deletion of PFD data happened in July of 2006, Sarah Palin took office December 5, 2006.

The involvement of the Palin maladministration had to do with delaying the release of information on how this happened.

At that time some attributed the delay in a self professed 'transparent and open administration' to inexperience.....

GoAwayGrifterGrannie said...

New administration balances embarrassment with openness.

Oops! Techie wipes out $38 billion fund
Keystroke mistake deletes data for Alaska’s oil-funded account

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that in the State of Alaska, after the birth of a baby, it is mandatory to send the birth info to the "Bureau of Vital Statatics," via computer, within 24 hrs.

Is this correct? The e-mail is asking "Gov. Sarah Palin" for a birth certificate for her newborn. Doesn't that tell us a baby was born? The e-mail was dated May 21, 2008 and appeared to be giving the Palins an additional 30 days to send it in before they would quit paying claims.

Todd saying..."I called," doesn't tell us anything. Like I said before, maybe they did send in a b/c. How would we ever know? There isn't any proof they did or didn't.


Blade, Google won't let me post using my name. Are other people having trouble?

Blade said...

Go Away Grifter Grannie - Thanks for the information on the computer crash. I will add the facts to my post.

Ginger - Thanks for your input. I am not aware with any problems with Google. Could just be a glitch.

curiouser said...

Blade, The 2007 special enrollment information is a great find! It certainly increases the possibility that a birth certificate was required in April '08 for a 'natural child' but we still need more information.

The dependent documentation matrix is identified by a file path that seems to relate specifically to the same-sex special enrollment (sspb):

g:/publications/benefits section/sspb open enrollment/dependent eligibility documentation matrix.pmd (Rev: 10/06)

The file identification on other forms included in the package is more general.

There is no way of knowing if this matrix applies to all Alaska state employees enrolled in the health insurance program and for which periods of time. We need to find a documentation matrix related to the insurance program in general.

In February of this year, a commenter on either Palingates or Palin Deception who called herself 'mason' posted about an email she sent to the Benefits Office. She specifically asked if she needed a birth certificate to enroll her newborn. The emailed response was that she only needed the ben032 form and provided the link. I was aware of this exchange via the Bree Palin site. I don't know if copies of the emails were sent to Regina or Patrick.

If mason is still around, I hope she'll join the discussion.

Anonymous said...

There must be quite a few Natives and others whose births were never properly registered, so there would have to be a way around the birth certificate requirement. Rules were made to be broken, etc etc

curiouser said...

I just reread the comments on this and the previous post. I'm almost 100% convinced that anonymous who supplied the matrix showing a birth certificate requirement and the explanation about the website change is a Palin supporter or staffer. I'm unconvinced without further documentation and am still asking why Sarah was asked for a birth certificate.

Repeating: this matrix does not appear to exist except within the framework of the same-sex special enrollment period.

Consider that a birth certificate requirement would most certainly be included in the dependent enrollment and add form instructions if it was generally required. The forms and the insurance booklet state "if the child is not your or your same-sex partner’s natural born child, please include a copy of the adoption paper work or court orders". Why would it not also state "include a copy of the birth certificate" relative to a natural child?

Also consider that forms and requirements didn't change July '09 when the SOA switched to Wells Fargo as plan administrator. I don't know what a website redesign, if it happened, would have to do with anything.