Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little More Info About Reborn “Fake” Babies


I spoke with a reborn baby artist yesterday and I was told that for $5000.00 one can be custom made that will do most anything. Eyes can open and close, the facial expression can be manipulated and magnets will hold a pacifier or bottle in their mouths. Breathing, heartbeat and crying simulators make these dolls very lifelike. They can also make toddler versions and even some that are the size of a five or six year old child. It’s amazing what they can do.

I have no way of knowing for certain if Sarah used a reborn at any time but this new information does make me wonder. $5000.00 is a lot of money but it’s not so much that it would be out of Sarah’s reach. If she knew it would help her with her political ambitions, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she did.









Trig Palin




It’s enough to make me go hmmm.




Floyd M. Orr said...

You can hum this tune all you want, Blade, but I'm not buying it. Nor am I buying any borrowed babies or twins, either.


Anonymous said...

Hum away, Blade. I was blown away several months ago when someone mentioned reborns and I started Googling them. Hospital/office Trig is probably not a doll, but pictures show it is a possibility. Thanks for showing this.

I don't think the Wild Ride was a change in plans. I think the presentation of a baby was planned for then. Hospital/office Trig is what an artist might design for a newborn, DS, slightly jaundiced, part Native American baby.

I'm inclined toward Bristol's birthing Ruffles in Feb. 08, April 18 picked as an appropriate time for Sarah to drop the belly pad, and Ruffles being ready to pass around by shower time. Either Ruffles was brought to MatSu overnight on the 18th, or the Heaths were holding the very healthy looking newborn doll, the idea being that fragile Ruffles would open Sarah to criticism that she had taken too many risks during her alleged pregnancy. I'm also inclined toward Ruffles having ear surgery, even if too young.

Anonymous said...

Blade, there is great information is this op-ed.

"Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is a family-practitioner. On Oct. 1, 2001, Baldwin-Johnson was named the 2002 Family Physician of the Year by the American Academy of family Physicians.

She was apparently both the regular doctor of Trig’s mother and the delivering doctor of Trig. Checking Matsu Hospital records, the only hospital that she is affiliated with, we find that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson delivered only three babies in the previous eighteen months: on Feb. 7 2008, Oct 3, 2007, March 17,2007. In all three cases, she was not the mother’s physician. There are two cases listed where Baldwin-Johnson was the mother’s doctor, but not the delivering physician: Dec. 18, 2006, and Jan 27, 2008. There was not a single time during the prior eighteen months that Doctor Baldwin-Johnson delivered one of her own patient’s babies at Matsu Hospital; three times she delivered other doctors’ patient’s babies, and twice other doctors delivered her patient’s babies. Thus delivering her own patient’s baby was an unusual event, rather than a normal one for Dr. Baldwin-Johnson."


Anonymous said...

i was wondering about the crease along the side of the mouth of Trig. it seems to be on opposite sides of the mouth in the two photos presented. guess that could be explained by photo flipping.

has anyone tried to track this particular facial trait? i know others have looked at bridge of nose and forehead..?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the crease and head tilt suggest photo flipping. Possible that the head tilt creates the crease and no photo is flipped.

I'm still waiting to see a photo from hospital or office in which Trig opens his eyes or changes expressions. Till then, reborn is possible.


Floyd M. Orr said...

There is no photo flipping going on here. When you view the original shots of these tight crops, you see that the hospital photo is a still from a KTUU video clip showing Chuck Heath wearing a shirt with writing on it. The office photos show My Puppy written on Trig's cap.

Agnes said...

The doll on the right has a plastic sheen on the skin and is just that little bit too cutesy; it would make me suspicious. The one on the left could fool me. Those bunny-wraps they use in hospitals are so snug that the babies are like little peanuts, practically immobile, and unless I watched long enough to see a facial expression change, that doll could pass for human. A news camera crew wouldn't be interested enough to watch that long. They would want to get their shots, their sound bites, and get out of there. (Besides, why would it enter their heads that the Governor was showing them a doll instead of a baby?) Sally and Chuck would have to know the truth, though. I often wonder how much Piper knows.

The one time I'm convinced Palin used a doll was at a big church gathering at an arena, I think in June 2008. She had the "baby" in a sling, invisible except for one arm hanging down like a dead weight. She cupped the head in her hand and pressed it against her shoulder so forcefully that I'm sure a real baby would have smothered. Then she got this sly, happy look on her face and she twisted the head to give the crowd a glimpse of a little wrinkled face,too wrinkled for a baby that was two months old by that time. That twist took the same amount of force you would need to open a jar lid. I think that video was on Bree's site. I only saw it that one time. I don't think the face moved at all, so she probably bought the cheaper doll. I never understood why she would bring it to such a gathering, when it would have made more sense to either bring the real baby or leave it at home.

The thing that always stumps me is that the current Trig (I think of him as Baby MOPAT, or the Baby Most Often Presented as Trig) bears a strong resemblance to Sarah and her side of the family. His colouring, his crossed eyes, and above all his ears. I've noticed that Sarah and at least one of her maternal aunts both have ears similar to Trig's. Not exactly the same, but something like them, and I think that they are all unusual as ears go. It's hard to believe that an adoption agency could just by coincidence find a baby with Down Syndrome AND crossed eyes AND the family ears just in time for Sarah's VP run.

Yet, I believe that Ruffles is a different baby. I think Bristol is his mother, judging by the intense joy on her face in the kitchen photos. I think Levi is either the father or thinks he is or decided that he would be.

heidi1 said...

There is a rather long post over on Palingates by "anonymous" stating an eyewitness report of a very, very pregnant Bristol in March, 2008. I saw the post today, which means it was dated either 8-9 or 8-10-10.

Apparently a relative of an Alaskan state senator has a cabin on Lake Lucille. While at their cabin, they could see a pregnant Bristol drinking and smoking, and Sarah did nothing about it. Presumably, they could see the Palin property with naked eye or binoculars. I don't know the layout of cabins on Lake Lucille.

There are thousands of posts on PG, and it was impossible for me to find it again, but it is very recent. I noticed that PG seemed to have no reaction to this bombshell news at all.

Sorry to bring up another person's blog here, but you seem very interested in delving into the truth, Blade. The doll theory is fascinating, no doubt, but I have to dismiss it. Even by Palin standards, it would seem to present too great a risk of discovery.

Eyewitnesses are what we need. Did the baby in the sling squirm? An undrugged infant would squeal out at some point, don't you think?

Heidi1 said...

I found the comment I mentioned at PG. Look in the thread titled "Sarah Works Her Butt Off", which was posted Sun. 8-8. The post is by "Guest". It is on the most recent page of comments, making it easy to find. It starts out:
"P A T R I C K". There is even the possiblilty of photographic evidence. Can you maybe try to run with this, Blade?

Heidi1 said...

At the risk of being a total pest, I wanted to add one more thing. I know that it is extremely bad form to be mentioning someone else's blog. I truly mean no harm. At this point, I think we're all in this together. Please pardon me if I have overstepped my bounds.

Heidi1 said...

Actually, the post I keep mentioning does not say Lake Lucille. Perhaps this event took place near the Palin's 'vacation cabin'?

Blade said...

Thanks, Heidi, I will definitely look into it as much as I am able. I don't mind anyone mentioning other blogs on this site. I want this blog to be one where people can post anything that will help in exposing the truth about Sarah Palin's misdeeds.

conscious at last said...

I agree with AGNES above regarding the use of a doll at that church gathering. I've seen the video over and over and it looks VERY suspicious. I saw it on PG a number of months ago. We need to remember that in the first few months after Palin "gave birth" she was less careful about her baby prop. She was not yet officially the GOP-VP candidate. I think she used an eclectic approach to the baby's public presentations- a borrowed baby here, a baby doll there, etc.. Then, when she got the nomination, a bit more consistency may have been required.

I am aware of the comments on PG by a "guest" about sightings of a pregnant BP in March of '08.
This individual did contact the PG folks. I do not know whether to believe any of this-- it sounds a little too "perfect." We'll see.

Lastly, there is a commenter named Ginger who has stated here and elsewhere that she has questions about the truth regarding TRIPP's (not Trig) birth etc. Hey Ginger, if you are out there, can you give us a little more of your thinking please?? I, too, have wondered about it because of the sloppy way that his birth was announced. Also, too, Palin's Deceptions did a long story with photos about BP's shape shifing when she was supposed to be 5 months preggers (and beyond). It wasn't too long after that when PD was threatened off the internet. The same thing happened to a short lived blog by someone named Morgan who did a lot of photo analysis of the babygate issue. She did a very good post about BP's shape shifting and soon after that she was threatened. So there is some mystery about this piece of the picture.

GinaM said...

Agnes, Heidi1 and Blade here is the video I believe you are referring to...it's posted on Leah Burton's "God's Own Party?" website. Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/2377614

Anonymous said...

We KNOW that there is a high-ranking official in the GOP in Alaska who knows about the baby. So it is very possible that the poster who said they saw Bristol at the cabin is legit. PG has said nothing else because I assume they are still investigating. They usually say when something does not pan out.

Maybe after the Stevens memorials are over it will feel like an era ended and people may talk. I always hope.