Saturday, August 7, 2010

Questions, Questions…



First question, is the baby in the first picture who was presented as Trig Palin on April, 18, 2008, the baby wearing the puppy cap? In my opinion, yes. Weight loss is not uncommon in the first week or so after birth. In the first picture, Trig was swaddled so tightly that the blanket was cutting into his or her face. I think this may have made the baby look plumper than it really was.

In the third picture, we see him or her awake and without a head covering, revealing the ruffled ear also seen in the Triggy Bear photos. Is this the same baby seen in the first two pictures? I don’t think so.


I don’t think the ruffled ear was ever meant to be seen publicly. Even though ear deformity can occur in Down Syndrome infants, it is a hallmark of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which is what I believe that baby suffers from. If the baby were known to have FAS, then Sarah would have to admit to drinking while pregnant or faking a pregnancy. Admission of either would most likely have been the end of her political career.

Next question, why allow pictures with the ruffled ear showing to be taken in the first place?

I doubt Sarah ever thought Mercede would share the Triggy Bear pictures online. I also think those pictures were the reason that Mercede’s computer was later scrubbed.

As for the baby shower photos, I think Sarah was enjoying the attention so much that she didn’t realize at the time that photos with Trig’s ruffled ear showing had been taken. Notice that in the pictures where Sarah is holding Trig, she is careful to hide the right ear. Kristan Cole published the photos on her website but according to a post on PD,  Kristan tried to remove them, however they could still be viewed by using the search function and entering “Trig”. Later some of the photos appeared in several magazines but none of the shots used showed Trig’s right ear. Would so many shots of Trig have the right ear covered if it wasn’t being done on purpose?

Third question, are either of the babies shown above the baby Sarah presented as Trig in the fall of 2008? I think not. Sometime after the May pictures, Trig was replaced with the baby below who really does have Down Syndrome.


Final questions, first, why did the ruffle eared baby replace the one presented at the hospital? I think the first baby was a stand-in for Bristol’s baby who suddenly became ill. The Wild Ride had already taken place and a baby had to be presented so they simply borrowed one for some photos. Bristol’s baby was better in time for the Triggy Bear and baby showers so he or she was used until the Down Syndrome baby was obtained.

My last gut-wrenching question is this: Sarah, what happened to that ruffle eared baby???




Floyd M. Orr said...

Once again, Ms. Blade, you are riding the same train I am on my blog! I would like to comment on your questions: (1) Yes; (2) I don't think so, either. (3) I agree that Bristol's Ruffles was born with FAS; and (4) Yes, the kitchen photos were not expected to escape onto the innertubes and the ears were not clearly visible in any of the shower pictures, with the sole exception of the one you have used, which was never on a magazine cover.

I question your theories that the first Trig did not reappear at the RNC and the first Trig was a stand-in because Ruffles suddenly got sick. I am not saying you have not presented two interesting new premises here; I am just saying I am not sure I believe they are the truth. I certainly give you a gold star for thinking outside the box! My latest post at PB offers similar questions with just as many vague answers. I am weary of continually feeling dazed and confused!

Floyd M. Orr said...

Blade, I did not make something clear in my first comment. It is my understanding that the second baby in the triptych is at Sarah's office on 4/21/08. More photos were taken of him again on 4/23/08 at the office. He was wearing the same hat with a blue suit on 4/23/08. I cannot fathom the baby being borrowed for all three location shots: 4/18. 4/21, and 4/23. In my latest PB post, I set up a similar pattern where I do not believe the baby could have been borrowed on the weekend of 5/3-5/4. What mother would allow her two-week-old baby to be transported around to three locations by someone else for a photo shoot? At two of those, we have no evidence that Trig was even utilized as a prop, so why would Sarah do it?

Anonymous said...

I believe another theory I read. Perhaps the baby in the hospital was a few months old and was born by Bristol. Maybe he is a DS baby born with a hole in his heart and juandiced. That would explain why he was kept in the hospital so long, was being released and prompted the wild ride. I don't think the ruffles ear baby belongs to any of the Palin family and was paid for and used for a photo op. The hospital baby is definately not a premature just born infant.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the last post...the Palin's are too image concious to borrow a baby with the obvious ear deformaty.

Is Ruffles Bristol's FS baby? I would be will to bet money on it.

THe wild ride home? Bristol gave birth and the baby was sickly. Hence the borrowed baby in the earliest pictures...I bet the real parents never even knew that their child was going to be used for this purpose.

Ruffles got better and was able to go home. Still smaller then the borrowed baby in the fisrt pictures, but big enough to be released from the hospital.

Which brings up a question: Has anyone ever compared the hospital background shown in any of these pictures to determine what hospital it was? Is enough of the background showing to make a comparision?

Finally, Palin had claimed she was carrying a DS baby, so obviously she had to go out a find one to use.

DiAnne said...

I found a copy of Going Rogue in the office where I am working this summer and borrowed it for some quick skimming. Since I have followed Sarah and this baby drama since day one, I noted...Sarah writes that once she had shown off Trig at the RNC, other parents brought their DS babies up to her...she writes...they had that same they were related.

And I thought...of course she knew that...DS babies all look similar before they fill out and establish their own personalities.

Daisydem said...

Anonymous at 9:45: actually Palin never claimed to be carrying a baby with DS (except to Todd as she later states in her book); it was only revealed to the other children (then to the public) when she says Willow notices that he seems to have DS in the hospital. Just another weird detail of the whole saga. And another detail that cements for me the whole "made-up" story; the fact that her entire usage of Trig as a prop is just that - it is all a fabricated prop.

Anonymous said...

Bristle's baby had FAS. I think the FAS baby passed away and was substituted with a DS baby for $carahs political ambitions.

Is it any wonder Bristle got pregnant right away?

conscious at last said...

Actually, I think the three babies pictured first ARE the same child - look at the shape of the nose. In the first two photos, the ears are covered-- we can't tell what they truly look like- but the shape of the (cute little) nose is the same in all three. As others have stated, most babies lose a little weight after they are born.
I cannot get a good look at the nose of the baby that Mercede is holding (Triggybear), but I think we've already established that he/she has an ear deformation.

Clearly, the older Trig(s) do(es) NOT have the ear deformation. Soooo, the question remains, what happened to the baby with the ruffled ears??

Anonymous said...

The ruffle ear baby was a stand-in for the real Trig, simply because of the medical problems the real Trig had at birth.