Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mrs. Contradictory


Sarah Heath was Miss Congeniality in the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant. Sarah Heath Palin currently holds the title of Mrs. Contradictory.

While Miss Congeniality is chosen by the contestants competing in a beauty contest and is usually selected due to their likeability, Sarah clinched the Mrs. Contradictory crown by changing details of her statements, distorting facts and other assorted acts of prevarication.

Here are just a few of her contradictions since I couldn’t even begin to list all of them.

  1. Surprised that the McCain staff already knew about Bristol being pregnant.
  2. Sarah liked the idea of being on Saturday Night Live. See this e-mail.
  3. Sarah misrepresents Steve Schmidt’s actions after the prank call when the DJ pretended to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
  4. The family vote regarding accepting the VP nomination.

There are many more examples but I will save those for another post.

Now for a little fun. I hope you enjoy this.

To the tune of There She Is, Miss America


There She Is, Mrs. Contradictory by Blade

There she is, Mrs. Contradictory
There she is, so unreal
The dreams of one gal
Who thought she'd be VP
Didn't come true in good old DC
So she turned out to be
The queen of our hilarity
There she is, Mrs. Contradictory
There she is, so unreal
With so many duties
She bailed out of Juneau
She told Alaska that she had to go
And there she is
Full of hot air she is
Eating mooseburgers rare she is
Mrs. Contradictory





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B said...

Good job with the lyrics and fitting them to the tune. Would love to see videos of her during the interview portion and compare it to that famous answer of Miss South Carolina.