Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Key


A very well-known blogger posted this awhile back. “I will give you this hint, which I have mentioned in the past, the key to this mystery is in the birth dates.”

That quotation is from this post This post also states that Trig is Sarah’s and that the blogger making these statements had known for about six months that Trig was not Bristol or Levi’s baby.

Here are my thoughts about what these statements might mean.

We know that Sarah did not give birth to a baby on April 18, 2008 or any other date in 2008. There is too much photographic evidence to believe otherwise.

We know that a baby was presented as Trig Palin in April of 2008. We know a different child was presented as Trig in the fall of 2008. Why the switch?

I think the child being held in the hospital by Chuck and Sally Heath grew into the round ear Trig we recognize from the RNC. The features of these babies match, in my opinion.



So where does the baby below, also presented as Trig until sometime in May, fit into this puzzle?



To make sense of this we need to go back to the time when Sarah decided to fake her pregnancy. Why would the Governor of Alaska pretend to be pregnant? I can think of only one reason. Her teenage daughter was pregnant and she didn’t want to deal with the political embarrassment and consequences. Sarah believed in abstinence only sex education. She couldn’t have her teenage daughter walking around pregnant; living proof that teaching only abstinence wasn’t working. She was being considered as a VP candidate. Her daughter’s pregnancy coming out would almost have certainly been the end of that.

So the teenage Bristol was sent to live with Sarah’s sister in Anchorage where she wouldn’t be as noticeable. Unfortunately, they waited a little too long to send Bristol away from Wasilla and a few rumors started. Sarah tried to quell them as best she could but they would later prove troublesome.

Sarah announced her own pregnancy about ten weeks before Bristol’s due date. She didn’t like having to appear pregnant so by waiting so long to announce she knew she wouldn’t have to wear the disguise for very long.

Unfortunately, Bristol gave birth early to a tiny preemie with an ear deformity. Possible Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was diagnosed. Sarah couldn’t present this baby as her own. She considered faking a miscarriage but she would be expected to be grieving. She needed to be seen as strong and capable to keep her VP dreams alive. Sarah asked her family doctor to assist her in finding a baby. CBJ owed Sarah a lot so even though it was unethical she agreed to try.

While Sarah was in Texas in April to make a speech she got a call from CBJ. A newborn had been turned in under the Safe Haven Law that Sarah, herself had signed just a couple of months earlier. Sarah gave her speech and then she and Todd embarked on The Wild Ride back to Alaska to claim the child.

Sarah was surprised that the baby had Down Syndrome but realized it would be a political plus. They released a statement saying only that they knew through early testing that the baby had special challenges. A few days later the Down Syndrome diagnosis was made public.

Soon after the baby’s picture appeared on television. and in the newspapers, the baby’s parent or parents came back claiming they had decided against giving the baby up. It’s possible they wanted money from Sarah and Todd to keep quiet. The Safe Haven Law does allow for a change of heart. So the adoption, whether formal or informal, was delayed.

In the meantime, Sarah needed a baby to play the part of Trig and since Bristol’s baby was tiny and Trig was supposed to be a preemie, Sarah substituted him. She tried to keep the malformed ear from being photographed but a few pictures made it onto the Internet without Sarah knowing it at the time.

Sometime in May, Sarah and Todd were finally able to gain custody of the newborn first presented as Trig. Bribery or threats may or may not have been used to persuade the baby’s birth parent or parents to let the Palin’s raise the child but I would be surprised if the cost of raising a child with Down Syndrome wasn’t spelled out for them. The first Trig rejoined the family and the ruffle-eared baby of Bristol’s disappeared from public view.

What happened to this child?

If the key is indeed the birthdates, the blogger had to be referring to more than one birth. One birth would be Safe Haven Trig on or before April 18, 2008. The other birth would be Bristol’s baby, Tripp,  who’s birth wouldn’t be announced until late December 2008.

So how could a ten month old child pass as a two and a half month old infant when the baby was finally presented in February?

First, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other conditions such as failure to thrive can slow a baby’s physical development. Second, when Tripp was introduced he seemed large for his supposed age. Each time he is seen he appears larger than he should be for his stated age. This size discrepancy is what aroused my suspicions.







Tripp’s age in the above picture is given as 4 months. So does this photo show a larger than normal 4 month old or a smaller than normal 1 year old? I vote for the latter.

Another thing to consider about size is that babies in the lowest percentiles may be the same size or even smaller than their much younger counterparts who are in the highest percentiles.

I think Ruffles was Tripp all the time. During the time he was out of sight, the ear was repaired. Yes, the surgery would have been before the recommended age but we all know there are unscrupulous surgeons who will do anything if the price is right. It’s also possible that the degree of ear malformation was not as bad as it seemed in the pictures and only a minor procedure was needed.

The existence of Tripp proved a plus after Sarah was selected as the VP candidate. The rumors that Sarah had faked her pregnancy earlier in the year to cover for Bristol were quieted to a great degree when it was announced that Bristol was 5 months pregnant.  Doubts about Bristol’s fall/early winter 2008 pregnancy were discussed on Palin’s Deceptions. There is excellent information on the subject there.

I think that the above theory fits with the facts that we know and also fits with the hint given that the birthdates are the key. However, thinking is far from proving and proof is what we need. If anyone has pieces of information about the points I have made, whether proving or disproving, please share them with me. Hopefully, if we all keep working together we can uncover something to show the world once and for all that even though Trig is Sarah’s child she didn’t give birth to him.



leu2500 said...

For an example of how slowly premies can grow, look at the newest Duggar baby (19 & Counting). Josie Duggar was born at 25 weeks weighing around 1.5 pounds. She was finally released from the hospital 1 month after her due date weighing only 5 or 6 pounds. Now 8 months old she weights 11 pounds. That's the 50th percentile for a 2 month old.

trigiscute said...

Here's a link to a baby in arms aged 4 months old. I'd say that the photo that you posted of Tripp is very normal in size and not at all unusual.

Anonymous said...

Floyd Orr (palinbabygate) has also suggested that Ruffles = Tripp = the one & only son of Bristol and Levi. I don't buy it. First, in all of the photos I have seen of Tripp, including the one above, his size looks about right for his stated age. (Yes, Ruffles looks like he was a preemie, but not a 2-lb preemie.) Second, Tripp has distinctive facial features that were apparent from a young age, and that I just don't see in the few photos of Ruffles. Third, Tripp appears to be a healthy, bright-eyed little guy. Not exactly the appearance of a toddler with FAS, or who had serious failure-to-thrive issues as a newborn.

Anonymous said...

If the key is in the birth dates, maybe that is a photo of Tripp on 4/18 that is called Jeremiah

AKRNC said...

If Tripp is supposed to be 4 months old in the above pic and also 4 months old in the one where Bristol is holding him on the Today Show, they don't look like the same baby or at least not the same age. Can you add the photo of Bristol holding him on the Today Show to compare it to the one where Levi is holding him since it is supposed to be the same age? Also, where are the dates and ages coming from for these pictures?

Interesting theory about where the babies came from, who is who and why. I've come to the point where I'm not sure what to believe but I am open to hearing all these ideas. Thanks!!

Blade said...

Anonymous@6:42 - I was able to look at Amber's photos on Facebook. There are many pictures of Jeremiah with his real family so I think that was just a case of a strong resemblance. Perhaps there is a distant kinship but as much as I would have liked to find a connection to babygate, I can't.


NakedTruth said...

I like your thinking, Blade. We have got to explore all options with these families. I don't think that 'Ruffles' = Tripp because 'Ruffles' looked like a FAS/DS baby and Tripp looks normal to me. I do believe that 'Ruffles' ,just like Tripp, is Bristol's and possibly Levi's baby. The question is Where is 'Ruffles'? What happened to him? I really think that this secret is the true connection between the Palins and Johnstons. This is what either side wants no one to know. And I wonder why?

This is just my opinion.

The Naked Truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 6:37. Tripp does not look like a child with FAS. Mercede is not holding Tripp in the picture above. That baby is a premature Trig. Look at the three pictures in that grouping. Look at the similarities of the eyes, noses and mouths. They could easily be the same baby.

It could have happened like this:

The baby with the ruffled ear, who would become Trig, was born prematurely in early 2008. I still believe Bristol is his mother, but someone close to the Palins gave birth to him. When it was discovered he had DS, Sarah hatched her plan to fake her pregnacy.

The pictures in the Palin kitchen were taken when Ruffles came home from the hosptial The baby shower pictures, allegedly taken in May, were also taken around this time. Just because Sarah said the shower took place in May doesn't make it's not like she hasn't lied before.

By April 18, the premature baby had grown enough that he no longer looked like a newborn. This is apparent in the photo with the Heaths. That's probably why the baby shower pics were released - to show a much smaller and more realistic looking newborn.

There was plenty of time to have Trig's ears repaired between April 18 and the convention in early Sept. And as someone stated above, there are doctors who would perform the surgery for the right price.

But the big question is...who gave birth to him?? Definitely not Sarah. But definitely someone with ties to both the Palins and the Johnstons, because both families were together taking "family" type pictures with the new baby. Bristol and an old boyfriend? Bristol and Levi(who was wearing a hospital braclet in one photo). Track? Mercede? Todd? Sherry?

fib said...

Blade, I think you might be on to something. Keep in mind when using the growth charts for preemies, they are charted against their age in relation to their due date, not their actual birth date. (see for an example.

We presume Tripp was a preemie, because of the pictures Mercedes posted of a tiny baby at Sarah's house, who was too small not to be a preemie, and because Levi was seen with a hospital wristband in another photo from early 2008. If Tripp was 3 months early, and FAS, and a child of moderate sized parents (Levi and Bristol are what 5'5" and 5'10"?) it would not be unusual for him to be in the bottom 10% of the growth range for a 9.5 month old (using his due date not his birthdate to gauge the age comparison on the charts).

Well... guess what - that's the exact same number... around 69cm... as a large 4.5month old.

It would certainly explain why the baby seems to have been drugged for GMA - developmentally, if not size wise, he would have given away the game. 9.5mo old babies can crawl, babble with speech like inflections... 4 month old babies can roll over and smile. There would be no mistaking the difference.

LisanTX said...

Here's a thought:

Instead of Ruffles being Tripp, what if he is the "elfie" ear Trig?

Keep the first part of the post the same--the April 18th Mat-Su baby is round ear Trig.

The above is link to a comparison of the two different ears of "Trig" (or Trigs) in October 2008.

It sure seems like two different babies/boys were presented as Trig. I think of round ear Trig as the mild tempered baby in blue on the airplane and as the waving baby held by Sarah during the book tour.

I think of "elfie" ear Trig as being somewhat more severely impacted by DS than round ear. This Trig was fussy on the book tour. I think of him being the Trig on the right (10/18 date) in the picture in the link. (I guess by 10/18 his ears had been worked on.)

Anyway, its food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Interesting hypothesis. It's among the best I have read given the information at hand. It's definitely the best explanation for Bristol not really being pregnant in late 2008, which many people have posited. Where is does fall apart a little is with the status of Tripp right now. All effects of supposed FAS and developmental delays appear to have gone away. Can anyone comment on whether this is possible?

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

bri$tol was the one lactating at the RNC...

Anonymous said...

in checking the emails released to msnbc i found a message that was a phone call on April 17 from a guy named cowboy, that said he meet Sarah at a gun show and he wanted to know if she wanted to adopt a chocolate lab puppy. the puppy was ready as of the 15th. i thought i read that they never owned a dog? I just think it is weird that someone would just out of the blue ask if they wanted to adopt a puppy at the same time she is giving birth.

Anonymous said...

Why the switch?

Maybe Ruffles was not DS, but Inuit. The Yu'pik are a mongoloid people. Down Syndrome babies were originally the source of mental retardation being labeled Mongoloid because of the similarities in features.
As the baby aged the lack of retardation would have become obvious.

Anonymous said...

In reply to anonymous at 5:02 am, if you look, the baby in one of the hospital photos is wearing a hat with a puppy on it.... I thought this was a tie in to the email, proly the Paylins never thought we'd see the emails.....hmmmm

Heidi1 said...

Don't ask me why, but ever since I read the Chocolate Lab puppy email, I've thought that Puppy = Baby. The puppy cap in the photo really made me suspicious. "The 'Puppy' is now available for pickup". All on 4-18-08. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

I think people are giving Sarah way too much credit for being smart enough to pull off all those baby switches. I believe there were/are only two babies and that a simpler scheme would have been more doable and easier for the Palins to carry out.

Trig was born around February '08, to Bristol and most likely Levi, which would explain why Levi was wearing the hospital wristband. He was premature and kept hidden away until Sarah could announce that she had "birthed" him. The baby Chuckles and Sally are holding at the hospital is the same Trig, only now he is several months old, his face has filled out, and he doesn't look like a newborn babe anymore. While he is again hidden away, he has plastic surgery to repair his ruffled ear/s. Then he is presented to the world at the RNC, paraded around the country, and has now again dropped from the radar screen.

In the meantime, Bristol gets pregnant again (ain't abstinence a wonderful thing! Sarah uses Bristol's second pregnancy to keep the truth about her first pregnany from surfacing. The second baby is Tripp, born sometime in late '08 or early '09 to Bristol and Levi.