Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gender Bender?




I have pondered this question for sometime now. Why did quite a few people refer to Trig as possibly being Sarah’s granddaughter back in 2008? There were references to it on reddit and here and even in the now infamous journolist emails.

I suppose it was just a mistake but a little voice in my head keeps saying “What if it’s not a mistake. What if the first baby referred to as Ruffles since the discovery of the ear deformity is really a girl?”

We all know Sarah’s penchant for lying. We know she lied about being pregnant. We know she most likely lied about Trig’s birth date. Why wouldn’t she lie about the sex of the baby, too?

But what reason would she have to lie about the child’s sex? Sarah doesn’t really need a reason to lie but if she knew beforehand that Ruffles would only be with them a short time and she knew the replacement was a boy, then she had to present Trig as a boy.

Also, if someone noticed that Ruffles was missing then everyone would be looking for a boy. And this horrifies me to even think about, but if a tiny baby girl’s body were found, then no one would connect it with the missing baby boy Ruffles. At least that’s probably the way Sarah would think.

This is one hunch I truly hope I am wrong about.




lilly-lily said...

I have always thought that Ruffles could well have been a girl.

And also that the Native Hospital in Anchorage might well have been the place the current tri-g was born. As there appear to have been possibly 3 babies.

It is so bizarre that people can't believe someone would do such a thing.

Sarah Palin? Ya betcha she would.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Good going, Blade! I agree. I have considered for a long time that Ruffles could just as easily be a girl. Since I am not particularly adept at identifying girl or boy babies, I have kept my mouth shut so far on this issue, but you may really have something with the angle you have presented.

Anonymous said...

I think you may be on to something. I remember talk back on PD and IM about ruffles being a girl, and I've always thought that the blue sweatered baby in the airplane with Willow hacked from Sarah's email was a girl.

Didn't Mercede say definitively that her brother "only had ONE beautiful baby boy," or something like that? I remember reading that and thinking "and one beautiful baby girl??"


GinaM said...

Wow....just Wow. This story is truly getting more and more bizarre. I think Mercede does know more than we think. So yes, baby Ruffles could have been a baby girl that maybe didn't live and Bristol tried to replace her with another baby...a boy this time. Again....WOW.

jo said...

Someone once commented that if we knew the truth even Paylin haters would feel sorry for her. As afraid as people in AK have been of them and all the nasty things they and supports have done I wouldn't be surprised about anything. Who knows who all are in cahoots with them. After all she has gotten out of many ethics complaints that should have been prosecuted. They didn't even get in trouble for ignoring subpoenas. I found it very odd that an FBI spokesman made a statement that the Paylins weren't under any investigation. Stranger still he did it on a Sunday and not only that but the 4th of July weekend.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing brief mentions of that neo-natal nurse that died in a suspicious house fire - Dar Miller? - and there is never a follow-up to the comments about her possible connection or knowledge. Although she was reportedly doing hospice care at the time of her death, her skills as a neo-natal nurse would still be intact.

Then there is that email from someone offering the Palins a puppy. It was an email released with those 3000+ to MSNBC and had occurred around the time of Trig's reported birth.

Speaking of those emails - what is the investigator doing with them? Since their release, I've never seen anything further in the news as to his/her findings.

Ginger said...

The biggest problem with the Sarah Palin story is the "unbelievability" of it all. Who in the world could imagine a woman, governor of a state, would fake a pregnancy? Good grief, it's just crazy!

Trig is supposedly born five weeks early and they want to give Sarah a shower. Big problem! He is too big to be a premie. Bristol gave birth to a full-term baby that weighed 7 lbs. plus. So, like you or I would borrow a cup of sugar, Sarah borrowed a baby from a friend that was much smaller and looked like a premie. The shower was more of a photo-op than anything.

Ruffles has been a big distraction. Mercede knows who this baby is and who the mother is. She was holding him/her in the Palin's kitchen in the photo. Do you really believe that bright, intelligent, young lady thought it was Trig? How could that be when Trig had to be in the same house? There were two babies there, Mercede, right?