Saturday, August 28, 2010

Questions and Answers


I have been asked a number of questions recently by email as well as in the comments section here. I will try to address them in this post.

  1. Doesn't Todd’s best snow machining buddy, Scott Davis owner of Davis Block & Concrete Co.,live in Soldotna? Yes.
  2. Is there any connection between Scott Davis &/or Todd Palin & Amber? I haven’t found a connection but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
  3. Why wouldn't Amber give birth at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna? See birthing center @ Do they perform C Sections? They do perform C-Sections. Amber likely had to go to Alaska Regional because Dr. Thompson didn’t have privileges at CPGH. The only hospital affiliation listed for him is Alaska Regional.
  4. This comment makes it sound as if Dr. Thompson had never seen Jeremiah: "Amber, we just viewed you beautiful baby on line. He is SO precious! Bring him to your post op visit so we can ooh and ahh over him. Thanks, The girls & Dr. T". Why would the staff & Dr. T be viewing Jeremiah's photo online on May 1 if he was born on April 18? I’m fairly certain that Dr. Robert G. Thompson must have delivered the baby since their remark refers to her post-op visit and from that I gather she must have had a C-Section. The office girls probably just signed the book that way.
  5. Why would Bristol agree to switch her normal healthy baby with a DS baby? I think Todd and Sarah are very controlling. I would bet that Bristol was told that she would ruin Sarah’s chances to get the VP nomination if she didn’t go along with their plans. Bristol may also have been promised rewards for her cooperation.
  6. Did you ever find out if the father of Amber's baby born on April 18, 2008 really exists or is he a "red herring"? Yes, he exists and his name is Joshua Levi Fleming.
  7. Doesn't Franklin Graham, Sarah's BFF, operate Alaska Christian College & Samaritan's Purse out of Soldotna? Yes.
  8. Why are they feeding Trig a bottle at the baby shower on May 4? Didn't Sarah say she breastfed Trig? Sarah claimed to breastfeed Trig but while not impossible if an adoptive mother prepares ahead of time, I don’t think Sarah ever really breastfed Trig. Babies with Down Syndrome have difficulty and the extra time it would have taken to get him to nurse properly would have required a level of dedication to the infant that I don’t believe Sarah had.
  9. Do you know if Amber ever lived in Wasilla. If so, do you have the approximate years? I have found indications that an Amber Gayle Felger did live in Wasilla on people search type websites. I can’t ascertain the time period.
  10. Blade, you say that this OB-GYN Dr. Thompson also does cosmetic procedures?? Holy cow, he's quite the 'doctor'. Do you have a link you could provide which would substantiate that? and
  11. Do we in fact know if Dr. CBJ knew/knows Dr. Thompson, or was that a hypothesis? I can’t find an association between them.
  12. Is there any way to learn more about Dr. Thompson's religious affiliation? I have searched but haven’t found any clue as to his religious affiliation.
  13. Surely, if a baby is expected to be born with Down Syndrome, a pediatrician is present at the birth to examine it, in case of breathing problems and heart defects and other complications? Wouldn't such a baby be in intensive care? Dr. Thompson apparently has pediatric training, too. I have read a lot about the births of babies with Down Syndrome and many mothers state that their babies didn’t need special care. That fact is a reason why many believe Sarah’s tale of The Wild Ride.
  14. From what sources did you gather this info? It is interesting, but is it all speculation or do you have hard-core evidence that this is true? The baby switch is speculation. The resemblance between the baby Amber is raising and Tripp is very real. That Amber gave birth on April 18, 2008 is verified by the hospital birth announcement. Dr. Robert Thompson was sanctioned by the Alaska Medical Board for professional incompetence and recording keeping violations.
  15. Using your theory, what would be your explanation for the medical invoices submitted to the AK benefits people for "Trig Palin", supposedly born 4-18-08, for whom they demanded a birth certificate? Sarah was admitted to the hospital to fake the birth. We don’t know how many people at Mat-Su Regional were in on the deception. The insurance department would have been expecting to be billed and it would have looked strange if no bills were submitted.
  16. Blade, has anyone ever checked the birth records for the first three months of 2008? Bristol had to give birth somewhere. Maybe near Aunt Heather's? I have gone through some of the online birth announcements of Alaska Regional and Mat-Su Regional for that time period but not thoroughly as the method for doing it is time consuming. If anyone is interested in doing some checking on these announcements, please email me and I will send you the instructions. 
  17. How would you account for the baby at the shower in May? In my theory, that baby is Amber’s birth child being used as Trig. I don’t believe Ruffles is a separate baby, he and Trig are one in the same.
  18. You are assuming that the story of the ultrasound scan is true. I don't think so. Who would knowingly have a Downs Syndrome baby and not prepare their family for that? I think Bristol had the ultrasound to which Sarah refers. Sarah didn’t want a lot of attention while faking the pregnancy so the Down Syndrome was not to be mentioned until the baby was born.

If anyone has additional questions you can ask them here or by email. See question 16 for my email address. As always any info sent to me is appreciated and will be kept strictly private.

Thanks to those who have sent me links and other information.



WakeUpAmerica said...

Regarding the breastfeeding/bottle question: What about the picture of Bristol (I think) sitting on the grass holding "Trig" and you can see what looks like a nasal feeding tube on him? That would make me think there are at least two or three babies. Sorry, but I can't remember which blogger posted that picture. It must have been Gryphen, Palin's Deceptions, Bree Palin, or Palingates.

Heidi1 said...

WakeUpAmerica - I've been hearing about that photo for the longest time, and have never seen it. Is that the same as another photo I hear about, where all the children are sitting on the grass? I sure would appreciate a link from anyone who has one.

Blade, thank you for following up on the many questions. Wouldn't it be hilarious if each of us opened your links to Dr. Thompson's sites about 100 times? Somebody on his end would freak out at the sudden spike in interest! (Sorry, that's my gleefully vindictive side showing.)

WakeUpAmerica said...

Heidi1, yes I believe you are right. It must be in one of those blogs I mentioned as those are the ones I was following at the time. I bet if you asked over at Mudflats on the open thread, someone would be able to tell you where to find it.

Heidi1 said...

WakeUpAmerica - Thanks for the tip, but last month, I asked an innocuous question over there pertaining to the babygate issue, and got SHOUTED at by the other commenters. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that any talk of the baby scandal was frowned upon. Whaaat? Not that I knew of. I guess every blog has its own focus and flavor, and I misread something.

Blade, and Floyd Orr too, have good photo archives, as does Palingates. Thank you for your suggestion...some helpful person will provide a link.

jmon66 said...

WakeUpAmerica - Here is a link to the photo of the Palin kids sitting on the grass with the baby. It came out of Palin's hacked email as did the airplane baby photo. Scroll down a little at this link to see it:

wakeUpAmerica said...

Heidi1, yes, AKM at Mudflats long ago established a no babygate policy in no uncertain terms. She doesn't like to deal with rumors. She wants hard evidence. However, I'm not sure that asking about a picture is verboten. I posed the question early this AM. Maybe I have been shot and quartered. Perhaps I should go check.

wakeUpAmerica said...

Thank you jmon66! So, Blade, you might want to take a look at that picture and add it to your collection. Might put a kink in your theory.