Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Observations


Highly Recommended - Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury

Vanity Fair deserves a big thanks for stating the truth about Sarah Palin. Of course, in the grand scheme of things it will change nothing. Those who hate her will still hate her; those who worship her will still grovel at her feet. It did, however, do me good to read the article full of details about her temper tantrums and diva like behavior. It’s one of the very few stories about her that tells it like it is.

I can picture very well Todd and Sarah tossing canned goods at one another after an early morning battle to see who can drop the F bomb the most times. Them “rill Ahlaskuns” is tough. But all kidding aside, the piece certainly confirmed that Sarah has more than one serious personality disorder. For her kids’ sake, I hope she gets some help soon.

A Super Sweet Fluff Piece - Sarah Palin welcomes you into her home for a family first

What a contrast between the Vanity Fair article referenced above and the one I am about to discuss.

This sticky sweet story appeared in the Mother’s Day issue of USA Weekend. I could almost smell the aroma of Piper’s birthday cupcakes emanating from my computer as I struggled to read this tale of Super-Mom Sarah and her splendiferous family. But there are a few interesting morsels in this otherwise bland, butt-kissing piece of purple prose; mostly observations from the accompanying pictures.

  • Why change clothes during a three hour interview? I can understand toddlers, Trig and Tripp, needing a change but Sarah, Bristol and Piper all changed tops. I guess the Palins really are clothes horses.
  • Sarah interacts with Tripp more than with Trig. Maybe Levi was telling the truth when he made that remark about Sarah not wanting the “retarded” baby.
  • Speaking of Tripp, the first picture states he is 16 months old. Not true. At the time the pictures were taken on Piper’s birthday in March, he would have been a few days shy of 15 months. In these pictures he still looks very much a baby with chubby face and short legs. In contrast, just 4 months later on the Us Weekly cover he appears much older.

1palins bristol_levi_usweekly

  • So Bristol is or was working for an Anchorage dermatologist. Dr. Robert G. Thompson is an OB-GYN but he also lists Dermatology/Cosmetic Dermatology in his list of specialties. Makes me wonder again if there is a connection between him and the Palins. Does anyone know the name of the doctor Bristol works or worked for?


Dancing With The Stars

I guess Bristol has the role of the young cutie for this fall’s edition of the aging ABC twirl fest. Personally, I think they are making a big mistake by choosing her but I don’t normally watch so what ever. I have only caught a few minutes of it here and there. Does anyone know if they usually show the contestants families? Maybe we can get a good gauge on Tripp’s real size if they do. Thank goodness for DVR’s. I’m sure my fast forward button will get a workout if I do watch.

If anyone has any info to share or would like to suggest a topic for a post, feel free to email me.



Anonymous said...

When a magazine or tv show does a photo shoot it can happen over the course of several days or one several hour shoot. Beforehand you are asked to have several outfits ready for them to take a look at. They choose what colors they want you to wear- and what not to wear such as too small or busy prints, fabrics that won't photograph well etc. It's common practice and I've personally dealt with this myself.

15 months or 16 months just isn't a big deal for a magazine article...he may have been 15 months when the deal for the article was made and that's what ended up in print.

I read your blog now and then and this one seems sorta nit-picky? with nothing really new.

Anonymous said...

The previous commenter seems a bit testy...perhaps you are getting close to some truths Blade?

Maybe the dermatolgist? Maybe Tripp's age?

BTW, USA Weekend isn't a normal magazine, it's a newspaper insert, different sort of interview.

Anonymous said...

A weekly magazine will get the age right because they know the exact date the story will hit the stands. The age is always given as of newsstand date, not photo shoot unless they specifically say "here at 15 months." An insert like USA Weekend might not have gone back in to recheck before printing. They might have had the story 'in the can' for use when they had a few pages to fill, and recast a few questions to make them geared to publication date.
Weekly, monthly, insert, if they'll be doing more than one photo, there will usually be outfit changes.
Age is superimportant to those of us who know there's something hinky with birthdates in this family, but it's not important to the average person who is looking at a puff piece in a lame insert.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on Jay Leno show saying she was pregnant for her prom. For baby number one? or 2. Proms don't happen in the fall. And is this just a set up so the majority of the public just thinks her mom was covering for her with the fake pregnancy and not actually the more diabolically calculated acquiring of a baby to advance her political career?

Blade said...

Anonymous@11:19 - Can you tell me when that was said on Jay Leno? I seem to recall interviews where she said she had to miss prom to take care of Tripp but since proms are usually in April, being pg for prom wouldn't have been with Tripp unless prom was held later that year and she would have been just barely pregnant. There was a discussion of her missing prom in 2008 along with the pic of her and Mercede. I'll have to take another look at that post on PD.


Anonymous said...


I just watched the Leno interview over at Huff Po. You can see it there. It must have been a day or two ago.

Someone should know when the Wasilla High proms are. Sadie's in Parker was in late April or early May, I think.

If May, then in Bristol's senior year, Tripp was under six months old. We don't think she was pregnant for that prom. If she was, there's another missing baby.

In Bristol's junior year, *if* she had Trig on April 18, then she *could* have been pregnant for the prom. More likely she was too recently post partum to feel like going. Plus the little detail that she had withdrawn from her school that fall to attend in Anchorage or be homeschooled means she and Levi might not have been eligible to go to the Wasilla prom. (He dropped out by March of that year to work the on the slopes.)

If Bristol didn't give birth to Trig, and she's talking about Tripp who would be born no sooner than December-----then she would at most have just found out she was pregnant and she wouldn't be showing much if at all. Why would that keep her from going to her prom?

So either Bristol just lied, a story she uses as part of her poor-teen-mom gig, or she was pregnant with a baby other than Tripp.

Blade, you might be able to sort this out for us.


Anonymous said...

I am still a little concerned that we are being spoon fed the Sarah covered for Bristol with Trig instead of her acquiring another baby and we really don't know what happened to Bristol's first baby. Jay Lennon does meet ahead of time briefly to have his guests feel comfortable and to discuss a few things so they aren't caught off guard with the topics once they get on stage.
Sorry if I may believe in an ulterior motive but I just get a nagging feeling. I also got it when the whole drama of bringing Jay back occured. The right wing needed an night host/comedian in their camp.

Anonymous said...

Yes, always a possibility that Sarah's scheme was for us to think Trig was Bristol's so we wouldn't discover some ugly secret. I don't think she is smart enough to pull that off. B

Info on proms from comment at Palingates repeating something seen at Huff Post:

“according to People magazine article on Bristol from June, 2009-'Bristol found out she was pregnant at the beginning of May last year, just weeks after her mother, then 44, gave birth to her fifth child—son Trig.'"

list of Wasilla area proms that year-
- Palmer High School- April 5th
- Colony High School- April 12th
- Wasilla High School- April 19th
- Burchell High School- April 25th

Gles said...

I had read something about Dr. Thompson on an old blog. There has been action against him by the state medical board:

conscious at last said...

RE: the discussion of Bristol's remarks to Jay Leno about missing her prom, her pregnancy dates, etc.

I think we will be easily confused if we take anything that the PALINS say as the gospel truth. SINCE WE KNOW THERE WAS AT LEAST ONE FAKED PREGNANCY, WE KNOW THEY ARE COLOSSAL LIARS AND LIE ABOUT ANYTHING. I think we are on much firmer ground when we observe what they actually DO, how they appear in photographs, what public records show,.. etc.

Bristol's statements about her child, her "employment," her "education," her family relationships, etc. are all dishonest and are meant to support the SP mythology. They are not helpful when trying to understand the truth about babygate(s).