Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food For Thought


I have spent quite a few hours the past couple of days looking through the pictures on the Mat-Su Regional Web Nursery. One thing that I noticed is that the cap Trig is wearing in the picture below is most likely provided by the hospital as there were several babies with the exact same cap.

1trig 68906 

Most of the babies pictured are wearing cute little outfits provided by their families so why was Trig, newborn son of the Governor, photographed in a hospital handout?

I have also often wondered why Trig was burrito wrapped in that striped baby blanket. Are they trying to hide something? I noticed that some babies are only wearing shirts like the ones shown below which are probably hospital issued.

80716  80720

Wanna bet on what Trig’s wearing beneath that blanket?

Moving on, I was looking through my collection of Trig pictures and noticed something that I hadn’t spotted before.


Looking at that halo or whatever that’s supposed to be over Trig’s head, you can plainly see VP. I know Sarah will try to say that it stands for Van Palin but I bet she really meant it to stand for Vice President.


More Information About Dr. Robert G. Thompson

I still haven’t been able to find a concrete link between Dr. Thompson and the Palins but I did come across a couple of things I find interesting. The Peninsula Clarion carried this article which I have dated as being from late December 2006, probably the 29th or 30th going by the world and national events reported on the right side of the page – Saddam Hussein’s execution and reference to Gerald Ford’s death.

Points I find interesting:

  • Son Nathan is a professional hockey player who is five years older than Track. They may have been acquainted through their mutual sport.
  • Wife Karen has been employed as a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines for over 7 years. It’s likely that she has worked on some of Sarah’s flights considering Sarah’s diverse destinations.
  • He and his wife have been immersed in music their whole lives. Karen is a former US Jazz champion singer and Robert is a concert violinist. They have both concentrated on gospel and praise and worship music. They could have met the Palins at religious gatherings.
  • I found the following in an obituary for Rebecca Atwater from 2005 proving that a Karen and a Robert Thompson lived in Wasilla at that time. I don’t know if they are the Dr. and his wife or totally different people with the same names.

None of this information proves anything but it is interesting and shows that it’s very possible that Dr. Thompson or other members of his family could be acquainted with the Palins.

If anyone knows anything regarding the new information I have discovered or has anything to share or discuss, please contact me.



Anonymous said...

I'm confused about Dr. Thompson's possible connection with Sarah - did I miss something on a previous post?

Agnes said...

Blade, I'm not sure why you ask us to guess what's under the burrito wrap. Um, a diaper and a shirt? Maybe a onesie? What else would it be?

I'm surprised that some babies aren't wrapped. When my daughter was born (decades ago, I'll admit) all the babies in the nursery were wrapped, and we kept it up for a while at home because she would scream when the wrappings were taken off. Maybe they don't do that anymore, in which case, yes, it's odd that Trig is wrapped if the others aren't. It might be to hide his size.

They might have taken his picture in the hospital clothes before dressing him in his own. There was the "puppy hat". I assumed he was wearing it when he was handed to Sarah, but she might have had a little outfit packed for going home just as any mother does when going to the hospital to have a baby.

The photos in hospital clothes might indicate he was born there. It's hard to see Sarah thinking far enough ahead to set up a picture in hospital garb, followed by his "going home" outfit. She didn't expect anybody to question her story. She didn't bother to get pictures of the family gathered around the bed with her holding the new baby, so it would be strange to think of taking a "nursery" photo.

I suppose, if your theory about a baby switch is correct, Dr. Thompson might have thought to dress the baby in the nursery's clothes before dropping him in the bassinet. He would know that the nurses would notice different clothes. He would take them from the supply cabinet some time when he was there, hide them in some kind of bag, take them away from the hospital, dress the baby somewhere between the old hospital and the new, and deliver him dressed to the nursery. Complicated, but if you're in the business of switching babies for money, you need to plan ahead.

About "VP", I think you're absolutely right. Poor little baby.

If Dr. Thompson moved in evangelical church circles, he and Sarah could well have met, or at least he could have met some connections of hers, her pastor, Linda Menard, CBJ, etc., who could have set something in motion. Musical groups, especially, get around. I'm still dubious about this whole idea of a switch, but it pays to explore every trail, and I admire you for doing it. You have found out a lot.

Anonymous said...

First-the baby in the announcement picture does not have Down syndrome and looks more like Tripp than Trig. Have there been any discoveries as to which baby this is? Also was the Van Palin last name ever explained and why would she add "Van" to the child's last name? Could Van Fleiss, her attorney be the father, or be getting credit for something they planned together? I had noticed the VP initially in the picture and thought it was pretty bizarre and coincidental. Is Trig's real last name Van Palin, when all of theirs are Palin, WTF?

Anonymous said...

the baby the Heaths posed with probably was born in Mat Su....however, that baby is not Trig. It doesn't look like him, it certainly doesn't look like a preemie born at 7.5 months gestation. It looks like a full term normal baby and it could be anybody, but it's not Trig.

Blade said...

Agnes- The "guess what they are hiding under the burrito wrap" remark was an attempt at sarcasm. My point was that it's kind of strange that a sitting Governor's newborn would be photographed in hospital issued clothing instead of an outfit provided by the Palins. I know the story is Sarah had to rush home and went straight to the hospital but someone could have brought the clothing to Mat-Su. Surely Sarah would have shopped for a cute outfit for the baby if she was really pregnant. Most women amass a good deal of baby clothes well before their baby is born. Even if she hadn't gotten around to buying an outfit she could have sent her mom, her sister, or a friend to get something suitable. Even in the my puppy pic, the baby isn't exactly dressed to impress. It's not even an outfit since the cap (my puppy) and the sleeper (baseball bats, balls, etc.) are mismatched. It's like they just didn't care how the baby looked. Perhaps he was borrowed for those pics.


Peggy said...

I think the VP logo looks like the Van Halen logo on some of their album covers. I think that Van Palin is a riff on Van Halen.

Heidi1 said...

Peggy - Oh, it most definitely is. Sarah Palin has said so herself. She's said that she loves Van Halen's music. What I find absolutely despicable is that she took a well-known logo (I'm amazed she hasn't been sued), and turned it into a self-aggrandizing, and not very subtle statement, that she is/will be the Vice President. I saw that right away, and nearly retched. Besides, she depicts it as a "halo". The whole thing is just as vile, putrid, and evil as naming the Down Syndrome child "Trig". "Tri-G" is a precurser of the current name of "Down Syndrome", just as "Mongoloid" came before that. The "tri" stands for the 3rd chromosome, which is abnormal.

I don't even want to think about what is inside this sick woman's mind. Many days I'm reduced to tears about how the media is letting her get away with this, when all of us - go Blade! Go Floyd Orr! Go Gryphen! Go Palingates! - are working so diligently to expose her. I write to the National Enquirer about once/week, and columnists everywhere, and nothing is happening!

Gles said...

Good sleuthing Blade.... Following thru on adoption possibility, I did a query on Alaska Native Americans: Adoption Records.

As I know nothing about the adoption process I did see reference to Catholic Charities, but I am sure they are not the only game in town.