Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Questions About Mercede’s Latest Post


I realize that I will probably get flamed for this since Mercede has a lot of fans but I have to say there are parts of Mercede’s latest post that just do not make sense to me. I have been reading her blog since it began and have found it touching at times, informative, interesting and most importantly, sincere. What I just finished reading causes me to question my previous opinion.

Text in blue italics is taken from Mercede’s blog. My thoughts and questions will follow in bold black.

Really the ONLY reason that Junior was able to manipulate her into selling her pills was because she was having a battle with her insurance company. They wanted her to come up with $800 more each time she got a new prescription filled. There was simply no way she could ever afford that, she could barely even afford to put gas in the car, and without her medications she would become so deathly ill she would have to go to the hospital. My mother’s pain was absolutely unbearable, so she was desperate to come up with the money somehow

My questions:

  1. How did she get her pills if she didn’t have the $800.00 the insurance company wanted each time she got a new prescription filled? According to Mercede, Sherry could barely afford gas for the car.
  2. Wouldn’t Sherry have to take all of her pills in order to function or was she prescribed more than she really needed? How did she have pills left to sell since as Mercede states “without her medications she would become so deathly ill she would have to go to the hospital.”?
  3. If she was prescribed more pills than she needed wouldn’t it have been sensible to tell the doctor to prescribe less as she was having problems paying for her prescription or keep the extra pills so she wouldn’t need refills as often?

It is still a mystery as to how Junior got my mother’s phone number because the phone she was using was originally Bristol’s phone. (My mom bought both Levi and Bristol new phones right after she found out that Bristol was pregnant because Sarah refused to pay for hers anymore. But after one of Levi and Bristol’s many fights she SHIPPED her phone back to my mom in the MAIL. Since my mom had been using an old brick phone she decided to upgrade to Bristol’s Blackberry and got rid of her old one). So I don’t know whether Bristol was in contact with Junior, or if he just did his research to find my mother’s number. We are still confused by the circumstances leading up his initial contact.

My questions:

  1. How was Sherry able to afford to buy these expensive cell phones if she was having financial problems? I can understand the Johnston’s wanting a pregnant Bristol to be able to contact them but wouldn’t an inexpensive prepaid phone have been a better choice?
  2. Why would Sherry have been using Bristol’s phone number? Wouldn’t she have transferred the number from her own phone to the Blackberry?
  3. Wouldn’t Bristol have transferred her number to her replacement phone or at least de-activated it before returning it to Sherry? I can’t believe that Bristol would want Sherry receiving calls meant for her.
  4. If Junior Latocha wanted to contact Sherry why would he call Bristol’s cell phone number? Mercede refers to him as a friend. Why wouldn’t he call Mercede or just pay a visit to the Johnston home?

He started out texting her everyday at first, often multiple times in the same day, trying to convince her to sell her prescription medication. Then later he started to call and talk to her on the phone.

He worked very hard at convincing my mother to sell her pills and used all of the things he knew about her and our family to wear her down. He said things like “I know you have kids, and I know you need the money. What are you going to let them starve? Your husband is leaving you, he is gone now! What other choices do you have? You’re disabled! This is the only way to feed and put your kids through school!”

After months of this kind of persistence unfortunately she gave in because she was desperate to find a way to pay for her medication and to buy food for the family. She is very ashamed of that decision and I know she regrets it every minute of every day.

My questions:

  1. Why didn’t Sherry just ignore or block Junior’s messages and phone calls?
  2. Why didn’t she call the police and report his harassment of her?
  3. If it took months for her to finally give in how was she able to pay for her medication and feed her family all that time?

What my mother could not have known was that Junior Latocha was working undercover for the police in an agreement that would significantly lessen his own sentence. (Word on the street is that the police wanted someone connected to the Palins in order to get back at Sarah. I don’t know if that is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it.) When my mother’s insurance company finally fixed the glitch in December, and started paying for ALL of her medications, she refused to sell anymore of her pills to Junior. He tried numerous times to convince her to give in and sell him a few, but she stood firm. Interestingly enough it was only after she STOPPED selling her medications that the police came to arrest her.

My questions:

  1. Which sentence would have been significantly reduced for Latocha? After reviewing Junior Latocha’s court records the only charges he was facing at the time of Sherry’s arrest were Driving While License Revoked and Reckless Driving. Those charges were filed only two days before the charges against Sherry were filed. Why would Latocha have been working undercover for months in exchange for sentence reduction?
  2. Why would the police want to get back at Sarah?
  3. Isn’t it more likely that Sarah was behind the charges against Sherry as a way to keep the Johnston’s in line?

The police officer in charge of my mother’s case acknowledged that she believed they had made a mistake in allowing Junior to set my mom up. She said that although what my mom did was wrong she understood the motivation to want to put food on the table, and to keep the heat and electricity turned on.

I heard one police officer say, even while they were going through our house looking for evidence of a drug operation, that “This lady is not a criminal she is just trying to survive, this is down right sad.”

My mom wasn’t a drug dealer like Junior Latocha. She was just trying to do all that she could to get by. I am not saying that what she did was okay, but I too understand why she did it.

My questions:

  1. Would police officers express regrets about setting someone up in front of the person who was set up or their family?
  2. Once again, how was Sherry Johnston keeping her bills paid before she started selling her medication?
  3. Considering the extremely expensive price Mercede states her mother was having to pay for her prescriptions and her inadequate income, wouldn’t she have been eligible for Medicaid and other assistance?

Junior on the other hand is an actual DRUG DEALER who is STILL actively selling drugs to people in not only Wasilla and Palmer, but also Anchorage! I have heard from various people I know that he is the biggest Oxycontin dealer in the Valley who receives packages through the mail with hundreds of Oxycontin pills to sell, and I know for a FACT he is still out there selling because I have seen him!! I have also heard that his relationship with the police has changed and that now he is avoiding them for fear of getting arrested again. Yet I still see him around town sometimes and I just saw him just the other day at the State Fair.

I swear it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see that scum!

My questions:

  1. If Junior Latocha is the biggest Oxycontin dealer in the Valley with hundreds of pills to sell, why when he was recently arrested was his bond only $5000.00?
  2. If it is common knowledge that he receives packages of pills in the mail, why wouldn’t he have been charged with trafficking instead of only possession?

I really wanted to put this information out for everybody to see even though this could be dangerous for me. You never know what these people are capable of, and I have seen this group do some pretty awful things to people.

But I will not stop until I see justice done for my family. I do not think the sentence my mother got was fair. How was it that Todd’s sister could rob multiple houses to feed her drug addiction, with her four year old daughter along for the ride, and receive such a light sentence? How did Junior get off just by agreeing to set up a poor lady desperate to reduce her pain and care for her family? How are THEY less deserving of a harsher sentence than my mother?

Today Junior Latocha continues his life of crime, and keeps spreading his poison throughout the Valley with no end in sight, while my mother is a virtual prisoner in her own home.

So you tell me, where is the justice?

My questions:

  1. Who are these people, this group that Mercede has seen do awful things to people?
  2. Has Mercede reported the awful things she saw this group do?
  3. Could these people Mercede is referring to really be the Palins?
  4. Is Mercede covering for the Palins or worse have we all been taken in by the Johnstons?
  5. Is the Palin - Johnston feud merely a ruse, a real-life soap opera designed to rake in money?
  6. Was Mercede asked to post this piece to allay public suspicions that Sarah Palin was responsible for Sherry Johnston’s arrest?
  7. Finally, as Mercede said, where is the justice? The justice for all who Sarah Palin has used and abused?

Please be honest in your comments about this post. Don’t be afraid to post what you really think. Are my questions about Mercede’s post valid?




sjk from the belly of the plane said...

the cops dont reveal CI's (confidential informants) unless they go to trial and the informant has to testify.

Anonymous said...

Blade, I agree that things in Mercede's post don't add up. And there have been things she's said in previous posts that just don't feel right. I've had the feeling all along that she isn't telling the whole truth...about a lot of things.

I don't believe for a minute that Levi and Mercede don't know the truth about Trig's birth. Either fear or a nice fat check has kept them quiet. I don't think they are in on the scheme, but I think they definitely know a lot of the details.

Anonymous said...

Sherry gets pain pills in addition to a stronger intravenous Rx which is the one that costs so much.

Anonymous said...

I read the post & had some questions. Posters supplied Mercede with some federal officials that she could contact. If she's serious, she will. If there's been some shady bs in the valley, then she's got a start to figure it out. If not, it's a blog--the purpose of which would be self, $, distraction. If the guy is a pusher, she's done herself & us a favor. If he's not, she's set herself up. I hope she's on the level but yes, there are some questions.

Anonymous said...

Of course there valid. But they might get you banned from her site.
Nothing makes sense in these two families.
Poor Sherry, poor Mercede, poor Levi, Phuck em all.
The whole lot are valley trash.

Anonymous said...

I followed the bust situation closely for months. Back then it was clear to me(with law enforcement in the family) she was indeed set-up. Id complied all the news and comments, and it was clear she was meant to take a fall at a particular time. Not sooner, not later.

As for this guy, if he gets more recent charges lightly treated, then he is still a snitch. His 'pals' should be careful.

RexButler took Sherrys case probono; Ive never figured out how she would get such a sentence as this. It makes no sense other than the paw-of-palin.

Ive also never figured out why so many in AK seem to have this weird edge to them.

Anonymous said...

Btw, latocha got popped for receiving pills thru the mail; to get off he had to throw someone on the floor.
More exactly, he was told who to throw on the floor.
He did this to her 3x.
One wire, one vid, the bust.

ginny said...

From what I understand, Sherry's money problems started after her husband left her and stopped paying bills and when the insurance co. began trying to pay less for her medications. These two things happened after the phones were bought and given to Levi and Bristol. Also, if you get to a point of choosing either no pain pills and pain shot, or a simply few less pain pills, (and paying some bills), that could be why she gave in. Why didn't she block the guy's number? Maybe because she kind of already felt she might need to give in at some point, and wanted to keep her options open. No one is saying Sherry was an angel in all this, she made a mistake born out of desperation. I can't imagine what I would do if faced with intolerable pain and not being able to take care of my kids financially.

Anonymous said...

Lots of things have never added up, with Mercede's blog, and I've never felt she was the total innocent she was posing as... not that I think she's a bad person. I think she's a young kid trying to do her best in a difficult situation, and I think Sarah arranged to have her leaned on in order to control access to Bristol's baby. No way was Sarah going to let anybody else have access to their kid, and Levi has already indicated his willingness to dump his family (during the pregnancy when Bristol told him not to see Mercede). Sarah still has lots of friends in power in Alaska, and it wouldn't take much for her to pick up the phone and tell whoever is in charge of the prison system that Sherry isn't being cooperative.

I asked Mercede why this is only coming out NOW- she didn't say anything about it at the time, and she evidently banned me. She's fully entitled to do so, of course, but it made me question her sincerity.


Anonymous said...

I think the question about how people can afford to buy things they don't appear to be able to afford: credit card debt. More people have it than everyone realizes.

Whatever is going on there I think it's safe to say that when all this stuff hapepned to Mercede...as a 15 year old, 16 year old and now..17? Well she's a victim. Who knows what she has is is being threatened with. It's hard to envision a way out if that's the only life you know (for those who keep thinking they should just move out of Alaska).

It's sad and unfair, but she's a brave girl. Hopefully she will be able to get out of this safely. Seems like her going public is really the safest thing she can do. Throwing the covers off all those lies and secrets in AK is the only way to remove the 'veil of fear' that everyone there seems to have. Hopefully the media will give her more attention.

Anonymous said...

i've always thought the whole bunch were nothing but trailer trash

Anonymous said...

The Johnstons could cause the Palins considerable damage, doing the world a big favor. However, they refuse to do so. Since they won't, they can all go somewhere, and shut the hell up.

conscious at last said...

I said it before and I'll say it again- I do not take anything that the Palins or Johnstons say at face value. This list of questions and contradictions is an excellent example of their dishonesty. There are so many illogical statements in Mercedes post, as Blade points out. It just goes on and on.

Ok- some frank talk- The Palins and the Johnstons have known each other for a while before Sarah went "national." I suspect that they were involved in a number of activities that they preferred were kept private. However, the Palins have more money and power than the Johnstons. So the Palins have a greater ability to keep the Johnstons quiet. This is what we are seeing with Sherry's arrest for a relatively minor drug offense.

I do not expect the truth about babygate to come from any of the Johnstons. They have NO REASON to take such a risk. Moreover, I think that the Levi-Bristol romance has been "exaggerated" to suggest a more monogamous live style than these two actually have had for the past few years.

jomon66 said...

The phones thing does not make sense in this context. Blackberries are not only more expensive than a more basic phone - but, in addition to the initial cost and the monthly service cost, blackberries have an additional hefty monthly data cost. No one would be buying kids blackberries if they were concerned about making their monthly bills and putting food on the table. If Sherry had an existing cellphone contract she could have chosen phone models that were free upfront and would have been much less added cost to her monthly bill.

I find them very sincere and likeable and I want to believe them, but I really cannot make heads or tails out the Johnstons' stories.

Anonymous said...

I dislike the idea the Johnstons are victimized, treated like criminals etc.
However when I asked why they did not relocate, get her probation in a diff venue, I was also banned.
Thats is fine, its her blog and her life.

I do know that I would never allow myself that type of treatment and I would indeed remove my butt from the paylin-dome arena; for my own peace of mind.
Old question: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy.

Anonymous said...

Some fair questions asked. Regarding the pain pills; no chronic pain sufferer in their RIGHT MIND would ever suggest a smaller prescription. The truth is even people in hopeless situations find it extremely difficult to get a supply of relief they'd call adequate. In truth you get ao very quickly used to the dose that after a short time on the same dose you are just about back to square one. Now maybe sherry had some days where she was a little better and on those days she hoarded. I'd say as someone that's lived in terrible pain you'd only give up the relief if in a desperate situation. You ask for very detailed
descriptions on some events that of
course mercede wouldn't have mentioned simply
because they are irrelevant and boring. I'd say sherry managed to scrap together the money for a short time but finally got to the point where she was desperate. The whole time she probably had no money for petrol.
I'm glad you ask the necessary questions, but to me it is crystal clear you are q very fortunate person that hasn't dealt with pain that shuts down your life, tht drains every drop of energy, that makes you feel as though every small task is insurmountable. Be happy about that, and please always hesitate to judge other people for it. When you're in terrible pain, the relief is all you care about if it's bad enough. The $800 would have been the first line on the weekly budget. Petrol, clothes, hell even food and shelter, come last to people in desperate straights. I laugh that you think the petrol was comparable but I'm happy you have not had to suffer

Anonymous said...

Ivyfree - I also asked Mercede why she chose to tell this story now rather than earlier. And I asked if she had information about the Palins that she was ready to release, and if so, does she know the circumstances surrounding Trig's birth. She banned me also.

I guess these are topics she does not want to discuss. Wonder why??

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are asking these questions, and that you have an open blog. I have been very sympathetic to Mercede and try to give her good advice but I think I may be banned too, because I get an error message for the last couple weeks whenever I try to post there. I thought it was a glitch but since so many others mentioned they were banned, then maybe I was too, even if by accident.

I am beginning to believe everyone a lot less lately, and feel that there's a lot behind the scenes we don't know. I realize now the Bristol and Levi thing was a complete ruse...they are just young people who were greedy for attention (and money) and decided to get paid while they announced their engagement and then casually un-announced it, and from what I understand this whole scenario could play out yet again, and they could get back together. Levi and his gigs are ridiculous, the way Gryphen was frustrated that no one would listen to him, want his help, or sometimes take his calls...I felt he was been taken for a ride by all of them including Levi. And now, Bristol is on DWTS, her mother is cranking up her PR machine, and even the little kid Piper is getting stars in her eyes. I'm sick of it.

Back to Mercede....I feel for her and her mother, but I was hoping she would say a little more on her blog than she's been saying, which so far are carefully crafted comments in reaction to team Palin events and coordinated commentary from Gryphen. She should just write what's going on in Wasilla and her life, it's probably more interesting than these dribs and drabs of Palin comments. Really, does she care if Bristol goes on DWTS? And why would she? If she feels it's setting a bad example for teen mothers (which she's right it is), then get some teens to guest spot on her blog and talk about it. That would be constructive at least. And is she going to school? Does she have a future? Is she getting out of AK or will she be stuck there forever, saying she has to take care of her mother? Why has Levi abandoned his mother anyway, can't he at least throw her a few bucks? It seems like the only family in AK who's going to end up smelling like roses is the Palin family, because even if they are rednecks, they're millionaire rednecks. The Johnstons don't have that luxury so they'd better start making other plans.

As far as the pills, look, I know she's in pain, but everyone knows you don't sell meds on the street. That's pretty brazen. And if she did it, I don't buy that it was just a couple times. She was probably doing it a long time. I used to work for a neurology office and we had doctors giving out pills like candy, and it still wasn't enough for the patients. Many of them stole prescription pads right off our desks and wrote their own, or showed up at the pharmacy with an extra "0" in the number on the script. We'd get calls - no, I'd tell the pharmacist, it's 10 not 100. Selling on the street is big profit, and you can use that money for more drugs or for whatever stuff you want to buy. I don't believe her mom's story, sorry.

Blade said...

Anon@1:11 - You are wrong in assuming that I do not understand what chronic pain is like.
My husband has been on disability for 20 years after a back injury at work. He has been on narcotics for so long that he became addicted and suffered liver damage. He is going to have to go to pain management because his pain is so bad and he is afraid to take his narcotics at the prescribed level now because of his liver. I have been on disability for 12 years. I have markers for inflammation in my blood but my Dr. doesn't know the cause. I have chronic kidney disease so I can't have anti-inflammatory meds because they are hard on the kidneys. I am prescribed Vicodin but
it doesn't give me much relief. On a good day, I can walk around the house but I have to use a wheelchair when I go anywhere. Bad days I have to use the wheelchair in the house because the pain
is so bad I can't walk. It affects my joints randomly and I never know when or where it will strike next. My left ankle has completely disintegrated so a lot of my pain is there. I also survived Melanoma and a pulmonary embolism. Financially, we barely get by but forunately our home is paid for. We struggle with the other bills but we thank God for the roof over our heads. We are able to afford our computer and internet because that is the only entertainment we have. Our physical condition is so that we can't go out very often. I understand what Sherry is dealing with
very well. I do believe she was set up but Sarah was behind it. Mercede's post seems to be trying to clear Sarah of that. I don'tthink Junior contacted Sherry using Bristol's phone number. I don't think Sherry would have kept Bristol's number even if Bristol didn't transfer the number to her new phone. Wouldn't Sherry have wanted to receive calls meant for her not Bristol. Mercede's post is reminiscent of the wild ride story in that there are too many elements that don't make sense.

Blade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NakedTruth said...

I said it many, many times before and I will say it again - do not trust the Johnstons! They are hiding something and I think it has to do with Bristol's first baby, 'Ruffles'. Still not sure if 'Ruffles' is actually Trig but this secret/lie is what creates an inseparable bond between the Johnstons and Palins. I think its something criminal.

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

NakedTruth said...

Makes you wonder why Mercede doesn't allow comments about Trig and Sarah faked pregnancy on her blog. If it bothers her so much why not just come out and say that people need to let it go and that Sarah actually did give birth to Trig. Remember Levi said in his Vanity Fair article that he was at the hospital when Sarah 'had' Trig or 'that baby'. He also said that Sarah asked him and Bristol to give their baby to her and let her raise him as her own. He was talking then about 'Ruffles' not about Tripp as many wanted to believe. We know damn well Sarah was not trying to take on a baby while trying to run for V.P. This had to happen before the possible V.P. nomination which was probably during Bristol's pregnancy with 'Ruffles'. Both Levi and Bristol have a way of mixing stories of her two pregnancies when talking about the events surrounding them. Remember Sarah told Barbara Walters that she had never laid eyes on Levi until he came to her house announcing that he had Bristol pregnant. She also told Walters that she didn't even know that Bristol was sexually active at the time. Based on what we know Sarah had to be describing the pregnancy with 'Ruffles' or just lying because we know that Sarah thought Bristol to be sexually active back in 2007 according to MySpace. Levi always talk about living with the Palins. When did he actually live with them? And if Mercede say that Sarah cut Bristol phone off after finding out about the pregnancy why the heck would she allow Levi to live in her house? I think Levi lived their during the first pregnancy in late 2007 - early 2008 and later moved out when Sarah got furious about the 2nd pregnancy.

I am with you Blade. So many things just don't add up. Somebody's telling a damn lie.

The Naked Truth is always chasing a Well-dressed Lie.

Anonymous said...

Mercede lost me when she said she never noticed her beloved nephew's ruffled ear and its miraculous smoothing out. Since then, I've taken everything she's said with a jumbo grain of salt. Her latest post about her mother being "set up" is no exception. I particularly call shenanigans on the sympathy from the police part of the story.
When she was selling drugs, her kids were in their mid to late teens, easily old enough to get at least part-time jobs to help out. She wasn't turning to crime to support 5-year-olds. And if Sherry's been disabled by pain for so long, I don't understand why she wasn't on disability.
Sorry, but this story is just not flying with me.

Anonymous said...

I think Mercede knows more than she's saying. It looks like most of the comments she allows are ones praising her. She is probably blocking those comments that address babygate, because for whatever reason, she isn't telling what she knows.

I don't think she can be trusted any more than the rest of the Valley Trash.

Anonymous said...

I guess this blog selectively bans as so many others do. I previously posted some comments that I didn't think were all that controversial, nor was there anything nasty or cussing. I agreed with Blade and a few others, and stressed that I had doubts about Mercede and Sherry. The comments posted for just a few minutes and then they disappeared. This one probably won't even show up and I'm clueless as to why my last one got deleted.?????

Anonymous said...

"I really cannot make heads or tails out the Johnstons' stories.
September 8, 2010 11:29 AM"

That is the similarity: Nothing any of them talk about makes sense. None of it rings true. There is *always* something off. From wild ride to being trapped in wasilly, none of it adds up.

9:12: there is a captcha box after the post first goes up, then it goes up after the captcha.
Apparently, tho, this is not new for that valley.

Anonymous said...

edit@9:36..flip that: apparently, tho-line above the captcha comment.

Blade said...

To all - So far I have never banned a post and I hope I never need to. I want people to express their thoughts freely here. No worries about being banned for disagreeing with me. All I ever ask is just keep discussions civil and free from excessive profanity.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Blade, for asking these questions. Mercede's story didn't ring true for me, either. I appreciate the fact that you stood up and pointed out the issues that seem to be off.

Anonymous said...

There was some thought or perception Id had early on in the bust and re the cell phones; tho im still not certain who gave what to whom. I did think BPs phone went with the cops/heat/feds and then was *returned back* to sherry. Via BP. I could conjure both ways: either BP knew, or she did not. Either works as it got the phone back to sherry.
Who then, could monitor her calls?..in and out, along with the cops? Why did it take 3x to decide to move in.

That odd phone thing always stuck out to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I, too, think Gryphen has been taken in by the Johnstons. I stopped believing Levi when he was being interviewed by Tyra Banks. Levi claimed that he and Bristol always used protection. Yet, Mercede says they were trying to get pregnant. Which is it? Someone is lying or better yet, maybe everybody is lying.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think EVERYONE involved is lying. Regarding Gryphen, I think he is either very gullible and easily duped by people like the Johnstons, or he really doesn't want the attention his blog gets to end because Sarah's secrets are finally revealed.

Thank you, Blade, for your hard work! Your effort is greatly appreciated!

Gles said...

As I follow Mercede's blog, I try to look at it thru the eyes of a young woman....after all, we're heard Bristol's take about living in the middle of the woods!

I wonder if Keith Johnston had to pay child support as Mercede was under 18 when Keith divorced Sherry and per Mercede Keith received Sherry's vehicle as part of the divorce decree. Now I do believe Sherry lost her home..not able to make house payments. Bristol had snidely insinuated that the Johnston's were receiving food stamps..Mercede said they weren't. Now, I'm in TX and when I look at the ADN.com site, the realestate looks pretty pricey to me yet there does not seem to be money problems for working folks in Alaska. I've been told that Alaskans keep their homes very warm...so heating bills should be high. All in all, I'm of the opinion Alaska is expensive to live in.

My final take of things is Sherry is pretty well locked down (homebound) for two years...someone made darn sure of that. Mercede has taken responsibility while her brother and father have the run of the place.
Let's not forget the threats Mercede was given by Levi if she didn't stop blogging. What a putz.

We keep hearing that Sherry will explain some things about her medical condition and I still hope to see that..........perhaps things will be clearer then.

Let's also be clear that the makers of Oxycontin knew about this drug being addictive... I can post an article if you'd like regarding the specifics of this drug and how it was marketed. OxyContin: The Giuliani Connection

We all have to keep asking questions. But let's also be helpful. Mercede has open a big door and I for one don't want to see it shut.

Anonymous said...

@September 9, 2010 12:15 PM:

Im sure people like her blog, and i do not begrudge her or mom a thing. I wish them only well and to get on with living.

However this palin(Thunder)dome has netted them.
I for one, dont expect sherry to feel the need to explain her med issues; I also dont care about her income thru a divorce etc.

What I do care about is she was set-up.
Post-election LOSS...and all thru the election cycle. She was stalked.
It is very likely she 'should' have known better, during an election cycle with 'a' paylin.

But, thats what ya get for even knowing one of the paylins, let alone 'trusting' one of them. BP surely knew sherry was on pain meds; BP also knew who could try to make the buy, set it all up.

BP reeks in all this.

Anonymous said...

Very neato attempt to keep levi in line:
Stalk his mother.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When Sherry got a public defender in the original charge, she said she was getting medical disability payments and child support. If these payments were not enough to let her keep her home (which I don't know if she owned or rented), then she had among her options what so many people have done: downsize and move to a smaller place; cut back on anything that's not absolutely necessary; get food stamps, even if for a while. If your options—before getting rid of a BlackBerry—include becoming a drug dealer, something is way wrong. I'm finding all of the excuses hard to swallow. Yes, her sentence was harsher than many others have gotten for the same crime, but it's within the parameters of the law. And you can't 'set up' someone who's not willing to be set up.

kellygirl said...

It's called PRACTICE for a reason

I'm not flaming, but let me state very clearly, as I have two children and one spouse with chronic illness, and I promise you, they are all prescribed way more pills than they need.
Thank God we have great PPO plan with Pharm coverage or I'd have lost the house just on those meds.

here's the thing: when people have chronic illness the Medical Management is an ever evolving practice.

let's just take my daughter, for example. She has congenital chronic GI issues. She has been prescribed no less than 50 different meds over the 16 years of her life.
it is trial and error.
she has started some and had instant bad reaction ... of to the next
she builds tolerance to some quickly, time to switch it up.

I'm telling you, if there was some way I could donate or sell the hundreds of pills I have that will never be used, it would be a miracle.

this is another small problem in the huge problem that is our Health Care / Pharma mess

Anonymous said...

Blade, Levi and Mercede HAVE TO know who gave birth to Trig, or at the very least, they know some of the details. Levi was supposedly spending a lot of time at the Palins then. Bristol would have told him SOMETHING about what was going on. Levi and Mercede were at the Palins shortly after Trig was brought home from the hospital (or wherever he came from). Unless they are totally dense, or a part of Sarah's scheme, they would have known Sarah did not give birth to that baby.

Anonymous said...

Blade- I sent you an e-mail concerning this topic..It seems to be about someone who knows Junior.

Ginger said...

To: Gles

"Let's not forget the threats Mercede was given by Levi if she didn't stop blogging."

I've never heard of Levi threating anyone. Let alone his sister and mother whom I believe he loves dearly.

Mercede uses her blog to promote the existence of her "beloved" nephew Tripp. And, to further the belief her brother, Levi, is his father.

No one knows if Levi is the father of any Palin child. He seems to refuse to take any DNA tests. So, what does that tell you?

Just sayin'...

Therese said...

Naked Truth said: "do not trust the Johnstons! They are hiding something and I think it has to do with Bristol's first baby, 'Ruffles'. ... I think its something criminal."

I totally agree. Everyone around the Johnsons seems to get played just as they do around the PAYlins.

The appearance and disappearance of several children is disconcerting. It is also very strange that Trig - who was being paraded around the country - suddenly disappeared from view as soon as the "ruffle ears" pictures were presented on the Immoral Minority blog.

The adopted, Down sydrome child of Sarah's friend, whom the VF journalist mistook for Trig, is also intriguing. That is NOT a picture of a 5 year old - his purported age. So what is going on?

Adoptions - disabled children - false identities - a church fire ...

NakedTruth said...

Anonymous above said:

"Blade, Levi and Mercede HAVE TO know who gave birth to Trig, or at the very least, they know some of the details. Levi was supposedly spending a lot of time at the Palins then. Bristol would have told him SOMETHING about what was going on. Levi and Mercede were at the Palins shortly after Trig was brought home from the hospital (or wherever he came from). Unless they are totally dense, or a part of Sarah's scheme, they would have known Sarah did not give birth to that baby."

Right on! And what's really odd about this whole thing is the Johnstons don't even want to discuss it. Why not just say outright that they know that Sarah gave birth to Trig? Why does Mercede block comments regarding this subject on her blog? Even if she ignores them why block them? The Johnstons have something to hide.

Therese, I like your comment as well. I never thought about the 'look a-like' Trig that was adopted by Sarah's friend that lied on the VF Jounalist all in the name of 'Sarah'. Do find it intriguing that she would lie so easily for Sarah. What's the real connection here?

Can anyone get some additional information on the adoption of her Down Syndrome son? How does his ears look? Could Trig have had a twin? Is he 'Ruffles'?

Anonymous said...

September 9, 2010 6:56 PM:
Without a Doubt! As soon as a '2nd DS' showed up as the only angry *refudiate* I had to laugh!
I also did not think the 2nd child pictured was 5yrs old. Those people are on the paylin-grifter-tour; with quite a rep in their wake also too.

Anonymous said...

PG has a good post on 9-9-10, on BP's 06 prom date. Name just happens to start with a "J".
Its an ass-kicker.
"J" was everyones BFF. Including mercede.

That inbred valley is a snakepit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and RexButler was lawyer for one of the friends up on co-murder charges over a oxy-ripoff-shootout on 2-18-09.


So "J" latocha was a snitch and now he also too is apparently 'joining' the mil'.
And he gets out-ted. Suddenly.
...jes sayin...

No slam on Rex, he's a defense attorney.

Anonymous said...

It's really odd that Mercede doesn't address the Trig issue. If she doesn't know, at least she suspects the truth. If she thinks Sarah gave birth to Trig, she should just say, look, I believe Sarah did give birth to him.

I think the whole thing smells like some form of blackmail. The Palins have led Mercede to believe she mustn't say anything about Trig's birth. Maybe her brother has told her she'd never see him again, but I suspect it's more like she's been told that Sherry being on house arrest can end with a phone call from Sarah. And it could, too. I think Sherry's arrest was a setup and that it was done on purpose to establish control over the Johnstons.

Mercede of course can write as she wants, but nothing she's saying is of much interest. Why should it be? She's a rather ordinary 18 year old girl. Nobody would know anything about her if her brother had used a damn condom.


Gles said...

Ginger......here's the threat:

The message was from my mother saying that Levi, who has not spoken to us since he rekindled his relationship with Bristol (although we had attempted repeatedly to call or text him), left a message saying that if I did not take my blog down by Wednesday that I would never get to see him, or Tripp, again.
Mercede Johnston Blog

Anonymous said...

I believe Mercede is effing with the Palins more than she´s effing with us. There are reasons why Sarah wants Mercede to take the blog down. I would like to know whose in that photo with Junior, for instance.

Anonymous said...

Ive lived in a number of small rural towns
and everyone knows everything, and more so when you have teenagers.

Its impossible the paylins and johnstons,
(kids and adults) are unaware of all the oxy-theft-breakin-murder-vandals-fire(s) group-behavior or those responsible for them. Track knows them all as well.
Face it: The oxy-meth-valley has snitches.
'friends'?...not so much.

Anonymous said...

Mercede fits right in with the Palins--the pity-party mentality, shallowness, lying, blaming others. She talked about her computer being hacked, and all her photos are gone--that includes her baby pictures, and photos of her great grand parents--does that mean they were all taken with a digital camera and there were no prints? If they were just scanned copies of the film camera originals, the photos still exist in paper form & the Mccain camp didn't steal those. Why fib about little details? Just to lie? I get sick of her bitching about taking care of her mother & then pretending she isn't bitching. And why does she have a donation box on her blog? What has she done to warrant that? She doesn't entertain, or educate. And why does her every blog post feature a picture of herself? If Levi was a good person, he wouldn't have been dating Bristol Palin, but to hear Mercede tell it, poor Levi...

Ginger said...

To: Gles

Thank you for your post showing the threat from Levi. Yes, I had seen that. My immediate reaction was a vision of the "Pay Now" button going..."ding...ding...ding!"

We all see things in a different light. The Palins/Johnstons do and say crazy things. Whatever it takes to rally their troops and keep the circus running and the money coming in the coffers.

Regardless of that threat, and I am no fan of Levis, I still think he loves his mother and sister and has been supporting them financially.


Anonymous said...

I never believed Mercede when she said she did not notice the ruffled ear - how could you miss that?

Also too, I was reading Audrey's blog recently and came across a post mentioning that Mercede had posted on FB on January 7th,2009 saying that she hadn't seen Tripp.

Recently didn't she say that she was allowed in very briefly to visit Tripp at the hospital?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Mercede any more than I believe Bristol or Sarah.

They all are using poor me, I am a victim tactics.

Mercede is pulling a fast one.

Gles said...

I take what Mercede says on her blog with face value. Until she is proven to tell lies or screw over her family I will follow her. The paypal button was posted after many commentors asked her to put that up.....the support is for her to persue an education so that she can get the hell out of Wasilla. When you take care of your homebound mother and have a deadbeat brother and father...........well many of us can relate to that. To my surprise Mercede has been offered a way out by moving to other states..people indeed are very generous in the lower 48.

Ask yourself if you were in her shoes...just how brave would you be? What information do you have documentation on as opposed to hearsay?
Never stifle tenacity....listen listen listen.

NakedTruth said...


I am sure you as well as others can relate to Mercede but don't be so taken in that you can't see here for what she appears to be - a liar and an opportunist. I won't say that she and Levi are worse than the Palins but they are just as deceitful. The Palins and the Johnstons have something on one another. Something can be told that would make them both look very bad and possibly end up behind bars. Just my opinion.......

Gles said...

Naked Truth...whatever that something is that these two families are concealing....it won't come out unless someone is talking. And right now it's Mercede...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Palingates, more information, more questions. If Bristol gave the Blackberry to the Secret Service Sept. 24 (testimony under oath) and Bristol cancelled her number (testimony), Sherrie didn't have the means to receive text messages until a week, two at the most, before making the first set up sale. That's not "months and months" of badgering. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

In Bristol's testimony (available via pdf on the palingates site) she first says that she had to cancel the phone, but later down the page says that the phone number itself hadn't been shut down at the point at which she gave it to Secret Service on Sept 24th.

What would be interesting to know is how long they kept it, what they did with it, when they gave it back to her and, assuming they did, when she shipped it to Sherry, as Mercede says she did.

~Yet Another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

So speaking as someone who knows Junior and slut-sadie, she is crazy, and I've bought her moms pills from her before junior had them. Can't afford to feed the family? Then who paid for sadie's oc addiction? Wannabe-fame-slut.