Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Update Regarding Alaska Permanent Fund


A few commenters have posted that Trig and Tripp’s names aren’t on the list for the Alaska Permanent Fund checks. That information is false. The applicant list at which you have to download to your computer and open does list both Trig and Tripp Palin in 2009 and 2010.

I did find something that was interesting. In the 2010 list Tripp’s last name is Johnston-Palin. In 2009, it was just Johnston. So evidently Bristol must have had his name changed. Was that to get back at Levi or did Bristol want both of her sons to have the same last name?



Anonymous said...

Tripp's name probably became Johnston-Palin after the engagement was off the first time. It doesn't matter whether it has been changed legally in court - Sarah's never let legalities stop her from doing what she wants before!

Blade, with all the privacy laws now, too bad there isn't a way to find out whether Bristol gave birth at the Native Hospital. It might have been easier to keep a low profile there than at Regional. It's possible that DS Trig also came from that same hospital.

Ginger said...

Hi Blade!

The information I posted was from "" It was dated Sept. 15, 2010. It listed all the Palins but no Trig or Tripp.

I have the page cached. I don't know how to do a link. Is this a phony site or something? I couldn't open the files on your links. Can you post this information?


Blade said...

Hi Ginger - The site only has info from 2002 and 2003. If you look at the bottom of the page, right side, you will see that site hasn't been updated since Jan. 2004. On the site where I linked to if you dl the 2nd file named Delimited Text to your computer, then open it by clicking on the file name, it will open in the windows notepad program. It is just a long list of names. If you use the find or find next under the edit tab in notepad and enter palin, all the palins come up but in 2010 they are not all together so you have to keep pressing find next to see all of them. The 2009 file seems to be better organized and has them together. If you still have problems let me know and I will do screen shots but they are spread out so it might take awhile.


Ginger said...

How interesting, Blade, about this website! Honestly, the date listed above the Palin names was Sept. 15, 2010. If this website has been inactive since Jan., 2004, why is that date listed there and why is the site even still on the web?

When I found it, I was shocked to see Trig and Tripp's names were missing. Deborah Bitney is the Director of the Permanent Fund Division and a close friend of Sarah's. I thought she surely would have aided her friend and listed the kids names to avoid scrutiny.

The laws in Alaska, and the way they run their systems, is like nothing I've ever seen. I want to thank you for looking into this and making sure we have the correct information.

Of course, it does not change my opinion on anything and I think the e-mail is a far more important issue than this.

Thanks for your blog and your efforts...

conscious at last said...

Blade and Ginger-

Thank you both for being thorough and honest.

I would still like to hear more about the 'Bristol faked a pregnancy with Tripp' hypothesis. Or perhaps, Bristol did indeed birth the child, but not when we were told she did. What firm information do we have to support this hypothesis? What circumstantial information do we have?